He beat me in this Roblox game... so I beat his skull
SUB KADEN m.sltoos.info/slow/qzDGKtN9dw7YlVrsWnz-rA.html
PLAY HERE www.roblox.com/games/4468711919/Super-Golf
Today Kaden and I play super golf on Roblox to see who is truly the best Roblox golf player

  • Flamingo

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    • meow

      @Cute Ellie ur not first lol

    • Ayden Carpenter
      Ayden Carpenter

      Like how he said hole 18 impossible me hit the ball hole in one

    • Chermaro Cummings
      Chermaro Cummings

      I thought you were kid friendly but I was wrong 😑

    • bram Stephens
      bram Stephens

      S a a a a a a a avabsvahabh

  • Jackson Thurtle
    Jackson Thurtle

    0:09 FLING TIME

  • Melissa Leach
    Melissa Leach

    lisin what albert seid at 10:22

  • meemRBLX

    Cha cha real smooth

  • Midori緑

    You didnt think Albert was that nice to people, i just realise that hes just mean in games.

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan

    1:54 when i tr to impress my gf but i hurt my knee

  • Thu Le
    Thu Le

    Hits not huts

  • Thu Le
    Thu Le

    Joker kid: **wins** Mrflimflam: **BEATS SKULL UNTILL HE HUTS BRAIN** Me: WTH

  • Surgical M
    Surgical M

    The one time he did not say heck instead of hell 10:23

  • Owen Crosby
    Owen Crosby

    We not gonna talk about how the levels are exact copies from Golf With Your Friends?

  • Casuality

    this man is transforming into a swearing lunatic

  • Zombie King
    Zombie King

    4:20 :)

  • Charmaine Stubley
    Charmaine Stubley

    Albert: I'm literally living in hell Me: you should see my life

  • TTVKaiPlayZBtw -_-
    TTVKaiPlayZBtw -_-


  • K Rojas
    K Rojas

    Title:He beat me in this Roblox game... so I beat he’s skull Me:🍝

  • Elemental memes
    Elemental memes

    I like jackeyz

    • Elemental memes
      Elemental memes

      @Super7steve not everyone agrees with you

    • Elemental memes
      Elemental memes

      @Super7steve cool opinion

    • Super7steve

      No one cares. Thats just a fact.

  • super random clips
    super random clips

    13:36 he’s so dumb he tries lower percentages

  • Gabriel Rebaza
    Gabriel Rebaza

    do 58 power kaden

  • Thi Phan
    Thi Phan

    Please vs me I’m roblox

  • Funblox


  • miley lohn
    miley lohn

    Guys he said hell why the HECK did you say that

  • Sheliah Reid
    Sheliah Reid

    He said heck

  • Egg Lord
    Egg Lord

    who read the title as “he beat me in his roblox game”

  • Jhan Quito
    Jhan Quito

    Emojis 0:04

  • Walker 9121
    Walker 9121

    ☝⚐ 👎✋☜

    • Super7steve

      E d g y

  • phillip wellings
    phillip wellings

    Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite

  • Jennifer Travella
    Jennifer Travella


  • Daniel XP
    Daniel XP

    I gotta say the thumbnail is quite sad

  • The Gamming Card Garage
    The Gamming Card Garage

    When he said he used 99 he really used 98

  • Kuba M
    Kuba M

    2:26 Ultimate power activated

  • meme_ man100
    meme_ man100

    This was made on my b day

  • nazor ttv
    nazor ttv

    Kaden is not surprised that he got a hole in one

  • Martia Marshall
    Martia Marshall

    10:21 HE SAID BaD WOrDDDd

  • Red

    Albert: beat the heck up of Kaden skull Kaden: *triggers* while *AAAAAAAAAAAA*

  • Aiden Miranda
    Aiden Miranda

    He said he’ll instead of Heck

  • Xavier Barnett
    Xavier Barnett

    R we going to just ignore the PH theme 0:01

  • tiredbxredchannel

    8:56 *why did the ball just glitch-*

  • Soviet Scrap Mechanic
    Soviet Scrap Mechanic

    Watching this video makes me very power hungry (Get it? No, ok)

  • Chin Gravity
    Chin Gravity

    2 not 3, Albert

  • Mac and Doodles
    Mac and Doodles


  • Ardent Alex
    Ardent Alex

    do golf with collisions on, it is honestly the most raging thing i've ever done with my friends

  • Rudi Brian
    Rudi Brian


  • Tanya Sauceda
    Tanya Sauceda

    I'm sad So sad

  • Tanya Sauceda
    Tanya Sauceda

    Flamingo if ur watching this I'm sad I wish I could see you in real life 😞😞😞

  • Alexander Sanchez
    Alexander Sanchez

    The thumbnail is amazing

  • kellslee1

    i beat his skull too...... and every bone

  • jash theo carreon
    jash theo carreon

    The thumbnail though

  • Kade Lambert
    Kade Lambert

    albert you. said heck

  • Peter Didrik
    Peter Didrik

    Ok 60 stenght to short ok then i go 50 strenght that will defenetly work. Omg think

  • M Fuego
    M Fuego

    Me! Goooooooooooooooooood!

  • Henry Stickmin
    Henry Stickmin

    Albert: “Clear shot!” Also Albert: *goes into the wood*

  • iiWatermelonBlossom

    flamingo:im living in hell me:NOOOOOOO WHY DIDYOU SAY THAT

    • IntoOblivion

      he’s an adult, he can say whatever he wants...

  • JoShmo8997

    wait,,,,,is this actually clickbait?

  • Xxmagdaxx samsung
    Xxmagdaxx samsung

    I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top

  • Anonymous Owl
    Anonymous Owl

    He is the owner

  • Lucy Hurwood
    Lucy Hurwood

    One map looked like sonic green hill zone act 1

  • Adventures are Heading our way
    Adventures are Heading our way

    The thumbnail looked so nice until the head

  • karlaYT

    Purchase pain for others don’t remeber that from that rag doll video

  • Mila And Lila
    Mila And Lila

    I’ve did mini golf in real life! It’s suchhhh a good experience!!!

  • somebod7 Abduzcan
    somebod7 Abduzcan

    wait is this roblox?

  • Imageman1222

    Yeet us that cleetus 🤠

  • Edy Muhamad
    Edy Muhamad

    noob hahahahahahahahaha

  • Ângelo ak
    Ângelo ak

    OMG!!!!!! 2222 break ting among us download... do is gloomy noting wins do 20 smooches NOOOOOOOOO me me me me meeting magic broken youtube. sub 20000.900 now. stupid shop film flam 😉

  • Purple

    Kaden looked so happy in the thumbnail, to looking hurt

  • Misty Her
    Misty Her


  • Misty Her
    Misty Her

    The thumb nail I was like alert you killed someone 👁👄👁

  • KripToSize _
    KripToSize _

    Idk but kaden in thumbnail when albert hitted him looks cute. NO HOMO

  • Caleb Young
    Caleb Young

    I really like yo / your videos they so funny :) Your freind named jokekid should make joke with you lol 😝

  • Joseph Maciujec
    Joseph Maciujec

    Albert: how do u get out of this disgusting pit of failure Me: *shrugs* My mind: u mean ur home?

  • Bacon_Flamingo

    Albert:Iam Litterally In Hell Viewers:HEY ITS HECC

  • cia64 tullman
    cia64 tullman

    That thumbnail was kind sad he was so happy then you forcefully beat his skull

  • khya


  • jason smith
    jason smith

    Hey guys welcome to another video of 'Albert, Its just a game, no need to break people's skulls.'

  • Toxic8Yearold

    SWEAR at 10:20

  • Yeet yt
    Yeet yt

    14:04 im so Proud or you!

  • Monica Fuji
    Monica Fuji

    why u spit every where disgusting ur room will be stinky

  • King Alastara
    King Alastara

    OmG aLbErT sAiD hElL

  • Evan B
    Evan B

    SHOW OFF KADEN! WE HATE YOU jk thats a joke.

  • Dr Arsalan
    Dr Arsalan

    Hey flamingo if type in code FLAMINGO WITH CAPS YOU WILL GET THE CEELTUS SKIN!!!

  • Anton Munoz
    Anton Munoz

    Your gonna be hacked because roblox is being hacked and gliched any game you play you’ll lose your data THATS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :D

    0:01 that sounds familiar 😏

  • Dede Khafi
    Dede Khafi

    6.19 kaden is like singing

  • Abigail Ramirez
    Abigail Ramirez

    i love your vids

  • Digital-Ink-Inc.

    Really nice video

  • kitle pink
    kitle pink

    Albert:I actually used 99 >:) Me: hold up its 98.

  • Lando Amaya
    Lando Amaya

    :0 Albert said he’ll >:cc 10:22


    alber: keeps using 65 on last stage and is confused how its not working me: STOP USING 65!!!!!!!!!

  • sxgar cane
    sxgar cane

    9:45 biggest show off.

  • Kawaii_Panda :3
    Kawaii_Panda :3

    It’s sad how I haven’t been watching your videos for a 4 weeks. Nearly a month.. I’m so disappointed in myself



  • Stacey Chen
    Stacey Chen

    Pls play again

  • Stacey Chen
    Stacey Chen

    Flamingo and kaden use code kaden and flamingo for your own balls! Cleetus and kaden eye

  • ak b
    ak b


  • Massacre M8
    Massacre M8

    You mean you beat his eyeball?!?

  • Dawn Eagle
    Dawn Eagle

    Albert have you ever played golf judging by this video you don’t who ever has the less points win you mortal idiot

  • Aiden Gough
    Aiden Gough

    He got 25 cus he got dnf

  • Pj masks Fan
    Pj masks Fan


  • minkey playz
    minkey playz

    13:36 You are not lucky

  • leaderly roblox
    leaderly roblox

    I feel bad for the eyeball guy on the thumbnail :c

  • S T A R L I G H T D A R K N E S S
    S T A R L I G H T D A R K N E S S

    0:51 Flamingo: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

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