Roblox obby but you're FAT
merch on black friday!!! AHHHH!!
play here lol
Today I play Roblox fat obby which makes your character really fat and it makes it very difficult to complete the obby lol

  • Rovien Paula
    Rovien Paula

    Just prey lol

  • Rovien Paula
    Rovien Paula

    I'm getting angry

  • Cullen Schreiber
    Cullen Schreiber

    Mjgjgfjfghjfhgjfgdjdgfjfjfhj is a good obby

  • Christina DiPalma
    Christina DiPalma

    *When ur feet are 10x bigger then your head*

  • Christina DiPalma
    Christina DiPalma

    Albert: “I’m getting fat shamed in a game about being fat” Me: Well sh-

  • Mori Summer
    Mori Summer

    Me calmfuly playing pit of hell Flamingo: AAAAA WHAT NOO I DIDINT TOUCH ANYTHING

  • Randy Schofield
    Randy Schofield

    Use the mr skelly it’s super skinny

  • Saydee Lopez
    Saydee Lopez

    it's not tower of heck it's tower of hell

  • Doodle Bee
    Doodle Bee

    tower of *fat*

  • AlbertIsFlamingo

    I feel like on the red part Albert was about to cry 😂

  • shitass

    3:59 Flamingo: *This is Easy.* Also Flamingo: *Dies one second Later*

  • Erik Hoang
    Erik Hoang

    add Putin song it would be perfect

  • XxGamerSlayerXx

    first he says tower of hell but now he says tower of heck

  • Vedetek


  • Coffee Man
    Coffee Man

    Does it look like flamingo is doing the roblox shift lock from 2011 1:21

  • Thedude


  • Diamond Survivor
    Diamond Survivor

    Comments on Albert's videos: Nobody: Not even Flamingo: Smart People: *g0ogl3 th1s! **-insert robux scam here-*

  • Røji Kaur
    Røji Kaur


  • James Ford
    James Ford


  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    6:14 when your poop finally gets out

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    Do the “troll obby” it will make you punch your computer

  • French Fries
    French Fries

    Tower of HECK not 𝕙𝑒ʟl͜͡ albert. (Who else noticed he said “hell” in the beginning instead of heck?)

  • Callen Betker
    Callen Betker

    Play tower of hell but you big, small, and fast plz its by the same creator

  • Andrei Villalobos
    Andrei Villalobos

    Wait, OMG CINDY RAID!!!

  • Andrei Villalobos
    Andrei Villalobos

    1:08 Me: Oop, gotta do better than A+, must satisfy Flamgo,

  • Dina Pereira
    Dina Pereira


  • Nicole Belen
    Nicole Belen

    Me and my cousin said fall and die so many times that it happend-

  • Vo The Handsome
    Vo The Handsome

    I also suffer from the same experience, but backwards

  • StoutScientist Gamer
    StoutScientist Gamer

    3:30 *mic unplugs*

  • Ava Demarco
    Ava Demarco

    thanks you’ll revive me from watching squidwards suicide

  • Penny pig Owo
    Penny pig Owo

    Albert : rageing Me : :/

  • That One Person Who Likes Water Pics
    That One Person Who Likes Water Pics

    Raid Ideas Cindy: LOOKING FOR A STRONG MAN Albert Avatar: UNANCHOR YOUR LIFE wearing brown floof hair laughing fun and flamingo merch and free shorts Dennis: CHECK OUT MY MUSCLES Bacon: can the you we have has no


    When he rages at the red stage me : maybe it’s just ur skin

  • Fiona Fula
    Fiona Fula

    Albert:*Ok, ok this is great, this is great* Albert 2 seconds Later: AAAAAAAHHH

  • { angel demon} vlog
    { angel demon} vlog


  • Tina Espinosa
    Tina Espinosa


  • Tina Espinosa
    Tina Espinosa

    Albert hi i’m the biggest fan of you

  • Bacon Boy
    Bacon Boy


  • Crazy Crashes
    Crazy Crashes

    Ppl on roblox: girl/don’t touch my tail/demon/don’t mess with me/half angel

    • Crazy Crashes
      Crazy Crashes

      Rip alberts sleep 2020-2020

  • Rowan Gamble
    Rowan Gamble

    Me reading the title:well I guess he got that covered save your breath tower of heck you dont need to make any adjustments Albert:THEY MADE US FAT Me: Albert you did this to your self

  • AFoxOn YT
    AFoxOn YT


  • kasia pali
    kasia pali

    wow ur my fav youtuber ur THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Sub Tee-hee
    Sub Tee-hee

    At the end when you said that u cant go through people to mess up but im already raging on my iPad lmao

  • Chinney Franco
    Chinney Franco


  • Sanaa Loukili
    Sanaa Loukili


  • Ashlynn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Ashlynn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    2:51 **Insert man behind the slaughter theme song here**

  • koen •
    koen •

    "we're doing great, yeah thats great *AHHHHH* "

  • Leaver :]
    Leaver :]

    Everyone is not fat there thick and strong best ever day ever

  • Putry nasha Zaryna
    Putry nasha Zaryna


  • Greg Raibley
    Greg Raibley

    you should play journey to the sun its a really cool obby game it has grate graphics and it makes you go fast with little platforms to try and jump onto and it makes your charter really WeRiD! 10/10 you should play!


    I guess it's hard being fat.

  • Jess is Vibing
    Jess is Vibing

    Yeah this is 𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙮 *𝙙𝙞𝙚𝙨 2 𝙨𝙚𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙧*

  • Jess is Vibing
    Jess is Vibing

    Albert: yeah I think we should have cindy week Junk bots: 𝙙𝙚𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙚𝙙

  • Ruby Mombarg
    Ruby Mombarg

    4:48 i heard h h

  • Chris Afton
    Chris Afton

    Idea: dress up as a “cute” and “innocent” bunny when you get a owner and they snuggle you at night get and make sure the owner doesn’t see you out of the bed and start killing people And when it’s morning go back to the bed and pretend nothing happened mute the people you killed so they don’t expose you

  • wild mrs.kitty!!!
    wild mrs.kitty!!!

    The next week should be ugly week like if you agree

  • Gamingblueninja Roblox
    Gamingblueninja Roblox

    No one realizes that The tower of hell but you’re big has the colour scheme from jtoh tower of hecc

  • • PinkCloudzz •
    • PinkCloudzz •

    I have a good sound idea to replace “oof” it should be *SLAMS ON KEYBOARD*

  • Rainbow Slayer
    Rainbow Slayer

    tower of hell fatty: Impossible tower of hell biggy: easy

  • • PinkCloudzz •
    • PinkCloudzz •

    Im thinking on making a obby today when im done with school work im just watching ur vids while i study but if i get the obby posted i will tell you, for now heres my user: iiClouxdy_x

  • Arturo Casillas
    Arturo Casillas

    This should not be called "the tower of hell but fat" it should be called "the tower of Kim Kardashian fans"😂

  • bae_ bee
    bae_ bee

    1:53 "i'm just a big ball of skin" Albert thats a cuboid

  • Gavin Bugajewski
    Gavin Bugajewski

    Play make a cake Albert now

  • Renxez :]
    Renxez :]

    Why u need to be on that game? Cleetus is already too fat lol

  • Rainbow Gaming Roblox
    Rainbow Gaming Roblox

    he looks like he's about to smash his computer

  • Gucci Gang
    Gucci Gang

    "I get to go to bed MAD." You already know what his dream is going to be...

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    Bark bark

  • macc naizz
    macc naizz

    Hey Guy's! There's a Legend is it true or not? Let's try it out! Flamingo Flamingo Flamingo And boom you got pinned and heart

  • Bebe Maco
    Bebe Maco

    Alternate title: Tower of hell that is on another level

  • PeaPod Paul
    PeaPod Paul

    Flamingo:this is ez Him then dies not even a second later

  • I'm a Pizza
    I'm a Pizza

    2:54 it went from congratulations to ;-;

  • Gian Alan Rivera
    Gian Alan Rivera

    4:05 you mean a hit box?

  • ches7lancero

    Im fat too

  • Joshua

    Did you know that An average man can weigh up too 400 pounds? But cleetus, well, cleetus can have a baby that weighs 800 pounds and have himself being 18,000 pounds


    Hes not fat he is just really big bone

  • Wilson Toj
    Wilson Toj

    CINDY WEEK! Do another raid but all cindys pls flamgo

  • Drissia Adib
    Drissia Adib

    plot twist: he ate too much cooked rats from the game "cook burgers" before doing this

  • SinisterMatrix

    A random dude in Roblox:

  • Lily Austin
    Lily Austin

    Moving a lot of man

  • shaunmarvin biaoco
    shaunmarvin biaoco

    0:00 HE SAID HELL!

  • Clock Eyed
    Clock Eyed


  • Vincent Pangan
    Vincent Pangan

    Albert: Taiwan

  • Benita Benito Bonita
    Benita Benito Bonita

    Here's an idea: Make a massive maze in the server. Though, this maze HAS no end. You can tell the people in the server that they will get free admin / money if they escape. but since the maze has no end, they will be wasting all of their time trying to escape So SOME OF YOU have been saying i'm not cruel enough, so how about Albert becomes a demon and stalks people in the maze. He can also add ghosts and stuff. About the whole Zooming out thing, he can add an invisible roof to the top of the maze so he can see them walk around, but they can't see out of the maze. The "endless" thing could be similar to the infinite house video, where he builds a maze, copy and pastes it together, and voila. I also sorta meant like no exit, but for the extra aesthetic we'll make it really long. Good day, good afternoon, good evening. good night. Like so albert can see this

  • khalil nevels
    khalil nevels

    0:01 homegirl lookin' like rayman


    like i dont know why but albert is my fav ytber

  • Shona Smith
    Shona Smith

    This game gives you. Big feet. Tiny toes.

  • AnimeGirlLika UwU
    AnimeGirlLika UwU


  • AnimeGirlLika UwU
    AnimeGirlLika UwU

    ALBERT 😊💓

  • The Pooh Show Sax
    The Pooh Show Sax

    cindy week cindy week

  • Aisha Aleem. Network TCS
    Aisha Aleem. Network TCS

    albert what happen to ypur hands and now you have gave birth to a billion babies

  • Alice

    *"They need to make it just so you can mess up somebody"* *LMAOOAOAOOAOAOAOOA*

  • Carlisle Jones
    Carlisle Jones

    Flamingo i also have f.lux in bottom right corner for Night and waking up 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Myla Ditchie
    Myla Ditchie

    IDEA: Make a haunted Library where the books when someone reads it something comes out of them and the shelves eat them when their alone. Also, make the tables turn red and turn them into demons stuck on the floor or somethin. CARRY THIS ON SO ALBERT CAN SEE!

  • Carissa LaFrance
    Carissa LaFrance

    i miss ur funny among us vids

  • Kahlen

    I’m surprised that Albert didn’t rage this time👏🏻

  • Melbyn Carranza
    Melbyn Carranza

    clettus mc pregnunts a rare animal

  • GamingWithTinoJulian

    3:59 is so funny

  • Shilah Robins
    Shilah Robins

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  • Mikinishotai

    He said hell

  • Franklin Cricket
    Franklin Cricket


Roblox pit of HECC
1,1 mio.
Roblox SIZE obby
3,7 mio.