Albert the Roblox doctor
Today I play Roblox hospital games lol

  • Roosevelt Johnson
    Roosevelt Johnson

    I mean 1:39

  • Roosevelt Johnson
    Roosevelt Johnson

    1:32 holds out needle albert:no

  • not a golden retriever.
    not a golden retriever.

    yeah in every roleplay be like: Kid: MOM I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS! Mom: OH MY GOD THE BABYS COMING *One min after telling babe* Dad: afk a bit ME: GET NOOB

  • Panting Galaxy
    Panting Galaxy

    Wait he lives in Florida?! so do i

  • Je Copper Edges
    Je Copper Edges

    Albert find a way to get admin.commands

  • Lila Vancong
    Lila Vancong

    Im going to the dentist aswell, I broke my tooth on a P E A and now have to get it pulled it out aswell as another tooth. F u n

  • Karbyn world Deluxe
    Karbyn world Deluxe


  • Avery Musser
    Avery Musser

    Albert: don’t be like me Me:THATS MY NUMBER 1 GOLE IN LIFE

  • imrdusk

    P90 assault rifle me: why its a smg not a assault rifle

  • Sebastian Ho
    Sebastian Ho

    florida is a gun grip

  • Creepy Kitty Rylee
    Creepy Kitty Rylee

    I was once role playing there as an assistant to my doctor friend (she had a lot of knowledge on medical stuff) and this girl said “Oh, you have a broken leg! Let me put a bandaid on it.” (Puts bandaid on leg) “done!” Like- excuse me, WHAT?

  • Brok3nSush1

    I hewe the stupid

  • Swemit Gaming
    Swemit Gaming

    What albert did is worse then Ruben Sim

  • Jeffrey N
    Jeffrey N

    I like how cool boy keeps appearing in his videos

  • ZachHoc

    8:42 .oaKPSDasdawdasd

  • Ali rashid
    Ali rashid

    Roblox hospitals in sick because I have a lot of corona

  • gloomiie

    Game: *sells guns* Albert: THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER

  • Cenimosity

    Albert: I want my legacy to die off with me. Kirsten: Am I a joke to you?

  • Aryk Pacific
    Aryk Pacific


  • ISRAEL pachuau
    ISRAEL pachuau

    Albert you are near Bermuda triNgel

  • CubePlays


  • Lcayer4473

    Albert i think you should experience the DENTIST XD LOL

  • veliqhx

    8:44 what flamingo says when the editors dont listen:

  • Gioconda Sosa de M.
    Gioconda Sosa de M.


  • Chloee Hickling
    Chloee Hickling

    not in rl in the game

  • Chloee Hickling
    Chloee Hickling

    hey albert i dare you to go in a game with your gf and propose (in the game)

  • The Lord Amazook
    The Lord Amazook


  • spennard


  • phantom_rise295Yt

    5 years later Albert has a family chanel playing roblox

  • Yazmin Hilario
    Yazmin Hilario

    Coolboy is my name in roblox he copied me

  • Yoshua Tejada
    Yoshua Tejada


  • Honey Bear Cup
    Honey Bear Cup

    I love In Florida-

  • inottskye

    Albert: Don’t be like me: Me: Heh heh heh a lil to late for that sir

  • papyrus

    i have the stupid jayingee

  • kamolwat Angsanavanich
    kamolwat Angsanavanich

    I hate roblox games like these that litterly some people with powers abuses them like the red riot if we do something wrong or something they just bully you and albert just makes my day im happy :D

  • DJ NeonWolf
    DJ NeonWolf

    Haha this is a ligit depiction of a shooting

  • ii_dontknow.x

    *Albert robbing doctor* Also Doctor, *Doesn't remember that they got shot*

  • Ethan Swope
    Ethan Swope

    I Love your video and I AM be combing a SLtoos 😁

  • ꧁iiSimply Roseii꧂
    ꧁iiSimply Roseii꧂

    T e a c h e r can I sit right there this creature is Creating N i g h t m a r e s

  • Kristy Diaz Angel
    Kristy Diaz Angel

    The start is true. I think my parents dont love me.

    • Kristy Diaz Angel
      Kristy Diaz Angel

      So you probably shouldn't love the one who adopted you / gave birth to you.

    • Kristy Diaz Angel
      Kristy Diaz Angel

      Because people say "You should love your child even though you dont like them."

  • Trash Beetle
    Trash Beetle

    I, too, hewe the stupid.

  • Kayleigh Gill
    Kayleigh Gill

    Albert:oooo you will not talk :) **shoots** Me:what if she mute-

  • fardouse alqadi
    fardouse alqadi

    Whats the pro me im a pro

  • The Family Fun Club
    The Family Fun Club

    Florida is a big gun state* me at the car when I’m at Florida: I call my sniper!

  • Bolts snoopbopper18
    Bolts snoopbopper18

    If albert was in fortnite he would get 99 kills

  • Rina E
    Rina E

    8:19 my favourite part of the video

  • Clan Giese
    Clan Giese

    "die, all of you DIE, every single one of you!" Albert, 2020

  • Austin Malick
    Austin Malick

    do Adopt me

  • slender master125
    slender master125


  • Bobbey S
    Bobbey S

    Albert: i need more me: the heck

  • Nurhayati Sugianto
    Nurhayati Sugianto

    flamingo is poop

  • Nurhayati Sugianto
    Nurhayati Sugianto

    flamingo is poop

  • Nurhayati Sugianto
    Nurhayati Sugianto

    flamingo is poopflamingo is poop

  • Nurhayati Sugianto
    Nurhayati Sugianto

    flamingo is poop

  • Medhat Moneer
    Medhat Moneer


  • daiden Metcalf
    daiden Metcalf

    North carolina is a gun state to

  • Izander Schoeman
    Izander Schoeman


  • Riley’s guide to AWESOMENESS
    Riley’s guide to AWESOMENESS

    i hewe the stupid

  • Jennifer Hunt
    Jennifer Hunt

    Go into robux scam games and tell noobs it's real robux,say you got the robux,they will run forwards you,when they get there say get noobed and leave. (One of the games was called: free robux real and legit)xD I did this myself,my reaction bro- I've become like you ;-; User:Bellawellz,Also accidentally typed:ROBOX- 😂

  • Normaliz Due
    Normaliz Due

    I really like your vids you maked me laugh so much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan X_X
    Ryan X_X

    "Please do not do something you will regret" man, people are trying to be cool so they use good grammar lmao

  • William Tanczos
    William Tanczos

    albert as a cop: ma'am please stop swearing or i will have to light you up 9:38

  • Tatianya Cowan
    Tatianya Cowan

    OH NO

  • super cook chloe
    super cook chloe

    He a god

  • • Hiroshema •
    • Hiroshema •

    𝖨 𝗁𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗎 𝗍𝗈𝗈 𝖠𝗅𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗍 because I am a child and children 𝗁𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝖠𝗅𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗍

  • • Hiroshema •
    • Hiroshema •

    𝖨 𝗁𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗎 𝗍𝗈𝗈 𝖠𝗅𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗍

  • • Hiroshema •
    • Hiroshema •

    𝖨 𝗁𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗎 𝗍𝗈𝗈 𝖠𝗅𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗍

  • • Hiroshema •
    • Hiroshema •

    𝖨 𝗁𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗎 𝗍𝗈𝗈 𝖠𝗅𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗍 x100

  • • Hiroshema •
    • Hiroshema •

    𝖨 𝗁𝖺𝗍𝖾 𝗎 𝗍𝗈𝗈 𝖠𝗅𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗍

  • BuffMickey Gaming
    BuffMickey Gaming

    I will not live u

  • moutaz jbara
    moutaz jbara

    Right flamingo

  • moutaz jbara
    moutaz jbara

    It’s like Jake in that video saying I have the stupid

  • jakemadness games and more
    jakemadness games and more


  • jakemadness games and more
    jakemadness games and more

    Flamango you should play braking point again

  • Jake Lantrip
    Jake Lantrip

    Flamingo meeds a frend so i wil

  • the_mega community bird
    the_mega community bird

    Florida is a Big 🔫 country 3:46

  • itz kalani
    itz kalani

    Central medical institute I played it and they told me I had CORNA but the. The FBI canebin and killed me yes I gave a thumbs down 👎🏾

  • Amber Rogers
    Amber Rogers

    Florida does look like a gun though 😂😂

  • Origami Ahsoka
    Origami Ahsoka

    Those handcuffs are op

  • Byakuya Togami
    Byakuya Togami


  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams

    I like your video's but now I hate your video's

    • Ashley Williams
      Ashley Williams

      And plz don't kill me

  • Alexander Hidalgo
    Alexander Hidalgo

    I hate life too and I only feel pain nothing in life is worth living😭

  • Amanda Otis
    Amanda Otis

    I hate when I hewe the stupid

  • Sana Bashir
    Sana Bashir

    Will you be happy with a baby girl XD I will explode

  • Noah de Lannoy
    Noah de Lannoy

    Play E

  • Zyber Baldedaj
    Zyber Baldedaj


  • jake willis
    jake willis

    Albert:dont be like me Me:has a black tooth Albert:so...You chose DEATH? Me::/ Albert:its earthqorm sally Me:oh so ur the worm on my porch Albert:/' , '\

  • Dana Fehrenbacher
    Dana Fehrenbacher

    Si join that game every day now I see you playing it

  • Jagger Cranfill
    Jagger Cranfill

    8:19 so funny


    nobody: not even a single person me: brings a gun to a hospital* xD

  • Alexisss


  • Ava The Muffin
    Ava The Muffin

    god has the ~winning smile~

  • Ais34

    A lot of people probably don't expect this but I learned from this video... if you are wondering what I learned, I learned that Florida was a gun state never knew that.

  • Imogen DE WAL
    Imogen DE WAL

    Albert as a docter??? Is this my nightmare?! He would give everyone CORONA VIRUS in the game instead of helping them. And he would nuke the world millions of times if he could.

  • JUST chill
    JUST chill

    1:25 When you ____________ Fill it in in the comments 🤩

  • mha fan boi
    mha fan boi

    What did you do it was normal

  • DJ lollipop
    DJ lollipop

    “But I will still raise him... not her” Quote by Albert

  • Emily LoL
    Emily LoL

    So you haven't gotten your Wisdom teeth out yet

  • Fear-FS-Clan 0
    Fear-FS-Clan 0

    Ummm flamingo don't get that far... 8:40

  • Snow-latte

    The reason you got banned is because you are to awesome for the game itself