Roblox impostor... I tricked them
Today I play Roblox Impostor / Roblox Among us for the second time, like this video and comment if you want me to do a big Among Us game with some of my friends yeah

  • Blanca Garcia
    Blanca Garcia


  • Lottie B
    Lottie B

    black: im scared:( orange:its okay

  • dilo anime
    dilo anime

    He didn't kill flamingo because he is a fan like us 4:39

  • gamers plays rblx None
    gamers plays rblx None

    Bro There's An New Game Of Among Us It's Amongst Us

  • Oliver Harrison
    Oliver Harrison

    Lave Ming us right new so good

  • Kae Flem
    Kae Flem

    We love joseph

  • Shekinah Ramos
    Shekinah Ramos

    Imposter(s) win if the amount of Crewmates is the same amount of imposters. Example: 2 imposters win when theres 2 Crewmates left.

  • Easton Roeske
    Easton Roeske

    You should do more among us

  • Sumi :o
    Sumi :o

    Lmao I bet they regretted voting him out

  • The ultimate Gamer 2061
    The ultimate Gamer 2061

    Albert: I don’t see why not Me: well everyone is a idiot

  • T DS
    T DS

    The most he but is not a nuke the most button is a must see it someone’s following you want to go to it it’s just cause the oxygen because nobody went there

  • T DS
    T DS

    What’s is your mercy button if someone’s following you

  • bear• •studios シ
    bear• •studios シ

    Nobody knows how to play and it sucks bc they All are STUPIDDDDD~ like learn before ya play.

  • TurtleBoy1600

    Albert you’re my favorite SLtoosr, but you can’t say who the other imposter is man. I was not in the game, but I just wanted to say something.


    I saw something and it said COVID testing:No Cost t................

  • Cassandra Canas
    Cassandra Canas

    e 👍😌👍

  • Allison Takahashi
    Allison Takahashi

    Me everyday going on roblox 0:15 - 0:17

  • XxangelXx lights
    XxangelXx lights

    Use code beta to get some hats guys *-*



  • Badr Mustafa
    Badr Mustafa


  • hc cana
    hc cana

    And. Temperess

  • Leon Plays
    Leon Plays

    Albert few min itnotue vidoeo when he lost : nowone cares red later: when loses no one cares


    Your not real albert

  • Ameerah

    3:17 Black: bruh flamingo never lies *The Thumbnail:*...

  • Indecisive Zoe
    Indecisive Zoe

    How to play with flamingo: pretend you dont know who he is 👌

  • Pink Crewmate
    Pink Crewmate

    Albert you've made me sus. Now nobody trusts me as a crewmate or impostor.

  • Gaming with Unidog2309
    Gaming with Unidog2309

    1:26 " i almost pooped my pants"

  • Patricia Neal
    Patricia Neal


  • Patricia Neal
    Patricia Neal


    • Patricia Neal
      Patricia Neal


    • Patricia Neal
      Patricia Neal


    • Patricia Neal
      Patricia Neal


  • Patricia Neal
    Patricia Neal


  • Patricia Neal
    Patricia Neal


  • Patricia Neal
    Patricia Neal


  • Cameron B
    Cameron B

    5:59 to 6:05 basically applies to flicker too

  • isabella camacho
    isabella camacho

    make a gaming chan

  • Matthew Marquez
    Matthew Marquez

    Sunscreen eaters are on XBOX so they can’t chat

  • Chintana Vanderslice
    Chintana Vanderslice

    Amooong ussssa

  • Sorin Jimenez
    Sorin Jimenez

    Among us in a nutshell

  • Laura MoonStar
    Laura MoonStar

    Ok that’s just stupid that people vote a SLtoosr off every game just because they want them mad in a video, I can see why flamingo wants to go to a different account

  • NavyStorm

    "There's a big difference between this game and the real Among Us." Albert : Doesn't know you have to click on a door to close a door. Me : *Have you played the real Among Us?*

  • David Lopez Lopez
    David Lopez Lopez

    That dude who said "wait flim flam" should be ashamed of himself

  • 09asuka


  • Ali N
    Ali N

    I didn’t know I was it in that so I vented right in front of somebody...and they didn’t know. XD

  • huntrtx


  • GuestifLOL

    I hate this people

  • Felipe Fabel
    Felipe Fabel

    This game is good bruh

  • Miriam Contreras
    Miriam Contreras


  • J Dubs
    J Dubs

    He's doing the exact same thing he doesn't want them to do to him

  • sᴠɴғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ

    I started skateboarding because of u now i literlly LOVE it thz :)

  • Lacey Taylor
    Lacey Taylor


    • Lacey Taylor
      Lacey Taylor


    • Lacey Taylor
      Lacey Taylor


    • Lacey Taylor
      Lacey Taylor

      Nu wait wut I'm sad

    • Lacey Taylor
      Lacey Taylor

      Ndudndj I'm mad.

    • Lacey Taylor
      Lacey Taylor

      He's following my dog

  • Nate Wong
    Nate Wong

    play this again they updated it so u can do the real task in among us

  • Ruthan

    hey albert! there's a new among us roblox game, its called "Amongst us" u should try it!

  • Anamari Špionjak
    Anamari Špionjak

    I won in a game and spam DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

  • niti ishan
    niti ishan

    Fun fact: Albert was born on his birthday

  • Jessica Sullivan
    Jessica Sullivan

    Bop hahaha dude these people suck!

  • joseph hope
    joseph hope

    u know the colors match

  • ABDM Vids
    ABDM Vids

    That game stole so much SCP game sounds

  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt

    This is gonna be the first video I dislike,mostly cause when they got caught the spoiled who the other impostor was

  • Sophia Zhang
    Sophia Zhang

    The emergency button was *the nuke button*

  • Gurleen Chahal
    Gurleen Chahal

    Me and my brother just love this channel, we both hope we can meet Albert in one of part life time 🌏 we live in USA state: Washington

  • Chandra Imanuel
    Chandra Imanuel

    I suggest you to unlike this game

  • Chandra Imanuel
    Chandra Imanuel

    Because 3rd are to easy for the innocent to win

  • Chandra Imanuel
    Chandra Imanuel

    I will explain according this you can see around if it's 2nd it more better

  • Chandra Imanuel
    Chandra Imanuel

    It's bad idea to vent in this game

  • Chandra Imanuel
    Chandra Imanuel

    The game are Cheating the game are 3rd and the vent are small and like hole

  • CPT_Pringlo 2
    CPT_Pringlo 2


  • ACT3

    Pink is poop man

  • angel fernando torres
    angel fernando torres

    how can l get moonwalk ?


    7:59 It does work. You need to click on one of the icons that have a lock on it.

  • ørĕø and cøøkîėś haha yes im luna bear
    ørĕø and cøøkîėś haha yes im luna bear

    Once i was in a server and someone was called out when the other imposter was voted out so i made sure he didnt get voted out so he killed somoene then we voted the other innocent one Then they targeted us 😲🙂

  • Sido sido
    Sido sido

    Stuff is E man

    • ørĕø and cøøkîėś haha yes im luna bear
      ørĕø and cøøkîėś haha yes im luna bear

      Nice copied comment

  • Magical N!
    Magical N!


  • Luna thelegogirl
    Luna thelegogirl

    Lucky we can still play roblox during quarantine!

  • john moses ortega
    john moses ortega


  • Harmony Sapphire
    Harmony Sapphire

    I am dumb and I dont care

  • Harmony Sapphire
    Harmony Sapphire

    White and yellow was both imposter me and meh best friend was yellow and white and we was both imposter like dat for now on imma be white or yellow yas

  • O T H E R G H O S T
    O T H E R G H O S T

    Sunscreen eaters are on Xbox that’s why they can’t type 👁👄👁

  • Simon Jebson
    Simon Jebson

    If you seen red things that how you sabtoage and lock doors :)



  • eL mARiaChi
    eL mARiaChi


    • Romeo Anguiano
      Romeo Anguiano


  • Windo81 Games
    Windo81 Games

    my cat's name is pretty girl

  • Ovedd Duarte
    Ovedd Duarte

    69 k likes

  • Niara Handa
    Niara Handa

    Don't scared Albert

  • Erika Lagana
    Erika Lagana

    Person below know facts

  • Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell

    The lock doors locks the door of the room you’re in

  • Ya Boi G0ku
    Ya Boi G0ku

    ඞI don’t know what’s real, I don’t know what’s fakeඞ -Albert

  • King the kid
    King the kid

    If I watch Albert playing impostor it looks fun but when I play it I get boring

  • DeadlySmileRBLX

    when he said hotgirl83 got me extremely laughing

  • Jojo idrais
    Jojo idrais

    Well you did vote the other imposter in the other vid

  • big noob edits
    big noob edits

    when your nickname is sammywamy.

  • Honey Family
    Honey Family


  • Fluffywall

    flamingo heres a tip to say if your impostor to not get voted out (you have to do a self report tho when you find the body): say, (the color or name of a person) you know if you want to be good at impostor, dont kill in front of me. and people will believe you siince it doesn't seem sus at all

  • Shadow Henchmen
    Shadow Henchmen

    🖕 This emoji should be banned

  • Alejo Cabildo
    Alejo Cabildo

    red lmpostor

  • anto nella
    anto nella

    did anybody notice the “you have purchased a temporary imposter” LMAOO

  • Suspicious but delicious
    Suspicious but delicious

    Real among us 10x better this game should get removed

  • Rein Angelico Mario
    Rein Angelico Mario

    im sooooooo soooooooooooooo mad of them just voting a youtuber and i want to killl them and eat them

  • Youtuber

    Among Us is better than Roblox Impostor, why? Let me tell you the reasons: First of all, when you join a server, you start inside the game as a freaking ghost!!! Not only that, but Roblox impostor rounds are as very long!! Now compare this to Among Us, when you join a server, you are in the lobby waiting and you always get to start in without being a ghost.... plus, People in Roblox Impostor suck ass! In roblox impostor, people suck and act stupid, plus, you can see who voted who, so if one person votes you then everyone else does.. in among us, you don’t see who voted who until voting is over.... AND! Roblox Inpostor only has one map compared to the Among Us’s 3 Maps! *oh and also that alarm sound in Roblox impostor scares the heck out of me don’t tell anyone* And besides, the only map in Roblox impostor is bland and boring, all the tasks there are repetitive, even more repetitive than Among Us....and also, the amount of time there is in the lobby is extremely short, like, way too short... why is this bad? Well, it’s a place where you can change stuff and do options such and such, like your name... and you barely have time to do that!!!! Among us is better than Roblox impostor....

    • Youtuber

      @faze joe I know it’s the players fault but stilll, Players are way better in among us. In Impostor, people vote each other out for no reason, and everytime I play the game, It is a 93% Chance they will vote me out

    • faze joe
      faze joe

      The game is completely diffrent now, check it out. Also all of your points are not the devs fault, votes are annonamous now, there is more then 1 map, ect. And the "rounds are so long" and "the players are bad" are the players fault. And, dont judge the ammount of time the lobby and game times from a EDITED video. Of course the lobby time seems short, its the most boring time of the game.

  • Ralph Mondejar
    Ralph Mondejar

    Haha lol

  • Iris

    "You are inoccent" Albert: Alright well this sucks..

  • Cloudixx _YT
    Cloudixx _YT

    Pause at 1:07 :3 he bought impostor boost- lol.

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