Old Roblox was kinda trash..
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Today I play Roblox games that were super popular like 3-4 years ago and I really miss them but I understand that these games are trash compared to how big Roblox has gotten today

  • When you fail the vibe check
    When you fail the vibe check

    Paige needs a raise chain

  • Radiant Voltage
    Radiant Voltage

    *Somebody preferably famous dies* JayStation: its free real estate!

  • Maddy’s World!
    Maddy’s World!


  • Shars Roblox
    Shars Roblox

    Why am I only finding out my favourite fans got deleted. Ugh

  • Liannon Logan
    Liannon Logan

    I know I'm late but I still like to comment so I wanted to say I'm VERY insecure of my smile and face. BTW your awesome!

  • Aleilah1 Alsabhan
    Aleilah1 Alsabhan

    IM 6=7,ANE FAN

  • Flynn P
    Flynn P

    Yes we have u

  • TherealAntic3

    This turned into a Therapy session... thank you!

  • Razuatix

    Old roblox was fun only because of apocalypse rising

    • jAcK lUfFyS gAy ClOnE
      jAcK lUfFyS gAy ClOnE

      Frick u

  • Ava Neiderhiser
    Ava Neiderhiser

    literally Albert is the best SLtoosr ever existed!

  • Duvanator

    Good thing flamingo mentioned the good old days

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    *albert starts giving advice* Damn sis therapy isn’t until Friday.

  • sunscreen is great
    sunscreen is great

    Albert you ruined my life you told my mom that i ate sunscreen now she wont give me sunscreen

  • madd dogg
    madd dogg


  • xStellar ඞ
    xStellar ඞ

    Me: *looks for Yammy's comment*

  • 200 Raid
    200 Raid

    You r the best you I made a SLtoos channel because of you

  • carmella

    Rich girls be like: EW EW Normal ppl be like: hi can you get away from me

  • Stone cold SteveAustin
    Stone cold SteveAustin

    Your right Jay station does suck

  • sahil Iqbal
    sahil Iqbal

    I remember guest times

  • PotatoTaterYT

    my parents just died 😭 *TYCOON*

  • Blue

    Fun Fact : babies will cry if you say hi to them

  • •*.Sᴛʀᴇssʟᴇᴍᴏɴ.*•

    In the background there’s a 4 piece poster and I realised it’s ‘Flower Boy’ By Tyler, The Creator.

  • Bella Bell
    Bella Bell

    2:30 I remember me playing Hotel Elephant as a guest, I don't do those games anymore. I build and work at places.

  • Crystal Burns
    Crystal Burns


  • Fluffaroo

    when I was a guest I would spend hours trying to join the same server as my friend just to get disconnected

  • Dannythepro

    Anybody remember not jake Paul but jake pual?


    I dislike the title becuase old roblox was better

  • leilani stauffer
    leilani stauffer

    Rolling around at the speed of sound there’s places to go now… -Albert

  • leilani stauffer
    leilani stauffer

    Ngl I miss guests...

  • Rebecca Cowie
    Rebecca Cowie

    Give her a raise Albert!

  • Isabella Morales
    Isabella Morales

    Why won’t you answer me???

  • ethan Stone
    ethan Stone

    I remember when I made a account when guest were a thing but then I got banned so I had to make another account and guests weren't a thing anymore.

  • Jackeryjackboy

    Albert : *sees gay potion video by jaystation * Albert: wait you can buy that?!

    • Jackeryjackboy

      @Andrea Lino idk XD

    • Andrea Lino
      Andrea Lino

      oop- why does he have a GF umm

    • Niixll

      Indeed, he’s Bisexual. It was on his old Twitter bio

  • Just Blixer
    Just Blixer

    When I was a guest, i played those roleplay games so I could chat by using the rp box thing, good times.

  • Ishi Mae Estanislao
    Ishi Mae Estanislao

    ur trash flumenggo

  • Aaron Hoffman
    Aaron Hoffman

    I should stop downloading viruses...........*downloads virus*

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man

    he said way back, and i was reminded of his past.

    • Meme Man
      Meme Man


  • The Blueberry Zone
    The Blueberry Zone

    I’m actually surprised he knows about JayStation..

  • Flashgirlplayz 32
    Flashgirlplayz 32


  • abigail guyder
    abigail guyder

    for a year in 2015 I played as a guest. and in 2016 i made my first roblox acc lol

  • M̷y̷S̵t̷e̷R̶4̷y̴ 2
    M̷y̷S̵t̷e̷R̶4̷y̴ 2

    man, alber speaking some facts bro

  • Eloise Egan
    Eloise Egan

    I was around when guests were a thing

  • ree boi
    ree boi

    I used to be a guest

  • Gonta Gokuhara - The Ultimate Entomologist
    Gonta Gokuhara - The Ultimate Entomologist

    I expected this to be a normal haha funne video but jesus christ it got deep I'm just trying to eat nachos

  • Doge just Doge
    Doge just Doge

    *types* *types* *keeps typing*

  • Juanito Villanueva
    Juanito Villanueva

    Rb batlles

  • Umar Iskandar
    Umar Iskandar

    Who else first played roblox as a guest?

  • Goth Whore
    Goth Whore

    only the real ogs remember girlwithabigheart2

  • õ z y
    õ z y

    I played all of those old games

  • okayjayven

    I liked albertsstuff better, don’t know who you are

  • Jonah Smith
    Jonah Smith

    nice addams appel

  • Ana Lucia Pereira
    Ana Lucia Pereira


  • Zombie Gamerz
    Zombie Gamerz

    If you remember guest like me ur a RBX OG

  • Peanut

    can you d8 me?

  • TheBucketGuy

    RIP the guest's

  • its_bella gamer
    its_bella gamer

    jaystaison is mean he is treating her girlfriend bad UnU she does not show on videos and thats why her last girlfriend left him TEHE exposed


    Flamingo: 1656 viruses on my computer OH NO its SOOO slow Computer: *clicks 0.00000000000001 nanoseconds * works Me: chilling with 0 viruses YEAH THIS IS SO FAST My computer:running like *clicks 2 hours later * works

  • Ricey Cakez
    Ricey Cakez

    Man I miss idiot guests

  • Jake Engler
    Jake Engler


  • Jake Engler
    Jake Engler


  • Jake Engler
    Jake Engler


  • Jake Engler
    Jake Engler

    *E’S LOUDLY*

  • Violet Mellich
    Violet Mellich

    why do you kill your fans in roblox

  • Olivia Duarte
    Olivia Duarte

    I just 3 minutes into the video that you have a whole on the top of your Bennie are you a robber? LOL

  • Dogghouse

    I've played roblox ever since it came out

  • Magical Vibes
    Magical Vibes

    im og yey ⋆ ˚ ✰ 。⋆

  • Don’t look at my channel
    Don’t look at my channel

    I am a og because I watched you since I was 5 I would watch Albert stuff 247

  • Cole

    1:10 lamo or is it your files? i had it happen to me cuz im dumb

  • Doctor Few
    Doctor Few

    We need to know what happened to Tiffany Mayuma

  • Use code Yeet
    Use code Yeet


  • Ethrixity

    Is nobody going to comment about 'witching hour,' the private video he made three days before he filmed this? It's at 1:16

  • That one Lego MTF from: Lego MTF.
    That one Lego MTF from: Lego MTF.

    albert saying he loves himself didn't changed so much to me, bruh

  • Rosedoodle

    Survivor was replaced with outlaster which sucks survivor was way better

  • Kalee Taylor
    Kalee Taylor

    I was a guest, every time I got stuck on shift lock I turn off my computer because I didn’t know what to do..

  • Eve Autym
    Eve Autym

    I honestly miss old roblox. 😅 Yet the new UGC is pretty cool.

  • ilovecookies

    I love albert

  • ilovecookies


  • Chase Goodwin
    Chase Goodwin

    Me: mom can I please get merch mom: ok let me see his videos first :me clicks on video flamingo: screams mom: yeah nvm

  • moneyjaypr7


  • W i l l o w T r e e
    W i l l o w T r e e

    Hes friends with yammy-

  • Cassie Evans
    Cassie Evans

    remember alberts stuffs--...... im gonna cry...

  • Anthony Vasquezperea
    Anthony Vasquezperea

    Let’s not fortget albertstuff

  • Xbannana45x

    Me: wants albertstuff videos flamingo: we all 18+ and I don’t swear albertstuff: ********* Does the kid go like gosh darn it when he dies and when the adult dies WHAT THE ****

  • Useless Ass Channel
    Useless Ass Channel

    I wanna be like Flamingo- loving myself

  • Comicbison Yes
    Comicbison Yes

    Old roblox is best

  • Comicbison Yes
    Comicbison Yes

    Yoyuyuyu say old roblox is bad

  • heil

    2:58 posted on my birthday

  • Jadon Crook
    Jadon Crook

    1:34 lie albertsuff

  • wormslvt

    didnt think albert's videos would ever make me emotional-

  • Oliver v
    Oliver v

    RIP guests

  • Yukkuri-

    The fact I joined roblox the same year Albert made yt videos and some of the games I saw was very nostalgic to me :’)

  • Alastor But with a gun
    Alastor But with a gun

    tfw albert also hates jaystation ❤️❤️

  • sgt major
    sgt major

    Omg i wach jay stashon

  • sgt major
    sgt major


  • Cat With Nintendo
    Cat With Nintendo

    Billie learned to love herself so now albert learned to love himself

  • Ta Ta
    Ta Ta


  • Påstėl Lėmøn
    Påstėl Lėmøn


  • ChickenFace

    omg I remember guests I feel 2864 yrs old now aaaaaa

  • Alexander Gogoy
    Alexander Gogoy

    Albert: Guets, guesss... guetttts, gue... guest! Speech 100

  • Mined Explosives
    Mined Explosives

    Dude like a month ago i logged into a Roblox game and I was a guest and It was probably a glitch but kinda cool