Among Us but I'm very nervous
Today I play Among Us with a ton of youtubers that I actually watch lol I was nervous cuz of that but I also had never talked to any of them before this so yeah but go support every1 in this vid and like the vid if you want me to do more Among Us content it's some of my fav stuff to do lol
@GameGrumps @CrankGameplays @Jaiden Animations @Alpharad @Drumsy @Alanah Pearce@RubberRoss @jacksepticeye

  • Flamingo

    HEY! In the description I have all their channels @'d so you can just click their names to go to their channels too!

    • mrmcgee

      flamingo i think you and jacksepticeye should do a screaming contest because you and jack scream a lol XD

    • Ceppnelson

      and they are blue so they can be seen easily :D

    • RK - 04RA 837433 Whitehorn PS
      RK - 04RA 837433 Whitehorn PS


    • Saadia Salman
      Saadia Salman

      u watch jaiden? really same

    • Trent

      @Star_masterpigman fake

  • •Mint_Boba Teaa•
    •Mint_Boba Teaa•


  • Nova Shrimp
    Nova Shrimp


  • Koala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Koala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    That was so sus in among us xD

  • dababy drip
    dababy drip

    29:29 funny part

  • sponge bob
    sponge bob

    eatin my philly cheesesteaks while getting entertained

  • squid mastertwo
    squid mastertwo

    I kinda wish albert acted like he did in his videos

  • Bluebeast12

    Albert. if I were you l would get nervous playing with those people too

  • Azka Oji-oji
    Azka Oji-oji


  • Cleon Ze Cyan Stick figure
    Cleon Ze Cyan Stick figure

    Flamingo with fans: **Scream loud** Flamingo with her friends: **Scream loud** Flamingo with other ytrs: **nervious**

  • d s
    d s


  • Stickmanthegamer


  • PinkCraft Pika Girl
    PinkCraft Pika Girl

    Alpharad ,Jaiden, Jack AND Flamingo in the same room/call/video THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!

  • DJ The WereWoof
    DJ The WereWoof


  • ඞHappy fnf Kitඞ
    ඞHappy fnf Kitඞ

    Who Is NUTBOY

  • Alda Haxhiu
    Alda Haxhiu

    Albert can i once talk to u on discord am a fan but i just dont know ur code?? pls

  • Roxana snape UwU
    Roxana snape UwU

    I love how he panics every time he sees someone

  • JM Glam
    JM Glam

    He was so awkward 😂

  • Jeffrey DaBoi
    Jeffrey DaBoi

    Top of the morning to you noobs I is Albert Is what flamingo would say if he was a septiceye

  • Quinn and Ciaran Master
    Quinn and Ciaran Master

    @Quinn Master 68

  • Quinn and Ciaran Master
    Quinn and Ciaran Master


  • IsPuffer


  • XxArianaGrandexX

    Albert: *doing tasks* Also albert: Blah blah blah! Ethan: hi im dead Albert blah blah wat wut

  • Mae Kershaw
    Mae Kershaw

    Albert is always so scratched up from skate board I feel bad lol


    when he only says like 10 sentences lol

  • Nickboy1w

    only if tommy was here

  • MrSdp

    wait thats drumsy?

  • b-alcony BACON ARMY!
    b-alcony BACON ARMY!


  • Jasmine Dunlap
    Jasmine Dunlap

    imagine albert forgot to mute and they all just hear him screaming

  • TTV_ Wiking
    TTV_ Wiking

    When the pretender is mistrustful

  • Ashlee Little
    Ashlee Little

    Jaiden always sounds so annoyed and sassy in every among us video I watch

  • no family link
    no family link

    am i the only one who did not knew anyone except albert and jacksepticeye

  • Aubrey S
    Aubrey S

    *say drumsy* SLtoos captions: *DRUNKY*

  • ᴋєɪᴊɪ αᴋααѕʜɪ [ʜαɪᴋуū!!][Cr:OWL]
    ᴋєɪᴊɪ αᴋααѕʜɪ [ʜαɪᴋуū!!][Cr:OWL]

    its ok im just going to specim- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • WitchyKaiden

    "how are you supposed to clear me if you don't go near me" I"M DEAD BRUH OMG XDDD

  • monjuldyl

    i only watch jaiden animations i love her she is an artist :3

  • TOAOKosuke

    ahhhhhh i love how my favorite youtubers (albert and drumsy) are in this video

  • xd racer
    xd racer

    Lol I just started watching drumy like a hour ago. :edit flimingo still best youtuber

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Just realize this is flamingo's first longest video

  • josh PG3D
    josh PG3D

    albert: doesnt know who jack is but subscribed also albert: watches jaiden animation and not subscribed

  • ethans drawings
    ethans drawings


  • Angel Dextras
    Angel Dextras

    21:19 I'm thinkin bout cells at work

  • ObjectedWinter


  • Swathi Rao
    Swathi Rao

    WOAH, Flamingo knows JaidenAnimations who knows Odd1sout who knows Mrbeast. So in an indirect way, Flamingo might meet Mrbeast if Mrbeast plays Among Us with them sometime. Or is that not how it works... It would be awesome if Flamingo met Mrbeast.

  • Emma Carter
    Emma Carter


  • jenevadavid


  • WK3(25) Wu Pak Kit
    WK3(25) Wu Pak Kit

    “Jacksepticeye? Um....don’t know who he is, also a youtuber I guess?” Me: *SLtoos literally showed you subscribed to him.*

  • Nightmare

    198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383198282838383 I I said I eat frogs

  • Nightmare

    Well frick I just saw Jaidens hair and clicked as fast as I could

  • Friday night funking Fan.
    Friday night funking Fan.

    albert: mentions drumsy Nobody: Me: Dancing on the floor and making gorilla noises note- i love drumsys channel

  • Jonas Suliman 5C Maria Parkskolan
    Jonas Suliman 5C Maria Parkskolan

    albert is like play he bever wins.

  • Douglas Jay Boyd
    Douglas Jay Boyd

    I love you flamingo!!!!!!

  • The Muffin Team
    The Muffin Team

    Just came back to this video, now I realize, it was made on my bday- .w.

  • Zar Star
    Zar Star

    The only one thing me and Albert have in common we like Jayden animations

  • Arkaye Carada
    Arkaye Carada

    Liar you said that you would not play/do a video with youtubers you dont know

  • SammyThe StrawberryOfficial
    SammyThe StrawberryOfficial

    13:33 The Way Albert Said "why?" Was So Cute

  • Star Spangled Gamer
    Star Spangled Gamer

    Jaiden talks to Albert...huh

  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup

    drumsy has furrie hat:) flimingo has a monkey

  • Lynn Novak
    Lynn Novak


  • Olivia Platania
    Olivia Platania

    *OH JUST GIVE ME HATE!!* MY DREAM IS TO BECOME THE MOST HATED SLtoosR IN HISTORY Your no where close to the end Your 1% close Stop scrolling your wasting your own time like i did writing this comment Here’s some food while you wait if your still here which i doubt 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🫐🍓🍇🍉🍌🍈🍒🍑🥭🍍🥑🍆🍅🥝🥥🥦🥬🥒🌶🫑🧅🧄🫒🥕🌽🥔🍠🥐🥯🍞🥖🥨🧀🥚🍳🧈🥞🧇🥓🥩🍗🍖🦴🌭🍔🍟🍕🫓🥪🥙🧆🌮🌯🫔🥗🥘🫕🥫🍝🍜🍲🍛🍣🍱🥟🦪🍤🍙🍚🍘🍥🥠🥮🍢🍡🍧🍨🍦🥧🧁🍰🎂🍮🍭🍬🍫🍿🍩🍪🌰🥜🍯🥛🍼🫖☕️🍵🧃🥤🧋🍶🍺🍻🥂🍷🥃🍸🍹🧉🍾🧊🥄🍴🍽🥣🥡🥢🧂all of the food/vegetables/etc Your welcome You might as well quit while your at it- This will take a while Your chance for being at the end is 2% You should quit now this is wasting your precious time 3% there 3 years later..... AYYYY YOU MADE IT TO THE ENDDDD YOU GET............ NOTHING. BC I JUST WASTED YOUR TIME :) Your welcome.

  • CyanSlurpyYT

    all of the pepole eausuasuasusussusuusuusu

  • Shelbie Lane
    Shelbie Lane

    Flamingo when he’s with people he barely knows: *sweet and nervous* Flamingo when he’s by himself: THE LITERAL DEFINITION OF A PSYCHPATH

  • None Bright
    None Bright


  • Mike The Ike
    Mike The Ike

    albert is genuinely stupid sometimes and its funny

  • King_CapCario

    Oh if only Albert knew at the time about what happened with game grumps....

  • Phantom K1kZ
    Phantom K1kZ

    Mmmm jadian is a SLtoosr but what kind mmmmmmmm hin’t animator

  • A. J.T
    A. J.T

    i love the fact his nervous and fangirling at the same time throughout this

  • ShiftBloxx

    Albert with roblox youtubers: showing extreme hatred emotion. Albert with other famous youtubers: *Nervousness intensifies*

  • Blue ninja Dude
    Blue ninja Dude

    Albert just having a good time Someone passes by him Albert: AHhHhHhhHhHhHhh! They leave Albert goes back to what he was doing

  • Annie.


  • RobertLink24

    2:59 he was like literal worried-

  • echo

    I'm so glad albert didn't have one of those moments where is mic wasn't muted that would've been embarrassing lmao

  • Master_Vaughn

    Alberts personality does not fit with these people

  • Sisters Beats
    Sisters Beats

    DO A COLLAB WITH SONA!!!!! (Sonadrawsstuff if u didn’t know but if u don’t go watch her right now or e)

  • Insanitysans Vs cross
    Insanitysans Vs cross

    I love Jaiden animation

  • XxawsomegamerxX

    dude ross voted you

  • Luisagustin2946


  • Micro noob
    Micro noob


  • Mr Mercaman
    Mr Mercaman


  • James Slattery
    James Slattery

    Wow, nice job, Albert! Getting up to the high ranks!

  • Carson B Dot
    Carson B Dot

    @Flamingo im eating a donut rn, want some

  • •Aeris Chan•
    •Aeris Chan•

    He shoud play this with corpse

  • •Aeris Chan•
    •Aeris Chan•

    Albert: *kids channel* Jacksepticeye: *not a kids channel* both: *having fun gaming together*

  • -Elizabeth afton-
    -Elizabeth afton-

    Fun fact: jacksepticeye was once in the top ten most popular youtubers i think or something like that Forgot what year

  • The_Smilurr

    I knew it was yellow because 5:28 the next body was found in admin and it was teals...

  • The_Smilurr

    You have more subs than all these busters combined.

  • Man Smort
    Man Smort


  • Embryo Reigns
    Embryo Reigns

    Use star code flamingo idiots

  • Yami Guage
    Yami Guage

    i want albert to have 10 millon subs

  • Vagisha Vagu
    Vagisha Vagu

    Omg u know jaiden exists no way!

  • Spidey Davis
    Spidey Davis

    Bruh my name is Jaden and whenever they said Jaiden I jump so hard lol...LITERALLY A JUMPSCARE FOR ME.

  • Fnf Keith
    Fnf Keith

    5:09: REEEEEEE

  • Theresa Perez
    Theresa Perez


  • Lancer Lancer
    Lancer Lancer


  • Lancer Lancer
    Lancer Lancer


  • Lancer Lancer
    Lancer Lancer

    when there imposter the are sus picos

  • JedJ vP
    JedJ vP

    Kinda off topic. But when anybody says Jaiden’s name, I literally feel like somebody calls me, and I get confused. I just get confused because we both have the same name, spelt in the same way-

    • Adri

      @Lancer Lancer bruh take a break from the phone

    • Lancer Lancer
      Lancer Lancer

      i did not ask lmao lamo XDDDDDDDEWEZES Jlol LOL kkk LOL LOL LOL i did lLOL ask not the LOL i almao

  • Imthepro 1001
    Imthepro 1001


  • Sus hotdoggg
    Sus hotdoggg

    Never knew flamgo would play with drumsy and jack and jaiden animation

  • pOwErInG iMaGiNaTiOn
    pOwErInG iMaGiNaTiOn

    albert: bsvowvow bsvowowow me: albert has made a noise

8 mio.