I made my Roblox character VERY SMALL to hide from the murderer
i became a very small instagram acc too follow it instagram.com/albertsstuff/
Today I play murder mystery 2 and use headless head and a different roblox rthro body that makes you super small

  • Didi Pt
    Didi Pt

    7:37 LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Menough
    Michael Menough

    You not fat

  • My Melody
    My Melody

    o c t o b a m a y e s : )

  • DMGpro Tv
    DMGpro Tv


  • John Celenza
    John Celenza

    If you don’t have headless head my favorite way to be short is with the lava monster legs and the city life woman torso :) The gnome legs work too! I just like the way the lava monster legs look! Best of luck hiding busters

  • Star Lenormand
    Star Lenormand

    But it’s funny :D

  • Star Lenormand
    Star Lenormand

    Flamingo guess what ;c I’m sick today ;

  • JustDanceAlex!

    thats not fair!!!! he cheat and me got kill

  • itzdarkii

    small bunny fits in tiny teacup -alberto 2020

  • lmpayneful

    who is mrflimflam are you playing on both accounts?

  • Logan Rodriguez
    Logan Rodriguez

    You were so small the knife was as big as you


    If you guys dont mind im gonna flex my sandwich in my mouth

  • ريتينا ويمسك تيني كسمة
    ريتينا ويمسك تيني كسمة

    albert why did he compare your arm to a pencil in highschool you were fucking ripped

  • cnbcbfggf P
    cnbcbfggf P

    I’ve got the headless head

  • Tapioca Blue
    Tapioca Blue

    Albert:The smartest youtuber whos ever exsisted. Me:nAhH MaYbe nOt


    Get noob

  • Adam_daBxtch


  • Sarah Fahad
    Sarah Fahad


  • Simply gamer 2k
    Simply gamer 2k

    My little legs beating a teamer’s? LOL what the heck does that mean

  • Simply gamer 2k
    Simply gamer 2k

    Pretty much says in the vid tiny teacup.-.

  • School DaEvil2020
    School DaEvil2020

    Make more mm2

  • Brook :3
    Brook :3

    so funny! i laugh every time i watch your vids! i love your vids! >:D so much “!’s” xdd

  • Hello I’m FPField26
    Hello I’m FPField26

    If u could see names in the round uh oh

  • Greer

    Albert: highshools now days a much better High schools now days: selling vapes for money school shooting and more drama and bullying

  • Gabriela Serna
    Gabriela Serna

    E should also be flamingos star code

  • zleppz

    so uh he thinks he is the smartest ehh? wait till he sees dream the minecraft player

  • Noah Hicks
    Noah Hicks

    Only real OGS well member BRBRBRBRRRHJFODSHJF

  • Maratab Ali
    Maratab Ali

    I did that but if the murder was gone I shoot him great from behind he was so mad he said I'm stupid I no care then I played horror game I was jump scared

  • Chandelle Ostiguy
    Chandelle Ostiguy

    When he said put your dog down I literally started crying.

    • DMGpro Tv
      DMGpro Tv

      Of what laughter or sadness

  • Junkb0t 0il
    Junkb0t 0il

    znac is flamingo star code

  • God Player
    God Player

    Yesterday:99.790 likes (i think) This day:100.00 likes likes Me:alandmksksl

  • ZenPlaysMC

    He cutted the “bitch I am a bitch” turkish song, Ngl Never thinked he would realize


      Thats not a song just a guy saying "IM A BITCH"



  • Baran Onur
    Baran Onur


  • PUMPY Pumpkin
    PUMPY Pumpkin

    Flamingo. I’ve asked in the chat of flamingo fan club for at least a bit of robux and you never gave me it! WHY GIVE OTHERS BUT NOT ME?!?!

  • Raul Holban
    Raul Holban

    this is the a-

  • Marc Traveler
    Marc Traveler

    I remember the song he played at the start but why did Adam cut it out

  • Blurry Animations
    Blurry Animations

    07:36 “TARED ME YES YOU” ~ Some random noob in Alberts murderer mystery server

  • Saul Perez
    Saul Perez

    Znack is flamingos star code

  • Tien Nguyen Quang
    Tien Nguyen Quang

    Flamento:imma shot u in blood Him:flamento u miss it my turn to burn you in blood >:)

  • Meme beam 2
    Meme beam 2

    Tiny albert

  • Grandma

    How do you have any talent huh huh!

  • Aquo_komasan_124

    2:51 NDHWUZJW

  • Acevalr gang
    Acevalr gang

    Albert: I’m smaller All: where is he

  • Afkhar Ginda
    Afkhar Ginda


  • Azam Hairi
    Azam Hairi

    flamingo have starcode?idk that...

  • E E
    E E

    6:47 He can’t see noob

  • is_meh_lizzz UwU
    is_meh_lizzz UwU

    Is that turkey or Pakistan? To Sacrifice my own life for Pakistan

  • Ella Gift
    Ella Gift

    The monkeys are everything

  • Paulita Lomas
    Paulita Lomas

    Junk bot Junk bot Junk bot Junk bot Junk bot Junk bot

  • Haya Yoyo
    Haya Yoyo

    He bought headless on a not main account 👁️👄👁️

  • Sasha Belmore
    Sasha Belmore

    Elmo the dog Dead put down.

  • Sau Chan
    Sau Chan

    Flamingo that was the hat you shot not the skull

  • KiLlUa ZoLdYcK
    KiLlUa ZoLdYcK


    • Multiverse Animations
      Multiverse Animations


  • KiLlUa ZoLdYcK
    KiLlUa ZoLdYcK

    Once in grade 1 this guy was measuring people and he got to me he said I was compared to a skittle so I slapped him up side teh head if I like ya cut g was a thing I would've yelled that out

  • TheDev

    I am turkey :I 0:20

  • Lxser._ .Frappachino
    Lxser._ .Frappachino

    Octobama U~U

  • willow Wolf
    willow Wolf

    Flamingo it’s the best he should be the president!!! And his videos are great better than any!

  • Julian Sanchez
    Julian Sanchez

    It's funny that in the end he said fat rounding

  • Case_ Dismissed
    Case_ Dismissed

    Albert: I must put yo- " ad plays "

  • Alexander Ray
    Alexander Ray


  • Aly Gamez
    Aly Gamez

    Albert: You can't see me but I can see you. Other Ppl: I can't see you but you can see me.

  • Volodymyr Nikorich
    Volodymyr Nikorich

    Your not to small theres an invisible leater

  • TastySoap11

    My brain is too small to comprehend y bacon head ran away from everyone when he was murderer

  • Felipe Animations
    Felipe Animations


  • Ewan McCosh
    Ewan McCosh


  • Sparky Azure
    Sparky Azure

    Hmm "znac", you say? Im poor but ill put it in lol

  • The True Jim Pickens
    The True Jim Pickens

    5:12 slick

  • Chase Buchanan
    Chase Buchanan

    I’m not a hater by the way when the murder was coming flamingo should have stayed in the desk

  • Kenny

    *uses flamingos star code*

  • Raptor Blue
    Raptor Blue


  • piziva

    i wanna do this but i can only hide in bushes with sit emote :(

  • Alp Ilgaz
    Alp Ilgaz

    0:14 Türkiye 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Socks


  • KHLOE.CUEVAS 104455
    KHLOE.CUEVAS 104455

    you not the smartest

  • lultbh

    Ur hair rn like kreekcraft

  • Easton Facer
    Easton Facer

    “Znac” is flamingo’s star code ;)

  • Matesák BMGO
    Matesák BMGO

    5:15 Albert goes god mode

  • Yusin Wijaya
    Yusin Wijaya

    812 He was doing the sitting emote and u shot his hat

  • bootleg mario gaming channel
    bootleg mario gaming channel

    3:12 lol that's so funny scream

  • Sengkwai Lee
    Sengkwai Lee

    Flamingi starcode is znac

  • Bruh Guy
    Bruh Guy

    00:23 im from turkey :-)

  • max ayad gaming
    max ayad gaming

    i am from p a k i a t a n u discust me (not really, ur my fav content creator)

  • skil

    Imagine how small the hitbox is for you


      S m o l h i t b o x

  • Swifty 11
    Swifty 11

    Just what was this video

  • _.Elizabeth _afton_
    _.Elizabeth _afton_

    Correct high school is scary

  • Jeff_Playz Roblox
    Jeff_Playz Roblox

    8:08 computer has hitbox problem

  • Chacho Pullz
    Chacho Pullz

    What game is that

  • Brianna De Souza
    Brianna De Souza

    I hate noob!

  • kimerson animates
    kimerson animates

    everybody gansta till flamingo uses god admin in robloxes games for free

  • Magical_Eve Ye
    Magical_Eve Ye

    Thx for the idea lmaooo

  • Cameron Santos
    Cameron Santos

    *octobama* *dodecobama* *dodecotctobamiumism*

  • colin gaming
    colin gaming

    ur not the only one that is small

  • colin gaming
    colin gaming

    i bet im smaller then you at high school

  • At Lol
    At Lol

    Znac is the star code!?!? Once I get robux imma use that

  • Kaleb Ajaegbu
    Kaleb Ajaegbu


  • reetarded weeb
    reetarded weeb

    How to get robux??? I'm poor :(...flamingo I want to be rich just like you....

  • onlymono

    did anyone just die at 7:37

  • IronSirenHeadTV

    Oh come on I am Turkish he can’t hate him if he is then I’ll make him into a fish and bring him to satan

  • Sister Person
    Sister Person

    Roblox also needs to add tiny toes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • The Ender Gamer
    The Ender Gamer