I asked Roblox noobs to pay rent... then blew up their homes with admin
today I play Roblox games that I have admin commands at and I ask people for rent money as if I'm their landlord or something

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat

    Idea: make your home and put it on life in paradise with little death things hidden and go invisible and kill people

  • I dont sound my age
    I dont sound my age

    albert: ver seen the movie up? *falls down* me: ever seen the movie down?

  • Jawan Gladden
    Jawan Gladden

    Flamingo: I am the President of junkbounty country and president of all junkbots that are junknese and speak junknese

  • %White Skull%
    %White Skull%

    Instagram:I use the most hashtags. Roblox noobs:#######

  • Gacha Shorts
    Gacha Shorts

    Idea (Might be boring) : What if someone joins the game you do a fake performance saying *YOU ARE THE 1000 PERSON TO JOIN THIS GAME! YOU WILL BE SENT TO A AREA FOR FREE ROBUX* then you send them somewhere disturbing or Creepy *There is no robux for you

  • Karoline Polanco
    Karoline Polanco

    You suold make a bakery make a cake out of body parts

  • corey Mullings
    corey Mullings

    I will literally sue you

  • corey Mullings
    corey Mullings

    You need to pay me your Renty

  • corey Mullings
    corey Mullings

    Give me the rent now.

  • Dipling

    6:49 kinda true

  • Dietchie

    This could be weird but be a mouse or rat and then when someone adopts you and you go to there house start turning everything into cheese and once they realize turn them into cheese, or place cheese around the house like hide and seek but with blocks of cheese🐀

  • stonks益

    Albert what happened wth ur arm

  • Mayia Craig
    Mayia Craig

    Do u make mwrch for kids

  • Ad SJB
    Ad SJB

    How to confuse a junk bot: "Crude or refined?" I've asked like 5 of them this and they just immediately left the game or got annoyed at my question when I wouldn't explain what it meant then left. So, if you got Junkbots everywhere, try asking them that.

  • A. Marie Sanders
    A. Marie Sanders

    at my server on the lil nas x event there was 30 junkbots doing the floss saying OIL OIL OIL OIL

  • シCool dude
    シCool dude

    Why you bully me

  • BenThePotato 247
    BenThePotato 247


  • I’m Stan and I approve of this message!
    I’m Stan and I approve of this message!

    I’m so glad I paid my rent!

  • Brooklynn Alexander
    Brooklynn Alexander

    I have an idea make a normal house with a stove and all that then when people are on current objects or something like a bath tub you can put a toaster in there and ban them or kill them, Stove: Gets burned Alive. Bath:Toaster falls in with them being trapped down. Window: glass gets in their eyes and sticks to them bleeding out. Couch: seat rises up and goes through the roof and gets flinged to heaven. Toilet: Poop comes out their mouth with blood. Now make sure they live in a city and put a sewer and when people walk by you should make a hand pop out it and grab them in the sewer with them, there will be a shop and the toys and food with so bad stuff here are details. Cereal: Makes YOU the cereal and eats you. Anything else that I have not put in: jumpscare or the thing they got eats them. Make sure it’s a scream We need them to pee Outfits: puts it on them and turns them into lizards with knives. (Or a junkbot asking for oil with rusty blood coming out their eyes. Stuffed animal: The animal eats them with really rusty grey sharp teeth coming out their eyes and mouth. Saying “Adopt me” “mama” “dada” Couch: crushes them with blood going everywhere and the body parts go in different directions! Food: makes you vomit blood everywhere saying “I need help. “ with creepy music. Trash can: makes you vomit and slowly makes your stomach rip out blood and makes you fall to your knees and makes your body parts go different directions with roaches slowly eating them out. I will edit anything else I have as an idea for this unless he already ddI something like this or already did this. Albert you’re the best I hope he sees this 👁👁 this took a long time to type.

  • TPR Tricia
    TPR Tricia

    You broke Roblox

  • Nancy Fernandez
    Nancy Fernandez

    Cindy week / cindy wants you to pay the rent NOW

  • Void Gacha
    Void Gacha

    This is just and idea so don't judge me- Play meep city, and use admin commands on online daters. There are so many of them it's pathetic so it shouldn't be hard to find them. Or you could use your junk bot army and rampage threw servers, spamming the chat :>... A better idea would be trying to get adopted on meep city and if they do adopt you, make their life a living hell- I mean heck ;-; ahahaha :) Make people's dreams a reality, orrrrrrrr just troll people. Flamingo is pretty good at that. have a great day people :D


    Idea: Make every player with admin commands play tower of heck.

  • Călin Vișan
    Călin Vișan

    Kick all the people that have a house,and buy all of them.Sell then for way more and if people can afford it make their experience miserable... =)

  • Benji team
    Benji team

    Yo dude i dare you to kill and then protend u did not do it😂

  • Alula Playz
    Alula Playz

    If there was a free Albert shirt :(

  • Meh Like Ekko!
    Meh Like Ekko!

    *8:27** guest flashbacks*

  • Marzena Zerek
    Marzena Zerek

    Life in Paradise players:* play as babys Also them: buys house Me: how can a baby own a House?!

  • Sir. AlexPanda
    Sir. AlexPanda

    Idea. Be a bus driver but lead them somewhere behind an alley or something where no one else is and then do some creepy stuff the farther you go in the bus until you just turn into that creepy skin

  • Wilson Saguban Jr.
    Wilson Saguban Jr.

    im new to ur chanel flamingo

  • Christopher Villanueva
    Christopher Villanueva

    Dress up like a horror character with invisible name and hide at a bush if someone pops up go to the person who popped up and say "Give Me 1 Wish" and he/she did say "Your Wish is my command." and just troll her like ":kill TestingComment828"

  • Leticia Alvarez
    Leticia Alvarez

    I really like this

  • Leticia Alvarez
    Leticia Alvarez

    Hey can you please make a part2

  • Gacha Hacks
    Gacha Hacks

    No rent no home -Albert 2020

  • ComradeLonglegs

    Plz play car dealership on roblox it Good game

  • Ann Machamer
    Ann Machamer

    Normall people: "BYEEEEE SISTERRRRRRZ" Roblox addicts: "cya buster"

  • diane shepard
    diane shepard


  • diane shepard
    diane shepard

    Make an Obby put players on it and say happy birthday you have to do a Obby or I will delete your account and if they don't finish it ban them from every game

  • Me to the world Is a deadly laser tag
    Me to the world Is a deadly laser tag

    We read a short story In reading class called the landlady and it was spooki lol

  • Shawn Cordill
    Shawn Cordill

    Ok I like theis but what the way never do this pl ok stop never do this again.

  • Alexander Sanchez
    Alexander Sanchez

    5:00 i was dieing

  • Shilah Robins
    Shilah Robins

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    • Raine Skinner
      Raine Skinner

      Thx, You need more likes than 1

  • Only One
    Only One


  • Fishing With Dom -
    Fishing With Dom -

    Make a account that says your not flamingo and go around telling people your not flamingo I know it’s a bad idea but

  • Its Me Ethan
    Its Me Ethan

    Idea: Maybe go back to bloxburg for a vid

  • I drink water WATER
    I drink water WATER

    I ADMIT IT, ANOTHER HOE GOT ME FINISHED (maybe some brave Roblox pros can finish this?)

  • ZoWent A1
    ZoWent A1

    Y is the boy was doing tik tok's?

  • Heather Davis
    Heather Davis

    Blep you bad lady distory home 🏡 My home😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 you hacker

  • StrawberryTofi

    Idea: Ok sooo Make and obby and like make something we’re you and your friends can just make people do the obby to meet you and your friends but like you guys sabotage the NOOBS lol I don’t know maybe you’ll use this maybe you won’t

  • Cheems Youtube
    Cheems Youtube

    2:47 i think hoy is a pilipino language

  • Elijah Zombie
    Elijah Zombie

    Dress up as fake you tubers and pretend your battling in the RB Battles event

  • Fabi fabulous
    Fabi fabulous

    4:09 GIVE OIL GIVE OIL Me: ah what a beautiful day another junk not ^_^

  • Dogz 33
    Dogz 33

    Please meet me at island life

  • Crystal The Pirate Fox
    Crystal The Pirate Fox

    Idea: You should make a truth or dare game with random noobs and dare them to exist but then kill them and count that as not existing and see how they react

  • Skye Games
    Skye Games

    Idea: make a cart-ride game at the end you fall into a teleporter to the second part which going further into it, It’ll get more disturbing

  • Purpleminnetonka !?
    Purpleminnetonka !?

    Why does Albert have a case on his arm🤔 I know I'm not the only one seeing this

  • djordje rocenovic
    djordje rocenovic

    i joined a server with 2 admins and literally no lie 4 exploiters. one was trolling(i realised since he typed weird things in chat other one was just spam killing at spawn(flinging people) and the others idk they didnt say anything they were just flying and trying to do something

  • Kenneth W Wells
    Kenneth W Wells

    Idea swap peoples houses out when they sleep

  • Cringey DanYT
    Cringey DanYT

    Idea: So This Is Pretty Much Like The Guess Who But Instead Of Guessing You Make A Maze For Like Admin Or Robux Then At The End Use Any Command To Scare The Players

  • Landon Urbom
    Landon Urbom

    Yes sir Albert put there house 30 feet in the air

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    Never stop

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    Who’s touching the child I will say that in your nightmares I will

  • Flowers Gacha
    Flowers Gacha

    Idea Act as a spoiled brat slowly. demand things such as a phone and an private island (idk just anything expansive) if they don’t give it to you rib off there limbs or if you have a command to take there money or take there house.

  • uno playz
    uno playz

    Make more scary vids like ones with the smile family and stuff like dat

  • LilyWasSlain

    Idea: Pretend to be their animal and act like the doll in tattletale does, make them do tasks for you and make everything weirder and get weirdly more aggressive every time they don’t do something you ask for

  • iambigscare

    Hey pin my comment it says butter *butter*

  • Gorden Bolland
    Gorden Bolland

    "" My Sister got 50k IR𝗼buxI from there ➜ 𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙮𝙤𝙘.𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 *I tested it and it w𝐨rkI for me too ."* ⤴ ⤴ ଏହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    • Flowers Gacha
      Flowers Gacha


  • travette

    idea: put basic blocks around people's homes

  • The Doby Channel !
    The Doby Channel !

    make a video where you need to delete a house to put down a rail road station and if they say no make a train crash threw there house

  • Someone you don't know That you should know
    Someone you don't know That you should know

    Kidnap a child and tell the parents to but them back . Just kidding dont so this please don't

  • Gacha Zoe
    Gacha Zoe

    Be an innocent baby, And if peopole don't adopt you, say your ALBERT/FLAMINGO Blow them up (If they in house blow up house) Then leave and switch servers! If they adopt you, Umm ALSO BLOW THEM OR THEIR HOME UP MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA😈

  • Kitten 13
    Kitten 13

    Idea: Go to burger queen and try to become a kitchen leader. All you have to do is go to three trainings. I’d really like to see if you’re able to become a KL or if your able to cook. There’s a lot of junk bots who like to go to the restaurant and I would kind a like to see how they would react!

  • rachael z
    rachael z

    Pretend to be someone’s sibling and then annoy them or say you tired to eat them

  • xh0neyclxudzz

    Idea: Go into robloxian high school, and dress as other people. And really just annoy them (sorry this was bad ;-;)

  • Moements

    Your land lord was a karen

    • Moements

      @Itz Jødi Hai

    • Itz Jødi
      Itz Jødi


  • ImaCoolGirl 2
    ImaCoolGirl 2

    Some noobs are so adorable and others are just so annoying ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  • Benny Tapia
    Benny Tapia


  • Audrey Williams
    Audrey Williams

    Everyone knows the language of p a i n

  • Ugly Noob
    Ugly Noob

    ✨Gimme✨ ✨the✨ ✨rent✨ ✨ money✨ ✨women✨. ✨You✨ ✨ aren't ✨ ✨ paying ✨ ✨ so✨ ✨ you✨ ✨ can✨ ✨ pay✨ ✨with✨ ✨ your✨ ✨ limbs✨ ✨ and✨ ✨ soul ✨. ✨ Give ✨ ✨ me✨ ✨ your✨ ✨ soul✨

  • Azek

    The title to this video should've been "Albert becomes Mr. Ditkovitch" To all my Spider-man fans, y'all know what I mean. 😂

  • mrxlo _
    mrxlo _

    Teleport a bunch of poeple to the kidnapp place and say that anyone that finishes gets roux and see how long you can mess with them

  • Maria Lange
    Maria Lange

    We need junk bot week every month

  • RJ

    Play bloxburg and to play as a BAD mother.

  • gamer20 Let's game!
    gamer20 Let's game!

    Your vids are the best!

  • Aiden Alemania
    Aiden Alemania

    Make a Bank and put a sign outside saying “Would you try to rob the bank” and if they try to rob the bank they will be sent to HECC with Scp-049 and they won’t be able to return to life in paradise.

  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Crazy Josheee
    Crazy Josheee


  • Zoom


  • Llama king
    Llama king

    you should do a dead by daylight sorta thing, and have people work on like a generator to escape. but in the end like you kill them no matter what.