This Roblox guy is creepily taking pictures of people...
Merch comes out towards end of November!!!!
play these games:
Today I play 2 Roblox games, The Maze and The Rake both are spooky fun games you can play with a bunch of people!

  • lilypoqq

    "Ok" -HalfcoolKevin 2020

  • Hmm yes, The floor is made of floor.
    Hmm yes, The floor is made of floor.

    6:59 he sounds like spongegar when he screams at this part.

  • Minh Anh
    Minh Anh

    I played this game it’s soo creepy

  • Lord Megumin
    Lord Megumin

    guy at the beginning was jimmy neutron the side character in the show, “Carl Wheezer”

  • Sk6xt

    How did Albert outrun the tall guy?

  • Non 65
    Non 65

    That scard me

  • Iconic Boi 34
    Iconic Boi 34

    As I was watching I kept screaming the power of Christ compels you!!!!

  • Steve Hass
    Steve Hass

    Toilet toilet toilet toilet toilet

  • Steve Hass
    Steve Hass

    The maze is on r o b l o x like rat and like toilet

  • Patrick Scott
    Patrick Scott

    You hate concret and sunscreen people on ROBLOX, but, you were one today.

  • girly of cheese c:
    girly of cheese c:


  • emiliooonaire Bruhcujah
    emiliooonaire Bruhcujah

    i hate jd

  • dj parker
    dj parker

    n o o b noob noob n o o b!

  • Caren Stuhlsatz
    Caren Stuhlsatz

    Gets jump-scared. Albert: laughs like a manic

  • Themincraftbois 17
    Themincraftbois 17

    You should do identity fraud Bruh right after I wrote this he talked about identity fraud

  • Flowers Gacha
    Flowers Gacha

    Me watching this video * kalm * Me playing a horror game *kalm * Someone dislikes flamingos video * pAnIc *

  • Supreme_dreams _xia
    Supreme_dreams _xia

    me has a rock with someone else and the small monster me: *throws rock* me runs and it kills my teammate thats how the rock works B)

  • Diamond Beast
    Diamond Beast

    3:30 he cursed 😯

  • Dr. Bubby
    Dr. Bubby


  • moyè

    the best part of waking up is oil in your cup

  • fortaleza25

    The guy that is little its name is stop stop

  • Shota Aizawa
    Shota Aizawa

    Flamingo I want your soul

  • 「 shitai 」
    「 shitai 」

    at this point im commenting random stuff

  • AB Luna
    AB Luna

    Jimmy Neutron Taking pictures of albert then Bloody diarrhea exercise man *super smash bros sounds* running in place!

  • 123ABC IS FUN
    123ABC IS FUN


  • H. G.
    H. G.

    Its nov

  • Blazeboy728

    Dr flimflam

  • S o f t S h u s h i
    S o f t S h u s h i

    5:40 who laughs like that?

  • jaxthecoolgamer6 Vloging and gaming
    jaxthecoolgamer6 Vloging and gaming


  • Shashikant Gaikwad
    Shashikant Gaikwad

    You can't oof

  • April Porter
    April Porter

    Does he say buster anymore? 🥺

  • Poorbaconbusted_YT Xx
    Poorbaconbusted_YT Xx

    Wow that’s scary-


    jimmy spaceship

  • Heather David
    Heather David

    Albert: *THROWS ROCK AT MONSTER* monster: *Runs Toward Albert* Albert: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Me: Very Pretty

  • Heather David
    Heather David

    Albert: *whining like a baby In a hole being traumatized* Me: this is fun!

  • Cheez Baby
    Cheez Baby

    What about me

  • Lanky_Cookie_fan star
    Lanky_Cookie_fan star

    I play that before!!! Theres Clue if you look up

  • Sarina Hunter
    Sarina Hunter

    if you get the axe and find the secret border up maze you can brake the boards and go in it but the secret maze is in the big maze

  • alx ia
    alx ia

    What if he died.

  • Imreal Whit
    Imreal Whit

    1:10. Yeah the maze will be scarier than jimmy neutron taking pictures of you

  • Josh Judd
    Josh Judd

    E Give me rebux or I’m comeing to your home

  • daxey tarty
    daxey tarty

    Albert: runs in a loop trying to get away from monster then dies Albert: my brain my cannot comprehend this. Everyone else: -_-

  • Lightning Ninja
    Lightning Ninja

    Me clicking on a Flamingo video and not realizing my volume is at full max until it’s too late

    • -neox_playz- TM-
      -neox_playz- TM-

      He my favorite ninja to

  • Azita Imain
    Azita Imain

    The rock is too troll if someone is in the way of a monster throw a rock at the monster and it's will come straight and It will get a person

  • Chardzenpol Challeg
    Chardzenpol Challeg

    Albert: **throws rock** Monster: *ExUsE Me???? ....*

  • Luther Manabat
    Luther Manabat

    fat albert

  • Random gurl
    Random gurl


  • nkm_23

    Bro Jimmy neutron is such a sunscreen eater


    I use to play this game with my friends most of the time... but then they updated this game and now it’s 10x scarier...

  • waffelz_667 purple
    waffelz_667 purple

    The rake is a real thing one guy see it in his garage the story is the guy heard noise in his garage so he opened it and saw the rake and the rake ran at him lucky he was still by his door so he hurried and shut the door and he was started in don't remember where it was but the rake is real atleast people say that -if you read this flim flam I love you videos alot keep up the good content and work and a thanks to your editors!!!! ❤❤

  • Lollipop Lucas
    Lollipop Lucas

    *jimmy neutron theme intensifies*

  • Noah John Gaming Channel
    Noah John Gaming Channel

    Why is everybody getting ready for Christmas it's just two weeks after Halloween

  • Marina Tepelboym
    Marina Tepelboym

    Flamingo I want to be friends this is my user name ilaytep

  • Conor McCormack
    Conor McCormack

    hi love lol like vido love

  • Kevin Edwards
    Kevin Edwards

    Omg Zimmy stop

  • PaigeTheBrave

    Me:The Axe mabye i can cut down a tree and get something in it! Albert:Lets hit the monster with it

  • Amanda Brungardt
    Amanda Brungardt

    I like Albert

  • 0_0

    Running will make it only scarier when i take photo's of you

  • Orkid Crystal
    Orkid Crystal

    Oh my god that was so scary😱 i got a little heartattack

  • YOSHIRO SHIMOTIRO Horii shimatori
    YOSHIRO SHIMOTIRO Horii shimatori

    the maze again

  • SteeMsee Sta
    SteeMsee Sta

    *Oh.* *Oh geeze-* *Takes me back to Rust_010 videos,*

  • Cassey Hale
    Cassey Hale

    You throw the rock at the planks-

  • Crane THE ODST
    Crane THE ODST

    Tall monster: Spaghetti legs Short monster: Cheese balls

  • Roblox Rainbow
    Roblox Rainbow

    Everyone else : "Playing the maze" Albert: Jimmy neutron takes picture. This was a beautiful video

  • TimLikesWaffles

    Jimmy Neutron running after albert and taking pictures of him made my day lmao

  • Neve Charlton
    Neve Charlton

    “hey, i just heard someone peeing.“ Albert 2020

  • Aaron Abellera
    Aaron Abellera

    Albert I know that you have a girlfriend lol

  • john aranda gaming boy
    john aranda gaming boy

    Haha he didnt know soccer ball is actualy dangerous, haha

  • NotGoodContent

    You can get a axe by finding a room with wooden boards in a tiny tunnel area, then throw a rock at the boards

  • Danny Lucero
    Danny Lucero

    I played the rake and its changed again

  • Saul Perez
    Saul Perez

    There is three monsters one is silenced one is noisy and one is ... one is never there

    • Saul Perez
      Saul Perez

      But it’s still here if u see closer

  • Levis_cleaning _suplies
    Levis_cleaning _suplies

    *windex noises*

  • Melina Keijser
    Melina Keijser

    Albert: *just takes one flashlight with him waiting for the batteries to turn off and uses the camera after that* me: *takes 1000000000 flashlights with me knowing i would die earlier then my first flashlight would turn off*

  • hikari the kuroo simp
    hikari the kuroo simp

    Do yall realize the background in the thumbnail was a adopt and raise house

  • toy/cupcake caboodle /kids club
    toy/cupcake caboodle /kids club

    Albert getting jumpscared: AHHH

    • toy/cupcake caboodle /kids club
      toy/cupcake caboodle /kids club

      I forgot to put the rest of it so here it is... Me getting the same jumpscare: he hehe HAHAHAHA

  • Shinkō

    I just realized I recommend this to you in a more recent video not realizing you played this...I feel so dumb



  • Gren tree m
    Gren tree m

    7:10 I LOVE THE RAKE GAME! SCARY EVEN WITH MULTIPLE PLAYERS!!! 8:18 that little noob will probably be scared for his life when he comes back XD

  • Jay Lord King De Jesus
    Jay Lord King De Jesus

    Papparazi boi

  • Francis ralph Baldo
    Francis ralph Baldo

    Flamgo i’ve played this game before and it was creepy don’t get too far in the cave because theres monsters and i saw one before and beware...

  • Jeannette Smith
    Jeannette Smith

    Btw the total of the game is to escape and the only person who ever escaped was the delevoper because he knew the paths

  • ismadura kamarzaman
    ismadura kamarzaman

    Famous people be like when they met thier fan

  • Evan Fields
    Evan Fields

    My among us name is Inferno66

  • ꧁mrflimflam꧂

    Albert: “little guy” Su tart: “you never called me that..” Albert: OOO AH AYE OW!! Me: WHO WHAT WHERE WHY?!? Me after typing all this: *yeets self straight into the sun*

  • Ruth Martinez
    Ruth Martinez


  • Ruth Martinez
    Ruth Martinez


  • Livegoddess

    3:09 Bloody diarrhea exercise men 😂😂😂🤣 That just made my day

  • EXE

    The picture was cute when you were crying

  • Peach Dreams
    Peach Dreams

    Wait a minute haha you betrayed your girl friend in among us lol

  • Peach Dreams
    Peach Dreams

    Not to Lie but you should play tattletale to be honest it’s the best horror game I ever seen not to lie But it is true

  • Peach Dreams
    Peach Dreams

    You should of said stupid rock nooob 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Peach Dreams
    Peach Dreams

    When ever it’s finish I always go back to the start because its so funny 🤣

  • Peach Dreams
    Peach Dreams


  • Peach Dreams
    Peach Dreams

    I like it when you said cough cough i’m guest 666 ok 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Royal Toppat
    Royal Toppat

    i playe that many time

  • Royal Toppat
    Royal Toppat

    The rake

  • • Ẅárrïør ẁølf • •wolve•
    • Ẅárrïør ẁølf • •wolve•

    2020 be seeing like: welp his hit people with a fricking rock ẃ̵̛̻̹̲͒̆̾̋ḧ̷̡͖͉̮̔̈́͌́y̶̲̪̞̟̤͍̰̏̽̆̃̑͒͘͠ ̴̢͍͔̙͈̹̖̬̤̾͌͊̇̐̓̉̕t̸͉̳͊̃̀̈̋̎h̵̢͕̳̀̇͋̍̾̓̕ǫ̸̢͈̥͔̹͎̏̇̄̓?̸̮̥̼̟͚̒̽́̑?̵̨̱̰̞̰̻͕͖͙͂̃̓


    I play that game what's my brother and my friends it was horrifying😣


    You're going to get creeped out

  • Jennifer Remund
    Jennifer Remund

    3:21 he just makes rain noises

  • Kittysarecute 3201
    Kittysarecute 3201

    le epic theme music*