Among Us but I'm very nervous
Today I play Among Us with a ton of youtubers that I actually watch lol I was nervous cuz of that but I also had never talked to any of them before this so yeah but go support every1 in this vid and like the vid if you want me to do more Among Us content it's some of my fav stuff to do lol
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  • Flamingo

    HEY! In the description I have all their channels @'d so you can just click their names to go to their channels too!

    • LPSdotty

      shy boy

    • scarlet vasquez
      scarlet vasquez


    • Martha Alicia Castro Correa
      Martha Alicia Castro Correa

      Hey blister, maybe you should play with Zachary zaxor, and his brother/drake, and maybe itsfunneh

    • dragon slayer playz
      dragon slayer playz

      omg i just woke up and i was awake at night and my phones still on

    • Umme Maksuda
      Umme Maksuda


  • Paige Lincoln
    Paige Lincoln

    flamingo can you play more animal croossing

  • クィージー.


  • xXMoonlight_ StudiosXx
    xXMoonlight_ StudiosXx

    Yo no joke, one time I was in a server with 3 imposters and I was doing my tasks until I saw white jump out of a vent so I was trying to run to the emergency meeting button but white was chasing after me and I was so slow and then I got killed in the middle of the cafeteria..with everybody staring at white and my dead body lol.

  • Dj McMillions
    Dj McMillions

    Im so happy i saw this video thats how i met my new fav youtuber jaiden animations i reccomend everyone watch her videos

  • king gaming channel
    king gaming channel


  • WWE x Figures
    WWE x Figures

    “HIS FACE” Lemme ruin his lips real quick.

  • Just Demel
    Just Demel

    20:11 3/23 is my birthday

  • Earthworm sally
    Earthworm sally

    Kaden got more likes than Albert. OWNED

  • Earthworm sally
    Earthworm sally


  • lowkeyy ali
    lowkeyy ali

    anybody: *walks past albert* albert: STOP

  • Ed

    14:15 if you would of killed one more person you guys would of won

  • Randy

    and 2nd is white

  • Randy

    in among us be orange because it has 12% of being impostor for me it worked

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Ludwig Van Beethoven

    “Have anyone put anything in quotation marks that are marks from themselves. Btw why do u look like KreekKraft” -Famous last words. (Ahhh that’s hot)

    • Ludwig Van Beethoven
      Ludwig Van Beethoven

      How many “memes” can I put in one comment

  • Giselle Torres
    Giselle Torres

    Albert should play with corpse I want to see his reaction😂

  • TheBirthOfCorruption

    It's like albert's being that one kid who's trying to speak in zoom, but can't because everyone else is doing it

  • Abro PLAYZ
    Abro PLAYZ

    If only I can play among us with Albert

  • Gracie Wilkins
    Gracie Wilkins

    Who ate my frog

  • Mount Ziii
    Mount Ziii

    Albert was smiling for a while

  • Eli Williams
    Eli Williams

    Yo I really support this s guy and I really love this guy. Bro he’s just SOO funny I swear 😂😂

  • Sparkly Unicorn
    Sparkly Unicorn

    Best youtuber ever

  • Lunalonewolf

    Jaiden animation :O

  • Heather Cannella
    Heather Cannella

    Omg hi Caden :D

  • Aica Riley
    Aica Riley

    Albert and jack Would break the sound barrier

  • Rohan Ks
    Rohan Ks

    Albert I love your vids and I am a big fan but the problem is stop talking to much on emergency meetings

  • Aqilox

    I thought jackseptieye is Kaden lmao

  • Jean YT
    Jean YT

    12:54 you didn’t sabotaged if you sabotaged you only need one more kill you two will be win right

  • 「Lazy Rah」
    「Lazy Rah」

    "Among Us but I'm very nervous" *You fool, Jaiden is much more nervous.*

  • Henry The stick bug
    Henry The stick bug

    You should play among us with some myths like fiddlepat and others!

  • X C R X Z Y
    X C R X Z Y

    Aww he played with eef and jack eef and Albert are both energetic

  • Stick Animations
    Stick Animations

    he coul have sabotaged so that they cant press emergency in his imposter play


    Basically I was only paying attention to Albert and jaiden because there the only SLtoosrs I know

  • White Noise
    White Noise


  • Møchi Milk
    Møchi Milk

    He watches Jaiden.... *c l i c k*

  • Chillz Alex
    Chillz Alex


  • Rebeka Bernabe
    Rebeka Bernabe

    albert is shy boi

  • Mystical Memes
    Mystical Memes

    Play with corpse it would be hilarious

  • Kylajanz

    Albert: CrankGameplays, also known as Me, an Unus Annus fan: *EEF* Albert: CrankGameplays oh-

  • Le gremlin Boi
    Le gremlin Boi


  • Logan Kildea
    Logan Kildea

    2:16 bruh albert is just frecking out lol

    • Le gremlin Boi
      Le gremlin Boi


  • Foxx Rocks
    Foxx Rocks

    albert: yes I did it first try! Also albert: gamer-NOOOOOOOOOO

  • awecon

    where’s pikmin 4

  • Pozzaman 6
    Pozzaman 6

    i knew it was yellow when he said ahh again cuz cyan was dead and cyan and yellow were together in admin doing upload and yh and i saw black or purple fake it but im pretty sure purple faked it i didnt watch the whoel thing

  • Turtle Turtle
    Turtle Turtle

    nobody follows you because the people who do follow you die

  • James Costales Monteclaro
    James Costales Monteclaro

    Tip: You can use vitals to check who is imposter by checking the pattern if one is not the same then the person is the imposter Edit: pls like this to make flamingo see this

  • beekiang mok
    beekiang mok

    You know drumsy?!?

  • Puryani Haylock
    Puryani Haylock

    Albert please play with Mrbeast ✨

  • Devil Playz
    Devil Playz


  • H3ll0_its_audr3y


  • •kemo cat•
    •kemo cat•

    boi did l hear austlien people. l am one now l am like 👁👄👁 are you for really

  • Brendan's Channel PH
    Brendan's Channel PH

    JAIDEN ANIMATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaylee uwu
    Kaylee uwu


  • 68cutsx

    Why didn’t he play with CORPSEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • your normal weeb
    your normal weeb

    "i went to electrical! and i did some wires!" *kill* "aNd ThEn I wEnT iN a VeNt"

  • Mrs_someone

    9:57 No one: Not even a soul: Albert: wheRE WEoRm I

  • Too Lazy To Do A Username
    Too Lazy To Do A Username

    When you realise that Flamingo watches the exact same youtubers as you..

  • Jahstx_games YEET
    Jahstx_games YEET

    albert so awesome

  • The Hollow
    The Hollow

    JAIDEN!!! :DD

  • hellomynameisbobhihihiyestheilikeyoutubeandrickpoo

    a 29 minute minute flamingo video?! this is legendary

  • Mystic

    3:31 i may or may not have said huh

  • Xeity

    “You’re gonna look real dumb in a second man” 🧢

  • tris1110 tris1110
    tris1110 tris1110

    albert more like trashbert

  • LizzyPlayz

    Tbh you always spit so no need too say anything aboutit.

  • Owen Douglas
    Owen Douglas


  • Judith N
    Judith N

    How do you not know Jaiden's animations

  • Noah Yeet
    Noah Yeet

    Albert you're great n' all but i don't think you're in the right freidn group here 😂😂

  • •happiibella•


  • Joshie bigboi
    Joshie bigboi

    mans dont know who jacksepticeye is

  • Sheep101e

    I think it’s weird that ALPHARAD did a video with FLAMINGO

  • Muth albe1
    Muth albe1

    Bruh albert don't know who is jackspectikyeye

  • Legendary Hunter
    Legendary Hunter

    Who else watched this video because jaied is in here :P

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith

    Nice 👍 flamingo

  • Maryp2887 •
    Maryp2887 •

    This was the video of my dreams Some of my fav you tubers playing among us Albert and Ethan(crankgameplays) my faves And I just thought that in a later video Albert was wearing Unus Annus (which Ethan was in) merch so Albert must have been happy he whole time

  • Little Darky
    Little Darky


  • Valentina’s Vids
    Valentina’s Vids

    Omg look at the views

  • Shane Griffin
    Shane Griffin

    Woah you played with Ethan lol

  • Olivia and Channing Channing and Olivia
    Olivia and Channing Channing and Olivia

    No one! Flamingo: has crusty lips

  • BluePotato

    Flamingo tip: Don't kill people who are the most suspected by other people, that way people will not pay much attention to you and attack the most suspected one

  • fluffy_dat cat
    fluffy_dat cat


  • Dallan88

    Its so funny to watch u play among us! :D Please play more among us!

  • Crystal Clear Gamers
    Crystal Clear Gamers

    Why does albert not know astroids is Visual task

  • Cherry Angel
    Cherry Angel

    Ad: *welcome to Estonia*

  • GunSquadRowdy

    When I hear these people talk it just seems like their so smart.

  • Oliverse

    Albert just use esc and it exits the task you don’t need to click the x and you can close out of tasks as soon as there complete

  • Ariana Cupcake
    Ariana Cupcake


  • eduardo magallanes
    eduardo magallanes

    PoOr AlBert BeiNg NerVouS

  • Keshav Jamnasingh
    Keshav Jamnasingh

    In Albert ross round you just needed one kill! Omg you hurt my head so much

  • Ede Mc Krazy
    Ede Mc Krazy

    JAIDEN ANIMATIONS!!!!!!! Man how did you get play with all these guys.

  • Zanthia Avery
    Zanthia Avery

    Flamingo you lied! You said you've never watched Jaiden animation yet you are subscribed to her

  • Syuu Rafi
    Syuu Rafi

    me when Albert never heard about jacksepticeye: welp cya all in heaven

  • Mendez Rodriguez Jose Manuel
    Mendez Rodriguez Jose Manuel

    Yooo they had jaiden animations :D

  • Jayminnie

    when your friend is talking to some random people you dk and are too awkward to say anything


    I love how whenever Albert gets addressed he short circuits for a moment like 👁👄👁

  • Jason

    kinda weird seeing albert being this quite lol

  • Mike Bayless
    Mike Bayless

    when i get a kill with a bow in arsenal 7:59

  • Brett R
    Brett R

    (26) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) - SLtoos

  • LitLit LotLot
    LitLit LotLot

    I wanted to see their reaction at his weird humor but he didn’t do nothing funny

  • Angel Tran
    Angel Tran

    Then I ran down to the vent- I mean

  • Christine Ramirez
    Christine Ramirez

    *me get's imposter five times* *me:OmG* *lime: IT'S BLACKKKKKKKKKK* *me:...* *me: BrUh* *me just raging behind the screen*