My Roblox restaurant is under investigation
Today I play a Roblox roleplay type game and I decide that I own the chik fil a in the game.
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  • Amy -
    Amy -

    Albert: “we don’t have burgers, he only have chicken” “Oh okay” Ablert “ *i am making the burgers* ”

    • andersen’s clips
      andersen’s clips


    • Kawaii_Panda :3
      Kawaii_Panda :3

      And heart lol

    • Kawaii_Panda :3
      Kawaii_Panda :3

      Wow Alberto actually pinned someone. What a rare occasion and opportunity. You’re actually super lucky for Albert noticing you.

    • ItzPeachie


    • Real Shmooie
      Real Shmooie


  • Neža Berlec
    Neža Berlec

    Albert: playing whit an outfit that is actuly good Me: waw AlBeRt is FaNcY tOdAy 😆

  • wolfie Cookie
    wolfie Cookie

    Watch smile.Hd! 🔴LIVE🔴

  • Stephanie Berardi
    Stephanie Berardi


  • Stephanie Berardi
    Stephanie Berardi

    What game is that

  • SunnyHat

    HOLY- on my list 32 PEOPLE DIED 27 men died and 5 woman died- I’ll give coolest kill to bubba who was shot in the neck and lames kill to grass man who was shot 3:17 4:43

  • Jamie Barber
    Jamie Barber

    AMERICAN GUNS YES! I LOVE FIREARMS!........ Wait did I say that out loud? Oops.

  • Eduardo Negron
    Eduardo Negron

    What’s the game name Albert?

  • Noah Quijas
    Noah Quijas

    tell me the name of the Roblox game

  • Melanies Crybaby
    Melanies Crybaby

    Cleetus in chick fil a clothes tho- so CUTE

  • stew twisty
    stew twisty

    alternative title: *the fight for chick-fil-a*

  • Black Crewmate
    Black Crewmate

    The first person to be a junkbot: *exists* Flamingo: *ay fam you want some help?*

  • enderspeakable me
    enderspeakable me

    I don't want this to be a gun video next server instantly pulls out a gun

  • ayden gaming
    ayden gaming

    Flamingo you have the best SLtoos channel I’m in your group my name is calebakkahaha

  • E Anne G
    E Anne G

    I was actually getting Chick Fil A while watching this Xd

  • MrTurtle

    What is that game

  • chxrryrxses !!
    chxrryrxses !!


  • Kalei Perales
    Kalei Perales

    What game

  • poopy disappointment
    poopy disappointment

    What's the game called

  • Mcpogger


  • JD Smith
    JD Smith

    Whats this game called?

  • Limit Bass
    Limit Bass

    wat name of game plz

  • AJ Brick Customs
    AJ Brick Customs

    What game is this

  • Team Prime
    Team Prime


  • Ugly Noob
    Ugly Noob

    Still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill still chill

  • Veronica Raymundo
    Veronica Raymundo

    He so funny

  • KùRü Kūñ-çHåñ Tzy
    KùRü Kūñ-çHåñ Tzy

    7:15 "STEP BRO."

  • Yumiko Kun
    Yumiko Kun

    3:05 Narrator: Once Alberts dream to have customers finally came true HE DIED BEFORE HE CAN EVEN FIND OUT WHO HIS CUSTOMER WANTRD TO LIE TO. The End :)

  • Mindlessmods


  • The Rat With a knife
    The Rat With a knife

    "Its a great day at chick fill a!"

  • Jose Navarro
    Jose Navarro

    Why did you say nuggets😂🤣😅

  • Jose Navarro
    Jose Navarro

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😆😆😆hahahahah Why just a nugget

  • Rainbow Slime
    Rainbow Slime

    5:00 dude that scream sounded like a ghast scream from minecraft

  • Robloxfnaf Gameplay
    Robloxfnaf Gameplay

    “American cars,American guns...” -Albert Artz 2020-

  • labrell guy
    labrell guy

    Roses are red Violets are blue I’m living this comment because nobody wants to

  • Sanio The Mii
    Sanio The Mii

    Past Albert is back

  • Matthew Vang
    Matthew Vang

    Oh my God Domingo that's cheating you know what your f****** b****

  • Mj cj Balolong
    Mj cj Balolong

    Shoots head

  • Bread

    No wonder he acts like he’s crazy. He’s a Florida man.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones

    Ps Albert dodge charger is made in Canada

  • Gael Romo
    Gael Romo

    Albert: *wears a tank top* Me: "Es un papucho,su cara parece tallada por los mismos ángeles".

  • Jonah dunk
    Jonah dunk

    0:08 the 1970 dodge charger is better then the 2015 one

  • Roboxian Kid
    Roboxian Kid

    Little E fell da

  • die_90

    Aye Albert name the most American gun in America from any time

  • out boy
    out boy

    He doesn't know Manuel ??????

  • frog

    i loved this video so much i made chicken. it was undercooked btw

  • David Acosta
    David Acosta

    Albert: “we don’t have burger, he only have chicken” “Oh okay!!” Albert: “goes to the back to make the burgers” Also Albert I wanted to ask how powerful are your 2 brain cells lol!!!

  • Soobins Icecream
    Soobins Icecream

    Albert: Die, Die, Die Die Die Die Me: D-Dazai Osamu?

  • Aiden _On Switch
    Aiden _On Switch

    When Albert plays a game with guns:THERES GUN IN HERE

  • Adidas Fan
    Adidas Fan

    Cute lil chick fil lay worked woo hoo

  • Black&White

    What is the name of this game?

  • Canni

    "i am going to blow your brains out dude" I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • Kain Carr
    Kain Carr

    MysteriousDayDreams : Robux Flamingo : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Dexy Press
    Dexy Press

    Albert: We are open at chick fil a! Someone: Shoots him

  • The cringe Show
    The cringe Show

    Me:Omg he's wearing a Vest Albert:Yeah,so Me: :O he's talking to me

  • WoverineTrys Hard
    WoverineTrys Hard

    These Noobs Wants Burgers Nah They Only Have Chicken Burgers And I Hate Chicken Burgers Peridot :D

  • Niciya Hill
    Niciya Hill

    One punch man TANK TOP TIGER 💪🐯

  • Scoosc

    Some guy: dead* Albert: *Look at this guyy he's hittin the jig*

  • dilo anime
    dilo anime

    What is the name of this game plz comment the answer plz?

  • lemonade mouth
    lemonade mouth

    albert in a tank top is 😤 he could beat me up. and i'd be ok with that. please flamingo, beat me up.

  • Addison Tiensivu
    Addison Tiensivu

    What’s this game called

  • Mark Verheyden
    Mark Verheyden

    Can I get a bang pls *shoots*

  • nurfarahain abdullah
    nurfarahain abdullah

    what is this roblox game this is my real comment /albert:what would you like /me:••••••/albert:i said may i take your order *shoots me*

  • Odd Dog 2k
    Odd Dog 2k

    What’s this game called???

  • Exploiting exdee
    Exploiting exdee

    8:30 ya'll know it's a quick flex with 487k robux

  • Redditor Infinity
    Redditor Infinity

    chick fil a sucks

  • The ceedaaa
    The ceedaaa

    The girl in the thumbnail says “ Can I get a number 9

  • Dolgorsuren Dorjsuren
    Dolgorsuren Dorjsuren

    If roblox dint have guns flamingo would not post

  • bobablush

    albert: *literally having trust issues that’s one noob: 𝑅 𝑂 𝐵 𝑈 𝑋

  • Tech ii
    Tech ii

    Flamingo: *shoots someone in the head* Flamingo: that the greatest thing in life

  • Tech ii
    Tech ii

    What roblox game is this please let me know

  • Goody Man gaming
    Goody Man gaming

    What game was that on fart box

  • Henry Stick man
    Henry Stick man

    What gsme is thus

  • Junior Gaming
    Junior Gaming

    OMG HE LIVES IN FLORIDA IM BOOKING A TICKET RN GOES ONTO Internet ticket app im sorry florida is on lockdown due to corona Dangit Runs to florida Sees welcom to florida sighn Sees gate Dies

  • Easton Facer
    Easton Facer

    CHIKfila See what I did there

  • お茶ボバ

    The most serious people watch albert

  • Sean Gibbons
    Sean Gibbons

    Can I have a... Me: COFFIN >:)

  • DemonWolfGaming

    What game are u playing

  • Wolf_ Genises
    Wolf_ Genises

    And robux was his last words........

  • Mr. Hello
    Mr. Hello

    He went to flamingo to Tyrone with that tank top

  • Dashira Torres
    Dashira Torres

    Berkeley County cn

  • Real Shmooie
    Real Shmooie

    10:27 seems like it was a takeout *ba dum chhh*

  • court plays
    court plays


  • kathy bruce
    kathy bruce

    Albert i will be able to find you pne day bc it would be my dream bc i live in flordia however you spell it

  • Krish Panchal
    Krish Panchal

    Me when I see a gun and I- wrong video


    Nice shirt

  • Unhinged Ice
    Unhinged Ice

    Why the heck does Albert wearing a tank top make him look buff

  • Gigi Hayden
    Gigi Hayden

    Albert: getting his first kill The guy he killed:*Leaves game*

  • Baby Y o d a
    Baby Y o d a

    He has some muscles wowers

  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller


  • ツthefoxprower1

    Not to be a hater but the miniature looks cruel

  • alison s
    alison s

    7:46: *going through a tragedy* 7:49: *r o b u x*

  • alison s
    alison s

    first 5 seconds of the video: “woohoo woohoo” 6th second of the video: “so theres guns in this game”

  • Cheeto Vercetti
    Cheeto Vercetti


  • wooosh

    bruh i was in the video -_-

    • wooosh

      around 2:40

  • Jaime

    Flamingo: I live in Florida. Me: Hippity hoppiity im coming to your property now give me your house or i will beat you up with a mouse then ill hit you in the head but then ill have to go to bed

  • Wxvy Thxughts
    Wxvy Thxughts

    Albert: RoBuX Also Albert: *dies*

  • Lanie Mesagrande
    Lanie Mesagrande

    I was laughing so hard at 8:36

  • Axtificial_YT

    10:30 this guy is a psychopath *me* so he's gonna be the psychopath in venom 2?

  • Axtificial_YT

    I live in Florida now give me your address