Roblox bread man...
Today I play the new Roblox Bread game! Bread chapter 2 which is kinda fnaf like and stuff

  • Flamingo

    play here i linked the wrong game in description the first time i linked it's fixed now tho

    • elmobird

      One of my chicken nuggets is shaped like bread

    • Doggo saying Heck
      Doggo saying Heck

      are you real

    • garret ryan
      garret ryan

      E GOT BABE

    • neoke chan
      neoke chan


    • Karthik Haridas
      Karthik Haridas


  • S o U p EE
    S o U p EE

    Ahh yes, my favorite horror game that is about animatronic trying to kill you in your 6 hour shift in a children’s pizzeria Five nights at *bread*

  • U x
    U x


  • Crumpet&Tea 123
    Crumpet&Tea 123

    Albert has celiac desiease like me sisters

  • Eryka_Lei

    Me eating bread rn: 👁️👄👁️

  • Darren Russell
    Darren Russell

    Credit to toxic

  • Darren Russell
    Darren Russell

    Fnaf 6 and amount us mixed for the second chapter

  • Azra Kocakurt
    Azra Kocakurt

    Flamingo:Let's go back to five nights at Freddy Me:Is that five nights at Freddy? My mom:WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO Me:Myself because I have no friend

  • 「 shitai 」
    「 shitai 」


  • David Eddings
    David Eddings

    0:08 raeeeeee

  • David Eddings
    David Eddings

    0:00 this even not you house

  • •MOSHY •
    •MOSHY •


  • Enaxity

    Moral of the story: Murder ypur bread brutally before eating

  • Crystal M
    Crystal M

    You should do more skating videos

  • the crown is here!
    the crown is here!

    2-5 A HOUR IS GARBAGE Thats under wage


    Why does Musikenna have more likes than Albert

  • elmobird

    One of my chicken nuggets are shaped like bread and this came up on my recommendations 😃

  • clowny piggy 1
    clowny piggy 1

    i dont like bread s eyes this is the momo s eyes


    🕆︎⬥︎🕆︎ (thats UwU in Wingdings also plz like dis UwU)

  • tina i-
    tina i-

    i was eating bread while watching

  • hyper gamer
    hyper gamer

    This is freddy fazbears pizzatia simulator or fnaf 6 albert pls play freddy fazbears pizzaria simulator

  • Joshs Mobile Gameplay! Channel
    Joshs Mobile Gameplay! Channel

    So In the first one it was kinda short but in this one it is a knock off fnaf game 🤣 heart this or your account will be stolen

  • Thelast Lab
    Thelast Lab

    I know have fear of bread 😬

  • Richdiamond 11
    Richdiamond 11

    I tried playing five nights at freddies when I was 8 and throw my tablet at the wall when I got jump scared..

  • #yolo chevy
    #yolo chevy

    Did he alr Did a Bread vid or am i tripping

  • Roblox Silvie
    Roblox Silvie

    albert hates his life because he forgot to eat bread. Life lesson: Always eats your bread, every 1 minute make sure to eat your BREAD >:(

  • Baller Blue
    Baller Blue


  • michelle gorgie
    michelle gorgie

    11:43 wait a second.. hEy >:c hE hIt a LiL jIIg thEN hE JuSt leFt mY sIgHHt

  • Mittens and Frankie
    Mittens and Frankie

    Bread is gud

  • Gabe the angel dog
    Gabe the angel dog


  • s i m p
    s i m p

    I'm sorry for carin' But carings what i do If you screw me over then i'll still come back to you ✨💖

  • aven

    albert: says he would never put an ad on his videos me: gets ad*

  • Malek Ariffin
    Malek Ariffin

    Who wants to say happy halloween to flamingo comment ok?

  • Gregory Plays Roblox
    Gregory Plays Roblox

    This reminds me of my favorite fnaf game, fnaf 6!

  • Ryan Christiansen
    Ryan Christiansen


  • Lee_uchiha

    Me is like bread u bread I like

  • Donny Zelaya
    Donny Zelaya

  • Freak _ Sh0w
    Freak _ Sh0w

    *y e a s t*

  • Itz_MysticYT

    Deja vu?

  • Nathaniel Brennan
    Nathaniel Brennan

    This is literally just fnaf 6 rebranded.

  • Jennifer Bixby
    Jennifer Bixby

    B R E A D

  • Carter Colin
    Carter Colin

    yeast? more like YEATst

  • Sista Smh
    Sista Smh


  • Samantha Reeger
    Samantha Reeger

    y E a s t .

  • Hermione Cusi
    Hermione Cusi

    game is now FNAF 6 LOL

  • Nathaniel Luke
    Nathaniel Luke


  • Sietta Rampasard-Barnes
    Sietta Rampasard-Barnes

    l like bread

  • aesthetic shoko chan
    aesthetic shoko chan

    is it me or whenever flamingo stays quiet something happens

  • Audrey Trankler
    Audrey Trankler

    Albert- "If you ever get me food.. for some reason"

  • Kaden Gatfield
    Kaden Gatfield

    It got you because you didn't look at the vents

  • mariagachagirl

    Bread 🍞

  • •Taehyung •
    •Taehyung •

    Everyone be scared meanwhile LaurenZside be living her best life in this game

    • Samantha Reeger
      Samantha Reeger


  • Landon Sholler
    Landon Sholler

    bread man bread man bread man bread man bread man

  • ꨄHimiko Togaꨄ
    ꨄHimiko Togaꨄ

    Albert: I won't bored y'all with ads SLtoos: Ad pops up mid sentence

  • The Nuke
    The Nuke

    I crave bread in the morning idk why

  • Zaria Kirk
    Zaria Kirk

    play potato

  • GachaCookie Kara
    GachaCookie Kara

    I think they actually copied fnaf sister location a little bc when u go done the elevator to start your shift each time u hear a little girl telling a little bit of a story and so did this game

  • Valerie Rose
    Valerie Rose

    FNaF Pizzaria Simulator but instead of the Scraps, it's just bread.

  • Giorno Giovanni
    Giorno Giovanni

    Five nights at bread the imposter

  • Amour Delano
    Amour Delano

    Hi Flamingo! I am a fan of you 🤩. Please notice me 😨. My question is, Would you care to donate robux to me. It would be very nice of you. Please. My username is AvroraIiqhtsx.

  • Jace Tanksley
    Jace Tanksley


  • Cookie Lisa
    Cookie Lisa

    I am Bread

  • kousar Alii mujtaba
    kousar Alii mujtaba


  • Akko Shimizu
    Akko Shimizu

    NUU tHe bReAd mUsT hAvE bE mAd bCs I BuRnt thEm THen tHrow TheM in lE tRasHhH :'D

  • JumboWhisper

    so even tho no one asked i think when the guy sees u eat bread is when his eyes is red like dont eat the bread when his eyes are red bc i kept seeing his eyes go red

  • boi boi
    boi boi

    lol this is just fnaf 6 and among us

  • fuzzybuzzyplaysroblox

    under the sea 🌊 lol hheheheeheheheheh

  • Lilkeven 714
    Lilkeven 714


  • That . Girl
    That . Girl

    I was eating bread... 🍞

  • Michaell Frost
    Michaell Frost

    The pumpkin guy kind of looks like Salad Fingers you should watch him

  • chickenleg

    " this is the best way to get 𝙧obux atm, 𝙍𝙊𝘽𝘾𝙔𝙉𝙊.𝙊𝙉𝙇𝙄𝙉𝙀 λειτουρεί πάνταντες

  • frog man
    frog man


  • Lolbit

    oh its like fnaf 6

  • mille

    Flamingo is getting more serious every video

  • leah borgen
    leah borgen

    Did anyone else see the bread at 5:02?

  • dog poo
    dog poo


  • Jasper Santillana
    Jasper Santillana


  • katie


  • why do i have to make a name anyway?
    why do i have to make a name anyway?

    Why does the intro with the drawing of albert look like salad fingers? Once.. You... See.. It... you.. Cant... Un.. See.. It....................................... :)

  • Noob 123
    Noob 123

    Red eyes man a man fan lol lol lol pop pop pop

  • McKenzie's Angels
    McKenzie's Angels


  • Radical Raindrop
    Radical Raindrop

    I hate bread jk I like toast and that's cooked bread

  • Yo Mamma
    Yo Mamma

    Albert:”if u ever get me food for some reason”. Me:why would I sent food from Britain to Florida just to find out u will receive it mouldy?•-•

  • Hufflepuff Millie
    Hufflepuff Millie

    You should play Dead Silence

  • Liam Mclaughlin
    Liam Mclaughlin

    I was shaking my soup and it turned brown and red after

  • Liam Mclaughlin
    Liam Mclaughlin

    I was shaking my soup and it turned red


    Albert theres 5 secret buttons in the game

  • Hannah Conde
    Hannah Conde

    a good scary game id called dead silence its fun

  • Hannah Conde
    Hannah Conde

    i had to grab a blancket in the middle of the vide bec my house is cold : )

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    While watching this I was eating bread

  • ꧁Gacha Alex꧂
    ꧁Gacha Alex꧂

    I think this is the intro of albert halloween

  • mizz eka
    mizz eka


  • misa UwU Tuber
    misa UwU Tuber

    Why object is thats weird ñã

  • Bunny Hoppkins
    Bunny Hoppkins

    Flamingo, why did I see a BIRTH CONTROL ad?

  • Wavy Gaming
    Wavy Gaming

    You should play phasmaphobia it looks rlly cool play it with temprist or kaden

  • I am a robot beep boop beep
    I am a robot beep boop beep

    That moment flamingo spit he probably got paid 5,000$ cuz I wanna spit and get paid

  • Lucy Edwards
    Lucy Edwards

    "7:50" i always use this when i need R💲* ↪️ 𝙍𝙊𝘽𝘾𝙔𝙉𝙊.𝙊𝙉𝙇𝙄𝙉𝙀 look it up. τζικαδάκια που χορεύουν στο δάσος

  • Green Dino
    Green Dino

    Flamingo: I hate doing that, I hate doing that Also Flamingo: Ok then let’s do it again

  • °michi°

    But, I’m eating bread…

  • Frenzy

    Roblox French toast man