I used Roblox admin to SWITCH THE GRAVITY
thanks to bloxtopia www.roblox.com/games/6020526708
YO JOIN DENSE/HENRIK'S DEV GROUP www.roblox.com/groups/5181913
Today Dense_Dad and Henrik made me an anti-gravity switch! Shoutout Egomoose too for the source code. I took the anti gravity admin commands to bloxtopia with UTG/ultimate trolling gui or whatever it's called and turn the gravity off on unsuspecting players

  • It's whitty's style
    It's whitty's style

    Omg omg omg omg

  • Rodrique Gayle
    Rodrique Gayle

    I was playing a gravity game and I walked upside down and when I jumped I fell up and did not die my FPS cam was really weaird (I can’t spell that good)

  • Harun Agustian
    Harun Agustian

    *adopt* *me* *plise*

  • Doo

    I eat bacon - water *piggy*

  • Ember Gann
    Ember Gann

    I am very ill right now but thank you for cheering me up a bit

  • kiki

    idea: play welcome to bloxburg and make them fight to the death


    ALBERT adopt me plise

  • Liam Halcrow
    Liam Halcrow

    Just lock them in a room with gravity unabled



  • saleena sawdha
    saleena sawdha

    Albert: (With bacon hair avatar) Pls! I want bobux Noob: (dressed up) Hey noob you suck we don’t care Albert: (asks editor to play sad music here) Albert: uses demon admin and kills everyone Roblox Noobs:PLS STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Albert bans them...... The reason said on the ban report: YOU SUCK Lol.....

  • 280Crescent

    I jumped from my seat when one winged angel started playing

  • beatZ-ONE tv
    beatZ-ONE tv

    xD when he just get adopted and then the girl just drop him and then u he actually just rip the girl torso out XDDD

  • Nathan Chen
    Nathan Chen

    albert one of your vids almost made me to forket how t breath

  • ROBLOX - Gaming M4n
    ROBLOX - Gaming M4n

    PIN ME

  • Avir 101
    Avir 101

    Cmoon moment

  • Juan Ortiz
    Juan Ortiz

    Adopt me adopt me ok im homeless tho ok adopt me

  • Pixel Player
    Pixel Player

    What he turned into at the end got me

  • baaconflimflam

    i love how the felipe head just has one winged angel playing

  • Canadian Plattyput
    Canadian Plattyput

    I get sick playing gravity controller ;-;

  • Apple_Green!

    Water Piggy will soon find out, he was A CANNIBAL!

  • Huni Bunii
    Huni Bunii

    Water piggy: I eat bacon Me: *RACIST*

    • Bottleman Epic
      Bottleman Epic


  • Krashii_ 0
    Krashii_ 0

    Adopt me plïśë😍😍‼️

  • Derek Le
    Derek Le

    3:43 omg water piggy cannibal111!!!!111

  • Dora


  • Dora


  • Dora

    Ples kill me or met me in Adopt me haha

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen

    Water piggy:I eat bacon Me:you could just say I am a cannibal

  • FeatSea

    When you forget to obey the laws of physics: 0:00 - 50:00

  • Lox Taby
    Lox Taby

    Waterpiggy girlfriend called rude

  • Nitrox

    6:52 she doesnt even know how to do gravity

  • Faitality 6
    Faitality 6

    5:49 “has this ever happened to you?” 😂😂😂😂

  • glitzen05 dood
    glitzen05 dood

    water piggy

  • Stephanie Auclair
    Stephanie Auclair

    '̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿

  • Stephanie Auclair
    Stephanie Auclair

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿ ̿

  • Savannahcinema Norcott
    Savannahcinema Norcott

    U did it go to me >:0 I was sick for a week

  • Lily Jones
    Lily Jones

    I just had a drink and know I’m feeling like I’m gonna be sick😰 no joke ^~^

  • Alfred Adams
    Alfred Adams

    Wow just wow

  • Esmé D
    Esmé D

    Nice shirt,Albert

  • J K
    J K


  • Peyster Kids
    Peyster Kids

    Your name is *rose* Me, who’s name is rose: wait- I-

  • Milan YVERNES
    Milan YVERNES

    AdOp mE PliSe

  • Tshitso Monareng
    Tshitso Monareng

    GIVE ME 1000000 ROBUX

  • Mi Yag
    Mi Yag


  • Jeffry purwandi
    Jeffry purwandi

    I dont think flamingo will seee this for the nrxt idea is becoming a president and if they dont listen u kill them

  • TheLordKid UWU [Artist]
    TheLordKid UWU [Artist]

    5:08 cry I am Go I'm scard Same Noo Ok im going Cry Cry Yea You not love me 😭😭😭😭😩 Why you hate me am I not cute enough Booooooooo :) Noooooooooooo cry bby baby Where are you boo I lo you

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson

    adopt me plise

  • masterboy

    I think I was the person that said shut up in that one clip, I’m pretty sure someone kept private chatting me cause they DIDNT KNOW HOW TO STOP PRIVATE CHATTING as I was trying to speak to some people who didn’t appreciate me using a stroller to glitch them into the walls and grounds it would be cool if I could experience the gravity controller, too bad albert left

  • LT Leelo
    LT Leelo

    Green beans

  • AnimeGurl playzroblox
    AnimeGurl playzroblox

    istg I laughed my face off! 4:32🤣🤣

  • Raihani Julie
    Raihani Julie

    lets make this trending,, *ADOPT ME PLISE*

  • POCO Le Zombie
    POCO Le Zombie

    2:02 Censored please

  • Joel Bigg
    Joel Bigg

    Idea: Bloc of the spawn and then become thanos and then give noobs powers to kill you, if they win then you swap servers, if they loose you snap half the server and see how they cope(tp everyone to you before snapping). like for flamingo to see

  • ulsless spy
    ulsless spy

    Do a raid on life in paradise with the dark demon

  • Lupe Ramirez
    Lupe Ramirez

    Idea go to someone and say U ARE A NOOB SO AFTER THIS TIMER EVERY ONE TURENS INTO U do :char all thier username after 20 secs kick every one from the game

  • Lupe Ramirez
    Lupe Ramirez

    Idea tell some one every one isvu bc h have jo robux and u bbn is a boob and then do :char all thier username

  • Heritage Births, LLC
    Heritage Births, LLC

    Noobs” wahts guin om hure?!?!?!” Me” AHAHAHAHA.........I find buttiy in pain of ppl who play play roblox AKA noobs”

  • _

    Time to spider man up my walls

  • Pizz-_-

    7:15 I got flashbacks to Sephiroth’s boss battle in FF7R

  • lil d games
    lil d games

    Me eating mac and cheese and you saying puke 🤮

    • lil d games
      lil d games

      I no

    • Alex Parker
      Alex Parker


  • Ola Said
    Ola Said

    Albert:i don't care if ur 1year old adopt me pliees

  • Carli Ingram
    Carli Ingram


  • Carli Ingram
    Carli Ingram

    I think that person trying to say adopt please but says plise 0:00

  • Not changing this user E
    Not changing this user E

    I’m sorry mother this is how it must be **shoots** -flamingo

  • IbrahimDoesGaming

    There's always a spiderman in every server

  • Benjamin Broniak
    Benjamin Broniak

    Idea: be a teacher and ask math problems and if they get it wrong you kill them and ask them to try again

  • XxDevinxX XxTaijeronxX
    XxDevinxX XxTaijeronxX

    Cool garvyty

  • XxDevinxX XxTaijeronxX
    XxDevinxX XxTaijeronxX

    Give me robuxxx

  • M

    Yo that's sus 4:50

  • Joey Penn
    Joey Penn

    Idea: alert the server that you have 30 seconds until an earthquake, after the countdown is up, unanchor the entire map

  • Astrofear YZ
    Astrofear YZ

    Water piggy: I eat bakon Albert:I dint expect ing that Me:saying water piggy is a pig that means he had bakon why he said he eat bakon

  • DBZBoi

    everybody gangsta til someone says /open utg

  • Lorie Blair
    Lorie Blair

    Idea:gather your fans and troll in life in parade (1-3 fans also if you choose this you have to include me flipiea my user is kittensnya yad queen)

  • Trey Holmon
    Trey Holmon

    All I can say from these videos you made is just E

  • Trey Holmon
    Trey Holmon

    AdOpT mE pLiSe

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    Adopt me plise

  • M Chakri
    M Chakri

    A random girl with egg like yellow hair/devil is pulling you to hell put ends up she was DA EGGY

    • M Chakri
      M Chakri


  • big oof noob
    big oof noob

    wait if that pig eats bacon then...

  • Fake Hero
    Fake Hero

    *P L I S E*

  • Fake Hero
    Fake Hero

    Idea:Put bounty's on peaopoles heads And who ever kills the bounty gets island life money or smutin

  • ixluc


  • ixluc


  • ixluc


  • ixluc


  • Victoria lover pink purple squad
    Victoria lover pink purple squad


  • CuteCringyCheese

    I love how flamingo just ends his videos when he wants to

  • Pykie

    Admin Idea: Start a zombie apocalypse and give everyone tier 1 guns and if they die they respawn in hell. And inside hell there's a Boss Fight And if u fail the boss fight you get "kidnapped" (Just an idea, it may not be possible but its just an idea)

  • Adam Acosta
    Adam Acosta

    What if that was in real life and someone was climbing a mountain then u turned it off

  • Abrielle Kate Pinlac
    Abrielle Kate Pinlac

    U can dance on the walls lol try it plz 🤣

  • David Strang21
    David Strang21

    *12 sad moments*

  • Aston Sjöström
    Aston Sjöström

    he made my day so much better, becuse im sick

  • Darren Shie
    Darren Shie

    4:53 *Starts drowning* Albert: uh OH GOD She is a demon

  • Snot Dragger
    Snot Dragger

    The first actual gravity game is a obby called gravity shift.

  • Jayden Wright
    Jayden Wright


  • Keelan Green
    Keelan Green

    People asking he they can go on walls XD

  • Carlos Acosta
    Carlos Acosta

    And you said lmao

    • ixluc


  • Carlos Acosta
    Carlos Acosta

    Why did you watch avengers eggdog you said this is like ww3? Or i dont remember

  • diana k
    diana k

    And funny

  • diana k
    diana k

    Flamingo is the best

  • First one I will like you like # Demeke
    First one I will like you like # Demeke

    What do you them eggs on the stove vomiting

  • pink ghost
    pink ghost

    Flamingo:mother me life sucks mother:ok