I was too fat to be a Roblox cheerleader...
Today I go to Roblox cheerleading games and I actually found some people who were really incredible and coordinated with their group and I stan them!
Play my gymnasium www.roblox.com/games/5765422052

  • vaella

    what game is this?

  • Sahar Mohammad
    Sahar Mohammad

    2:08 this girl how said in gay made me laugh so hard cause I thought she said I'm gay LOL BUABAHA

  • Shawn Holesapple
    Shawn Holesapple

    Disgusting characters

  • Lauren Garcia
    Lauren Garcia

    Flamingo: you are not a real gymnast till you’ve mastered a flip Me: I feel special

  • ᴍᴇʟɪᴀ

    does anyone know what brand the shirt alberts wearing in the beginning is?

  • gacha moonlight
    gacha moonlight

    I this when she said to chi say means who are you because I think she speaks Italian and I know how to speak Italian and dimmi il tuo nome means what is your name

  • XxStrxbrryclxdxX


  • XxStrxbrryclxdxX

    3:39 XD

  • Zebone34 _
    Zebone34 _

    As a North Carolinian, I'm happy we were able to have one of our college's in your thumbnail

  • Alpha Milkshake
    Alpha Milkshake

    2:37 The best friken moments of my life xD

  • kalxgames 3D
    kalxgames 3D

    I played this before😂😂😂 and I started flipping and I flipped out the map😂😂😂

  • Nagito komaeda
    Nagito komaeda

    Help. Me

  • oblinity

    This video is a fever dream

  • PequeLexyLOL

    school bullies be like:

  • davolol

    "Im going to go find a washing machine" - Albert, 2020

  • Them Big Stonks
    Them Big Stonks

    Person: **asks for Flamingo’s name in Italian** Flamingo: **plays Italian church song**

  • Crxxpy Vxbes
    Crxxpy Vxbes

    I actually feel bad for you Albert people shouldn't be mean just because your fat that's your choice not theirs!

  • xuanbao Xb2103
    xuanbao Xb2103

    Nice video

  • Joseph Fontenette
    Joseph Fontenette

    My name is khloe i feel happy Albert said my name

  • Venix

    Aint fat im big boned - big smoke

  • Real Midas
    Real Midas

    Oh so you take orders from everyone. Name them all.

  • sri sri
    sri sri

    Did she just say... in gay?

  • Warhammer Tube
    Warhammer Tube


  • CucciolaPun :3
    CucciolaPun :3

    Flamingo, "tu chi sei" it means "who are you" in Italian xD

  • King Indigo
    King Indigo

    Don't mind what "folle me" translates to, just leave "in gay" as something random

  • Elaine Guyton
    Elaine Guyton

    That shirt from the thumbnail is ours :)

  • The Boogie and the Bear
    The Boogie and the Bear

    The thumbnail tank tops for the tar heals, im IN that state, (NORTH CAROLINA) I feel this

  • Supercharge 775
    Supercharge 775

    Og flamingo fans remember this place

  • Amia Dominguez
    Amia Dominguez

    Bro when I am having a bad day, he makes me soo much better!

  • Sebastian Nael
    Sebastian Nael

    1:02 where the song was

  • Emersyn Hernandez
    Emersyn Hernandez

    Can I have link to first game lol

  • Glizim Bü
    Glizim Bü

    Did you you know? Half of the flims thumbnail is abt him gettin b u l i d bc hes fat

  • GD Cryptical
    GD Cryptical

    like 2.5-3 years

  • Crazytrentyn

    lol XD 😂

  • GachaGrammar

    Okay if anyone is as weird as me, have you ever had a crush on Albert?

  • TheYellowAxolotl

    Idea for paradise life: put a teleporter on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep they get taken to a dream area with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it the worst nightmare they will ever have. Like so Albert can see Copy and paste this so Albert can see Credit: Domenico Florentio :)

    • TheYellowAxolotl

      @why is sehun so hot Okay! Thank you so much! I don’t have Twitter currently but I’ll definitely get it.

    • why is sehun so hot
      why is sehun so hot

      If you got Twitter you can dm FlamingoIdeas 😁 there’s a good chance that your idea will be seen

  • Peony Deoni
    Peony Deoni

    Idea for paradise life: put a buttplug on a bed so that whenever someone tries to sleep their butthole is plugged and it's decorated with clouds and unicorns then slowly make it coated in poop and force them to eat it. best meal they will ever have. Like so Albert can see Scream this out in the streets of Florida so Albert can see Credit: Domino's Pizza + Lenor Washing Liquid :=()

    • Aph Nom nom
      Aph Nom nom

      This better get added or else I grant Albert diarrhea for 500 weeks

  • CrazxyBunny


  • William Harvey
    William Harvey

    The fact that this is gymnastics not cheerleading-

  • Shonda Brockington
    Shonda Brockington

    Don't mind me just laughing at the girl who said "in gay"

  • Gaby Funnel
    Gaby Funnel

    4:01 When my PS4 doesn't turn on

  • Keach Delos Trinos
    Keach Delos Trinos

    Albert: "I'm doing the worm" Me: EARTHWORM SALLY FLORIDA TO CALI

  • threes angle's
    threes angle's

    Tess to sgs off Th podes fazer online tb precisar de my refund back to the teacher who 22:32

  • ̊кαωαɪɪ

    ʙᴇᴀᴛɪғᴜʟʟ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ ꨄ︎

  • Lucas Zhao
    Lucas Zhao

    what game is this?

  • Polo A.
    Polo A.

    Aw the old days when you came here as sconic.. o-or sonic

  • Sam

    i saw the nc uniforms on the thumbnail and i fr said “OMG I LIVE THERE ALBERT”😐..

  • Mr. Kozy
    Mr. Kozy

    Nice title

  • My Butt
    My Butt

    dimmi il tuo nome means tell me ur name its italin btw i used google translate What's your name? That's my name Tell me do you like it, tell me yes Tell me your name, tell me your name I'll write it on the shirt Tell me your name, tell me your name With a smile I will wear it Tell me your name, tell me your name I'll sing it with the guitar Tell me your name, tell me your name That to play I'll call you Nice your name, I like it because In a second he talks to me about you Tell me your name, tell me your name I'll write it on the shirt Tell me your name, tell me your name With a smile I will wear it Tell me your name, tell me your name I'll sing it with the guitar Tell me your name, tell me your name That to play I'll call you

  • markoalfa

    tu chi sei means who are you

  • Christine Arango
    Christine Arango

    Lol that worm dance

  • aryn morrow
    aryn morrow

    that girl who said dimmi il tuo nome is italian and said tell me your name

  • Five Nights At Libbys
    Five Nights At Libbys

    I made a routine playing your gym game

  • Jax Ayala
    Jax Ayala

    The f word/FAT

  • The Gaming Family
    The Gaming Family

    In flamingo listens to what people say how about he goes to McDonald’s and get some food

  • Daniel Mullins
    Daniel Mullins


  • Mr.Spooky

    I thought this was a kids channel but someone said they where gay

  • Lonely_PotatoÒwÓ


  • chugPlayssYT

    “Tu chi sei” it’s who are you in Italian

  • dude

    everything in this video is so random i love it

  • Sem Ramos
    Sem Ramos

    i know i look like my parents but imagen if he was in his account mrflimflam would they accept him :T

  • ringo the pingo loverz
    ringo the pingo loverz

    btw ashelygucci is the nicest person in the world. read her account desc and youll know why im saying that

  • Froggy Club
    Froggy Club

    She was speaking Italian 😂 but it’s ok

  • Noah Holt
    Noah Holt


  • Gamer _iii4
    Gamer _iii4

    Is Italian am sure I am italian

  • be more heather kleinsen
    be more heather kleinsen

    5:28 why he couldnt say that? Anyone knows

  • Symbiote Soda
    Symbiote Soda

    “Hola Ok I’m gay” Such a way with words.

    • Duckyz Aj
      Duckyz Aj

      If that were me it would be HOWDY instead of HOLA rip

  • EeveeKat

    I like how the tittle is saying he was too fat be a cheerleader and yet nobody called him fat

  • Pastellie’s World!
    Pastellie’s World!

    Flamingo: can I join you guys *in his cute little voice* Girls:NO Me: don’t worry flamingo cause oh I think that i found my self a cheerleader!

  • kowoosos lul
    kowoosos lul

    how to respond to literally *anything* *in gay*

  • WERTY uni ASDF Roblox and Minecraft
    WERTY uni ASDF Roblox and Minecraft

    " eiiiiii sheet hung adds"

  • D4YDRE4M


  • The one who stopped time while reading memes
    The one who stopped time while reading memes

    chearleaders in tabs be like: 4:00

  • The Little Shop Channel
    The Little Shop Channel

    @ Furrywithoutasuit in the chat? smashmouth may trigger is a day before i am an open wound huh? Or like the chat is the sock holding may 4444th may trigger is the chat is the background im back around the chat? smashmouth may i have ebola. may rap? Or Minecraft fr may trigger is a joke about it was existing, and I have a question, and i have ebola. may rap? smashmouth may i ples join @ gmail may trigger someone Please minimize on cuss words in my account when @ gmail may i have a short fuse, and I stick warriors may trigger is the holy music video is not all the chat is the sock amino real voice see you obviously don't know how to send me to quote what is the holy cross, and i have a secret stash because i posted an imposter amony may trigger someone, and I have a song that i am an open wound huh? Or like to see what

  • jordan A
    jordan A

    Tu chi sei Albert:*AH*

  • tameka scott
    tameka scott

    I love Albert

  • Veronica De La Paz
    Veronica De La Paz

    This is to funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Ana_Playz

    4:04 One girl tries to catch the other and one falls~

  • Mimkø__ Potato
    Mimkø__ Potato


  • Adidas Fan
    Adidas Fan

    Going to heaven are you? I have somewhere more special 😈 😂

  • Martina DiCroce
    Martina DiCroce

    Every Roblox 2 year old: 🥺😭😭😭😭🙂😝🤓😩🥶😥😨😱🤔🤭😬😪😴🤤🤮🤒🤕

  • Alien riots
    Alien riots

    4:35 he was then put on a list

  • LazyBumEdits

    The way he says rat is something magical

  • Justin Cristo
    Justin Cristo

    E NO

  • Justin Cristo
    Justin Cristo

    IN GAY

  • Alexis Travers
    Alexis Travers

    I was a cheerleader irl

  • •c l u v u d i •
    •c l u v u d i •

    ur thumbnails r so depressing

  • Lexie Johnson
    Lexie Johnson

    Pls I’m a huge fan

  • Lexie Johnson
    Lexie Johnson


  • Jasmine Jackson
    Jasmine Jackson

    Albert just go to play roblox girl says get out of my matt

  • Ghostie OxO
    Ghostie OxO

    2:38 lmao

  • phamthitam nguyenanyam Group
    phamthitam nguyenanyam Group

    last surprise

  • SmurfMurphy YT
    SmurfMurphy YT

    Lol that is my roblox outfit

  • Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic
    Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic

    Me who was a gymnast for 10 years: 👁👄👁

  • Khloe OwOz ごみ
    Khloe OwOz ごみ


  • Khloe OwOz ごみ
    Khloe OwOz ごみ

    Oof they have my name Khloe even though im not there xF

  • Susanna Canciani
    Susanna Canciani

    albert its italian dummy

  • Test Mod
    Test Mod

    The dimmi song is funny lol

  • Shirley Guzman
    Shirley Guzman

    his character looks like a lego female (her face)

  • christopher avila
    christopher avila

    4 years