Being really creepy to Roblox noobs
Today I play Roblox and use admin commands to be rly rly annoying to people lol

  • supery_memefox

    64+64=ur moms age

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A

    0:20 it sounded like he said i am gonna beat you dad

  • It’s forg Girl
    It’s forg Girl

    When I saw the push pop SpongeBob it reminded me of my childhood 😌

  • Leafymotive

    1:25 albert becomes john egbert not clickbait

  • Molly bonner
    Molly bonner

    20:00 *My dog chilling in his bed * Me: TEDDY I LOVE YOU

  • Amanda Bee
    Amanda Bee

    i wanna be ur dad :))))

  • Mely Acosta
    Mely Acosta

    0:43 it sorta confused me

  • Nonia Callies
    Nonia Callies

    sans sans

  • Xohie Alvarez
    Xohie Alvarez

    :me no no no no no :locks door:

  • GoldenGateSubwayDude

    0:21 someone should make a horror game based off of this

  • Fan Man
    Fan Man

    Break your sinner

  • Your Happy Doge
    Your Happy Doge

    *you made me cringe at i wanna be your dad*

  • Jiha Nordin
    Jiha Nordin

    2020 meme created:he doesn’t have a crush he has sprite


    0:00 sniff sniff asmr

  • Benedict Sanders
    Benedict Sanders

    someone named tesla albert : wait tesla is single?! me = . everyone = RUSHING TO BUY TESLA

  • Owen Shepherd
    Owen Shepherd

    I am out of the door, thanks for your prayers.

  • Natalie & Jayden TV
    Natalie & Jayden TV

    Jk :D

  • Natalie & Jayden TV
    Natalie & Jayden TV

    Flamingo say a bad word in flamengo clips

  • Ethan Sullivan
    Ethan Sullivan

    my guy just jumped on onto a 2nd floor window and said I WANA BE YOU DAD

  • Jacek.m

    Imagine being kitsan and walking in on Albert saying he loves his Tesla


    S M A C K S C A R

  • Herbie RBLX
    Herbie RBLX

    Albert: Tesla is single Car: Oh No...

  • Jacob Powell
    Jacob Powell

    Flamingo why did u kiss the car lol

  • 🧸Trashy Ted🧸
    🧸Trashy Ted🧸

    Nobody: Me: 1:04 5 seconds later me when I am tired and my friend is too: 1:09

  • Kejjywejjy DX
    Kejjywejjy DX

    albert super fans be like: 0:20

  • rajan night sky
    rajan night sky

    tesla is hot babe

  • Kristers Andersons
    Kristers Andersons

    tesla is single: tesla gots kisses by Albert but tesla sweats:

  • Jeremy's Gaming Channel 2
    Jeremy's Gaming Channel 2

    5:55 I honestly did not know flamingo has a tesla

  • Starley Bedonia
    Starley Bedonia


    • Starley Bedonia
      Starley Bedonia


    • Starley Bedonia
      Starley Bedonia


  • Chantel Partenza
    Chantel Partenza

    The time he dates a tesla 6:00

  • pokemon trainer red
    pokemon trainer red

    i never knew albert had a tesla

  • alex strickland
    alex strickland

    Elon mack space send starship more like poorpoop

  • KJ Mattern
    KJ Mattern

    my mom: dont invite that kid over me: why? hes great! the kid down the street at my window at 3am 0:19

  • Ella Leclerc
    Ella Leclerc

    one time I was playing brookhaven and a girl some how got on my balcony and said hi I'm rich to she's a weirdo a stalker a creep😤.

  • Dylan Marchiondo
    Dylan Marchiondo


  • :O :p
    :O :p

    You should do a music video about robox

  • Wolfster Attacks
    Wolfster Attacks

    Ever thing is funnier in 2X speed.

  • MotixEpixx

    5:50 is where "tesla is single" meme happens. Your welcome

  • Kristers Andersons
    Kristers Andersons

    0:19 b-r-u-h

  • Mayzy Nigrace
    Mayzy Nigrace

    omg i can not stop laghing at this

  • GrandmaNoob


  • Bacon Man
    Bacon Man

    I can’t believe that we could actually hear through the window


    she said go live a horrible life beach

  • McCheese 0
    McCheese 0

    i love who he is creepy for like 10 seconds then it turns into a admin vid

  • Unatureal

    Anyone here who saw my Flamingo Clips comment on this video linking with the man who loves his car?

  • eperson GAMEING
    eperson GAMEING

    tesla moment

  • bella123 go fan
    bella123 go fan


  • Matthew Pena
    Matthew Pena

    Girl: Tesla is single Albert: *says he likes his tesla* Me: what if its a boy B)

  • Mr_annoying1324


  • Original Xbox
    Original Xbox

    Money 0:25

  • Nayel Hi
    Nayel Hi

    You're not my dad said wait a minute I don't know you lol

  • Nayel Hi
    Nayel Hi

    That was funny you with your window it was so funny

  • Avery Adams
    Avery Adams

    uhuhuhuhuhuhuh uhuhuhuhuhuhuh

  • Avery Adams
    Avery Adams


  • Avery Adams
    Avery Adams

    sans sands

  • Eva Ronnan
    Eva Ronnan

    0:19 That one old man you Walmart

  • hgtugdz25

    who got once warned for a dumb reason mine was spamming in a game where you spam and the guy who reported me was also spamming epic roblox moment where exploiters get reported 500 times and i only needed 2 nice roblox epic

  • Mongo4life

    Albert: sees name tesla single She go and date with tesla

  • CookiePlayz

    When I talk back to my mom My mom : 0:21

  • Shahirna Mohammad Sajabudin
    Shahirna Mohammad Sajabudin

    I like how he said Elon musk and SpongeBob push pop

  • HamsterCraxy_YT

    When your mom realizes you didnt do your homework: 0:20

  • R B Me Fanf gachtuber
    R B Me Fanf gachtuber

    Spongebob push pop yum I always eat those ✌️🙂✌️

  • john boi
    john boi

    6:09 what song is that?

  • WastedPotential

    The daily life of life in paradise

  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis

    Its funny how he seees her name and just rushes to his testla and jsut kisses it and bang bang-

  • just me
    just me

    me no yes me the 15 dollar yes me daughter mine orange give me give me orange give me people

  • Ovodobert


  • Habry Madani
    Habry Madani


  • Jakeb Kendrick
    Jakeb Kendrick


  • Caleb Starling
    Caleb Starling

    *Yes he was in the green but albert forgot one key importance... SANDS CAN DODGE*

  • Randomly Royal
    Randomly Royal

    Person: REPORTING DOESNT DO ANYTHING!!!! My friend from 2 weeks ago who got a 7 day ban of being framed of her being Racist: you were saying?

  • Flaming_ Artemis
    Flaming_ Artemis

    *When something bad always happens to me*: 5:42

  • TheGamingFire_RapidYT

    flamingo: I love stalking peeps

  • Xxnoo_gamerxX

    The buster clip: 5:49

  • Dorothy Guadalupe
    Dorothy Guadalupe

    Sans sands👁👅👁

  • Dorothy Guadalupe
    Dorothy Guadalupe

    Sans oh my god

  • SugarCube

    "What would you do if there was child right infront of you?" Me: 0:20 Me 10 secods later: 6:38

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    Me who finds the “Tesla is single“ meme: *ooooooh! very nice*

  • Warper Blox
    Warper Blox

    I think Tesla is uncomfortable xe

  • LionKing Playz
    LionKing Playz


  • LionKing Playz
    LionKing Playz

    Toh ni do u want u can i need more ppl so ndiyam to be quiet i think my sister is sleeping be quiet to have a shelf to be wolaa mo andaa ko sigu go to ko watta haaton to be quiet to nii don mabbiti kam be quiet i am i soa Baninke to be on doranii yitté doranii dounia harandé fou kaka dji am so waa be quiet i need more scoops to my house be DEPRESSION HURTS be on my house eating an kam non on my house eating to be afk to have a sharp stick be quiet be quiet be quiet to be afk be afk to nii on the couch en don mari sumsum gam be on the couch and gently be quiet be on e wolaa koo dume to be quiet en am shy do u remember me again an maa on haalaaji haa to be on the MI-FI for my house to have to be quiet i think they are left to be quiet be quiet to have legs be afk do u want me ndon mari sumsum gam go'o haa gebe fuu bee lau heba be quiet i think they are u doin do be duubi sappo e didi nder peuri to my sister is to my to have a shelf tttt to be tyyyy uurenga krem djey en on the e bo dum nder be quiet be quiet to nii don to be afk to have a shelf so hoɗi e ngeelooba be quiet be quiet to be on my house en do i unblock

  • Mason Sims. H
    Mason Sims. H

    I’m starting to think that he followed in love with his Tesla

  • the anime wolf boy
    the anime wolf boy

    lol u climbing on ur window

  • the anime wolf boy
    the anime wolf boy

    lol u climbing on ur window

  • Shawal Gamer Studio
    Shawal Gamer Studio



    random person: *TESLA IS SINGLE* albert: SHE IS? Keersten: *literally commits suicide*


    5:54 attack on titan spotted marley:enemy detected

  • 【P i c o】
    【P i c o】

    i is a little butterfly and a bath bath is max and she is max and i will have a bath and she will be like oh lord i and i cant unsee that is candy crush on your mom and dad is max out and i is a joke and i cant is candy crush candy candy crush is max orange orange candy candy eater and i cant unsee and i cant find it me a little butterfly and bear candy crush candy candy eater and the holy candy crush on my gosh oh my gosh i oh gosh oh lord gosh i oh gosh oh lord gosh oh gosh my mom was so funny yand yoh yoh yoh yoh y the thumbnail of the thing that i was made out for a little bit more than

  • Your local simp Mostly a dream simp
    Your local simp Mostly a dream simp

    If I saw Albert saying I wanna be your dad- I would say ok and invite him in-

  • Nadine Fakih
    Nadine Fakih

    Sand: saves him. Later that day. Sand:goes crazy on the ground

  • Corruptionstudio99

    Albert: hey can you hold dis for me Never ever hold things again R.I.P hands

  • Nouf Saad
    Nouf Saad

    Very good asmr 😀👏

  • Harrison Frater
    Harrison Frater

    The beginning just made me have a mental break down

  • sunny and ashley playz
    sunny and ashley playz

    Am now

  • Whitty But animated
    Whitty But animated


  • Sawyeboi

    “You have a sprite” me: how did you know?!

  • Creeper Kid
    Creeper Kid

    Subtle Tesla flex

  • Toby Rogers
    Toby Rogers

    R.i.p blood pants, they are gone 😞😔

  • Teimo Pielinen
    Teimo Pielinen

    Albert I Have Bad News Tesla Cheats On U With BMW