Roblox sneaky boy breaks rules and BLAMES ME
Today I play Roblox liberty county and I see with how much I can get away with as usual... but this time halloween wooooo halloween intro! Lemme know if you want more liberty county role play things

  • Ryan Jung
    Ryan Jung

    Hey mrcartoo how are you hey mrflapclap Hey mrtearpair

  • Eclipso Gaming
    Eclipso Gaming

    I have a question why did they add the Bugatti if your not allowed to use it xd

  • Cash Weber
    Cash Weber

    100 *B0bUx*

  • Juan Escudero
    Juan Escudero

    Basically, all the admins in liberty county are 8 age kid.

  • Actual Patty
    Actual Patty

    oh btw the person how blamed him was MattTheManIsTheMan please do not attack him

  • hailey is lord
    hailey is lord

    what’s the gamr

  • The Blueberry Zone
    The Blueberry Zone

    Why couldn’t the mod just read the chat logs??

  • hyper tayler gang powerful
    hyper tayler gang powerful


  • No Mercy
    No Mercy

    lol i hope that cop watches this video and see what hes done

  • Kermit the general
    Kermit the general

    Liberty country private servers be like: Mod: die from a shot from a "banned" weapon flamingo: BANNED

  • The Wet Fart
    The Wet Fart

    The person who blamed Flamingo is MattTheManIsTheMan

  • Felipe Adventures
    Felipe Adventures


  • Oliver Molina
    Oliver Molina

    Liberty county

  • Veronica Vazquez
    Veronica Vazquez

    Ghostbuster car in 0:36

  • YuZhong s
    YuZhong s

    What the title of this game

  • Gerald Manigbas
    Gerald Manigbas

    Imagine albert is breaking the law infront of a police officer

  • Gerald Manigbas
    Gerald Manigbas

    Imagine albert is breaking the law infront of a police officer


    Hey Get noob


    Hey Get noob

  • Radmino 365
    Radmino 365

    Albert: * Didn't lay down in Bank when Robber is there* Moderators: *So you have chosen Death*

  • Riley Turkle
    Riley Turkle

    The rules on this game are kinda dumb

  • _TireD_

    Random guy: saves a store from robbery Police: arrested you bc you don't layed down

  • Blue Orchid
    Blue Orchid

    And as roleplay when you get shot you lay down and pretend like your hurt

  • Blue Orchid
    Blue Orchid

    Flamingo 45 second into the vid : I wonder if I could blame somewon for a terrible crime look at title again XD

  • Dsr Fire
    Dsr Fire

    привет товарищ товарищ, ты ешь пиццу без костей?

    • Dsr Fire
      Dsr Fire

      I am a English speaker FYI

  • S H R E K
    S H R E K

    I always thought his intro was ok so

  • Doctor Few
    Doctor Few

    Can someone please explain to me how in the world is it ever a valid reason to kick someone for killing you?

  • Emma M
    Emma M

    "give e that man ooo money No GiVe Me ThAt MaN

  • Mardhotillah Islami
    Mardhotillah Islami

    lama lama yang band flamingo tak muda muda muda muda muda muda mudaaaaaaaaa

  • Alex Blanco
    Alex Blanco

    Say i'm poor You stupid

  • Kbeats

    btw, the guys name is MattTheManistheMan

  • Eggzile

    Pro tips from a real American: 1:07

  • Bob Vision
    Bob Vision

    It was at that very moment they new THEY KICKED ALBERT

  • Carter Hall
    Carter Hall


  • Muhammed Hamza
    Muhammed Hamza

    that thumbnail tho

  • Christian ROBLOX YT VID
    Christian ROBLOX YT VID

    what is this game

  • Dawson Moderie
    Dawson Moderie

    Albert yummy yum yum guns Me ah yes guns best food ever like i dont know anyone who dose not like guns

  • johann arcilla
    johann arcilla

    If i have robux i will assist you i will pretend to be a noob the entire time i was a undercover cop

  • Deadskem

    They: FRP me: phineas and FERB FERB

    • Deadskem

      @GMK Goji LOL

    • GMK Goji
      GMK Goji

      Frp= ferb railing phineas

  • Michele Pasqualoni
    Michele Pasqualoni

    Admins in that game are sooooooo annoying

  • Death Cross Fire
    Death Cross Fire

    Shoot all players for 24 hours

  • Death Cross Fire
    Death Cross Fire

    Rob the bank for 24 hours, all games, if all games have banks.

  • Naomi 123
    Naomi 123

    its sad there abusing there power as admin..

  • baby cat ghazt
    baby cat ghazt

    The thumbnail makes no sense

  • Mittens and Frankie
    Mittens and Frankie

    Emergency doctor wowowowowoowwo

  • Izzi Montgomery :V
    Izzi Montgomery :V

    Albert- *getting sued* Judge- Baconhair92929, whats your appeal to sue mr Aretz? Baconhair92929- FRP

  • Moses9001

    You can now rk in this game

  • Luqman Faheem
    Luqman Faheem

    mrflimflam plss friends me i need friend i need friend mrflimflam

  • Drink My Water.
    Drink My Water.

    Bro they have 9 year olds as moderator

  • Breeze Belocura
    Breeze Belocura

    --can i have a knife plz--

  • Cartoon cat meow
    Cartoon cat meow

    ahhhhhhh scary monsters

  • poeTAEtoe

    2:36 the fact that he’s in the Flamingo group now 😐

  • Ryan Jung
    Ryan Jung

    u deserve that

  • Pointless

    That guy with the Canada at the beginning at school getting karma __________________________________________________________________________ Canada guy: Miss T why did I get a 21% on my quiz? Teacher: oh you were supposed to have two answers Canada guy: WHAT! IT DIDN’T SAY THOUGH!!! Teacher: yea..... so?..... Canada guy’s mind: karma.....

  • Charles Spencer
    Charles Spencer


  • Charles Spencer
    Charles Spencer

    Wiiiii wat your 23 I thot you wer 393948483919101029292929293884848494848494030303220293939484847484902

  • Christian Once
    Christian Once

    i want to send the dude hate so badly tho

  • Randall Sabado
    Randall Sabado



    3:19 he said " yum gun" bc... i cut the gun...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................IT WAS CAKE!!

  • Eustace Kath
    Eustace Kath

    da dada da dadadad DADAD DA

  • Lovffle :P
    Lovffle :P

    *Alternate title* Albert constantly getting banned for no reason

  • Plane Plain
    Plane Plain

    My neighborhood was dead ( not literally ) nobody was taking the risk of mutant cold for halloween

  • VR

    frp is sponser

  • jackson humphrey
    jackson humphrey

    Albert: (Exists) Every cop in a ten mile radius: FRP

  • yuukichibi

    Person: robs store and shoots a person Mod: I sleep Albert:Does self defense Mod:wait that's illegal

  • Baka Baka
    Baka Baka

    “Im trying to find a..oops” LOL SKSJSJSJSJD

  • dark boy in the Darkness
    dark boy in the Darkness

    Hey Roblox boy have you ever wanted free robux he just says yes well follow me I just take him to the void and he just stays there forever

  • Rita Santacrose
    Rita Santacrose


  • Molly Diaz
    Molly Diaz

    My brother got scared in the intro

  • den den 12
    den den 12

    Emergency Respons: Liberty County

  • Elizebuth afton Arandjelovic
    Elizebuth afton Arandjelovic

    If it’s hallowwheen did you not go trick or treat because I did I got like 29 or 40 candy in my bucket

  • Ayaan Mohammed
    Ayaan Mohammed

    Albert: "Trick or Treat? guy: "ignores" Albert: "so u have chosen death"

  • sSalty_WaterxX


  • Chakraphol Pholyiam
    Chakraphol Pholyiam

    is me MOD

  • Leonard Rodriguez
    Leonard Rodriguez

    for anybody curious the person's name is MattTheManIsTheMan

  • Leonard Rodriguez
    Leonard Rodriguez

    The person who ended flamingo's life is MattTheManIsTheMan

  • ツAstroAiden

    Normal Me: Mom can i have 5$? BrOkEn Me: Mom can you kill everyone? and yourself?

  • Obelisk Animations
    Obelisk Animations

    There’s so many soft and sensitive people in the game I hate it

  • Adam Gamer125
    Adam Gamer125


  • The Plusho's
    The Plusho's

    i hope that mod gets called by his friend that hates him alot to go to grand canyon and u know what will happen friend: hey stupid mod: hi *push off clif* stupid mod: aaaaaa

  • Harumi Ninjago
    Harumi Ninjago

    “Your supposed to lay down” usually in roleplay your have to give permission if you wanna kill or shoot, so these guys are in the wrong (I think)

  • Denise Lowe
    Denise Lowe


  • Kvvonga

    Flamingo has corona

  • anggelfoox bearmaster
    anggelfoox bearmaster

    Emergyncy Response: Liberty country

  • SlayerX

    Why was the snitch user cut off 🤔

  • My Life
    My Life

    Fail fail fail fail role role role role play play play play

  • Amour Delano
    Amour Delano

    Hi Flamingo! I am a fan of you 🤩. Please notice me 😨. My question is, Would you care to donate robux to me. It would be very nice of you. Please. My username is AvroraIiqhtsx.

  • JayJayson

    rule number 1 of liberty county: Lay down.

  • buddy UwU aka Tealgamer45
    buddy UwU aka Tealgamer45

    *frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp frp*

  • buddy UwU aka Tealgamer45
    buddy UwU aka Tealgamer45

    The really bad attempt at blurring the guy who reported Albert to the mods name out

  • Sebastian Muniz
    Sebastian Muniz

    I love the part when flamigo sayed look money

  • GuardianRBLX


  • GuardianRBLX

    Bro, These people are sore losers. I mean flamingo payed robux for that!

  • Calgarian Railfan
    Calgarian Railfan


  • abdellah hmamou
    abdellah hmamou

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA an asteroid almost hit my house i coulve died!!

  • Ludwig Von Koopa
    Ludwig Von Koopa

    I think Albert should keep making these Emergency Response County videos. Like if you agree. | | |

  • 8wash

    Me: walks into a real robbery Me: lays down Robber: what are you doing Me: *or else frp*

    • • Shadow •
      • Shadow •


  • Daniel Egler
    Daniel Egler

    What head is that from?

  • Lionel Darmawan
    Lionel Darmawan


  • code qprotoq
    code qprotoq

    Wow that noob is a bratty little boy and then he blamed you for nothing then other’s will ban you FOR FRECKLES NOTHING like your life is not good I mean just because he will regretted what he did...😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃👌🏻

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