Normal Roblox games... but scary
Today I play the HALLOWEEN versions of Roblox games. Well only a couple but hey I beat the Arsenal boss and unlocked all the murder mystery 2 stuff... by buying it with robux but whatever dude


    Arsenal is poop

  • Numb

    3:48 literally albert anytime he loses a game

  • [-Lexi_playz-]

    i went trick or treating ;-; btw do u play mincraft cuz im an idiot and cuz i want u to join my world and have a building compation

  • Golden 10
    Golden 10

    Who Elsa is the watching this innovember

  • HydroDrezZ

    *Felipe* wants revenge

  • Theo Akintoye
    Theo Akintoye

    I. The day I will have my work

  • Fat Panda • 80 years ago
    Fat Panda • 80 years ago

    I, Fat Panda, have liked this chiiiill video.

  • Kataras Juicywaterbendingskills
    Kataras Juicywaterbendingskills

    Wasn’t that the titan that ate eren’s mom

  • New pass Maper 22
    New pass Maper 22


  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka

    R.I.P HALLOWEEN INTRO 2020 oct-2020 nov

  • Sammi_ RBX
    Sammi_ RBX

    Oop I went trick or treating😶

  • Kermit_le god :3
    Kermit_le god :3

    My mom told me that she has to check the candy first, because sombody didn’t check and got the razor or pins

  • Mélina Beaudoin
    Mélina Beaudoin

    It's a good thing I didn't go trick or treating this year... (I live in Québec, make a little research and you'll know why)

  • Gabriela Lech
    Gabriela Lech

    Well i trust god so i can't go trick or treat

  • albert sucks albert sucks
    albert sucks albert sucks

    Why Not Bruh Thats Weird So Weird 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Reginae Richards
    Reginae Richards

    UwU :d

  • MystyPuffPlays Smith
    MystyPuffPlays Smith

    Me : hos trick or treating. Albert: you is dare devil Me : >:>

  • Lynn Gray
    Lynn Gray

    That one that’s like playing as a 3DS like a 3-D

  • D33P_FRIED


  • 「 shitai 」
    「 shitai 」


  • Ziani Carmona
    Ziani Carmona

    I am a dangerous little boy who ate your soul C; ☠️💀😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄✌︎

  • leilani stauffer
    leilani stauffer

    Albert: “If you do you’re a little dangerous boy.” Me: “ i’m a little dangerous boy tee-hee 👉🏻👈🏻.”

  • Ello there I
    Ello there I


  • MR. DINO
    MR. DINO

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof

    lol what i get in video

  • ShowGames TV
    ShowGames TV

    1:23 did i just saw an pizza box from work at a pizza place

  • BuzzLeenWi

    I was outside your door knocking for some candies the day you filming this video.

  • wedenesdayy

    snickers razor blade edition is my favorite kind 😌

  • Påstėl Lėmøn
    Påstėl Lėmøn

    I went trick or treating and im fine lol

  • Rebecca Brioso
    Rebecca Brioso

    I actually did go trick-or-treating this year so yeah

  • Carla Page
    Carla Page

    iiiiiiitssssss olloweeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • bunny fun
    bunny fun

    *That one moment when u already trick or treated and got a lot of candy + is totally fine* Well *yes* but actually *no*

  • •Potato_elle•

    i went trick or treating :>

  • Emily Schwartz
    Emily Schwartz

    To the 1% person reading the comments I hope you stay home and stay safe!!❤

  • どき

    ꨄᖴᒪᗩᗰᗴᑎᑕᗝ Ꭵ乙 ᕼᗴᖇᗴꨄ

  • Lucas Williams
    Lucas Williams


  • Beedy Squad
    Beedy Squad

    2:40 I respect that

  • The Frog
    The Frog

    I made epic music When he ran

  • whymarley

    I'm a little dangerous boy :)

  • Kimthoa Ngo
    Kimthoa Ngo

    I'm already super paranoid

  • Wolfie Xo
    Wolfie Xo

    So many people were trick or treating

  • Jet Lagahit
    Jet Lagahit

    Idea: Put random houses on family paridise then put candy in it, then when they get the candy that said near a sign “Only take 1”. They will get teleported into somewhere and forced to do an obby that is literally impossible to do (for begginers)

  • Kayden Calhoun
    Kayden Calhoun

    I wore a football helmet instead of a mask and my friend wore a costume that had a face cover so YAY

  • Brendan Schwalm
    Brendan Schwalm

    get noob

  • Denise Blank
    Denise Blank

    I did not know you watch anime, or I forgot. I will give up on my dreams and die now :)

  • Mock mick mike LOL
    Mock mick mike LOL

    I am a dangerous family so I want outside with no mask evil man cause look 😈 sea

  • Levis_cleaning _suplies
    Levis_cleaning _suplies

    *windex noises*

  • Bella Queen
    Bella Queen

    Not a boy

  • Vicblox

    Attack on titan

  • gabe shaheen
    gabe shaheen

    for me on halloween i don’t need a mask cause nobody could see. my face

  • xmiwqox

    Me : I don't even trick or treat in mah country ;_;

  • •Baby Frogz•
    •Baby Frogz•

    Albert:wEaR A MasK AnD StuFf Me:My cOunTrY OuT of Lock Down >:)

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen

    Ablet: in going to have a hort attack. Me: you mean heart attack

  • • Exotic Toast •
    • Exotic Toast •

    Snickers bar more like Razor bar :D I went trick or treating I'm confused how I didn't get covid :/ very disappointing I wanted go die :(

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama


  • barb olson
    barb olson

    nice intro

  • The P40
    The P40

    I hate people who put razor blades in candy it’s not funny it’s not cool

  • Darian Smith
    Darian Smith

    "Wear a mask and stay a Safe" says the one who never goes outside

  • Laci Faust
    Laci Faust

    At the beginning... DID YOU CALL ME A BOY?! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how dare u T^T

  • Dawn Holbrook
    Dawn Holbrook

    I love ur intro

  • teeth

    1:10 DINA FRITZ!

  • mico_ gamer124
    mico_ gamer124

    It looks like Dina from aot

  • Maria Alejandra Gonzalez
    Maria Alejandra Gonzalez

    Ooml 6:11

  • Jhope's sprite UvU
    Jhope's sprite UvU

    OmG AlBeRt YoU wAtCh AtAcK oN tHe TiTaN

  • Mini cyan Crewmate
    Mini cyan Crewmate

    Imagine losing a tooth Because of a snickers bar....yeah....

  • AbdulHakeem Bantuas
    AbdulHakeem Bantuas

    HAHAHAHAHHA ooml oh my lord

  • Mittens and Frankie
    Mittens and Frankie

    oMg murd myster wowowowo

  • Dany Water
    Dany Water

    the candy bags take them

  • Rafael Solomon
    Rafael Solomon

    i went trick or treating lol

  • Dehlia Greenwell
    Dehlia Greenwell

    Flamingo? I have a question. Can I plzzzz be in one of ur vids? My mom and dad dont like u tho.

    • Dehlia Greenwell
      Dehlia Greenwell

      Its just sad

  • DomiCat UwU
    DomiCat UwU

    Who knew flamingo wad good at arsenal

  • Gamingains'sALTZ

    This is the 16,001 comment.

  • Parker Kopcik
    Parker Kopcik

    who is your favorite character or titan in attack on titan mine is armin / colossus titan

  • wolf girl 303
    wolf girl 303

    This video was posted on my birthday

  • Madelynn Flom
    Madelynn Flom

    Wear a mak ehh dont we all for holloween?

  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado

    In the chat replies grant filmingo s powers

  • Qeursa • 12 years ago
    Qeursa • 12 years ago

    The thumbnail kinda looks like betty’s little pink ball from glitchtale

  • Varsha Sharma
    Varsha Sharma

    Albert: you can you can do roblox Halloween Me: yessirrrr

  • Lisa

    what is the ghost outfit called?

  • Totallynot real
    Totallynot real

    I live on the beginning

  • ViulentoYT

    After trick or treating I got the big bad. Should have listened.

  • xd it’s Reagan
    xd it’s Reagan

    I did Halloween in real life but I had a purge mask so I was ok

  • Lofi Beats
    Lofi Beats

    You need more Arsenal gameplays ngl

  • Max

    "Snicker bar razor edition"

  • Abigail Alday
    Abigail Alday

    say the F word plz

  • TheBigMeme :3
    TheBigMeme :3


  • gundham tanaka playz
    gundham tanaka playz

    What it favorite anime

  • javed polo
    javed polo

    woah flamingo is really good at that

  • eva2020 happy
    eva2020 happy


  • MemStarz

    holy shit albert is good at fps games????

  • Kristy Rand
    Kristy Rand

    For the Boss you should try to auto clicker

  • BrickBattle King
    BrickBattle King

    change your fov to max its better and hakula is soo ANNOYING

  • 0nepunchman709

    What’s wrong with skinckers bar razor blade edition it’s delicious

  • xXLucky_ Charm1Xx
    xXLucky_ Charm1Xx

    Did anyone notice the boss fight music 1:41

  • Sky Ty
    Sky Ty

    Im a danger boi

  • Lexi playz Gacha life
    Lexi playz Gacha life


  • Ramos Jennifer
    Ramos Jennifer

    bruh i had this on a reaply good amount of volume and when he was fughting the boss alone it legit scared me so much

  • ლGamer SskrtTლ
    ლGamer SskrtTლ

    Shouldn't u measure the size of u and ur costume 👀🤔

  • ElmoCraft

    “I was Literally about to cry and spray diarrhea” - Albert 2020

  • Giuliana barraza
    Giuliana barraza

    I watch so much flamingo that when my sisters say my name I say ye brother or no brother or yee haw brothers

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