Today I play Roblox The Mimic which is a creepy roblox story type game thing where you gotta explore some village or somethin

  • Yerrj Tisg
    Yerrj Tisg

    Flamgo i played this it very scwarey

  • derius stephen
    derius stephen

    Like if flamingo is brave, yesss

  • Olivia Wimer
    Olivia Wimer

    I did buy something u bought a hoodie

  • Safoora Khan
    Safoora Khan

    8:13 *my ears died*

  • carousel rebecca
    carousel rebecca


  • XJennPlayz

    "Frence" does those letters look to U LIKE FRENCE?!! but its actually Japan for those who has not figured out yet.

  • Nya! Arigato
    Nya! Arigato

    does anyone realize he copied ItsFunneh's title for her video

  • Bacon

    Why does Cleetus look like he’s in the fnf corruption mod

  • It's whitty's style
    It's whitty's style


  • Noura Osman
    Noura Osman

    when albert burped it scared me (when he was following the bloody foot steps)

  • ItzEposa

    3:53 look in the chat

  • Sami Marsaoui
    Sami Marsaoui

    when you burped I thought that u got jump scared

  • Todoroki- Kun
    Todoroki- Kun

    The mimic chapter two plss!!!👀 we want to scream with you Cuz we dont want to be scared alone

  • Brianna Andrea
    Brianna Andrea

    the footsteps looks like a bacon

  • nur zahirah
    nur zahirah


  • _ヨク

    this so gucci U.U

  • hey you
    hey you

    Albert try chapter 2 now

  • Justin Miles Dosol
    Justin Miles Dosol

    the chapter two hard pls do it

  • black_roses

    Albert is so brave And I hate it how they are always so scared to go to the game ( he cut of kreek's body :O )

  • Giovanni Nugroho
    Giovanni Nugroho

    Do you think she is mimicking his mother?

  • Giovanni Nugroho
    Giovanni Nugroho

    The map doesn't go upside-down lol

  • some random kid
    some random kid

    I played through this with my friend and it wasn’t that scary, but it was really cool.

  • Pris Aj
    Pris Aj

    When Albert is trying to calm himself: eARth wORm SaLLy

  • Anddack

    fun fact: when albert is saying something your saying it in your mind too

  • Yalonda Chandler
    Yalonda Chandler

    Private schools are not rich schools,private schools are not poor but they have groups under 18 averagely its meant for students who are very respectful and smart theres no drama people getting in trouble and all bad charecteristics in private school theres no bullys or people trying to be cool its perfect for perfect students only

  • Grucci Duck
    Grucci Duck

    Petition to eat the rich

  • Jakewolf YT
    Jakewolf YT

    I played mimic me and my friends were killed we saw a white and black hair girl she was tall we were killed and I saw white and black dots

  • Chastity Bianchi
    Chastity Bianchi

    Play mimic chapter 2

  • Thersa Goodwin
    Thersa Goodwin

    just panic

  • Danganronpa & Fnaf
    Danganronpa & Fnaf

    7:43 “So you go like that... you take a left, a straight... a left... a straight, a left, a key... *MUMA* ! Then you come out... take a right, you go straight, a left, the- uh.. a straight and a straight...”

    • Corone Freijah
      Corone Freijah

      So true

  • Danganronpa & Fnaf
    Danganronpa & Fnaf

    “Not everyone’s perfect that’s why pencils have erasers.” Me, and intellectual: *colored pencils.*

  • MyCatrachita

    8:13 flamingo’s voice scared me more than those steps 🤣

  • lucy carroll
    lucy carroll


  • Johann nandz Caluza
    Johann nandz Caluza

    Pls play the mimic chapter 2

  • Avocado

    F in the chat for the bird 🥲

    • Avocado


  • Avocado

    I woke up in what seems to be *looks at Japanese sign* France

  • Avocado


  • Siria_ Royale
    Siria_ Royale

    When I played this I was too scared to go into the gym-

  • mjustic

    the subtitles said “go to flip🤩🤩🤩

  • YourLocalSly

    mimicking mother

  • Kimora Steel
    Kimora Steel

    I- kinda almost finished it but I got kicked out

  • Joe Wood
    Joe Wood

    3:00 I got jump scared by a burp lol

  • I love potatos.
    I love potatos.

    mimicking mother my mother is mimicking me

  • Ann Martinez
    Ann Martinez

    Socks reveal

  • iTs nOt lIkE i LikE yOu
    iTs nOt lIkE i LikE yOu

    The end scared me bruh-

  • Hannah Schofield
    Hannah Schofield

    Brooo it’s so hard we could only get to the Japan festival looking maze

  • Scandinavian Mapping
    Scandinavian Mapping

    The end actually really scared me

  • Yoshiro Akaashi
    Yoshiro Akaashi

    mimic my mother

  • Creampuff Simp
    Creampuff Simp


    • Creampuff Simp
      Creampuff Simp

      Albert: **SMASH THE THING LIKE CRAZY** (0:19)

  • JayBeastGaming

    the mimic my mother is mimicking me my my mimicking mother


    Dude u got me there..

  • summer simpson
    summer simpson

    Chapter 2 is out!

  • Anna Oop
    Anna Oop

    rip bird...

  • Jamiee Hoover
    Jamiee Hoover

    Chapter 2 is out

  • Josie Custodio
    Josie Custodio

    0:49 the Chair is moving FLAMINGO

  • ItsGabbie 25
    ItsGabbie 25

    Flamingo really scared me at the end

  • Emir Kara
    Emir Kara

    Albert:there is like a cloud on my head which makes me sad Me who cant log on my account:same man :(

  • island getaway
    island getaway

    I just realized that Funneh’s mimic video’s title is the same as Albert’s.

  • ・ʚ:HoneybunPie :ɞ・ #bun#
    ・ʚ:HoneybunPie :ɞ・ #bun#

    albert i finished the game >:) well the part 1, part 2 is not out yet- bruh i spent almost 2 hours playing but i got it

  • Kat Nun
    Kat Nun

    Literally how Albert takes 14 mins but funnehcake took 45 mins ._. Well she took time U.U

  • Bella

    Mother is mimicking me

  • Jesus Loredo
    Jesus Loredo

    who eles saw the attack on titan figure at the background

  • Caroliz McDonald Bellamy
    Caroliz McDonald Bellamy

    Mimicking mother

  • Alex YT
    Alex YT

    I scream when that creepy girl popped out

  • baygooon_ _.
    baygooon_ _.

    11:06 Albert:-SCREAM- me:*dead*

  • Francisco ramirez
    Francisco ramirez

    If the Drawing says die and the shadow Behind It makes me scared😬😬😬😬😬😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • Vicky Cao
    Vicky Cao

    that scared the crap out of me- Edit: number 1 rule: dont investigate if you need to :D

  • Bang Twice
    Bang Twice

    flamingo the part 2 is released

  • Dog_poopXD

    I am in bed I swear the last part I’m about to die

  • Rasberry_Bubbles

    alberts sound aka talking : 😀🌸🎀✨💅🌈 the game : 🎞👁🕳😫💀🔪😭

  • Aubrey Chabot
    Aubrey Chabot

    my friend teaghan was telling me her experiance when she was playing the mimic- i cant spell im sorry -w-

  • Tucker Konzal
    Tucker Konzal

    I got an add at some point an it had a lady who's body was to big for her head

  • if looking this good is a crime, i am the arrest
    if looking this good is a crime, i am the arrest

    the fact that you flipped the map upside down and still made it without bumping into the women. shocks me

  • Marie Bauan
    Marie Bauan

    9:35 No that looks like luffys wanted poster

  • Sizzler.

    There's a part 2 you should play it for a new video.

  • Gacha_ lifelike
    Gacha_ lifelike

    alberts old roblox girlfriend and him actually never broke up so albert has 2 girlfriends now.

  • Ace does YouTube
    Ace does YouTube

    6:41 when sasuke says he doesn’t love Sakura

  • Caitlin


  • H Y P E N I N J A
    H Y P E N I N J A

    Albert: sees bloody foot prints Me: B I G F O O T

  • NewsPaperBin

    Albert should've been with us. We saw the mimic in the hotel like 100 times trying to escape.

  • bunni bunni
    bunni bunni

    This video is so good bc he goes through the whole game basically

  • Angelos Tsitsikos
    Angelos Tsitsikos


  • Dad’s youtuber Goudjil
    Dad’s youtuber Goudjil

    U saw a monster and the chasse music

  • I was someone’s childhood once
    I was someone’s childhood once

    Chapter 2 came out

  • Tommy Nash
    Tommy Nash

    Mimic (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • • Izuku •
    • Izuku •

    Hey flamingo, the update came out i recommend you play it :)

  • hot dinosaur
    hot dinosaur

    Satan I bless you. robux robux robux. omg i got robux

  • Crazy Bro TV
    Crazy Bro TV

    Can you play chapter 2

  • blaze rblx
    blaze rblx

    Roblox is the best

  • Jocelyn Santos Zavala
    Jocelyn Santos Zavala

    Me: she doesn’t look like a mother tho

  • sxgarwafflez

    Idk if y’all remember but this humming noise right? 7:12 if you played the og before the dawn , that’s the sound the fallen angel makes when she is the slasher, I thought I finally got that out of my head after years😂

  • •axloniii•

    is it just me or was he glitching durig the video???????????!!!!

  • Crox - Gaming
    Crox - Gaming

    I wonder if he screams like that too when he's watching horror films with his gf

  • Sami is LAZY
    Sami is LAZY

    Pls do chapter 2 so you keep getting scarred

  • that idoit whos behind you
    that idoit whos behind you

    There is chapter two you should play it

  • Dem.

    U can't jumpscare me lol

    • Dem.

      Bc everytime u play rblx at the there's always jumpscare

  • iLikePizzaRolls


  • It's me Sunna
    It's me Sunna

    I played this game and gave up rage quitting and right after albert plays this..

  • ItZmebunnyÙwÚ

    Well I think the green stuff are when you get jumpscare;-;

  • CallMeMax_me

    My Parents: These SLtoosrs have no talent! Albert being able to take any conversation and make it about his merch