I got mind powers in Roblox lol
30% off merch idiot, then new stuff on black friday lets gooo flimflam.shop/
yo this game rocks go play www.roblox.com/games/2971329387
Today I play Cook Burgers on Roblox and I use telekinesis powers to mess around for a bit lol

  • Orange Crewmate
    Orange Crewmate

    *Minecraft Cat*

  • EasyTracking EasyTracking7p0
    EasyTracking EasyTracking7p0

    Trapping mice to save them for later and make them eat raw delicious rats

  • Nia Oktorianto
    Nia Oktorianto

    i hate you flamingo

  • dooog0_12


  • Fallon Ryan
    Fallon Ryan

    albert: hmm what to do first... oh GAMEPASSES!

  • Wolf Cubs Cub Scouts
    Wolf Cubs Cub Scouts

    and i have the Royal Rat Pas

  • Wolf Cubs Cub Scouts
    Wolf Cubs Cub Scouts

    you need robux to git that XD i have it

  • Nadine Dentice
    Nadine Dentice

    Behind those three boxes in the shop is a secret mouse hole

  • Igor Berić
    Igor Berić

    Hello flamibgo i swear your fans just wanna play roblox okay just stop harrasing themm😠😠😠

  • Berriar

    Also there is one hat that is immune to the telekinesis hat which is the Golden Hat You can search up on SLtoos on how you get it(thats how i got it a year ago)

  • flat earthers unofficial
    flat earthers unofficial

    cutekya1545t: as to subs sushi (?) *Albert will remember that*

  • Harry Warwick
    Harry Warwick

    If cook burgers gave Albert admin? TOTAL HAVOC

  • John Lathrop
    John Lathrop

    Well flamingo I don’t have a credit card jokes on you

  • Cat Playz
    Cat Playz

    If you read my comment that's for burgers that's why it's in the game

  • Aretha Bonafe
    Aretha Bonafe

    Albert: This will be the last time I'll be evil. Hah, that's a good one!

  • roblox games 869
    roblox games 869

    i choos flamingo side

  • Mr. Corrupt
    Mr. Corrupt

    Who cut the cheese eh

  • Dino Nuggets mine
    Dino Nuggets mine


  • Bobby Williamson
    Bobby Williamson

    8:20 LOL

  • Bobby Williamson
    Bobby Williamson

    4:52 wait what

  • Annabella Nath
    Annabella Nath

    Hello ima fan and I got the new skin in piggy

  • voided reality
    voided reality

    0:54 i'm pretty sure you mean telepathy

  • white man
    white man

    I killed someone its a rat but its a player i fryed him to death

  • BobFreddie31

    flamingo "here I'm gonna use my telekinesis password."

  • Epico Olstuff
    Epico Olstuff

    u kinda do with your fan base lmao

  • Epico Olstuff
    Epico Olstuff


  • jeffykkcc

    You can ba a harresing legend your recurit to man from hell

  • S Barrett
    S Barrett

    Pyoskin and Harry

  • Stinky BlxckBxrry
    Stinky BlxckBxrry

    The title got me 🤣 what a pog video 👌

  • Molly Svedberg
    Molly Svedberg

    Please play flee the facilyti

  • juan gomez jr
    juan gomez jr

    I'll I'll go be with you I'll send you your following me okay

  • juan gomez jr
    juan gomez jr

    Character like the secret base in burgers very good you feel that

  • Absorb

    I wanna see all these people on my storage addition

  • Arachnid795

    GUYS OMG HIS PASSWORD IS "telekenesis"!!!!11!!1!!111!!!!!!!!

  • ari sasi
    ari sasi

    You did to your pet

  • SocioNext

    Albert: I'm going to choose it one more time, I'll be good after. Me: Mhm.. My brain: John Cena: Are you sure about that?

  • Tinka van der GAARDEN
    Tinka van der GAARDEN

    He said that hes gonna get my credit card but i dont have one LOL how you gonna get my money now?

  • Anfie-Gaming boi
    Anfie-Gaming boi

    STOP THE CAP 0:09

  • Anfie-Gaming boi
    Anfie-Gaming boi

    Bro the intro already told me wut wuz gunna happen

  • Mad Skelebot
    Mad Skelebot

    Ha ha you cant put a cat in a microwave no respect GET NOOB

  • Derek Barnes
    Derek Barnes

    "thats MY dollar" that is 10 dollars, rip

  • Derek Barnes
    Derek Barnes

    me looking at the cost of the game pass :O, cheapest flamingo video yet!

  • Hori West
    Hori West

    Im so sad because I saw you playing the game and i I tried to join but i couldn't BECAUSE THERE WAS MAX PLAYERS

  • Felipe Campos Gamer
    Felipe Campos Gamer

    Wow the microwave hair oh no? It's the robux thing I love cook bhrgers

  • enu6 fan
    enu6 fan


    • enu6 fan
      enu6 fan


  • Withered Bandits
    Withered Bandits

    Albert: “I would never do anything bad to innocent creatures..” Me: “But Albert-“ Albert continuing: “On cook burgers.” Me: “Ohhh..”

  • Makoto Naegi’s Wife
    Makoto Naegi’s Wife

    3:06 “I think it might be dead!” Cat: **casually moves like nothing ever happend**

  • Snow-latte

    Nobody: Albert: *puts human in fryer* *Human disappears* Albert: oh no he died Me: he's so innocent 🥺🥺 but at the same time he's not

  • John Cargo 4
    John Cargo 4

    Albert: Do you actually think you cook burgers in the micro-wave Me: I make burgers in the microwave...

  • Christopher Hoover
    Christopher Hoover

    :albert tear it down and watch it burn

  • Tango _Bean
    Tango _Bean

    Who thinks Albert should play Kindergarten? (I got that idea from when he tried to put the cat in the microwave)

  • Gavin McInnes
    Gavin McInnes

    It's not mouse it's rats

  • DerpBoy618Gaming

    Albert: i would never hurt innocent rats on Cook Burgers. Also Albert: *throws innocent rat at a wall at the court*

  • Douglas bonnell
    Douglas bonnell


  • • moodyshimmer •
    • moodyshimmer •

    5:57 Remy the ratatouille who?

  • I Are Bot5171
    I Are Bot5171

    YOU man

  • thebubbles 20
    thebubbles 20

    *gasgasp* I've played

  • Matias Vuong
    Matias Vuong

    Flamingo: what are you doing? focus om the food Also Flamingo: Throws innocent people in the trash

  • T-rex Dinosaur
    T-rex Dinosaur

    you sound like papyrus in one clip

  • jaedensm

    Ok next time you play this aware of pika rat and golden chef hat

  • Collin zimmer
    Collin zimmer

    This is a rather bouncy cat-albert 2020

  • WhaleCat

    You know you can fly in the game by putting a object under you then jump but hold the object under you

  • Kayden Miles
    Kayden Miles


  • Noah rhine
    Noah rhine

    Albert, I'll try to participate in the raids and buy merchandise and group.

  • The Blitz Blader
    The Blitz Blader

    7:16 Idiot Sandwhich

  • Sadeq Alabbadi
    Sadeq Alabbadi

    There is actually a glitch where if u keep on hopping on a plate in the air u can basically fly

  • RJ

    I wonder if u can have two people hold one person i wonder like that u can rip them like one person one side one person the other side

  • Cookieiscool66 55
    Cookieiscool66 55

    Hey flamingo play dark dust all chapters

  • Jo Seaton
    Jo Seaton

    People torture the mice cause the rats steal the food

  • Jo Seaton
    Jo Seaton

    Don’t abuse your powers

  • Jt Minecraft Gamer
    Jt Minecraft Gamer

    Flamingo telekinesis my Credit card me o_O

  • Gloriam Marie Tabangcora-Dela Cruz
    Gloriam Marie Tabangcora-Dela Cruz

    Always evile

  • Ally Tie
    Ally Tie

    Blessed words threwout the video 3:07 That’s all!

  • OJ Squid gamer
    OJ Squid gamer

    Telekinesis password

  • cornzi boi
    cornzi boi

    If any1 knows this is based off citizen burger disorder or something along that name

  • Chunky Duck
    Chunky Duck

    You can put a rat in a micorave

  • Ryan Henry
    Ryan Henry

    0:12 Boy thats cap

  • Shark! Man!
    Shark! Man!

    Alert Get in the microwave all I need is you to get in the microwave Me If he was a dad he would do that

  • Iced Vanilla Flavor
    Iced Vanilla Flavor


  • Runner Studios
    Runner Studios

    -when rat king sees the video-

    • Runner Studios
      Runner Studios


  • ꧁ღLazyGhost ღ꧂
    ꧁ღLazyGhost ღ꧂

    e end me

  • Gordon whitmore
    Gordon whitmore

    Gaming god Yes sisters

  • cult guinea pig
    cult guinea pig

    look flamgo very sorry for the fryer insodent

  • that guy on youtube
    that guy on youtube

    I'm bout to speedrun watching all of Albert's videos I'll tell you the results when I'm done

  • Dania Núñez
    Dania Núñez

    At 3:04 you can just see it stand up so it’s not dead

  • Tracey Meigs
    Tracey Meigs

    spanish or vanish

  • Tracey Meigs
    Tracey Meigs

    it hello

  • Baby Yoda lover
    Baby Yoda lover

    I think that lazy cat is Garfield

  • Doge YT
    Doge YT

    i put my cat in the microwave and i had orange chicken that night

  • Fiona Foster
    Fiona Foster

    A short while ago I bought the prototype thing. And the rat passes.

  • Dale Sagraves
    Dale Sagraves


  • Kipton Wetzel
    Kipton Wetzel

    The cat :c

  • Taylon Suguitan
    Taylon Suguitan

    My credit card floated

  • robotic isaac
    robotic isaac

    Flamenco: I hab no freind :< Temp: . Kaden: .

  • Ernest Griffin
    Ernest Griffin

    Albert when someone has a golden chef hat and try to bring the person that wears the golden chef hat with the X-27 you cant grab them

  • J.P Cruz
    J.P Cruz

    my card has 0.00 :

  • Sonicgamer Hollowman
    Sonicgamer Hollowman


  • Tia Jones
    Tia Jones

    Hi

  • Duck Labz
    Duck Labz


  • among us yt
    among us yt

    I remember a week ago when I was day dreaming and I walked in the girls toilets not realising and then I realised and ran out..... I remember rit very vividly