We put over 1,000 Roblox players in 1 server...
yo merch out black friday and some stuff coming at a discount this week eeee
play here: www.roblox.com/games/5962846219/the-tubers93-experience
so today the boys figured out how to get 1k players in a single server so I turned my follow on to help get the players there!

  • drxppy

    Albert, i need help please. my roblox account is terminated and its perma deleted. i dont know what to do :c

  • sunny rainbows
    sunny rainbows

    You crashed down little nax concer I’m unfollowed

  • Plasmatic Games
    Plasmatic Games

    When he said let’s go to mc Donalds I got a mc donalds ad

  • mia alleesya
    mia alleesya

    Albert in Tik tok someone filmed you in that game and Kirsten duet and filmed you sleeping and she said he did this -.- Lmaoo

  • Why Elle
    Why Elle

    R.I.P. Gorilla 😔🥺

  • Miranda GOMES
    Miranda GOMES

    My iPad would crash if I joined maybe

  • carmie tabangan
    carmie tabangan

    ohhhh nooo!!!! so thats why you say follow me i dint know that:c i dindt join:ccccc

  • Fily The Lucky
    Fily The Lucky

    I love the part when got followed by a bunch of player around and didnt lag

  • bea nepo
    bea nepo

    forgot to comment this on the junkbot raid but here it ps:THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT flamingo:*has 7 million subscribers* also flamingo:*expected 15-20k people to join his raid*

  • Descended Halo
    Descended Halo


  • levitate_YT

    everyone: 6:34 oMg ItS mEeEeEe

  • ꧁Fᴀɴ Dᴏᴍ꧂
    ꧁Fᴀɴ Dᴏᴍ꧂

    just watched a HP movie and this is so much D E E P "Gorilla how big"

  • -Hannah Irinco-
    -Hannah Irinco-

    *RIP Harambe*

  • The Gentleman
    The Gentleman

    *_what if flamingo did a junk bot raid on this game_*

  • Drillas Parks
    Drillas Parks

    Bro stop u sped

  • Annie Nin
    Annie Nin

    Flamingo: How big is a gorilla Google: Gorilla Flamingo: gorilla Me: wut

  • 1RyCitrus 1
    1RyCitrus 1

    Flamingo looks celebrity guys

  • Baka Phoenix
    Baka Phoenix

    Pov: You are here since hannahsprite had a tiktok about this

  • Layla Hill
    Layla Hill

    My computer would have exploded


    *When you realize theres tik toker in that game*

  • JadaBug

    Albert: Woah, sorry, sorry, woman. Oh, sorry, *10 men* 3:17

  • Magical Gaming
    Magical Gaming

    Well actually maybe not since you order stuff online soooo yeah

  • Magical Gaming
    Magical Gaming

    Flamingo it’s ok as long as your not super unhealthy you will probably be fine

  • Jcvalz

    Hey I was screaming at you boi >:(

  • Raymond Burke
    Raymond Burke

    Hello flamingo Does he respond???

  • Doan Kristine
    Doan Kristine

    Omg 😂🤣🤣🤣 you are my favorite SLtoosr

  • lighting magween
    lighting magween

    You need to do more of this video Albert And the only reason why is because I finally want to be on one of alberts videos :(

  • Vo The Handsome
    Vo The Handsome

    roblox engineers wondering who is tubers93 and how is there more people than allowed: 😳

  • Auvi Vlogs
    Auvi Vlogs

    My friend: yeah the party is not that crowded! The party: 0:47

  • Roblox Lolo
    Roblox Lolo

    I don’t know why this remembered me when ants go to sugar and they all become like I don’t know black and that’s like flamingos the sugar and people are the aunts so they come to flamingo you just reminded me of that

  • Dani S.
    Dani S.

    Some girl on tiktok made a tiktok about this bc she was in the server lol

  • Dual Blade Gaming
    Dual Blade Gaming

    thx for shout out flamgo

  • Lily Ivanov
    Lily Ivanov

    I hate flamingo he RUINED roblox! Now its really laggy and now when you join a game sometimes it wont even work. THANKS.

  • Evelyn Hall
    Evelyn Hall

    Lol the end

  • King_sb23

    i honestly hate when people follow youtubers around in game,

  • Meppy

    does enyone notice the map looks like the voicechat game in roblox?

  • Peqches

    Famingo if you see this make your pfp one of those faces :)

  • Pawel Czyzowski
    Pawel Czyzowski

    And it is said that till this day, they are still stuck on the loading screen

  • Pawel Czyzowski
    Pawel Czyzowski

    The 644 dislikes are from the people on the loading screen

  • Pawel Czyzowski
    Pawel Czyzowski

    644 dislikes and 64k likes

  • ꧁İdiot_ _Ela꧂
    ꧁İdiot_ _Ela꧂

    3.00 Pov: The corona ended like 1 second ago

  • Bromitch06

    You should do a thing where several times you have a game with only 2 players allowed, and you go into the game with your join on and see who joins. If the same person joins again, you could temporarily block them so they can’t rejoin

  • chris crampton
    chris crampton

    2:58 when mcdonalds giving out free fries

  • sxvxge stxrmclxud
    sxvxge stxrmclxud

    Anybody see “Created by tubers93”? Because that was the person who hacked MeepCity previously.

  • Tyler Lawrenz
    Tyler Lawrenz

    Worst SLtoosr EVER

  • Erving Stewart
    Erving Stewart


  • Erving Stewart
    Erving Stewart


  • Tips! N tricks!
    Tips! N tricks!


  • XeZeZono Vids
    XeZeZono Vids

    I think in all servers it has some real players, and THEN it copies everybody from the other servers. Each and every server can see them, just joined making it look like they are in the same server, tracks their name and spots. I’m guessing. Here is an image for you. Server one has 25 people, you are in it. You are team red, imagine all of them glowing. Only the people who are truly in your server Server two, blue. Same

  • Weston Jones
    Weston Jones


  • Gavin Bugajewski
    Gavin Bugajewski

    Play make a cake Albert or Alberta will be concoured by aliens that slap you

  • Owen Robbins
    Owen Robbins

    I just noticed that this was made by toobers93, aka the guy who hacked meepcity

  • IHSAN 20209
    IHSAN 20209

    2:03 pause, look to the player on the right that are facing the wall. Comment of what you think of it.

  • PepperPepper world
    PepperPepper world

    Flamingo be like - LETS DO THISSSSSS - a week later - wow let’s do it againnnnn

  • Kotoshi Uragi
    Kotoshi Uragi


  • Kotoshi Uragi
    Kotoshi Uragi

    good video idiot

  • Tierracporter

    Covid who?

  • Doggo Boi
    Doggo Boi

    he swear

  • JoelCake

    When raids happens I always think of a rat infestation

  • colin popp
    colin popp

    6:32 that was me xddd

  • Megaxd24

    my respect for this guy just went 📈

  • Batman 1234
    Batman 1234

    I still want my Travis Scott burger..

  • Savannah Horan
    Savannah Horan


  • Savannah Horan
    Savannah Horan


  • Myla Ditchie
    Myla Ditchie

    IDEA: Make a haunted Library where the books when someone reads it something comes out of them and the shelves eat them when their alone. Also, make the tables turn red and turn them into demons stuck on the floor or somethin. CARRY THIS ON SO ALBERT CAN SEE!

  • Richard

    The tiktok girl is in here

  • Shilah Robins
    Shilah Robins

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  • Muq Qassim
    Muq Qassim

    Uhhh your hair looks good lol and also what kind of people there are

  • Bloopadoops

    Don't get political. I love your videos don't ruin them with political opinions

    • yuii

      he isnt?

  • noah -w-
    noah -w-

    Alternate Title: Black Friday Sale on ROBLOX!

  • •Rosie Plays•
    •Rosie Plays•

    7:25 1,000 = 11,000 big brain good math skills thanks albert

  • Mini Exe
    Mini Exe

    junkbots raid be like

  • commander demonno
    commander demonno

    i'm surprised nobody in the game hacked if this was in the general roblox community and not specifically flamingo's community there would have been over 50


    this is why you suck and ruin roboox

  • kur2003

    i think what it does is copy the other players movements and actions if they are in different servers, and turns them into bots i think

  • Kalvin Gaming
    Kalvin Gaming

    I’m happy I was apart of this

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    Who’s touching the child

  • Luis Valladares
    Luis Valladares

    Me has the wrorst phone I join this game the home 🥵😱😨😰😥😓🤮🤒🤒🤒☠️💀👻

  • Kylie Micale
    Kylie Micale

    This is pure Covid

  • Jan Russel Tobias
    Jan Russel Tobias

    Remember the junkbot raid its like the same thing

  • ꧁Ancxent꧂

    Idea: Tell everyone to dress like jake from state farm with junkbot heads, if you need help finding the clothes go to my profile, I got the pants and shirt: TTRXQ

  • Lovin_ Angelz
    Lovin_ Angelz

    and 5:35

  • Lovin_ Angelz
    Lovin_ Angelz

    did u guys see how many people had their health down? 4:30

  • Alexis Carter
    Alexis Carter

    Albert at 4:01 : Prepare for trouble Me: AND MAKE IT DOUBLE!!

  • That’s The tea
    That’s The tea

    I was one of those people who where loading 😔😟

  • Itz Mary
    Itz Mary

    Greay introo

  • Raya Davern
    Raya Davern

    Excuse me I would like to make an announcement ToRu OiKaWaS FaVoUrItE FoOd Is MiLkBrEaD! HiS PeRsOnAl MoTtO Is ‘If YoUr GoNnA HiT It ThEn HiT It TiLl It BrEaKs?!¿¡

  • SuperSourLemons

    that game was made by a hacker

  • Zach :p
    Zach :p


  • lid8en

    2:12 *split them asses up*

  • TheHorseLover 200
    TheHorseLover 200


  • Arcticspace Ada
    Arcticspace Ada


  • 18 Bowling Alley
    18 Bowling Alley

    6 feet

  • Xxdiamond.playzxX I love roblox x
    Xxdiamond.playzxX I love roblox x


  • Xarmith Plays
    Xarmith Plays

    it says Made by "Tubers93", If you were playing Meepcity when it got hacked you would know who he is.

  • 得な是真的


  • Lyric Shelton
    Lyric Shelton


  • Cow Claw
    Cow Claw


  • シevie


  • sheesee miz
    sheesee miz