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shoutout everyone who appeared in this vid for making it funny be nice to everyone in my vids especially guys in the beginning and shoutout to @Rainway for getting me the win! Today I play the Roblox game called "Gerald" which is a really fun piggy / flee the facility type of game but it has way too many things you have to do lol.

  • Leaver :]
    Leaver :]

    I don't like. Gerald he's too scary

  • Leaver :]
    Leaver :]

    I don't like. Gerald he's too scary

  • Dominic Butto
    Dominic Butto


  • Theodoregaming Chipmunks
    Theodoregaming Chipmunks

    aw I like gerald’s smelly smile

  • Theodoregaming Chipmunks
    Theodoregaming Chipmunks

    I’m full now 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴*sleeps* Zzz zzz zzz

  • Theodoregaming Chipmunks
    Theodoregaming Chipmunks

    I like how Gerald make his butter sandwiches 😋😋😋 Yum Yum

  • 『 甜MilkBoba 』
    『 甜MilkBoba 』

    Albert : *whenever someone with, like, fame named albert all I see is red and I just want to EAT that putrid demon* Me: *maybe it was a good thing that albert einstein is no longer with us to this day*

  • Shawnese Marie
    Shawnese Marie

    Alvin do it in a private server probably

    • Shawnese Marie
      Shawnese Marie

      In Alvin what if you play a different game is going to be funny

  • Emil Mitrache
    Emil Mitrache

    plot twist: gerald is actually grambys husband

  • Loma LouisMarinus
    Loma LouisMarinus

    whats your name flamingo

  • ᑕOᔕᗰIᑕ ᗷᗴᗩᑎ
    ᑕOᔕᗰIᑕ ᗷᗴᗩᑎ

    4:01 " The ticking time bomd of your heart about to *explode* "

  • ꧁༒ † † 𓆩𓆪 † † ༒꧂
    ꧁༒ † † 𓆩𓆪 † † ༒꧂


  • Leo Zhang
    Leo Zhang

    My name is Albert not my real name is johny

  • Charinette Sobremonte
    Charinette Sobremonte

    Genrald looks so ugly

  • BroNinja

    Albert vented he was the imposter

  • Keauna Scott
    Keauna Scott

    Random person: she not fake Flamingo: I am a man Me: *notice that they are talking about flamingo* Also me: *dies*

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69

    He gonna eat king Albert I of Belgium

  • bloo tube
    bloo tube

    When Gerald the elephant and piggy see the games:*insert Gerald stabing people and piggy turning infected*

  • LazerFruit

    u post this video on my birthday!! (:

  • Princess Gamer
    Princess Gamer


  • Blossom Lune
    Blossom Lune

    2:10 AlBeRt ThE VeNt MoNsTeR

  • `s m 0 l  l i t t l e ` a s h e s
    `s m 0 l l i t t l e ` a s h e s

    nobody; not even a soul; albert;E

  • Black-White Gaming
    Black-White Gaming



    i play this game and its so funny hahahhahha i always become gerald

  • Preston Wolves
    Preston Wolves

    I named my mouse Albert after you and he died in 2 days 🥺

  • StarRaine

    me sees that censord me:this video is made not for kids

  • xMochi InkUx
    xMochi InkUx

    Your child is named Gerald? I will scream at them. Your chair is named Gerald? I will throw it out the window. Your dog is named Gerald? I will first pet it then slap it gently. This is just a joke

  • Kassidy Youngblood
    Kassidy Youngblood

    Flamingo: I will never give anyone Robux. Flamingo off camera:gives kid robux...

  • Joana Lua
    Joana Lua

    Hey that thing that you called The hanger thing that is to protect your dreams are you kidding me...

  • Ftfand cbfriends
    Ftfand cbfriends

    2:08 Albert is the imposter, he vented lol

  • Squabble

    Albert, if you somehow see I have an idea for an admin video. You could be santa and give a bunch of gifts to people in an admin game but the gifts can be guns where you message everyone to fight to the death and the winner (optional) gets robux or you can troll by giving them gifts that spawn demons or other creatures anything that will kill them if you do make a video off of this that would be amazing.

  • Jena YT
    Jena YT

    My brothers name is albert and he shall be the only Albert to ever exist MwHaHaHAhaAHa btw i'm wearing your merch

  • Eistalyn

    5:17 and 5:18 oh my goodness poor paige 😢😢

  • Ebony Williams-Dillard
    Ebony Williams-Dillard

    Gerald is bald lolllllll


    Me and my friend raided on one game and we destroyed everybody ;)

  • Emily Katarski
    Emily Katarski

    Gerald: exist That one guy: MY NAME IS GEARLD #### YOU

  • Carter Robinson
    Carter Robinson

    Give me some rogue

  • Hey Buster
    Hey Buster

    Can you not give me robux

  • charlene anderson
    charlene anderson

    I’m mad flamingo at you flamingo because why can’t anybody ask you for robux and you just give them like 25 robux flamingo

  • Mistee Karthick
    Mistee Karthick

    I’ve played that game before, it made me SO scared Gerald is so ugly

  • ꕥBoo Berryꕥ
    ꕥBoo Berryꕥ

    Is it only me that is still wating for the next animal crossing video..?

  • Dduresti

    If you don't give me robux then i will unsub

  • I don’t Know what goes here
    I don’t Know what goes here

    I love the off sound off plz don’t go

  • Ultimate yeet
    Ultimate yeet


  • William Shuart
    William Shuart

    Me And My Friends at a sleepover: Friend: what time is it? Me: 4:20 Friend 2: my favorite number is 69 Me: 👉😎👉 Friend: 👉😎👉 Friend 2: 👉😎👉

  • Angela Yielding
    Angela Yielding


  • Angela Yielding
    Angela Yielding

    Can I have robust

  • 「 shitai 」
    「 shitai 」

    that’s not gerald that’s géræłd

  • Ribbit

    guys albert sus i saw him vent

  • potato chip
    potato chip

    in 24 sec me : dying in a fantastic way

  • Darrell Tyaga
    Darrell Tyaga

    Ewwwwwwwwww gerald stinks

  • XOf Gamer
    XOf Gamer

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • London Wallace
    London Wallace


  • Meet you :P
    Meet you :P


  • irl atsushi
    irl atsushi

    this video was so good i didnt use my ad blocker :)

  • Miles Yunak
    Miles Yunak

    My middle name is Albert

  • Efendy Lim218
    Efendy Lim218

    *WHY* *DID* *I* *PLAY* *GERALD* *WHY* *WHY*

  • Anbu_equinox

    Hey Albert, dont give me roux 😎

  • Nehemiah Joseph
    Nehemiah Joseph

    Lemme guess he said Dam

  • Itz Crissy クッキー
    Itz Crissy クッキー

    She video mad me crack up tho 😂😂😂

  • shortstuff

    Yum Yum intensifies

  • XxChxrry-GachaxX


  • Paula Anaia López Morales
    Paula Anaia López Morales

    Sub to flamengo

  • Kristine Sendin
    Kristine Sendin

    *gerald is a silly little* CUTE *boy*

  • Kristine Sendin
    Kristine Sendin

    I’m Kristine and there is a celebrity or model idk in the Philippines with my name

  • gerald 123
    gerald 123

    YOU GUYS IDIDOTS IM REAL GERALD :'((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • gerald 123
    gerald 123


  • Famcility Guamrd
    Famcility Guamrd

    2:08 flamingo confirmed hes an impostor

  • Matilda Fitton
    Matilda Fitton

    My username is: Envalpia (dont asky why i told you my username lol)

  • Ashton Solano
    Ashton Solano

    Flamingo: i dont give robux Me:*remembers the admin vid os=f flamingo giving 15,000 robux*

  • Karen Perry
    Karen Perry


  • Sxɪᴍᴘ_ Lᴏsᴇʀ
    Sxɪᴍᴘ_ Lᴏsᴇʀ


  • macc naizz
    macc naizz


  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis

    Flamingo: That test was one page wow! person: you didn't do the 2 page? Flamingo: 9:18 Oh my god there's more?!

  • BrydoHype

    I thought it said GerBald not Gerald

  • s o p h i a E v a n s
    s o p h i a E v a n s

    If you see this bless me i sneezed

  • Shaks :D
    Shaks :D

    I think geralds cute. I hope he’s single 👁👅👁

  • Shaks :D
    Shaks :D

    I Like the way Gerald makes a sandwich Y U M Y U M 👁👅👁

  • Samuel Carter
    Samuel Carter

    Dear Albert, please do not give me ROBUX. Sincerly, AHTheCandyManOG

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez

    My name is albert im a HUGE fan.

  • Faerie fly
    Faerie fly

    They look like earth worm sally if flamingos weird mind made it lmao

  • AidenReactzz79

    flamingo will you exept my friend request?im HarshPark79!

    • s o p h i a E v a n s
      s o p h i a E v a n s

      He wont,.. im sorry

  • Huskey Playz
    Huskey Playz

    Flamingo imposter he vented

  • HashPackGaming

    I hadn’t played ROBLOX in about 10 months Because now I have to play the Chinese version (Which you can’t log in to your normal ROBLOX account

  • ARMYeditsandwiki_official

    Also he isnt GerBALD,his nickname is Ger-bear. 8 weeks ago i called him that while playing,and he ran up to me,and he slapped me with the hand of doom :'(

  • Coded YT
    Coded YT

    well say r.i.p for me, my brother got a cak,ice cream pack n a tablet for his bday all i got for my bday was a box milk, no joke :(

  • Christine’s Covers
    Christine’s Covers

    its like a mix of flee the facility and piggy

  • Ariyan Zohrevand
    Ariyan Zohrevand

    Garald sucks

  • Happy koi Koi fish
    Happy koi Koi fish

    flamingo i like to be thick

  • Henry Finn
    Henry Finn

    10:07 dear god... no

  • Iyanah Claudio
    Iyanah Claudio

    I want subcribe flamigo

  • Iyanah Claudio
    Iyanah Claudio

    Hahaha flamigo the head that you click in avater its me hahahah

  • Kerry Goldman
    Kerry Goldman

    Dumb shit game what it is so bad it a noob game

  • Amarah Yumul
    Amarah Yumul

    I want robux even tho i already have robux .-. People:RoBuX Me:...... wow

  • Chakraphol Pholyiam
    Chakraphol Pholyiam


  • Mello Not Bugha
    Mello Not Bugha

    Rebex you want me want rebex rebex rebex

  • Lily Peterson
    Lily Peterson

    albert on cam:I WILL DESTROY ONLINE DATERS AHHHHHHH albert off cam:mind if i help u pick that mess of OJ up? rando:yes please

  • Movie Onic
    Movie Onic

    I saw albert vent

  • •ItsPineappleRobloxGachaGaming•

    Lol I have an Uncle Gerald but he got COVID now-

  • Judy Holden
    Judy Holden

    The ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah the ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah the ants go marching one by one the little one stoped to pick up a gun and they all go marching down to the ground to get away from the kid