I stole Roblox noob’s cars and they freaked out
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Play Anomic: www.roblox.com/games/4581966615/Anomic
Today I play Anomic on Roblox and I use the new tow trucker job to yoink people’s cars from them

  • Raindrop

    I like how flamingo literally wears a hat that's ripped


    Can u be normal person my brother cant hear :(

  • Alexander Chacon
    Alexander Chacon

    Whats the vam3 called

  • Ariiixa


  • Shadow Bounty
    Shadow Bounty

    Does anyone gat anoyed that he dosent store his wepons and cars

  • Randommeme Oof
    Randommeme Oof

    Stupid role players let Albert have fun

  • Dapper Relic4
    Dapper Relic4

    Turn off the face cam my eyes hurt

  • mealyys

    it was an interesting experience to be in one of your vids lol

  • DaffaThe Gamer
    DaffaThe Gamer

    Whats that game name

  • Hi I play roblox
    Hi I play roblox

    Oginmalf flimingo

  • JvcSwe

    Its mean to steal cars >:(

  • Faruk Army
    Faruk Army

    6:45 this guys is dying but still he is chilling

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams

    What is the game called 9n roblox

  • Xavier WESTHORPE
    Xavier WESTHORPE

    What is the game called on roblox

  • Epico Olstuff
    Epico Olstuff


  • •Klaus YT•
    •Klaus YT•


  • Ryan Y
    Ryan Y


  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    Flamingo vids is so much enjoyable

  • Joolio Gaming
    Joolio Gaming

    When you die and your getting judged your going to satan

  • Mr. Dog
    Mr. Dog

    1:32 “The attack of the noob”

  • Spy_Blox

    Idea: make a game where it seems like a roller coaster game and then when they get to the end teleport them to game (also one you made) where you put his friends in roblox (whether his freind is really in the game or just a bot) in the game and then just kill them Like so he can s E E

  • LB a commenter
    LB a commenter

    3:50 Friday The 13th The Game car startup sound :P

  • NickTheLegend

    What is this game called?

  • samuel reed
    samuel reed

    the name off the game is anomic

  • Curly Arevir
    Curly Arevir

    i play anomic with my brother

  • adi ene
    adi ene

    Idea for anomic you should do the team again and when you steal a car and put in the river

  • lemmytherat ,
    lemmytherat ,

    I have an idea, steal pols babies and sell them

  • team mayor
    team mayor

    what game

  • Matthew Plays
    Matthew Plays


  • Liᴥnᴥ


  • Yeetus

    Let me just clarify: As a seasoned Anomic player, this is actually kinda mean. If you are stealing from noobs, they don’t have money. They probably spent 2.5k on customizing it, and 5k on buying it (People scam others who don’t know better) It’s fine but please don’t do anything that will make someone too upset, like stealing all their possessions or etc. *a t l e a s t g i v e i t b a c k*

  • s127266

    wats the game name

  • estrella norick
    estrella norick

    Yeah i saw jayingee (Jake) do that and im like ._-.-

  • 이재희

    Flamingo:This is so fun Me:ok flamingo finds commiting gun crimes fun

  • Hop

    “your never safe if the government is involved,” *oh no*

  • proplayz06 gaming
    proplayz06 gaming

    ಠᴥಠ what game

  • makhi miller
    makhi miller

    what is this game call

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez

    The song intro omg soo vibey

  • juan espinoza
    juan espinoza

    Make idiot jail agin it looks kinda fun or make free car store but shoot there csr

  • juan espinoza
    juan espinoza

    That hacker bacon jayingee found him to

  • Ashlynn And i oop-
    Ashlynn And i oop-


  • Swirl

    I am swirl and u better sub to me, or don’t...

  • Gavin Feltner
    Gavin Feltner

    Game name?

  • The Dream Juniors
    The Dream Juniors

    Hi my name is Lilly! This is my first time watching your vids and I LOVE THEM

  • Patoty Master
    Patoty Master

    6:11 feel like you were in the world war 2

  • Nicona 301
    Nicona 301

    “Dude imagine if bugs where that big and had guns” *me on the other side of the phone laughing my ass off with a cloud of spit raining down on me imagining what that would look like*

  • GamingwithDL. Game
    GamingwithDL. Game

    Meep flamingo meep

  • Hopnop

    To become unwanted just wait it out

  • burntChannel


  • 1

    "where cute things happen" People: *gangs up on everyone*

  • shell goddess
    shell goddess

    What's this game called

  • zheng jinrong
    zheng jinrong


  • ThatOneAsianKid _
    ThatOneAsianKid _

    The intro is disqusting and so cool at the same time

  • FV4005 Stage II
    FV4005 Stage II

    3:55 That's the sound of Dorothy from Twister

  • Marcus Kahn
    Marcus Kahn

    Z. , Z. Z, Z. z. . z. %. z. , §. , Zzz. Z. Z. , §. Z z. Z. § z me ZzmZZ 🙃🥳🙃🥳🤩🤩😆😆😆😆😆

  • Qt_revert

    What game is this

  • Alexplays 219
    Alexplays 219

    When he gets op gun 5:36

  • Riley Doan
    Riley Doan

    You just wait til your not wanted .

  • Sealight Tech
    Sealight Tech

    What is that game merry Christmas i hope you answer

  • Jacob Frias
    Jacob Frias

    whats thes gam

  • I am a furry I am dino mask
    I am a furry I am dino mask

    WHAT GAME IS THAT?? That’s a cool game!

  • I am a furry I am dino mask
    I am a furry I am dino mask

    Wow ......I got in bed watching you.....now it’s 5am...

  • BoomingBoomer

    hater: ur merch looks ugly fan: like you everyone: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    What is that game called

  • Ayden Limon
    Ayden Limon

    merry christmas eveyone

  • Deborah parks
    Deborah parks

    Plz give me robox

  • Donut-Ninja123

    They removed the abuse the killer

  • Freak

    respect the vets......

  • Chole William
    Chole William

    Today is Christmas

  • Minecraftgamer62

    Mr. big basket what the game name

  • Oscar Bishop
    Oscar Bishop

    What’s the name of the game

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin

    For some reason Albert reminds me of the joker

  • Reymart Cagiwa
    Reymart Cagiwa

    MR. FLAMINGO can I have that asasasa account, I been scammed two times with real money's, can I have pls, I want to be youtuber too, thx mr. Flamingo I love you

  • Orgesa Prenga
    Orgesa Prenga

    I want to know the game name

  • Zero Lo
    Zero Lo

    lil nas x

  • Devon Mitchell
    Devon Mitchell

    How come games sell you supercars and then say you can't use it in game


    What is this miusic im 0.13 sec?

  • HD Furry
    HD Furry

    lol I have a humvee too xd

  • Scart playz
    Scart playz

    Bruh is all I have to say

  • XxFoodiexX :P nuuf
    XxFoodiexX :P nuuf


  • Appli

    ur getting up in 5 hours.....................

  • Andrea Pellerito
    Andrea Pellerito

    What is this game called

  • ImSomeThingElseyoutube

    Your goin he’ll when older flam

  • TheCRAZYMATT gaming
    TheCRAZYMATT gaming

    Stop putting things bout God in your vids

  • Daniel Datinguinoo
    Daniel Datinguinoo

    0:00 (neck crack)

  • nameless

    What's the name of the intro song

  • Bamkat Miller
    Bamkat Miller

    The kid who killed Albert was me I said u never seen my signs Me: holy shit I’m in Alberta video Albert: You never seen my signs. Imma go to his dealership to buy a car and blow it up Me after watching: glad I didn’t sell him a car

  • brocatlegend

    Mr big basket breaks the law

  • Blue Bean.
    Blue Bean.

    Bugs with guns? Now I'm thinking of the Cybugs from Wreck it Ralph.

  • Hunter Badgett
    Hunter Badgett

    Wat game is game s this

  • Cooper Stewart
    Cooper Stewart


  • ZizZy_GuRL

    **Albert blows up the whole city** **The smoke clears** Albert : "Is everybody ok?" **Five noobs standing around him shooting him** **Me laughing my head off, but at the same time thinking to myself thats wut he gets** 6:11

  • Great Western Railways
    Great Western Railways

    Albert :here give me your car The person you robbed had a merch

  • Nilanjan Bose
    Nilanjan Bose

    what is this game?

  • Camar0green

    wait so that means i killed flamingo in anomic NO WAY! I KILLED HIM ON HS ALT!

  • fuggin idiot
    fuggin idiot

    hey flamingo what auto clicker do u use cus i want one but i don't wanna get a virus

  • Thatone Dummy
    Thatone Dummy

    “Rec :/“ Albert: 👁👄👁

  • A Gonzalez
    A Gonzalez

    The intro the man has pinapple fingers im right?

  • karis brown
    karis brown


  • lord engie
    lord engie

    dude i just had a heart attack a hair was halfway in my foot and omg i thought it was a parasite