merch out later this month!!!!
Legitimately a great game lol I’ve never played Gacha Life before but it sounds like a great way to get into animation and video making cool they brought a multiplayer thing to Roblox

  • Hxh DailyDose!
    Hxh DailyDose!


  • Senpai LuciferYT
    Senpai LuciferYT

    Needs to end in suffering not a good ending

  • Wriggly The Worm
    Wriggly The Worm

    ✨sensical✨ I didn't know that was a word

  • Mylife

    Random kid: hi I am boo-boo You: oof

  • Official Shigaraki simp
    Official Shigaraki simp

    always play gacha online and I troll people as a UwU cat pls give me a shout out pls

  • Viviana Peluffo
    Viviana Peluffo

    1:55 I* LOL

  • Captain Hawking Republic Forge
    Captain Hawking Republic Forge

    It's a good thing Albert's not an Architectural engineer lol.

  • ꧁ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ ʙᴏᴛ꧂
    ꧁ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ ʙᴏᴛ꧂


  • Keelin Evans
    Keelin Evans

    Booly Die XD

  • ballora fan uwu
    ballora fan uwu

    in 2017:all gacha wear the same color as there hair and talking but not opening there lips UnU in 2020/2021: nope were talking and opening our lips and were not wearing the same color as there color UvU

  • hoi ching mok
    hoi ching mok

    is roblox gacha club , because gacha life is not gooder than gacha club or online.

  • Jordy_Bear8

    can you watch my bully story?

  • •Kimora•

    A L B E R T Artez. GOD

  • Selever and my mom
    Selever and my mom

    OMG you’re finally playing IT

  • Isabela Speedon
    Isabela Speedon

    rip gacha people by albert lol edit: i gonna delete this in a while

  • josh

    Favorite part 8:48

  • Mr att4ck.mp4
    Mr att4ck.mp4

    96% of gacha are cringe

    • Caleb De Luna
      Caleb De Luna

      As a gacha yes i agree- the 3percent is the good stuff- which is tweened vidoes not cringey and disgusting stuff

  • Tanya Monahan
    Tanya Monahan

    Elizabeth from fnaf

  • Tanya Monahan
    Tanya Monahan

    My dad says you get a job

  • Sama Allenjawi
    Sama Allenjawi


  • Tanya Monahan
    Tanya Monahan

    Toy bonnie from fnaf

  • Elizabeth

    Why toy bonnie in the vidoe

  • シTrxshcan


  • Darwisyah Wafia Zufrizal Zufrin
    Darwisyah Wafia Zufrizal Zufrin

    1:16 i like the part that albert said yay bully die bully bully die like it was sp funny

  • Uta


  • Mary Huppert
    Mary Huppert

    Not my type of game

  • Mary Huppert
    Mary Huppert

    Idont like dacha life its not for me

  • Hex

    Roblox sucks now

  • Joseph Marfo
    Joseph Marfo


  • emelitaruth batuhan
    emelitaruth batuhan

    🥶🥶 so cold

  • emelitaruth batuhan
    emelitaruth batuhan

    bro wut are you talking about????

  • imagine

    3:24 once a wise man said “ i believe in gender equality i can drop kick a girl anytime if i want to”

  • Bun bon gamer
    Bun bon gamer

    1:12 bully :3333

  • SMG1

    yeah boi

  • Churro Crumbs
    Churro Crumbs

    Albert said he wanted a video that will end with the good people dying and not the bullies so on my channel (Churro Crumbs Channel) I will post a gacha life video with the bullies living instead of the stories getting a good ending :). This is for ALBERT

  • spitfireangel101

    You don’t know Gacha life hmmmm? Let me show you

  • ҉

    noooooooooo i am crying why this game is so cringe please delete this

  • Natamyzer

    I love how he says “buli buli buli died”

  • The editors
    The editors

    Lol I know gacha

  • Adrianna Garza
    Adrianna Garza

    ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)

  • Killter The chill user
    Killter The chill user

    “Death for the end of the World. Hear ye, hear ye! Thou shall not exist!”

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  • Chrolonix

    1 more year thill flamenco cant speak

  • Shelly Jones
    Shelly Jones

    I'm in that vid-

  • violett

    It’s an app for girls that mostly use it. But it’s content it’s bad. I recommend u not play the real app.

  • sophia Ellis
    sophia Ellis

    i still wont stop saying oof to peoples prolems cuz im bad at responding to stuff like dat also its funny XdD

  • Denis Saputra
    Denis Saputra

    Flamingo You noob

  • 🧸Trashy Ted🧸
    🧸Trashy Ted🧸

    I play gacha life so no not 2 people just you you control the characters

  • Clarts

    cleetus on gacha body is very cute ngl

  • Kingsley Wong
    Kingsley Wong

    Do you know the alex and jade are SLtoos

  • Jess Brown
    Jess Brown

    It's g a c h a not gocha

  • 💛Yellow💛  Potatoes
    💛Yellow💛 Potatoes

    I’m dyeing

  • Ma. Sheena Pepino
    Ma. Sheena Pepino

    bruh u need to use ru eyes flamingo u see those blue thing in ur screen why didn't u click it?

  • Ma. Sheena Pepino
    Ma. Sheena Pepino

    u dont know how to make an oc flamingo???

  • Kirsty Canvess
    Kirsty Canvess

    Albert: Dont make that face at me-- (•̀ ω •́) Me spamming: •̀ ω •́

  • XxMidnightTheCatxXxX

    "Just wait till he finds out about Gacha heat"

    • Røxan rat
      Røxan rat

      @Faze yeah why do they

    • Faze

      Why u need to bring that up

  • Dylan Bristol
    Dylan Bristol

    Playing this game I remember

  • Clarence Snyder
    Clarence Snyder

    Get a job!!!!!

  • qaozii

    just no. roblox needs to ban that game asap. it ruined my life

  • Isabella Salcedo
    Isabella Salcedo

    UM why it built like that 💀✋

  • Laser- Rim
    Laser- Rim

    i love this video make fun of them MAKE THEM SUFFER

  • Dr. Doote
    Dr. Doote

    “red haired devil” thats fucking racist

    • Caleb De Luna
      Caleb De Luna

      Red haired devil is milly from tmf also gimmie the timestamp

    • JC

      *ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MILLY?!?!* (Pink-haired devil, but her hair is actually cerise or red)

  • mooo moorales
    mooo moorales

    >:( that is Insulting because what you watched was a crap gacha there is good ones most of the bully one ends up having suicide to the ones that were bullied so jokes on u!

  • Mshood Ms hood
    Mshood Ms hood


  • Marygold Agbayani
    Marygold Agbayani

    당신과 함께 내 첫 번째 시간

  • keyboardSOCKET


  • Elida Sifuentes
    Elida Sifuentes

    I can't be the only one that saw " aftons react to flamingo" 😟

  • Izzy Turner
    Izzy Turner

    I have the admin I think in that game I can make people disappear and glitch when they first come back it's no banning people but you can make them leave

  • Sarah Rodriguez
    Sarah Rodriguez

    So bad

  • • Błue Ashłight •
    • Błue Ashłight •

    the first video is called gacha logic

  • TimBro Sh
    TimBro Sh

    4:55 holy crap i have the same problem!

  • Namthip my brother dream and nightmare
    Namthip my brother dream and nightmare

    Oh man it gacha online i play it long time now

  • Swiftpaaw Star
    Swiftpaaw Star

    I remember somebody said to me... "GOB NO WPLSZ GOT MIS NAW CAS HPLS" I really felt that.

  • ItsLylaMoonlight

    Omg- Lol there was elizabeth afton and toy bonnie 😂

  • Scripty Mane
    Scripty Mane

    Did he get hacked

  • Karlie G
    Karlie G

    dude albert dont judge but there is gun u go to props and theres a m1911 a glock and many more!!

  • Sack of Potatos :P
    Sack of Potatos :P

    3:22 chicken macaroni...??

  • Kat Capalungan
    Kat Capalungan

    @pusheen poenix video pop up

  • pugmaster pug king
    pugmaster pug king

    I’m mad now only a little

  • Yui E
    Yui E

    Bro if their was gacha heat in his video ✋😭

  • Shinobu Juega
    Shinobu Juega

    the gacha comunity is a toxic comunity but many gachatubers are not toxic.

  • Veronica chenel
    Veronica chenel

    안녕하세요 저는 제 언어를 이해하기를 바랍니다.🙂

  • GoldenGamer1129

    Gacha stuff wasn't bad, it was the community that ruined it.

  • CasuallySeal

    Life here is in pain

  • cherry berry
    cherry berry

    Just wait until he finds out gacha heat 🤢

  • • Påstəl arx •
    • Påstəl arx •

    Just wait till he discovers gacha heat

  • Sailor Tim
    Sailor Tim

    I cannot belive I used to unironically watch these

    • Mr.Captus

      @Sailor Tim nah it’s just the non logic in them but some are good especially the animations

    • Sailor Tim
      Sailor Tim

      @Mr.Captus I highly doubt that

    • Mr.Captus

      Some are good now

  • Jose Alamo
    Jose Alamo

    gacha life more like gacha crouch

  • gibonka grond
    gibonka grond

    Your broke

  • ughitskyha

    i have a friend named da tank on roblox abd he play what your playing

  • ughitskyha

    albert is not fat idiots

  • Thania Debora
    Thania Debora

    Wait i was on the game-

  • grace lowe
    grace lowe

    i love gacha life

  • Galaxy Kat
    Galaxy Kat

    This is a good video sir 👍

  • Piola man
    Piola man

    Gacha life start with g What this means Means that cringe starts with g too

    • Melodic Morning
      Melodic Morning


  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall

    Their is a gun Albert-_-

  • Marinette

    So basically got your life is a game creating your own character this is like the same but role-playing but Roblox Edition so yeah it's so it's the same as gotcha by roleplay so that doesn't mean you have to make your characters all the time yeah yeah

  • Rhuzzel Marcke
    Rhuzzel Marcke

    Albert's grammar part of brain: b i g

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    Mom: Son were broke Son: OOF

  • Dawko fan
    Dawko fan


2,1 mio.