Roblox's most disturbing story
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Today I play Roblox Imagine which is a story game and it's very spooky dude lol

  • MSFnorth

    Bruhhhhhhhhh beacause of you we FINALLY fished this game after 1:30 min. THANK YOU!!

  • Miko Suk
    Miko Suk

    Can you play the evil pass next?

  • Mason Myers
    Mason Myers

    I played yesterday I think I went slightly insane also I was playing with a friend I hated the his I made it pretty far but I left I was to scared

  • Theseries 19
    Theseries 19

    Flamingo: I hate everything I hate everything. Me: the next m&m

  • Coles Bxby Tiktok
    Coles Bxby Tiktok

    When flaming got jump scared I screamed

  • G Nation
    G Nation

    I already play this chapter, anyways its not that scary thought....except... when you open the red door....stacy ghost will chase you, luckily you can lock the door to block her...but important thing is close all the door in stacy room because if she stuck for a min she will respawn in her room, i got jumpscare like hella scared lol, but although its good, just i dont understand the story, what happen to jack and stacy tho? Im still confuse even ive done playing this game...(in mobile) you guys can try aswell

  • Stardust

    Who knows what happens at the end of Dorothy’s chapter...?

  • JediClockwork

    9:02 The painting, from the cult family.

  • Cloudy Stars
    Cloudy Stars

    I just got done playing that

  • Gerardo Guzman
    Gerardo Guzman

    Haha! Loved it!

  • R Parker
    R Parker

    I was playing my Minecraft on Nintendo switch and when I heard AAaaAAAAAaAAAaAAAaAaaaa it made me choke on my dinner.

  • i simp flamngo
    i simp flamngo

    lmao i hear footsteps on my roof like all the time

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee

    When he said "no no no no no" and the other words he said He sounded like the cutest baby in the apsoulute freaking world adorable so cute ❤️♥️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🖤🤎🤍

  • ryxz

    OMG SAME I ALSO HERE SOUNDS IN OUR ATTIC TOOO I can hear sounds in our attic and I'm TERRIFIED since me and my sister are home alone most of the time. I don't know if it's just the bats in our attic or an old man living there. Yes, we have bats living in our attic.

  • Light Onion
    Light Onion

    I got stuck on the tools and trinkets part and when I watched this vid I realized I probably walked past it like 20 times

  • Ken's Gaming
    Ken's Gaming

    sometimes i mistaken flamingo 's whimpering to be part of the game :P

  • Aqila Azahra
    Aqila Azahra

    6:50 "i HaTe rObloX" also albert : **kEeP uPloAds rObloX viDeO aNd PlaYinG iT**

  • Gelatin

    This is Deadass just visage but In roblox

  • R Parker
    R Parker

    You can use poor lighters. Anymore questions?

  • alkimau ///
    alkimau ///


  • Jyohann Teng
    Jyohann Teng


  • lavaboyplayzz LAVA
    lavaboyplayzz LAVA

    Back story:killing 3 random people then suicide and then waking up near an altar and a room whilst you have to walk near a phone and its gonna ring while your neigbour calls and asks how are you since she havent see you in days (yes this is over simplified since youtube doesnt let me..its too dark)

  • lavaboyplayzz LAVA
    lavaboyplayzz LAVA

    Game based on "Visage"

  • Kaylee Stump-Petter
    Kaylee Stump-Petter

    Anyone notice albert playing at midnight? His alarm thing said ur waking up in 7 hours at 7:30. He’s got it badddddd Also me: squeezing a coffee cup so hard it shatters in my hands*. *it gives me dignity

  • anna light jeje
    anna light jeje

    this is how many times flamingo said DUDE 👇

  • Scar Adler
    Scar Adler

    He should have played with jake

  • kp12289


  • Small Savage
    Small Savage

    Wait.. Andrew gave her a note that said the kitchen knives went missing... *she* was the one who put the knife on it, and *she* was the one who stole them. So *she* was the murder of the Johnson family.. and *she* murdered him. (she didn't want to go to the store lol)

  • 09halo 09
    09halo 09

    my story time not fake; ghost or real; my sister was going to wash her hands she left and then it turned on ik if it was a ghost.. that was years ago....

  • moon demon
    moon demon

    Can I invite you in friend request

  • Amanda Day
    Amanda Day


  • Saeah Oldham
    Saeah Oldham

    Do more chuck Lloyd and sandra we have got no news of them for a while

  • Aadam Ashraf
    Aadam Ashraf

    Ur scream scared me lol🤣

  • The Tyrant King
    The Tyrant King

    4:04 kids, stay in school

  • Christa Leigh
    Christa Leigh


  • yes

    What's funny is that I already did dorothy's and stacy's chapter so i can laugh at him

  • Absolute_ Infinity
    Absolute_ Infinity

    Alberto:"i hate roblox" also Alberto:-continues to make roblox content-

  • Kathi Blair
    Kathi Blair

    "My most sinning friend" me: o_0

  • Tegan Mills
    Tegan Mills

    kreet craft more like CrEeK cRaFt

  • Marc Langbroek
    Marc Langbroek

    The game* find out what happend to stacy Albert* HEY STACY WHAT HAPPEND!!!!

  • •Gaming With Rain•
    •Gaming With Rain•

    Flamingo: *Walks On Floor* People Below Him: *Pretends To Be Asleep (Scared Tho)*

  • Gacha Edenkitty
    Gacha Edenkitty

    8:38; Ad with a dog named Rufus *remembers something* 8:18; the dog in the picture is named Rufus I laughed so hard XD

  • Thecringiest Ppl productions
    Thecringiest Ppl productions

    Also at 10:02 he says stacy hasnt been getting any sleep lately

  • Thecringiest Ppl productions
    Thecringiest Ppl productions

    he said hell and im not comfortable with that *he never says hell*

  • Elīna Krevica
    Elīna Krevica

    I got til the portals, and i had to escape the labirint wich was like a maze, and yeah but yup i got scared at first xD

  • Vien200 Roblox :P
    Vien200 Roblox :P

    Albert you should play Dorothy's chapter E

  • [Tsirikorama]

    Я одна из русских кто его смотрит

  • galaxycat playz
    galaxycat playz

    Does anyone know what the game is called?

  • Sophie de Jong
    Sophie de Jong

    4:18 Dorothy is more like porethy 😂 lmao

  • Cool Gamer Dude
    Cool Gamer Dude

    this is very disturbing

  • 炽天。༺

    Im playing 3 hour to end the game😂😂😂

  • sesse sues
    sesse sues

    Hey alburt what game is that

  • Ziahlee M Gelista
    Ziahlee M Gelista

    my bday is on june 11 too!

  • • WeirdGurl •
    • WeirdGurl •

    This is just like a horror game called visage

  • Chantell B
    Chantell B

    Albert: “my toilet is making a lot of nois- AHhhHh

  • Isla wilson
    Isla wilson

    “I literally HATE roblox” *almost every video is him playing roblox*

  • blue

    i’m pretty sure this game is based off the horror game ‘Visage’ :) very cool game, recommended for those who like horror!

  • WeebBG

    I tried the story when i played it i always scream when i heard something 😂😂😂

  • Help me
    Help me

    Its four in the morning im sorry but i can watch no more im gonna get scared i already hear tapping on my window i might die bye

  • MorganTheDudeAbides

    santa clause was walking on your roof

  • goldgirl562 / jace / gold
    goldgirl562 / jace / gold

    I have multiple ghost stories but ill tell this one for now One time {this is my old house btw} one time i was almost asleep then i keep staring at the door and then before i can close my eyes to sleep {the lights are off btw} i saw a woman a tall woman as tall as the door standing at the door she disappeared after 1 second my body instantly woke up and got scared

    • goldgirl562 / jace / gold
      goldgirl562 / jace / gold

      This isnt a ghost story but One time in the night when we everyone was asleep we heard a loud BANG from outside we jumped so we decided to check outside and i saw a mans leg being carried and i dont know why but i saw a leg i little bit of blood to..

    • goldgirl562 / jace / gold
      goldgirl562 / jace / gold

      Btw all of this are real

    • goldgirl562 / jace / gold
      goldgirl562 / jace / gold

      Heres another story While me and my mum is half asleep we heard a loud BANG from our kitchen roof And we woke up turned on the light and we keep trying whats the source of it we couldn't even find anything it was just leaves

  • High quality trash
    High quality trash

    The thing (that was marked as inaudible) the radio was saying was that she hadn’t been getting any sleep.

  • Someone you don’t need to know
    Someone you don’t need to know

    I love how your merch ad thing... 1:27... is like so calming, I think it’s called Lofi But then your videos are just so: 😈😂😡😱🤮... What should I say... ✨CHAOTIC✨

  • Leo Heo
    Leo Heo

    like your life you were not expecting to be born

  • EnergisedGamer Y
    EnergisedGamer Y

    Is it just me or did anyone else found this funny: “little scary man”

  • EnergisedGamer Y
    EnergisedGamer Y

    Ah yes, every video there must be an E

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person

    If you haven’t already, I recommend playing Alone in a Dark House on roblox.

  • Angela Carter
    Angela Carter

    "I commited the future" Albert - 2020

  • FortRox /FR
    FortRox /FR

    anyone else notice the orbs floating around on his camera??

  • Audrina Martinez
    Audrina Martinez

    I've played this game with my sister for a little bit but...We got scared and just left we didn't get to finish the game UnU

  • silly head
    silly head

    you should play visage :). very similar to imagine. its on steam

  • Uhin Lowang
    Uhin Lowang

    in the thumbnail i see a girl and a ghost/imaginary friend her name is lisa it was in a vid

  • Landyn Joskin
    Landyn Joskin

    Wait- Is your birthday actually in june? Because so is mine-

  • Brodeo Animations
    Brodeo Animations

    So I watched this first and then watched markiplier play visage and was like wait did they copy this from roblox

  • vroom vroom
    vroom vroom

    4:04 I think in this game you are Dorothy

  • Ataciana Solchaga
    Ataciana Solchaga

    ok ill buy your thing bruh..........ill do it

  • Talimgo

    Albert : Only scary games have lots of keys Piggy:Not scary and has loads of keys

  • Nathan

    this game looks and plays EXACTLY like a real game i think is called 'visage' Jacksepticeye did a vid on it and it starts with a man brutally murdering a family

  • Emma Ricketts
    Emma Ricketts


  • Person

    I think these are my favorite words flamingo ever said: “personal pit of hell”

  • •YandereBerrie•

    *"A friend from hell. I sure have many of those."* -Albert 2020

  • Unite King
    Unite King

    flamgo; we dont curse! also flamgo; your own pit of hell?

  • marleeslife

    “sounds like corpse” ah yes, *cultured*

  • marleeslife

    When I played this with my 3 friends it took us like 2 1/2 hours but it took Albert like 1 hour playing alone 💀

  • LoSt ViBxXzZ
    LoSt ViBxXzZ

    Albert, don't you remember G0Z

  • Gavin Martinez
    Gavin Martinez

    albert: sees anything in game and relates anything to his merch

  • pengun

    Bro the "stacys mom has got it going on" gave me life lol

  • Kawaiitron Plays
    Kawaiitron Plays

    **Sees thumbnail.** L-Lisa!?

  • bloxburg girls
    bloxburg girls

    10:31 who saw his alarm lol

  • bloxburg girls
    bloxburg girls

    how i manage to survive playing the TWO chapters

  • Manal Akhtar
    Manal Akhtar


  • Violet Rose
    Violet Rose


  • Lavender

    flamingo:i hate evry thing me: You mean you hate this game 🐀 flamingos chucky cheese🐀

  • zqrav


  • Ghostie OxO
    Ghostie OxO

    12:38 The best rap

  • Ghostie OxO
    Ghostie OxO

    when I was playing this game with my friend I was so scared so I was scared to walking behind him, Idk why I was so scared maybe that's cause I'm too afraid of dark places and when someone is chasing me D: and sorry for my bad English

  • PJ Picture Player
    PJ Picture Player


  • Elizabeth Cordwell
    Elizabeth Cordwell

    Yess sister :)

  • Elizabeth Cordwell
    Elizabeth Cordwell

    This is how Albert got anxiety

  • Amelia Garrod
    Amelia Garrod

    “ the door just jiggled “ Albert / cletus