Roblox rat stapler... ??
Play here:
TODAY I play rat stapler which is honestly the only roblox game that matters

  • Zoey Jean-Louis
    Zoey Jean-Louis

    lol the game

  • Evelyn Hall
    Evelyn Hall

    Albert is a strong big man....but then inspects Roblox toilets?!

  • Hxxils

    Toilet ASMR

  • Fuhrer Rilakkuma Holy Roman Empire
    Fuhrer Rilakkuma Holy Roman Empire

    We need this on VR

  • flamingo fan
    flamingo fan

    when albert gets killed in among us he be like: that beutifull rat sreeming at your faces lol

  • Rat lover!
    Rat lover!

    I love rats but yet my family thinks they are “ d i s g u s t i n g “

  • Weard Nice
    Weard Nice

    Glitch trap be in the chat though-

  • Crimson Rose
    Crimson Rose

    Hey Albert Did You Know Night Shift Is A real Game Too?

  • •. Stuxqix .•
    •. Stuxqix .•

    0:15 rats when they see me but me when I see them:

  • Mabini Pagtakhan
    Mabini Pagtakhan


  • Maxxon Handelsman
    Maxxon Handelsman


  • Achenny JohnC
    Achenny JohnC


  • OneAndOnlyJENNIFER

    albert you should do a video of playing squirrel stapler it's fine if u dont see this 👁👄👁 ✌

  • Juliani Quetglez
    Juliani Quetglez

    A furry convention is called anthrocon but nice reference anyways (don’t ask how I know that)

  • Bruno Poop
    Bruno Poop

    Hey steve

  • Ca rrie Hess
    Ca rrie Hess

    Add me on Roblox it’s toll on the board

  • Unknown User UwU
    Unknown User UwU

    Go check out Violetpage432 their games are kinda weird and sus

  • Kayla Austin
    Kayla Austin

    6:46 m i c k e y m o u s e

  • Rohan Burgess
    Rohan Burgess

    the horror is the black pleage

  • Pilotwings 65
    Pilotwings 65

    Rats United: now it’s time to get FUNKY

  • Candle 2.0
    Candle 2.0

    A physchopath with dead animals as a fursuit? Wait... *CARPET SAMPLES*

  • Mariah Clibbons
    Mariah Clibbons

    0:15 lol :d oh and i hope your ears survived that BoOtIfUl rat scream

  • Rat cosplaying as a Human
    Rat cosplaying as a Human

    Hm, intresting.

  • Hexter Playz
    Hexter Playz

    This is based on a half life mod called Squirrel Stapler

  • Richard Pounall
    Richard Pounall

    imagine if someone went to a furry convention dressed as eggman

  • Ella Camper
    Ella Camper

    I was eating. And then I watched the beginning and lost my appetite

  • •StxawBxrryMoon• •
    •StxawBxrryMoon• •

    Video ideas: Play horror games in the middle if the night

  • Latina_PR

    ALbertS screame is scarier than the game 🤣🤣

  • ꧁Mystical꧂

    Flamingo: Dude, he’s not even really- god: *your free trial of life has expired*

  • IHavGudSpeling :p
    IHavGudSpeling :p

    Ik it's not really a strange game but there a horror game called imagine that you could play!

  • octane


  • Eloisa_plays

    When he played the night shift i actually tought of "Spirited Away" lol

  • d i s g u s t f a c e
    d i s g u s t f a c e

    "saywhoom" and ithoughtof "sangwoo" sdfghgvcgh

  • d i s g u s t f a c e
    d i s g u s t f a c e

    when you have a pet rat: " close ur eyes son"

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris

    What da frik

  • Erving Stewart
    Erving Stewart

    Albert when get jumpscare: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa!!!!!!! Little kid when get jumpscare: Bruh not scary

  • Erving Stewart
    Erving Stewart

    where do you find these types of games

  • Erving Stewart
    Erving Stewart

    This do be lookin nasty

  • RancoRando

    r a t s t a p l e r

  • Bakugou's Wife
    Bakugou's Wife

    why did i watch this while eating...

  • Ayden Bell
    Ayden Bell

    He’s not beeping his farting

  • Nothing

    Don't show this video to larzarbeam

  • Gavin Bugajewski
    Gavin Bugajewski

    Albert play make a cake

  • a sinking ship animator
    a sinking ship animator

    The rat king is not happy...

  • Obama Prism
    Obama Prism

    I read it as rat slapper-

  • Oh god I’m still an idiot
    Oh god I’m still an idiot

    I- lol i literally have like so many rats at my house ahahhhahsh

  • Georielle Martije
    Georielle Martije

    i touched a croak roach's BELLY HELP

  • T XT
    T XT

    2:35 *R A T B A B E*

  • Rokshana Akther
    Rokshana Akther

    Flamenco: posts video Rats United : HOW DARE U PUT THIS U TRAITOR MORTAL

  • herb cookie
    herb cookie

    this is squirrel stapler from dread x collection

  • Eris Rexhepi
    Eris Rexhepi

    Ur soooo getting demonitized

  • Cryptied boy
    Cryptied boy

    Forget it, I'll do it sometime, ooh I'm locked up on the button Can't you do it sometime? Pushed it in too far, oh! Fine, electrify mine, oh Electrify my golden tooth Can't look at your eyes Without sparking some Electrify my heart Electrify my heart Yeah, surprise, I'm in the same time Beneath the same sun (Oh, yeah) Oh man, you cut me to size (ow) My little buttercup (That hurt!) Fine, electrify mine Electrify my golden tooth Can't look at those eyes Without sparking some Electrify my heart Electrify my heart Electrify my heart Electrify my heart

  • M.Abdillah As Syakur
    M.Abdillah As Syakur

    Alberts final form. Being a loud rat.

  • Fordenet

    Every rats United member will find this as a horror movie..

  • c h e s k a
    c h e s k a

    kirsten: *reads the title of this video* kirsten 🥰✨🐀 has left the chat.

  • purple boy
    purple boy

    Is this 13+?

  • Cyan Among DC2
    Cyan Among DC2

    Me: albert always say babe so i can call him Me: Simbert...

  • cool guy
    cool guy

    R A T

  • Blobfish With a Sword productions
    Blobfish With a Sword productions

    The ghost thing on the picture from night shift is from japanese folktale spirits A movie that its in is called spirited away its PG if ya wanna watch it Edit: i wrote this at 5:00 in the vid

  • lightning Matt
    lightning Matt

    Why verified ppl chatting????

  • Officially Mortem
    Officially Mortem

    This is literally just a ripoff of the "Squirrel Stapler"

  • Giovanni Presley
    Giovanni Presley

    0:14 When your brother "barely touches you"

  • Josh C.
    Josh C.

    “You finish stapling the rats to your woman , she does not like . You sleep. You wake and find your woman at the dinner table, she turns and stares into your soul. You throat starts to itch , you cough up blood , you then spit out a rat tail. Then a rat pops out of your chest and many more. You then see what your wife saw and felt as she stapled rats to and the got devoured by the rat god.”

  • margaux audrey dg tigas
    margaux audrey dg tigas

    Pov:you turned your brightness on

  • Cassy x ÿūɨ – øὤ
    Cassy x ÿūɨ – øὤ


  • No_Vx


  • Uniboy Playz
    Uniboy Playz

    albert: this is incredible im getting my fifth rat! me: THIS IS INCREDIBLE AM I REALLY DOING THIS!?

  • Benita Benito Bonita
    Benita Benito Bonita

    Here's an idea: Make a massive maze in the server. Though, this maze HAS no end. You can tell the people in the server that they will get free admin / money if they escape. but since the maze has no end, they will be wasting all of their time trying to escape So SOME OF YOU have been saying i'm not cruel enough, so how about Albert becomes a demon and stalks people in the maze. He can also add ghosts and stuff. About the whole Zooming out thing, he can add an invisible roof to the top of the maze so he can see them walk around, but they can't see out of the maze. The "endless" thing could be similar to the infinite house video, where he builds a maze, copy and pastes it together, and voila. I also sorta meant like no exit, but for the extra aesthetic we'll make it really long. Good day, good afternoon, good evening. good night. Like so albert can see this

  • Itz_Peachy Gacha
    Itz_Peachy Gacha

    go to roblox scc therapy this isnt a suggestion, this is a threat /s

  • Shameka Jones
    Shameka Jones


  • ninja shogun
    ninja shogun

    Tell me why when he got jump my phone stop and hit me with the ad lol🤣🤣

  • Banana Joe
    Banana Joe

    Night shift is based on the game night shift

  • Takiyah_Cameron

    Albert:I’m not scared of you this time 2 seconds later ahhh

  • steel_ beast259
    steel_ beast259

    Now I wanna play squirrel or rat stapler but it's 2 am so no

  • xQueenz Audiozx
    xQueenz Audiozx

    Albert is one of the people that I pray dosent get Covid. Stay safe😌🙏🏻

  • Clonk


  • Chaos Leader
    Chaos Leader

    Its shorter than the original

    • Chaos Leader
      Chaos Leader

      Except for toilet testing.. duh

    • Chaos Leader
      Chaos Leader

      These games seem to be references or summarized versions of horror games that use the ps1 style or whatever its called

  • Drew Murray
    Drew Murray

    Hes true form 0:09

  • Dylan Baxter
    Dylan Baxter

    Look up squirrel stapler, its what this game is a clone of.

  • Yo crazy bitc_
    Yo crazy bitc_

    *The rat bois exited youtube*

  • Myla Ditchie
    Myla Ditchie

    IDEA: Make a haunted Library where the books when someone reads it something comes out of them and the shelves eat them when their alone. Also, make the tables turn red and turn them into demons stuck on the floor or somethin. CARRY THIS ON SO ALBERT CAN SEE!

  • Cameron

    Alberts dark side came out in this game

  • Rat Vomit
    Rat Vomit

    Albert there are fur suits made out of real animal fur....


    This game copied a game called squirrel Stapler its a horror game

  • ꧁j u s t - a - n o b o d y꧂
    ꧁j u s t - a - n o b o d y꧂

    It’s like the game called you a rat, Like, “That’s enough, *R A T .* go home.”

  • Emmy Avalos
    Emmy Avalos

    Oh I'm crying right now l have a rat and her name is love

  • Bellaitsmekyla

    no albert that how u scream when rats are chasing u and rats dont scream when u staple them >: )

  • Jumper Icon
    Jumper Icon

    You played night shift on ur channel but like 2-3 years ago

  • cinnamon_stikz

    rats united left the chat

  • Furry Gamer
    Furry Gamer

    the night shift game is based off a actual japanese game you should not play The door game is based off spooky's haunted mansion you should also play its on steam

  • Venxtian_ Soul
    Venxtian_ Soul

    I think this is based off the half life mod "squirrel stapler"

  • hönēy bėàr
    hönēy bėàr

    I played this before I saw this bc it was on my recommended and I wanted to play again but I CANT FIND IT-

  • Devon Black
    Devon Black


  • Carl Anthony Ramirez
    Carl Anthony Ramirez

    This is a ripoff of the game squirrel stapler

  • Stubbles 1010
    Stubbles 1010

    This made me cry, My pet rat died on Wednesday.

  • Detth

    Seriously.... Nobody talking about how rat stapler Devs Put Micheal P. Screaming at the end of the game? Men of *CULTURE*!

  • acexhnoh

    I’m wearing headphones-I’m deaf now-

  • Swirly 2.0
    Swirly 2.0

    Just a random time stamp- 0:15

  • A Rat
    A Rat

    :O this was mean :(

  • HRC Rolly
    HRC Rolly

    Glitch is *TRIGGERED*NOW*

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1,1 mio.