Being really creepy to Roblox noobs
Today I play Roblox and use admin commands to be rly rly annoying to people lol

  • Randomitemcult Gaming
    Randomitemcult Gaming

    When he slammed the Tesla it sounded......

  • Simp for Illumi
    Simp for Illumi

    Trip Mine Bomb Thing: *Explodes* Me: DANGANRONPA BLOOD

  • Waffle edits Gacha
    Waffle edits Gacha

    When I saw this video the cover of the video gave me nightmares even thought I was day time

  • itzdarkii

    if only they could hear him I want to see them mad

  • ThAts iLlEgal
    ThAts iLlEgal

    Let’s see if it works Flamingo Flamingo Flamingo *NOW WE WAIT*

  • 『Parashock』

    Lwslskalwks,d,d,so wok, k

  • Radiant Voltage
    Radiant Voltage

    Albert: "Paige censor that out" Paige: *puts a beach picture to censor it* Also paige: Its big brain time

  • Radiant Voltage
    Radiant Voltage

    As soon as albert mentioned marley i was like "yes he remembere markey from markey and me starring marley and ME"

  • Geri Maul
    Geri Maul

    I keep watching when he went up to the window and went I wanna be your dad I laughed like a donkey on crack

  • Ennard Gggg
    Ennard Gggg

    I am sick and this helps me

  • obnoxious dog
    obnoxious dog

    If this is how Albert confessed his feelings I’m scared for Kirsten: 5:55

  • Zack

    Elongated muskrat

  • red mini crewmate
    red mini crewmate

    flamingo hand reveal video at 0:21

  • ETAC

    Role play server: *roleplaying* Albert: sans sands sand sans sand RODRIGO

  • Karolena DeCarvalho
    Karolena DeCarvalho

    This is yo funny ngl

  • G Brothers
    G Brothers

    Wait.....FLAMINGO HAS A TESLA!!!!! OMG

  • mithsuka cineus
    mithsuka cineus


  • mithsuka cineus
    mithsuka cineus

    Roblox Sia high school is not my type

  • mithsuka cineus
    mithsuka cineus

    Sam sans sans Sam is not a San

  • rocket box
    rocket box

    Dude I was drinking C R U S H and in this video theres crush

  • Misty Her
    Misty Her

    Tesla single Albert running to his Tesla: Albert:*EPICLY KISSES TESLA*

  • Janele Sadler
    Janele Sadler

    let me be ur FaThEr

  • LIE Kaxla
    LIE Kaxla

    I went from 😐 to 🤦‍♀️ and then 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kylie Blackwell
    Kylie Blackwell

    Kylie:GO AWAY Me GiRl ThAtS mAh NaMe!!!!!!

  • Emily Ball
    Emily Ball

    *makes happy sans noises* someone on my server actually did that it was very disgusting and disturbing

  • Bajs Ungen
    Bajs Ungen

    The tesla scene is Weird

  • Mr Fancy
    Mr Fancy

    OI Albert you are under arrest for calling the best face "soulless"


    Guy you have to earn robux Guy In real life MAMA I WANT ROBUX Flamingo spend your own money

  • velkata 132
    velkata 132


  • Wii And stuff
    Wii And stuff


  • Danilo Asanza
    Danilo Asanza

    Heh sans sands undersands

  • OliveLife

    XDDD As soon as the beep screen happened after he kissed the Tesla a foot ad popped up for me! XDD

  • Natalie Cluck
    Natalie Cluck

    Video idea: make an apocalypse then make bunkers then when they get enough stuff they go out in the dust storm then make Zombies to fend against.

  • sour_lemons

    He did not just flex on us like that

  • Kaylan Gaming
    Kaylan Gaming

    1:43 weird and btw reporting actually doesn’t do anything man

  • Kaylan Gaming
    Kaylan Gaming


  • Mxgicara

    Crush Maybe Flamingo: *no he doesn't have a orange crush he has a sprite* C o M E D I A n N O W .

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    They just turned into Donald trump

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    I mean and then you say no

  • Gamer A
    Gamer A

    Did you look in there in the window and then see you didn’t scream like crazy like I get the hell out of here in the no

  • Rain Bows
    Rain Bows

    5:49 lol

  • Tricia Barrett-Kaiser
    Tricia Barrett-Kaiser

    Albert making dead dog jokes: 😂 Me: My cat just died 😖😭🥺

  • __ Jadyn __
    __ Jadyn __

    **makes out with Tesla cutely**

  • ZoWent A1
    ZoWent A1

    Its epic

  • ZoWent A1
    ZoWent A1

    i like the crush jok 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  • agoodsansdoggo

    Cool window beutiful man

  • Kiwiz

    5:55 Is that Eren Titan Form figurine?? Omg

  • Esther Wilson
    Esther Wilson

    Why was the Tesla bit so hot- 😏😩🤭😳✨🤚

  • That 9yearold
    That 9yearold

    Dude he’s like the only SLtoosr that actually makes me laugh out loud 😂😂

  • •LocalGirlSimp•

    Albert: LET ME BE YOUR *FATHER* Me: Come in. **Albert COMES IN** Me: **Pushes albert in my basement** Albert: **Sees temprist and kaden in my basement with some cookies and some paper crown** Me: **Hearing "im a barbie girl' and "baby shark' music playing in my basement** Me: Im A bArBiE gIrL-

  • Uh oh
    Uh oh

    Wasn't expecting that window bit! Also a little nostalgia as he used the Mines. Remember when he filled houses with those?

  • Anime aaron Tran
    Anime aaron Tran

    The hater said:MOMMY GIVE ME ROBuX PLS PLS

  • Anime aaron Tran
    Anime aaron Tran

    The begged to mom for robux:ur too poor to buy 5k robux flamingo:ban rude idiot hater hater wait I’m sorrry aaaa

  • Gabriela Pajares
    Gabriela Pajares


  • Itschuckstar101 Gaming
    Itschuckstar101 Gaming

    albert: i wanna be your dad! me: sure but only if i can have some 5:12


    7:21 spongebob looked demonic

  • Roblox Pajtások
    Roblox Pajtások

    Ohh, i dont know you have a tesla too.....

  • Elmo Xfun
    Elmo Xfun

    Roblox girl stomping on a baby: Baby: CAN YOU BE MY MAMA? Albert: ... 6:37

  • Elmo Xfun
    Elmo Xfun


  • BigHoss 193
    BigHoss 193

    This man actually has a tesla lol 😂 Not to be mean or anything I just think teslas are funny

  • Audrey Mate
    Audrey Mate

    "YOU MENTAL" Albert: *well that may be true... Uuhhhh* Me: oOp- 😳 C a n r e l a t e

  • Looperxwhite

    *watches albert make out with a car*

  • liam manyala
    liam manyala

    flamingo look spiffy

  • Emry McCauley
    Emry McCauley

    When is your new studio gonna be ready

  • ꧁Smoll Griffin꧂
    ꧁Smoll Griffin꧂

    Random girl: Tesla is *single.* Albert: SHE IS?? *Kirsten left the chat.*

  • Mount Ziii
    Mount Ziii

    Imagine seeing someone through your window asking to be your parent in irl I would be creeped out

  • Natheniel

    Can i be dad more like.... can i be dead

  • al ghiffary
    al ghiffary


  • Aaron Hoffman
    Aaron Hoffman

    Whenever I leave something now I’m gonna say, Ben I got this

  • Klebz JiLeS
    Klebz JiLeS

    pause video when u see eren yeager titan 5:52

  • Alexander Arbogast
    Alexander Arbogast

    Cap that's funny

  • Carrie Loy
    Carrie Loy

    Me watching him hit on his tesla and fully expecting him to slap it and say "I LIKE YA CUT G"

  • wtf

    0:00 that’s actually really nice tho

  • Cello Animates
    Cello Animates

    Girl: you so ugly! Albert: *Laughing Intensifies*

  • theonelonelypotatoe

    is it just me or were players acting extra high 2day


    0:49 albert: you saved me i am rodrigo... albert: now you even look like sans guy: d r o w n i n g guy: im not sans

  • jenna -O- FNAF
    jenna -O- FNAF

    WOW holy crap ur so funny!!!!!

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro

    OK be my bab

  • Aaron Pham
    Aaron Pham

    Safe and sound

  • Rahiel No limit gang
    Rahiel No limit gang

    That girl who stomp a baby 🤣🤣 HAHAHA

  • Justnice 999
    Justnice 999

    i laughes so hard at this 4:23

  • hello roblox
    hello roblox

    son of the beach this word not iligle

  • GABBIE Cayanan
    GABBIE Cayanan

    Albert ricchhhh

  • cheezedoglover1409

    poor car

  • Santos Hernandez (Student)
    Santos Hernandez (Student)


  • Ahmad Mahdi
    Ahmad Mahdi


  • Ceneca Woods
    Ceneca Woods

    uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuh uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

  • Elemental memes
    Elemental memes

    albert /w tesla

  • Bj James
    Bj James


  • Bj James
    Bj James


  • hi there
    hi there

    “𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐕𝐄 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐁𝐄𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐈 𝐑𝐄𝐏𝐎𝐑𝐓 𝐘𝐎𝐔! 𝐀𝐓𝐎𝐏 𝐍𝐎𝐖" I really wonder- what the other person was doing to that poor 7 year old-

  • Jakub Gancarz
    Jakub Gancarz


  • L

    The whole vid made me laugh 😂

  • Miss_ Kayla_draws360
    Miss_ Kayla_draws360

    Nobody: Albert in the beginning: s n i f f

  • aye yo
    aye yo

    Roblox girl: Tesla is S I N G L E Albert: oh she is?! Albert again: *Proceeds to harass his Tesla*

  • Mourad Maaloul
    Mourad Maaloul

    I like when you Call the dude "sands sans " and Also heavy metal when someone having seizure

  • Daggar with friends and Papa
    Daggar with friends and Papa

    5:55 0:19

  • Daggar with friends and Papa
    Daggar with friends and Papa

    I like the irl clips!!

  • DrakyDJ playz
    DrakyDJ playz

    Flamingo should do vlogs

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams

    Flamingo why did u smack that car says 8 year olds

2 mio.