I committed Roblox crimes and acted like I didn't do it
30% OFF TEES GET THEM NOW!!! flimflam.shop/
Today I play Emergency Response liberty county and I actually get away with showing up to something I caused and pretending like I didn't do it lol

  • Flamingo

    yo so 30% off tees flimflam.shop/ then the NEW STUFF COMES OUT ON BLACK FRIDAY E

    • Garrett Coulter
      Garrett Coulter

      albert is seling humans AND ThERE 30% OFF!

    • iiItzKaii

      lol i think your gay albert

    • kw_rolox world!
      kw_rolox world!

      bruh u just get angry your own self

    • Bubble Tae with Suga
      Bubble Tae with Suga

      Flam Go

    • Ivy_Ghost35 yousif
      Ivy_Ghost35 yousif

      You best have best intro go

  • Bruce cool kid
    Bruce cool kid

    So flaming goes to the club

  • XDStrangeyboi Jr
    XDStrangeyboi Jr

    0:50 that face on the spaz dude

  • Amazin

    This guy kiss his twin ewwwwww

  • Ade Rey
    Ade Rey

    : Albert the search is like 30 percent off looks at home boy STOP

    • Ade Rey
      Ade Rey

      Auto correct...

  • N0tJ0s3ph

    Albert: advertises about his merch 1 second later... His homeboy: *has a mental problem*

  • Roblox

    when i forgot i gotta stop recording 0:01

  • Reck Cabili
    Reck Cabili

    EWWWW albert kiss homeboy

  • Jeremy Munger
    Jeremy Munger

    i want a homeboy

  • Klaudia Serweta
    Klaudia Serweta

    Unfinalnoshaling apparently

  • Yellsow

    *Flamingos best intro*

  • Kian Mohammed
    Kian Mohammed

    You have a great time and I have to be there by about six and then you have a little time for a little while I can come by the office to get some of your clothes from the store to pick you out for the car to pick

  • c S
    c S

    I'm 7

  • Lunalonewolf

    Poor pink flamingo shirt

  • Dragonon and Dragonny
    Dragonon and Dragonny

    Awe flamingo is so lonely he have to kiss him self

  • Jessica Torres
    Jessica Torres

    the other flim looks like hes listening to rock music

  • Yazmine Ruiz
    Yazmine Ruiz

    Flamingo your boyfriend is having a seizure pls call 911 P.S. this is why people think your gay

  • ieatcrayons1776

    We even add exotic

  • StaticAlphaX

    0:16 Albert: *Advertising his merch* His homeboy: *having a seizure* Albert: *STOP!* His homeboy: Hello darkness, my old friend...

  • Aiden Holmgren
    Aiden Holmgren


  • Mandalorian It's the way
    Mandalorian It's the way

    Somebody pressed it . Mah mm

  • Mandalorian It's the way
    Mandalorian It's the way

    O god I don’t want a home boy

  • Macky Bodo
    Macky Bodo

    name a better merch ad. I'll wait.

  • Wolfy Games
    Wolfy Games

    Was his homeboi edited?

  • Ãngèl lõvès
    Ãngèl lõvès

    Tell my why I broke my repeat button at 0:23...😶

  • Hunter Springer
    Hunter Springer

    stupid game lets raid it

  • Hunter Springer
    Hunter Springer

    that game is stupid what even is the point of exotic cars in that game if u cant use them?

  • Joel Joseph
    Joel Joseph

    Im speechless when i see the intro

  • stephanie kim
    stephanie kim

    i know this showed up on my recommended and realized the beginning of the video

  • Bao-Hanh Ngo
    Bao-Hanh Ngo

    Breath taking for flamingo

  • EM B
    EM B

    1:09 my first time driving be like

  • Ethan Harrington
    Ethan Harrington

    0:01 y'know what maybe i should unsub after this ._.

  • HowlingWolf TTV
    HowlingWolf TTV

    Okay i seened enough of the intro..

  • If You Reply To This Your Gay
    If You Reply To This Your Gay

    that intro..

  • Рина Маем
    Рина Маем

    You gey

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    the intro is so weird lol

  • Matthew Mendez-Hernandez
    Matthew Mendez-Hernandez

    Me every time my brother gets really annoying: 0:27

  • Andy Sanchez
    Andy Sanchez

    The start O_O

  • Kimberly Amber
    Kimberly Amber

    Why are you kissing your twin

  • Dean Gardiner
    Dean Gardiner

    Clone: dances: Albert: STOP

  • Charlie Toneguzzi
    Charlie Toneguzzi

    AAAAA a rat *sneezes*

  • Edward Thompson
    Edward Thompson

    😆 🤣 😂

  • Major Murphy
    Major Murphy

    He is gay what

  • Raruk_ twarogg
    Raruk_ twarogg


  • Raruk_ twarogg
    Raruk_ twarogg

    The intro was great i laughed very hard

  • Alli

    "The flamingo in the background:🕺🕺🕺"Real flamingo:*Turns around and stares* STOP!""


    I saw his mouth go inside the clones mouth

  • Joh Brown
    Joh Brown

    0:01 dont worry it's just 2 flamingos mating

  • Jonathan Rosales
    Jonathan Rosales

    Guys he just edit ok

    • Jonathan Rosales
      Jonathan Rosales

      When he was kissing

  • zarghaam khan
    zarghaam khan

    LMAO the sponsorship OMG

  • ciciliar ritu
    ciciliar ritu

    Home boy

  • Sean Hopkins
    Sean Hopkins

    The intro was hilarious 🤣😂😂😂

  • thatoneguy

    Best intro ever

  • Alfredo Yamon
    Alfredo Yamon

    I hate kisses ew

  • Alfredo Yamon
    Alfredo Yamon

    I hate kisses ew

  • Ajoke Adepitan
    Ajoke Adepitan

    I wonder how he got a clone

  • jasper ching
    jasper ching

    kiflam moment (kiss+flamingo


    I wish I don't see the start


    I think albert is gay because at 0:00 there soemthing i dont wanna see it

  • Snowwhite 1994
    Snowwhite 1994

    WHY ThEY KIsss

  • melted flesh
    melted flesh

    You made this on my birthday

  • MaxBrawl _YT
    MaxBrawl _YT

    The intro tho 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacob Backus
    Jacob Backus

    Why can’t they use an exotic car if they even put it in there game

  • KTZ8

    best intro

  • chef pee pee
    chef pee pee

    😂 good one 0:25

  • sakura blossom
    sakura blossom

    This is why he is amazing 1: supports LGBTQ+ 2:he is funny 3:did I mentioned he is funny? Oh well bye

  • Shane Gibson
    Shane Gibson

    Not 0:09 I mean 0:00

  • Shane Gibson
    Shane Gibson

    I love this part 0:09

  • Russia

    Why do they sell exotics if you can't use them?

  • Liana Thompsom
    Liana Thompsom

    0:01 flamingo kisses himself and then he dances while he talks

  • KennyPlayz

    I don’t know if ‘hanging out’ is the right word...

  • Lance Faner
    Lance Faner

    What was that on The start

  • caillou & cody the brothers
    caillou & cody the brothers

    0:25 I died of laughter

  • Elisiah Poe
    Elisiah Poe

    "Help step brother im stuck" 😆🤣🤣

  • SwissAbyss


  • Sunset Feeling
    Sunset Feeling


  • UwU Sub?
    UwU Sub?

    Is Flamingo gay or himself?

    • UwU Sub?
      UwU Sub?

      What a stupid question what is wrong with me

  • Fiver Ticing
    Fiver Ticing

    Flamingo will marry the homeboy

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin

    Homeboy dance flimngo STOP homeboy 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Casey Justard
    Casey Justard

    I just noticed you where kissing your homeboys cheeck lol (idk if I’m wrong or not)

  • austin caldwell
    austin caldwell


  • Chad Monta A. Landoy
    Chad Monta A. Landoy

    the intro

  • rishma singh
    rishma singh


  • Devon Chapples
    Devon Chapples

    0:26 albert be like uuumm wtf

  • RoyaleMaddie •
    RoyaleMaddie •

    the intro is the best intro in the worlds history

  • Lil guy Jr Jr the 3rd
    Lil guy Jr Jr the 3rd

    That intro tho

  • YoungSlatt

    Idk if flamingo is gay

  • pearl arevalo
    pearl arevalo


  • Toad

    6:35 That just means you need to take a shower. That's disgusting, it looks like you havent showered for 3 weeks and your socks kept the yucky wucky away from it.

  • Toad

    Interesting intro for a family friendly channel.

  • loan gun games
    loan gun games

    7:43 I was an assistant owner at that server and the owner is going mad he making his own erlc game and say it'll be the same It's not the same in any ways and h just give away ranks raids servers for members you're an Trainee mod And 4hours later you're head admin it is the i'd rate the server a 0 out of 10

  • Khoi Pham
    Khoi Pham

    How funny albert kissing he’s self

  • Julietta Torres
    Julietta Torres

    Home boy: shaking aggressively flamingo: STOP *sad music*

  • BirdDyrite

    4:01 I just now saw this video and rn my character is wearing the exact thing (mask tuxedo and black pants)

  • jacob 1006 10
    jacob 1006 10

    0:25 ... *STOP*

  • Dylan Ewing
    Dylan Ewing

    Hi can I be on a video?????

  • Gamer Acct
    Gamer Acct

    The photo basically said Cops: 911 what’s your emergency Film flam: I was in a car purpose Cops: you mean a car accident Film flam: nah I hit that baitch on purpose

  • HiDen Denis
    HiDen Denis

    Oh no flamingo gay (ROFL)

  • Marisol Rojas
    Marisol Rojas

    Flamingo just like STAHP!!!

  • Bonnie The Tattletail
    Bonnie The Tattletail

    Chicken Nugget