dumb roblox monster
Today I play the new BEAR game on Roblox, bear star or bear 2 whatever you wanna call it. Lemme know if you want more of these kinda games idk what u guys want i took a week off of recording and have no idea what to film lol
play: www.roblox.com/games/4785497374/BEAR

  • Flamingo

    go play bear it's really fun: www.roblox.com/games/4785497374 also follow my ig it has a cute boy on it (me): instagram.com/albertsstuff/

    • Noahdinosaurman 1
      Noahdinosaurman 1

      @Bar maid Identity v oh oops

    • xuanbao Xb2103
      xuanbao Xb2103


    • Bar maid Identity v
      Bar maid Identity v

      @Noahdinosaurman 1 that was a joke that he made a year ago -_-

    • Noahdinosaurman 1
      Noahdinosaurman 1

      @Bar maid Identity v what do you mean this is a good game

    • Iguana With internet access
      Iguana With internet access


  • [insert name here]
    [insert name here]

    hey albert, did you know i had a round that i outsmarted 2 bears so much that i won without noticing

  • Kaidenpg10

    why u disrespecting the cheed 8:44

  • melanie corvera
    melanie corvera

    3:14 if u notice he killed one of his fans 😂😂😂😂 (well it’s Albert of course he would kill them) 😂😂😂👁👄👁

  • XX TNT
    XX TNT


  • Leonardo Martinez
    Leonardo Martinez

    Can u Play Royal High Flamingo: makes people suffering Me: UnU my son

  • Dominic Trudel
    Dominic Trudel

    bear is not a very well made game and i dont means its bad its just you cna really go anywhere in the map and its really not far for bear

  • Pascal Playz
    Pascal Playz

    Put your phone in the microwave something epic might happen- but only the bear that round- Me: FOR SCIENCE

  • Nequay Dismukes
    Nequay Dismukes

    Cheese cheese cheese!!!!!!!!

  • KaseyKruger Roblox
    KaseyKruger Roblox


  • test gaming9
    test gaming9


  • Kay Findley
    Kay Findley

    6:37 “i would scream and punch my monitor if he came up here”

  • xuanbao Xb2103
    xuanbao Xb2103

    Nice video

  • Reset Bomber
    Reset Bomber

    6:23 *big brain*

  • Handre Roblox
    Handre Roblox


  • Handre Roblox
    Handre Roblox


  • Upashan Gurung
    Upashan Gurung

    Well guess we gotta spit a million spit at the creator of bear

  • Antonaus1_Roblox and more
    Antonaus1_Roblox and more

    Flamingo should do error bear boss fight And get the skin lol

  • neo myles
    neo myles

    Please stop talking trash about my favorite game is actually really hurts my feelings because you’re my favorite SLtoos or but this is my favorite game

  • Bridget Handley
    Bridget Handley

    bear correction 😍😍😍

  • Tiggers_studio

    Well your lucky flamingo cause when I weared my sleep shirt I got bitten by so many ants even one ant bit my P**IS it took almost an hour for it to make it gone perhaps an hour

  • Kai S.
    Kai S.

    Bear doesn't actually allow autoclicking for the wires, it warns you in the turtorial! Also, it allows you to go a slight faster than the players, its just hard in yorricks to cut them off.

  • David Umansky
    David Umansky

    Have u ever heard of the OH MY GOD MATE IT BEAR INNIT KID skin in the first BEAR

  • xilvi _
    xilvi _

    Why 811 people want cletus not chubby WHY

  • Kuba Latosinski
    Kuba Latosinski

    Flamingo is noob in bear


    Technically the game isn't new since it's a part two of the original game. And in the original game it was the exact same thing except there are some different maps and puzzles and skins. 🧀

  • Ana Martín
    Ana Martín

    But the new bear game bear [halloween]

  • Silver Spirit
    Silver Spirit

    Nobody... Not a single soul... 84K spits just going towards the creator of bear: omae wa mo shindeiru. the creator of bear: NANI?!

  • • Melany Mellow •
    • Melany Mellow •

    “Do not fear” “I want fool bear” -zackswagbro 2020

  • Szymon Kowalski
    Szymon Kowalski

    I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top

    • fruit dylan
      fruit dylan


  • Eduardo Galang
    Eduardo Galang

    alberts last word im a little bit- *then get killed by the bear* (look im a little shy) 3:36

  • Idiot Bear
    Idiot Bear

    I gave flamingo the idea to play bear

  • lily Wong
    lily Wong

    You know in helloween you could get thick bear

  • Adriano Costa Tavares Tavares
    Adriano Costa Tavares Tavares

    9:03 PsychoDrama?

  • Adela Tamayo
    Adela Tamayo

    I play it and i got two secret halloween skins: error bear,ghost

  • Joshua Eaton
    Joshua Eaton

    3:06 at first I heard "fat kid get em"

  • Samuel Sousa
    Samuel Sousa


  • Goldfish


  • Delfino Plazola
    Delfino Plazola

    Give me the cheese

  • Jennifer Hays
    Jennifer Hays

    Like like like like like like like like like like like like like Those are all my likes x100000

  • -tsuki!-

    when it says ‘GIVE ME THE’ it means ‘GIVE ME THE CHEESE’ if it’s a bear on that thing

  • Gabriel Low
    Gabriel Low

    the guy that killed you is called bob

  • vLAdImiR pUtIN
    vLAdImiR pUtIN

    We have the same autoclicker, hehe..

  • leavex_93

    Read the desc of the game it becomes a little more scarier than it should be

  • BrEw bucket Cheesey
    BrEw bucket Cheesey

    if bob and classic bear had a bayby XDD LOL

  • ヲッ億Cavea t
    ヲッ億Cavea t

    Thx for playing!

  • Birdkingthegamer

    There are 5 bears B.O.B BEAR UC zombie (Comeing soon) (Comeing soon)

  • Birdkingthegamer

    Me is happy you know how much hard work went into the non alpha BEAR

  • Mauricio Andino
    Mauricio Andino

    I kew this day would come!

  • •Xx_pastelHunni_xX•

    This is epicccc

  • Face revealer
    Face revealer

    7:47 flamingo:ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh

  • mason diaz
    mason diaz

    your the only person thats bad at being bear and even the bacon hairs are better than you

  • Uni Tuka
    Uni Tuka

    now I don't trust my delivery people, I'm afraid I'mma lose my pizza (btw I just had a ad of Domino's)

  • nil

    i know, fun game.

  • Dadrian Golden
    Dadrian Golden

    lol i use auto clickers and fps unlockers

  • Pinky Playz
    Pinky Playz

    BEING BEAR WOULD MAKE ME PUT PHONE IS MIKERWAVE LIKE HE SAID but I am not stupid so it's not happening sisters

  • Ravioli Boy
    Ravioli Boy

    Rip pizza and alberts finger 😢😭

  • AngelFnaf

    lol admit it flamingo is the best youtuber out there he might not be the biggest youtuber but he makes all of our days every day he doesnt notice it but he really makes our day also he doesnt know he raised 7.56M people

  • BirmanCat

    I'm sad that people think BEAR copied piggy. Bear was made first! And needs more theories then piggy. And also players who play piggy get mad at bear because it says alpha at the first game and dislike it.

  • Amanda Sophia de Oliveira Batista
    Amanda Sophia de Oliveira Batista

    Flamingo the only Good place to hide in the house is go to the dog house and hide behind the stairs. Great hiding place I always stay there

  • MickeyBoyGaming


  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    8:38 Albert just got fat shamed by Bear.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    7:48 That part when Albert went to the door only to find a dead body come through it and the killer behind, is really cinematic.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    6:38 The bear really just came up and killed Flamingo after saying he would scream and punch his monster if the bear would come up and kill him.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    "He can't see the light right?" Flamingo got bars.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    Sunscreen eater: *exists* Albert: "Pathetic."

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    4:51 "Only way for the bear to kill 10 people is if all of them were sunscreen eaters" Sunscreen eater community: *Has heart pain*

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    4:18 He's kneeling lol.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    2:53 Albert controlled himself right there.

  • Lildawg Gaming
    Lildawg Gaming

    Tips: Bear is faster than the survivors when they aren't sprinting. Lab 56 is bad, don't vote for it. Being Bear on that map sucks because the survivors will solve the puzzles so quickly.

  • Goldfish


  • Juliana Cin
    Juliana Cin


  • ClownyAsh

    It my birthday

  • Trisha Terry
    Trisha Terry

    Wowww 83k pit on the dev of this game, I respect that.

  • successful Chazzers
    successful Chazzers

    Who is your favourite Bearstar? Bearathan Bearstar? Bearseph Bearstar? get the JoJo reference

  • Gomen Tsukki
    Gomen Tsukki

    *_GIVE ME THE_*

  • Mr. Doozy
    Mr. Doozy

    But I dot have parents or a home?

  • C G
    C G


  • Sean Lopez
    Sean Lopez

    What the hell is this trash that came up on my recommend. Is this what kids watch?

  • Ayesha Phoeliz De Ocampo
    Ayesha Phoeliz De Ocampo


  • Jordan’s place
    Jordan’s place

    Who remembered albertsstuff when he said “if you use an auto clicker your a stupid scum bag”

  • sugar spice
    sugar spice

    Albert:they made me fat Me:no they made you fatter

  • Koala_Berry

    BEAR ASTERISK. ( *asterisk mean the star thing or * so yeah*

  • Patrick -EnjoyFunYT- Benito
    Patrick -EnjoyFunYT- Benito


  • i am a nugget
    i am a nugget

    Pls play as bob Albert

  • Jess Reid
    Jess Reid

    ㅜㅐ 그는

  • asha girl. uhm. hi
    asha girl. uhm. hi

    bear 2? Bear poo - Albert Artez 2020.

  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz

    0:39 when I forgot the words to say

  • CaptinCookieCrunch


  • Kevin Ruiz
    Kevin Ruiz

    Can i get banned because of using auto clickerr?

  • The Dark Doge
    The Dark Doge

    pls make more i love it


    you play bear 2 and bear (alpha) shop new skin sam

  • Kendall Buck
    Kendall Buck

    Give me the, give me the Albert: WHAT?!

  • eleanor Villafane
    eleanor Villafane

    1:00 that was bob

  • FireGaming

    “Ima scream and punch my computer if he gets up here” gets up there “AHHHHHHH”

  • Catgirl Cloud
    Catgirl Cloud


  • Official_Bxlla

    AAAAAAAAAA i spilled water on me when at three start alburt SCREAMED because the bear was chasing him and I’m going to school now!!! Thanks alburt!

  • Delilah Monegro
    Delilah Monegro

    Bro can you see the damage text It means that you damage them

  • Delilah Monegro
    Delilah Monegro

    Bear picture:give me the Me:he said *give me the cheese* so why you have to give him a cheese

  • Bacon Boi
    Bacon Boi

    Not like he’s gonna ever play this again but I can explain how the game works