is going in a straight line in roblox on a cart ride not good enough for your pea sized brain? Do you need a theme to enjoy it? Well now you have one, the first ever roblox cart ride game to ever exist ever: Cart ride into Flamingo by Rdite
also play this:

  • Flamingo

    play the games here

    • Stream_216

      @Negro de wasa nerd

    • Savi Bhola
      Savi Bhola

      @Negro de wasa sh



    • DensePlayz


    • Jevil

      All hail Albert

  • Brandon Hodge
    Brandon Hodge

    Flamingo is the new ree kid

  • Seed

    Has played among us so DONT ASK

  • victoriaarzola

    It's up from Sally climb into the trees like, to Carly, to Carly from According to Kelly I'm a bomb what wine do the air imma Baba your hair hahaha

  • Adrian30 567x
    Adrian30 567x

    4:45 Spanish

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69

    Vore the game

  • •-•


  • Ashlyn Rollis
    Ashlyn Rollis

    make it make the song

  • Geminiduality Gacha
    Geminiduality Gacha

    He wearing white makeup under his eyes he has to be

  • Gracie Sharp
    Gracie Sharp

    free robux.

  • ttv_bob

    you should make the earthworm sally song your intro and outro



    • ttv_bob

      yeah dude, "E"


    flamingo fatty make an earthworm sally song

  • Sunnny Z-day -_-
    Sunnny Z-day -_-

    Wait.... my birthday is June 30th

  • Sunnny Z-day -_-
    Sunnny Z-day -_-


  • Gauge Connor
    Gauge Connor

    My life sux

  • Tutu Tata Channel
    Tutu Tata Channel

    exe rrr(((=6*8

  • Tutu Tata Channel
    Tutu Tata Channel

    Close so Flmagg

  • Wolf LoVer
    Wolf LoVer

    Played this the other day- there was a child blocking everybody and then a random dood launched them into space. It was a good time :D

  • aesha omar
    aesha omar

    “I don’t stand for bullying unless I do it”

  • Shu Kurenai
    Shu Kurenai

    I hate that face too

  • Guk moolook
    Guk moolook

    ...*insert Lenny face*

  • Aqilox

    This is how many flamingo said DIE 👇👇

  • Dexter Teo
    Dexter Teo


  • Dexter Teo
    Dexter Teo


  • Johannes Isberg 7-8A
    Johannes Isberg 7-8A


  • abdullah kryezi
    abdullah kryezi


  • Sarko Blox
    Sarko Blox


  • Is1awsome Whatever
    Is1awsome Whatever

    I've played many games by Rdite

  • RxpectMyTrxsh

    Flamingo Forehead: “I must show myself today is the day”

  • Terencio Calipes
    Terencio Calipes

    adam or paige

  • Xiaoyong S
    Xiaoyong S

    “Quarantine sever” Oh i think its called a vip sever Except your friends wont join

  • Shilah Robins
    Shilah Robins

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  • Laharl Reyes
    Laharl Reyes


  • cute doggy
    cute doggy

    9:50 he say oops uwu

  • hailey danny
    hailey danny

    how dare you ask my face in roblox name:Spookyscaryskeel >:C

    • hailey danny
      hailey danny

      not >:C if your reading dis


    If u hit ur self and it hurts does that mean your to weak or to strong

  • yeet3468oi isaac
    yeet3468oi isaac

    this is on my bday

  • Alex Paau
    Alex Paau

    I love flamingo

  • Gabriel de Andrade
    Gabriel de Andrade


  • Andrew Rice
    Andrew Rice

    Flamingo I have one one of the cart ride

  • Bryce Jaxon
    Bryce Jaxon

    Me: *sees flamingo* omg flamingo: *tried to kill me* me: I have admin to flamingo: you don't have this me: well I have to do it the hard way Flamingo: try noooob me:😡 *kills flamingo* by shotgun me: :) flamingo you Think I'm dead that easy? Me: ya... flamingo: now die me: no flamingo: you're gonna die anyway me: goes super mode me: *kills flamingo in real life* flamingo: you win bye😢 it's all my fault me: no don't die flamingo: *dies* me: nooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • MasterANinja

    Cheese 😏

  • Space Beans
    Space Beans


  • Space Beans
    Space Beans


  • Space Beans
    Space Beans

    Thank you I am a psychopath

  • •Kylie Gacha•
    •Kylie Gacha•

    U promised us the song

  • theggandthex

    2:08 i use it for that reason :)

  • TheNinja Luni
    TheNinja Luni

    Albert u Have virus 100% from autoclicker

  • Matt Nixon
    Matt Nixon

    I am a good person

  • Matt Nixon
    Matt Nixon

    one secend later Ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Matt Nixon
    Matt Nixon

    hi I'm a good person jk

  • Xxstrawberry__ bearxX
    Xxstrawberry__ bearxX


  • Polo A.
    Polo A.


  • Penguin 2020
    Penguin 2020

    anime SUCKS

  • Family Rezayee
    Family Rezayee


  • Iexistent Imbicil
    Iexistent Imbicil

    I like the thumbnail. We shall destroy online daters

  • Jason Garnett
    Jason Garnett

    Sorry im eating chocolate im not gonna stop -Albert 2020

  • Random guy
    Random guy

    He never said his favorite past time

  • liz ‘
    liz ‘

    Stop i said berger stop

  • liz ‘
    liz ‘

    there i fell nether about myself right now

  • liz ‘
    liz ‘

    Get noob queen me has big robux STOP AHHHH

  • liz ‘
    liz ‘


  • Nickolas Adaza
    Nickolas Adaza


  • boogie idm
    boogie idm

    R dite more like art dite ART DITE MORE LIEK FART DIE

  • Sans TheSkeleton
    Sans TheSkeleton

    I am a phycopath tho

  • Hannah

    Auto clickers can get you banned in multiple games

  • yuki fluffle
    yuki fluffle


  • ツツReinaLeine


  • Chasman Gaming
    Chasman Gaming

    “I like Felipe why won’t you stay with me?”

  • Huntco 9000
    Huntco 9000

    Flamingo fart

  • Pumpkin Pete
    Pumpkin Pete

    When Albert said I feel so good twice I thought I was in a loop

  • keith

    3:00 LMFAO the copy and paste is pressed

  • Barrie シ
    Barrie シ

    Every time I watch his vids I loose brain cells

  • Yolito Mogol
    Yolito Mogol

    Give oil Give oil Give oil

  • Luke Is yes
    Luke Is yes

    Flamingo 🦩is sock cool

  • Victoria F
    Victoria F

    Im a barbie girl in a crule world! wraped in plastc sufacating! you cant touch meeeeee! im just a dumb barbie! Me:i cant beleve i made this😂

  • William Aftøn
    William Aftøn

    Flamingo: WE WERE SO CLOSE!!!!! Flamingo: BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Me: Chill boi-

  • Erica Grant
    Erica Grant

    Me:I don’t like cart rides Kid named cart:wha what why don’t you like me

  • Aim Brokez
    Aim Brokez

    albert: Red Sus subtitle: red sauce

  • pizzagaming _101
    pizzagaming _101

    there was an ad advertising roblox. DO U NOT THINK I KNOW WHAT ROBLOX IS? I AM WATCHING FLAMINGO.

  • Lisa Ruth
    Lisa Ruth

    Are you get that all quicker

  • If your seeing this Im prob dead
    If your seeing this Im prob dead

    432 THOUSAND?!?! i have no robux and ppl keep making fun of me cuase my avatar cost 700 robux, im sorry im not rich like them! ugh my user is dukers_1738 and ive been in ur group for awhile

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez

    2:09 lock your doors

  • Herobrine_is_cool

    ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ

  • Harli Roldan
    Harli Roldan

    *puts up thumbs up ten million times*

  • Shiro Uni
    Shiro Uni


  • just a Papa fan from Johnny Johnny
    just a Papa fan from Johnny Johnny

    gobble gobble gobble gobble

  • ꨄMari Tart ꨄ
    ꨄMari Tart ꨄ

    geez You’re younger that my mom lol she’s 31 you’re 23

  • mario plays
    mario plays

    @kindly Keyion 2:00

  • SashaPlayz - ROBLOX
    SashaPlayz - ROBLOX

    4:13 im a chaotic evil lol

  • Leigh Ann Hutchens
    Leigh Ann Hutchens


  • CamoBlueLazar

    Ablert with your auto clicker put it all to 0 and it’s really 💨

  • - Kaldieos -
    - Kaldieos -

    The Felipe song was from the video you bought admin at the store grabbed a gutair and liked Felipe Now he's dead

  • Spidey Y Gacha_101
    Spidey Y Gacha_101

    I have the same auto cliker

  • Sean Ebreo
    Sean Ebreo

    Albert: I FEEL SO BAD Also Albert: *Laughs after saying that*

  • Tudi Rachel
    Tudi Rachel

    Chill face better

  • Nelli Schneider
    Nelli Schneider

    "i would never do that to people so dont do that to me" some minutes before...

  • 「 shitai 」
    「 shitai 」

    its 2 am and im light headed


    I still cant stop laughing at this clip 2:03

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