Making Roblox noobs play AMONG US with ADMIN COMMANDS
Today I play Roblox life in paradise and stuff where I have admin commands in and I make people play Among Us by giving one person a knife and the option to vote that person out lol
big smelly bloody sweaty diarrhea
adam was here

  • Otis The Dog
    Otis The Dog

    I just going to the farm. I think al b e r t needs to go to farm

  • Aziz Rothen
    Aziz Rothen


  • Aziz Rothen
    Aziz Rothen

    Does anyone agree with me is not then you're bad person

  • Aziz Rothen
    Aziz Rothen

    How about no admin for 1 year

  • Ivan V.
    Ivan V.

    T _ T

  • cookienotfound cookie
    cookienotfound cookie

    What happended if you have baby twin name baby alberkirs and the other one name kristber

  • Xayshalope

    Random blue haired girl: sits down Albert: oh my god are you kidding me I should just ban you

  • •kemo cat•
    •kemo cat•

    when he bitted he fake head l was like 👁.👁

  • Diana_Wickerbeast

    *S a n s n e w b o r n*

  • •the lost clover•
    •the lost clover•


  • evija

    Basically Albert turns into junko

  • clxudygacha

    Okay but we need a “dumbest noobs compilation”

  • E Lord
    E Lord

    Im a simp for Flamingo

  • Jason Arul
    Jason Arul


  • Hqxnnah x Editz
    Hqxnnah x Editz

    Oh woah how many mannequin heads does Albert have??

  • Renee Lomax
    Renee Lomax

    Is going to do another Iron Man videos

  • angblake1

    that was so much lag.

  • John Cardona
    John Cardona

    Icapalot was prob my sis casue she CAPS

  • The man Behind The monitor at 3 am
    The man Behind The monitor at 3 am

    Purple guy: THAT'S FREDDY THE IMPOSTER! Freddy: WHAT NO!!! Chica: YE I SEE HIM KILL BONNIE Ghost Bonnie: YE!!! Spring trap: WHAT! (Freddy Was the impostor) ( 1 imposter ) ( There here 2 imposter ) Golden freddy: ...Ok? (EMERGENCY MEETING) Purple guy: Ok Guys (Purple kill Chica) Ghost Chica: YOU BUTT!!! Purple Guy: Hehehe :) ( One minute Later ) ( Purple guy win )

    • The man Behind The monitor at 3 am
      The man Behind The monitor at 3 am

      Im the purple giyN

  • Raju George
    Raju George

    Flaimingo there is a cool down after killing someone

  • om noor
    om noor

    1 first make a game called GET TRAPED 2 make all in one box on a spawn 3 and just leave a make fun of them of falling in the trap

  • Yakup Sanli
    Yakup Sanli


  • Tempest Wolf
    Tempest Wolf

    ISLAND LIFE FOOT BALL (Soccer Use the b tools to make a soccer arena get everyone on the server and seperate them into 2 teams losing team faces heck

  • RiRi Webb
    RiRi Webb

    Adam your censoring this” Hello

  • Fuzzy Owl Gaming
    Fuzzy Owl Gaming

    Bites secretly*

  • Fuzzy Owl Gaming
    Fuzzy Owl Gaming

    Watch my videos

  • magnolia abellar
    magnolia abellar

    Albert it will be good if you put a among us map

  • Štěpán Metelec
    Štěpán Metelec

    Bites secretly

  • Benjamin Jo
    Benjamin Jo

    Even I laugh

  • Donut and Pugs productions
    Donut and Pugs productions

    am I the only one who laughs evilly as Albert destroys people’s rp? 😂😈😂😈

  • kitkatppl chicolato
    kitkatppl chicolato

    Admin idea Make a monster like a giant worm that will eat everything , unanchor the houses so the monster can eat it, if it eats players, they will be stuck in the monsters stomach(a separate world) and they will die slowly in the stomach

  • Betty Deckard
    Betty Deckard

    I like flamingo when his face cam is off

  • Julija Dmitrijeva
    Julija Dmitrijeva

    I love how Albert Eated that head

    • Julija Dmitrijeva
      Julija Dmitrijeva

      In the begining

  • Adrian Claudio
    Adrian Claudio

    Among us?????????

  • Drew Bailey
    Drew Bailey

    Albert Fat Albert Fat Albert Fat Albert Fat

  • Drew Bailey
    Drew Bailey

    A Albert get alive a life

    • bruh 0987
      bruh 0987

      You ok bro?

  • IdebelleLoL

    I think Albert should play amongst us

  • sri sri
    sri sri

    'Sans newborn' *its sand* ... *or underman*

  • Cyan Among Us
    Cyan Among Us

    Fact about goldfish: They can actually remember many peoples faces, know their names, learn tricks, and can remember many many things. So their not exactly as dumb as you’d think.

  • albert hernandez
    albert hernandez


  • Glizim Bü
    Glizim Bü

    I love how he makes intros

  • Cartoon Cat
    Cartoon Cat

    Albert is color white :O

  • David Harris
    David Harris

    Can u play imposter it's like among us

  • Ibrahim Nasir
    Ibrahim Nasir

    Litteral peanut brains I tried to do among us in murder mystery LITERALLY THEY ARE PEANUT BRAINS

  • Tristen Miles
    Tristen Miles

    Me & Albert:Among us Me:JINX Albert: (Kills me) BODY REPORTED Albert:It’s the noob! Noob:|| Roblox23928: Albert:| NOOB WAS NOT A IMPOSTER

  • Michael Isaacs
    Michael Isaacs

    I have a collective braincell amount of 1...

  • Liana Artsee
    Liana Artsee

    Albert: walks into a house with 3-4 dogs Random dog: *very offensive word*

  • Gaming unicorn
    Gaming unicorn

    I laughed so hard and I was only five seconds in the vid 😂

  • Redstone Gaming!
    Redstone Gaming!

    A m o n g U s

  • Breylon Blevins
    Breylon Blevins

    You are the most coolest babe imposter

  • Jessi River
    Jessi River

    Flamingo make a video about Minecraft #9

  • regular youtuber but trash
    regular youtuber but trash

    Idea: do this again same game too but with friends Sabotage lights: makes the whole game dark also to fix it go to the restaurant in the game and say in chat FIXED then make it bright also give them all admin I hope this helps for a vid

  • Goose Duck
    Goose Duck

    Legends say they are still talking about leo

  • Avriel Mimiga
    Avriel Mimiga

    aw man i missed this in game? i love being the imposter

  • Martin y roblox y Maincra
    Martin y roblox y Maincra

    a noob kills a bacon hair if you think about it that way bacon hair would not have been such an idiot compared to the noob that killed him: v

  • Florentina Verdes
    Florentina Verdes

    BITE SECRETLY Everyone:what the fu

  • Joseph Amondina
    Joseph Amondina

    Flamingo why didn't you used your admin commands to make a Among us map

  • Annalise Manzo
    Annalise Manzo

    Sonic: follow me. Me: y’all going to the backrooms this fnaf?. Anyone else think that sonic is William afton

  • Asxtro


  • Indrani Kuilan
    Indrani Kuilan

    8:10 that happened to me to buddy I explained to people that it was someone and they did not listen and they voted for me for no reason then we lost then someone litterally mudered infront of me and another crewmate and the crewmate that saw litterally voted for me

    • Indrani Kuilan
      Indrani Kuilan

      his brain is the size of a peanut

  • Donatus Scandlyn
    Donatus Scandlyn

    Wow I love among us I cheat at among us but flamingo can you stop spiting that's so discussing

  • Tunde Emmanuel
    Tunde Emmanuel


  • Jeff Williams, Sr.
    Jeff Williams, Sr.

    flamingo is wOw flamingo is YeS flamingo is tHe NeXt bEsT ThInG

  • dausmira dausmira
    dausmira dausmira

    Hey i have a bad news if you play among us, the server get hacked

  • gabby concepcion
    gabby concepcion


  • Kyle Baird
    Kyle Baird

    Do a scary map

  • Noob?

    my name in marcusmansss and i know how to play AMONG US so please join me in life and pck me as imposter

  • TheFlameOnFire

    When the squeaky noise happened when Albert hit the head, I seriously wanted to throw my iPad off a cliff.

  • anime weeb
    anime weeb

    So danganronpa

  • Jonathan Raymundo
    Jonathan Raymundo

    You need to put a vent

  • -thereal-Clara afton
    -thereal-Clara afton


  • Randy Worden
    Randy Worden

    *Bans noob/poor/bacon*

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life

    Obilsk obilsk obilsk obilsk obilsk obilsk obilsk obilsk

  • Oof Man
    Oof Man

    How come in the thumbnail he gets stabbed in the front but then has a stab mark on the back?

  • JoyR Dreammer
    JoyR Dreammer

    I don't like albert screaming

  • JoyR Dreammer
    JoyR Dreammer


  • Assassingecko 303
    Assassingecko 303

    BAD he say

  • frog jibanyan
    frog jibanyan


  • Mazmi 595
    Mazmi 595

    No i wants is funneh in SLtoos

  • EbuggeyGaming

    "amongus"? 0:39

  • 《•DaTangerineGurl•》 :3
    《•DaTangerineGurl•》 :3

    I love how albert doesnt have a outro he ends it when we wants and for his intro he just looks in chat

  • EllaTheEmojiGirl

    I saw the clickbait, and the blue among us player looks like my Roblox avatar

  • SkyNizzle

    I like how adam edits

  • Ciara Tompkins
    Ciara Tompkins


  • Marshadow gaming _____
    Marshadow gaming _____


  • Heidi Savolainen
    Heidi Savolainen

    Ur best

  • TehCharlesSpartan iliarabaz tv White Bear Merell
    TehCharlesSpartan iliarabaz tv White Bear Merell

    Imagine if albert got more subs than pewdiepie

  • Dragonex3008

    Albert sus

  • Aragorn Madrid
    Aragorn Madrid

    idea: start removing things like a tree or a house everytime someone joins and add a block in its place

  • lizz coco
    lizz coco

    Albert: wait stop he is going to make you homeless also albert: *deletes house *

  • lizz coco
    lizz coco


  • StxrzArtt

    1:07 are we not gonna talk. About how that hello was so innocent and wholesome

    • Linzie Animation
      Linzie Animation

      Flamingo to his editor: hello Flamingo to his fans (in game): STOP KICKING ME YOU'RE ANNOYING

  • xuanbao Xb2103
    xuanbao Xb2103

    Nice video

  • Nick gaming
    Nick gaming

    Dude u should't force people

  • Zayden Narrow
    Zayden Narrow

    This my favorite because I LOVE among us

  • xXspenserXx smith
    xXspenserXx smith

    i hate that he bans peoeple for no reaseom

  • AA Johnson
    AA Johnson

    whenever he walks away or censors bad words i always wonder what they said

  • Panda

    Admin Idea: Become cleetus, and make his farm, then force people to work at the farm. Like so Albert can see!

  • Feebe Boss
    Feebe Boss

    A bacon hair is among us...

  • Thaddeus Carter
    Thaddeus Carter