Roblox horror games but with bad writing
Today I play one of the best horror games on Roblox in a while! Super underrated and it has a multiplayer mode, only 15 people player it at the time of writing this description! Just found the narration text on this game really funny since the character doesn't seem that scared

  • ItzSøap _
    ItzSøap _

    Can we just appreciate the,” Znac was here :3”

  • Kiersten Zwilling
    Kiersten Zwilling

    This is a suggestion but you should play the asylum it’s a horror game

  • Chicken

    albert: imagine if this actually happened to you at night if you are watching this at night me: *watching this at night*

  • Codename G.I
    Codename G.I

    my man legit use world of tank blitz gun loading sound effect

  • Just a roblox user
    Just a roblox user

    Flamingo, you should play a horror game called before 3 AM

  • Ochako .mp4
    Ochako .mp4

    Albert: cant pass or figure out something in a game. Also Albert: TEMPRIST

  • plebble

    when u fr commit algiz rn: @o@

  • Precious bunny queen
    Precious bunny queen

    Albert : [sneezes] Wo

  • quackity's kid
    quackity's kid

    Hey I saw you crying earlier

  • nug310

    Day 1 of asking what auto clicker do you use

  • Darshil Nair
    Darshil Nair

    dear friend you frightening me

  • Darshil Nair
    Darshil Nair

    the word that thing said in 3 : 12 is

  • Wolfy_PlayzRoblox


  • Autumn LPS
    Autumn LPS

    7:38 D a r k S h a d o w T o k o y a m i

  • Deniz -_-
    Deniz -_-

    Day 1of asking flamenco to play the exorcist (vr game not roblox)

  • Caitlin Kelly
    Caitlin Kelly

    5:49 littul frends

  • ꧁Neko꧂ ꧁Chan꧂
    ꧁Neko꧂ ꧁Chan꧂

    The TV said : Dear friend,you`re frightening me. =)

  • Samir Ilyasov
    Samir Ilyasov

    dude the flashlight scared me before he sow the tv in kitchen

  • Demi Eclipse
    Demi Eclipse

    “Are ghosts allowed to lie on ouji boards?” *this man made me question everything I’ve learned about ouji boards*

    • butterfly phil
      butterfly phil


  • Paul Braham
    Paul Braham

    Are you a bad spirit? *yes.* Five minutes ago Are you a good spirit? *yes.*

  • Adriana MacCaskie
    Adriana MacCaskie

    ~gets notification~ Amazon: “Ur Orb has been delivered.”

  • Adriana MacCaskie
    Adriana MacCaskie

    Well as we all know, it’s considered a horror game only if it scares Albert.

  • Adriana MacCaskie
    Adriana MacCaskie

    You know... Albert and Cletus are very alike... Cletus looks like he hates life, like Albert says all the time...

  • InteCare Nemt
    InteCare Nemt


  • potato trololol
    potato trololol


  • XxCrazy_FishyxX

    Albert: ahhchuuu Alber: oh Me: uhm... Albert: ahhchuuu Alber: oh Me: AgAiN....jeeze

  • Sothea Thav-Roeun
    Sothea Thav-Roeun

    I like you videos mrflimflam

  • Halloweenrobloxgirl •_•
    Halloweenrobloxgirl •_•

    I UH

  • Jasma Doss
    Jasma Doss

    :3 at the end it said znac was here

  • Mr Music
    Mr Music


  • HighTideGaming

    Anyone else hiding in the comments

  • Spifer


  • Spifer

    Drink plate

  • EpicEmerald Alex
    EpicEmerald Alex

    so satisfying man

  • Monique Mahoney
    Monique Mahoney

    The game: "A light broke, I wonder if it was a faulty wire" Me: BOI IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I'LL LITERALLY

  • Monique Mahoney
    Monique Mahoney


  • Bria Dennie
    Bria Dennie

    The TV said dear friend your frightening me

  • Thesketch Bros
    Thesketch Bros

    Character : has lighter Me: if your dealing with a demon just light the house on fire

  • Daga 1018
    Daga 1018

    Oh! Me and my friend just happened to play that around the same time you've played the game lol

  • Officxal Bubbly
    Officxal Bubbly

    The game: Dear Albert: Death

  • Kenedi

    what if you have irrelevant medical conditions?

  • Lara D.
    Lara D.

    TV: dear Albert: Death..?

  • Cornflake Cameron
    Cornflake Cameron

    Flamingo, please play rogue lineage again, once you learn the basics of the game it's fun. Look around the wiki at classes, progression guides, and races to see what one you got and what it's good for, or search up a video on SLtoos on how to play, however it'll probably be outdated. You could also join the discord to ask questions.

  • Taya loves anime
    Taya loves anime

    HE HAS A GF 9:20

  • Lil Jr
    Lil Jr


  • Isabell Navarrete
    Isabell Navarrete

    Bless you Albert

  • Sydney Taylor
    Sydney Taylor

    This was the perfect birthday gift lol

  • Shadan Parvez
    Shadan Parvez

    You should probably report roblox violent game

  • flimngo._.robloxyeeter

    I was wheezing in this video 💀💀💀☠💀☠💀

  • Zoe STONE
    Zoe STONE

    *Albert playing the game when the lights go out* Albert: He must have turned off the lights... did he turn off his eyes too? Me: *dead from laughter*

  • flimngo._.robloxyeeter

    Spider man 💀✋

  • Omega

    4:19 "Dear friend your frightening me"

  • amy

    "i love following women" - albert

  • Richard Okpo
    Richard Okpo


  • Richard Okpo
    Richard Okpo

    who else saw something 5:33 or is it just me bc he looked like slenderman.

  • Starlight

    Yo Albert, you make my day. Everyday when I'm sad,depressed or anxious. I come to SLtoos and find your vids, they all make me laugh!!!

    • Norashikin Bani
      Norashikin Bani


  • Clariceli Hernandez
    Clariceli Hernandez

    The funniest lines he said In the video (these are my opinions): 1st Line : Albert: *gets scared* Albert: AH! *tries to play it off cool* A- H- exclamation point 💀 2nd line: Albert: *gets scared once again* Albert: Ah! Wha- Dude I’m living in luxury, why is their a massive t.v in the kitchen- 3rd line: Albert: “What do you mean by danger..?” Albert: “Can’t you hear the house collapsing?!” Albert: “Is there someone else with me/you?!” *the little triangle piece moved to the word “yes* Albert: “fLaM. sHoP, yea..😎” Albert: “Are you a bad spirit? Aww, are you a baddie, are you a THICK baddie?” Okay so, these lines may not be funny to you, but to me they are, it’s just that the way he says it makes it funny 💀 So comment if you have any funny lines that he has said in this video or any other videos, if he has said funny ones, comment when and what video! You don’t have to do this I’m just curious about what funny lines he has said because I may not have noticed them! Anyways, have a good day/night/afternoon everyone! Take care and Stay safe!! ❤️✌️PEACEEEE. I’m cool 😎 okay enough of men being dumb byeee 😊😂😊

  • Chris_ Afton
    Chris_ Afton

    I've watched him for so long I act like this now lol

  • your local peanut 2
    your local peanut 2


  • retardk mayor
    retardk mayor

    This has the same writing as a gmod horror map

  • Soupnareff


  • Dankness God123
    Dankness God123

    a spooky

  • ilikeghosts

    say whatever you want about the writing but this is the only game where they think about calling the police first

  • Elly Lee
    Elly Lee

    Bless you Albert

  • Karl Bars
    Karl Bars

    Play Jeff the killer

  • soba

    bless u 13:01

  • Teddy Fan 1
    Teddy Fan 1

    This is what Mabe felt like to be in a rp game and admin trolls

  • NͥoͣtͫLucy

    Im the only one who noticed that albert its just an arm on the game

  • Paola Cedeño
    Paola Cedeño

    You should play little nightmares

  • AxleTV

    Ooh scawy boored and spider man, ahhhhhh (つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

  • King B-Fine
    King B-Fine

    Dear freind your frightening me not death freind your frightening me

  • CommenterGuy

    Cops: We GoNnA aRrEsT aLl ThEsE dEmOnS lol

  • CommenterGuy

    Earlier: are you a good spirit: yes Now: are you a bad spirit: yes You can't be good and bad idiot

  • em


    • bluefndtn

      rip legend norman reedus he was fooled by spiderman

  • Deku’s Baby
    Deku’s Baby

    7:07 it’s like the backrooms

  • 彭溢平Leo Pang
    彭溢平Leo Pang

    big tip horror movie: if you see a monster don't call police run away from the house and call police there and never go to the basement

  • Uno Reverse card
    Uno Reverse card

    APPLE -Flamingo

  • Nur Syafiqah
    Nur Syafiqah

    PLSHISHI why the maker of the game put in norman's name like that lmaojisjiswj

  • biqis joshua
    biqis joshua

    Hkwi sdoiw gioekm wieog

  • ❮ Raindeer Gacha ❯
    ❮ Raindeer Gacha ❯

    its said o-we-gi board-

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher

    SSS (creeper inside your mind) 🤯

  • Antonio Manaserian
    Antonio Manaserian

    The unnatural coach worryingly haunt because protest technologically coil lest a wistful brandy. untidy, serious discovery

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi

    10:55 Hey it's me!

  • ramona harrison
    ramona harrison

    Yes Albert, you are the best gaming god out there

  • ramona harrison
    ramona harrison

    5:24....I know we all laughed at this part

  • ramona harrison
    ramona harrison

    "OMG what is that.. spider man SPIDER MAN ITS YOU..I should call the police Idk who that was " - Flamingo 2021

  • NickMortuus

    Lit video!

  • Anthony V
    Anthony V

    What’s the game called

  • thefatechickenofficial

    BROWDY: Makes a new video

  • Adam E
    Adam E

    Game: “Dear friend” Albert: “Did it just say death?”

    • NotForest Whisper
      NotForest Whisper

      I actually thought it said death

  • Erin Williams
    Erin Williams


  • Cindy Clements
    Cindy Clements

    not scary but get out

  • August Friis Jensen
    August Friis Jensen

    Im m&m and Im sus ;)

  • Beep Beep
    Beep Beep

    You are in danger so Albert is an endangered animal wow

  • Beep Beep
    Beep Beep

    Albert its a black human, why did you scream?

  • Are you ready for Mrs Mcquakkles!
    Are you ready for Mrs Mcquakkles!

    *dear friend you are frighting me*

  • Rashya Dzaky Nurdiansyah
    Rashya Dzaky Nurdiansyah

    (▀̿̿ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ;)

  • AbbysVxbes

    Ouija it's literally that one scary movie on netlfix that I pooped on my self of laughter when I watched it. I reccomand 10/10! She will suicide(sorry for my grammar lol)

  • S SKT
    S SKT

    when hehe the the rent under each week yes go WI


    None of the jump scares scared me but what did was when Albert put his flashlight on

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