Roblox A Casual Night...
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Today I play the new Roblox spooky game “Casual Night” which is a Roblox game sequel to the casual board game thing you gotta stop the scary guy thank you Kaden for helping

  • Hati Sarikaya
    Hati Sarikaya

    Give robux


    albert: serious me at 0:15 : Adopt me music starts playing

  • Sakii

    ‘’He is near,’’ ‘’I am fear.’’ -Flamingo Albert

  • The turtle Boy
    The turtle Boy

    Flamingo the orb you saw were wayam dead spirits

  • Sinfault

    9:13 albert saves his entire video by cutting him off lol

  • ruv

    ghost orbs a small dots in the dark not really in front of you

  • Shazaue BTW
    Shazaue BTW

    0:29 phasmophobia has got him all shook

  • Zero Strike Robin
    Zero Strike Robin

    Lens glare

  • Ack

    Albert the white orb thingy is either dust or a spoopy ghosty

  • Angelistic _
    Angelistic _

    I can confirm the the orb from the beginning of the video was not spiritual. Those orbs are not that dense. Probably just dust

  • harper2929 __
    harper2929 __

    EH IT WAS PROBLY A little ghost gritter

  • Your_Friend

    Uhhh alBERT that is either 1. A dust orb or 2. It’s blur on the camera.

  • roxy gamer!!!
    roxy gamer!!!

    Yes it was a ghost orb

  • DeathFlag

    the ghost orb is just a speck of dust like right in front of the camera so u couldn't see it

  • Crazy Caitie
    Crazy Caitie

    It’s a bug

  • Villst and Lizzy
    Villst and Lizzy

    Yep thats ghost orb because if it was saw dust or a bug its would have to be on the camera so it would be that big and you would probly see it so you should look into the origin of the plot of land the wear house is on good luck :D Also I love how your so real

  • Amy Landis
    Amy Landis

    "I just went in a bit fat circle" Albert 2021

  • Anime OwO
    Anime OwO

    You scary but there was this night in Galveston that scared me and only me cuz I am the one who witnessed it. So it was spring break at a hotel and I was telling so hot it was sooo hot so I had to tell my mom and when she turned the light I saw girl very pall with dark hair sitting on me but my mom looked like she couldn't see it. And I was watching a video alone in a room. And one of the objects in the room fell. Either Imagination or im being followed

  • Twined Turbo
    Twined Turbo

    That was a orb

  • Fearlessmrxjr gamer
    Fearlessmrxjr gamer

    I allways see that its from.the room being cold and dark

  • Vianca Pascua
    Vianca Pascua

    Looks roblox game your play!!! I saw you flamingo group that!!! look what happend play who!

  • CoraBelle Loudermilk
    CoraBelle Loudermilk

    when i saw that speck go by i thought stranger things

  • ꧁Mini Sunnie꧂
    ꧁Mini Sunnie꧂

    I thought that ghost orb was a special effect that was on purpose! That’s crazy :O

  • The Teacher •
    The Teacher •

    3:49 im so scared rn

  • sophie sophie sophie
    sophie sophie sophie


  • Cadence Skyblanket
    Cadence Skyblanket

    Probably just sawdust. I wouldn't worry about it. That's probably why you didn't see it


    3:31 albert... You do realize he can still see you... Edit: wrong number

  • Johnwater Dragon
    Johnwater Dragon

    when albert screamed it sounded like he said JOE JoJo's Bizzare adventure

  • AlexTheNoob

    I can feel the ghosts watching me sleep at night..

  • Kitty crew
    Kitty crew

    Haha 😂 this is so good

  • Farming Potatoes
    Farming Potatoes

    ur background is blurred that’s just dust *clean* *your* *house* *albert*

  • Shooketh

    albert r u dumb, thats totally a dust particle

  • Katie is a FLIPING NOOB :3
    Katie is a FLIPING NOOB :3

    I would love to see flamingo play scp-3008

  • Jacqueline Nguyen
    Jacqueline Nguyen

    my house is haunted soo its a orb

  • Sj Nolin
    Sj Nolin

    “He is near, I am fear” That’s me when I do something stupid and the principal walks in

  • Ghxxtr

    I am indeed a ghost expert, it's known to be the shadow of the ghost the ghost might have walked right in front of you in plain sight without you knowing or either the ghost walked behind you I do not expect a ghost orb cause there only found in night vision and they stay still, you're welcome. I found out the room was not haunted it was a slight blur on the camera you're this may not be correct but im a bit sure.

  • -official Idiot-
    -official Idiot-

    “Now that we got that ghost squared away, we can finally go back to what we normally do..making more ghosts!” “BUH BUH BUH BUH”

  • X_ Dreams
    X_ Dreams

    That was a ghost orb

  • RobloxMasterIsaac

    I think its a spiritual bug to give you a warning but failed to.

  • The Lola show
    The Lola show

    Earlier: If the eye is open, you are in “his” sight. One minute later: ALBERT THE EYE IS OPEN!

  • impaling horror
    impaling horror


  • Mew984Paw _Plays_Roblox
    Mew984Paw _Plays_Roblox

    wimp alberto

  • Jordan’s place
    Jordan’s place

    Monster coming toward Albert. Albert:👁👄👁

  • narutoo uZuMaKi
    narutoo uZuMaKi

    That was dust or dirt

  • Ayoko

    it was dust

  • Ya mans Sam
    Ya mans Sam

    That was saw dust

  • Yes Indeed
    Yes Indeed

    0:27 its a dust particle

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose

    that white dot is a ghost orb ik it.

  • Phantom Menacing
    Phantom Menacing

    Not to scare you or anything but that looked like a ghost orb, not a bug

  • baby pump
    baby pump

    I wonder why?

  • Thomas

    free roux?

  • Mary Evans
    Mary Evans

    The orb is a dead person looking at you it’s it’s supposed to be a good spirit

  • Ram Arugay calaoagan
    Ram Arugay calaoagan

    U fool it's a dust particles

  • Pp69 Man69
    Pp69 Man69

    American cops be like: 10:47

  • Gingerly Sawitee
    Gingerly Sawitee

    I love it when Albert makes long vids. I get so sad when they end to shortly.

  • Frogizz Froggo
    Frogizz Froggo

    "Now we can get back to what we normally do," hmm where is this going "M A K I N G M O R E G H O S T S"

  • Bigtone

    albert uses light mod dies of cring

  • Jenno_Plays

    im sceared aaaahhhhhh

  • Bee

    Albert I’m sorry to say but that was possibly a ghost orb,a lot of my time is spent around studying the supernatural, and that resembled a ghost orb,however it may have just been saw dust like you said.Make sure to keep an eye on things down there,if you spot any strange things then it is most likely a ghost orb,I would recommend getting security cameras put in so you can watch more closely.

  • Moral


  • Strawberry Squad
    Strawberry Squad

    I'm so sorry Albert but I laughed so hard when you screamed when the monster appeared at 3:30 I think I cant-

  • Ghostblade

    3:32 i almost died from your scream

  • Pog Sama Funny Guy Totally
    Pog Sama Funny Guy Totally

    Yea your probably right it's the warehouse since its huge and all it has areas where if you interact with them they will show dust

  • Alice The Malice
    Alice The Malice

    That was indeed a orb

  • Halo Kidwell
    Halo Kidwell

    It was probably a speck flying past and it caught light so it looks bigger

  • Dylan Gaming
    Dylan Gaming


  • exotic _Dante
    exotic _Dante

    NOBODY: it's saw dust Me:it's fellipe's remainings

  • clown

    albert that orb thingy behind you is a ghost orb this might mean your office is haunted

  • AtiN

    Don’t worry it’s a little critter ghost

  • niigerunduhyo

    3:39 when someone says hi to me

  • Stealth Ninja
    Stealth Ninja

    I love how the editors and flamingo talk to eachother in the vid

  • Maximilian Elvander
    Maximilian Elvander

    GHOST ORB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sofia Rotaru
    Sofia Rotaru

    That think was like slenderman

  • keng vang
    keng vang

    Big buggg

  • Trevor The Ninja
    Trevor The Ninja

    This game is not even roblox lol

  • Vomer Conch
    Vomer Conch

    0:25 Why do people always see these and say “OMG OMG GHOST ORB” like fucking no its just dust

  • Shin

    Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo 👁️

  • Leah Boyd
    Leah Boyd


  • ItsChase

    Flamingo:“Is he in here?" Demon: "I don’t know.. am I?” Flamingo: “No... wait... NOOOO”

  • Ramen

    This is one of the games where it doesn’t feel like it’s even Roblox

  • [-Denki The Human Stun Gun-]
    [-Denki The Human Stun Gun-]

    "He is near, I am fear." Me when my teacher comes to me while I'm playing games when I'm supposed to be working:

  • • •¿Jace¡• •
    • •¿Jace¡• •

    That was a ghost orb sorry man your haunted ;-; 🤣🤣

  • catbug1315

    Typically sawdust Doesn't float for long. That orb looked like it was a ghost. I've seen many ghost videos of ghost orbs and it looked similar to that

  • missingindy

    Wait, you own a WAREHOUSE?

  • shift

    Flamingo that was a ghost, that ord, dust doesn't go up or sideways, it only goes down, you got ghosts, it can be dimpnic if you're not careful, best thing to do is grab sage and light it in that place, and just walk around with the sage, it qill purify it of all potential demons or spirit infestation

  • Black iron Mike
    Black iron Mike

    Is this a roblox game or is it a high rated real good video game? Please tell me

  • ً Improbable Outset master ً
    ً Improbable Outset master ً

    I like how you say "wigi board" X)

  • ColdX Jay
    ColdX Jay

    Flimflam cussing in Albertsruff

  • lyneptune

    "He is near, I am fear." Everyone in the comments making a joke off this sentence: *He is near, I am fear.*

  • fivemikmak מהמיק
    fivemikmak מהמיק

    Hii I got scammed, the full version in my video, plz report him


    maybe dust though


    ghost orb of felipe

  • Milky Way Luck
    Milky Way Luck

    That’s red chalk

  • Candice Kirchhoff
    Candice Kirchhoff

    orb 100% pls don't annoy the spiret

  • Bea Allerdice
    Bea Allerdice

    I had a situation where me and my friend filmed a video in my room with no flashlights, lights off, and we weren't using flash and we watched it back and something similar floated past the camera.

  • Hanata Sero
    Hanata Sero

    So yes that is most likely just saw dust that got onto the camera- or it might’ve been a spirit orb

  • OuterChild

    ghost orb...

  • Son N
    Son N

    It’s a ghost orb

  • Micah San
    Micah San

    Albert in the middle if talking about rituals: Robux scam ad: whomest has summoned me

  • Vicy Boo
    Vicy Boo

    Alternive title: *flamingo getting scared that he needs to invite a friend!* Update: My mother is going crazy, help! 😀