Albert / Flamingo plays AMONG US
Today I play Among Us which is a super fun game like a murder mystery thing with cutie characters yeah

  • rarepwnage2

    Tips of being imposter: use those vents when nobody is near by, and kill everyone and that button to do tasks click it to sabotage and close doors and cause many other things like: reactor meltdown, lose lights and oxygen depleted Tips of being the crewmate: just do tasks and stay away from people and vote sus people

    • useless_demon worthless
      useless_demon worthless

      If your the imposter and theirs other imposter their is red on thir name

    • Isxxc UwU
      Isxxc UwU


    • Aspect 0-0
      Aspect 0-0

      @WinterIsDead your wrong lol

    • Kylie Civil
      Kylie Civil

      @WinterIsDead he did.

    • EaRth wOrm sAlLy
      EaRth wOrm sAlLy


  • Mr Knight Dab
    Mr Knight Dab

    First round some bodies name was kakyoin then said i like cherries

  • Caleb Polo
    Caleb Polo

    I go in hot girl simleyater and I see you flamingo😇

  • Abeba Tekle
    Abeba Tekle

    Hi flamingo

    • Abeba Tekle
      Abeba Tekle

      YES 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Waylon Killpack
    Waylon Killpack

    Do you wanna see my SLtoos channel are you Gotta do is just spell my name

  • Jennifer Adler
    Jennifer Adler

    Hey did you get in a lobby with a persons username 5

  • AyanoAishiUwUzz

    •   ゚。   . .    .    。 。.  .   。  ඞ 。  . •

  • Faith Endico
    Faith Endico

    Among us Me: *Among gus*

  • Lucid_Sticky

    i just got some merch and its comfortable

  • Nathan Keyes
    Nathan Keyes

    Me: played among us but got voted out as imposter Evryone else: won as imposter

  • rivas kaufman
    rivas kaufman

    tdbarrett minecraft collinskey

  • •kemo cat•
    •kemo cat•

    l am still new but l keep bumping into wall's

  • Clarissa Limas
    Clarissa Limas


  • Clarissa Limas
    Clarissa Limas


  • Mw Mw
    Mw Mw

    Press kill

  • Itz Axalpha
    Itz Axalpha

    Are you my brother from another mother

  • • melanie crazy •
    • melanie crazy •

    muerda los hableros de ingles, is how you say it :D

  • Balloon Boy
    Balloon Boy


  • Fiona Fula
    Fiona Fula

    Albert: so people can focus on me Me: fOcUs On MeH f-F-fOcUs On MeH OoOoOooOoh

  • Fernando Alejandre
    Fernando Alejandre


  • Among us fan
    Among us fan


  • Sndhsnu Skajejn
    Sndhsnu Skajejn

    BUT RED WAS SUS oh yea its me xx

  • Laura K
    Laura K

    Am polish i could teach yu

  • Dkai1972

    The roblox code

  • T e a
    T e a

    And there’s a million things I haven’t done, but 9:08

  • Rainbow_Joyce

    crewmate:u find the imposter and u win imposter:kill until1/2 are left

  • Shelby. Gray
    Shelby. Gray

    I just relied I saw hot girl in the game ._. She was my friend in there .-.

  • Lily Austin
    Lily Austin


  • Bec Bec
    Bec Bec

    I like how every youtuber says among like amung

  • Kim Julienne Abcede
    Kim Julienne Abcede

    how have among us in lap top please tell me how


    I can't believe i played with Albert :DDD

  • Zinnia Bruton
    Zinnia Bruton

    I think my ears are bleeding after you did that like my God😞👈

    • Zinnia Bruton
      Zinnia Bruton

      On the headphone user

  • Analyn Klima
    Analyn Klima

    Oh Albert of you want the scare of your life in Among us find the 11th player trust me I've delt with him before its creepy first you find him but then when a dead body is reported he doesn't show up for some reason and eventually hell swap his colors until he turns into this really weird color then he kills you and after that he still doesn't appear in the lobby watch the video the 11th player for more information....... ...🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

  • Adam Jaeggle
    Adam Jaeggle

    I’m playing SpongeBob Square pants moves in

  • Adam Jaeggle
    Adam Jaeggle

    Play Among us now Adam jaeggle

  • Ivan Rodriguez
    Ivan Rodriguez


  • Aleksander Paczoski
    Aleksander Paczoski

    I speak polish well don’t tell me my address. /polish man sees a karen from america/ polish man: hallo. Karen: OMG HELP THIS IS POLISH In AMERICA! Other polish people:Co? (Co? means what? And hallo means hello ez only german is harder that Chinese and Japanese

    • Aleksander Paczoski
      Aleksander Paczoski

      Even don’t clean bents

    • Aleksander Paczoski
      Aleksander Paczoski

      Albert is good at least he’s a impo

    • Aleksander Paczoski
      Aleksander Paczoski


    • Aleksander Paczoski
      Aleksander Paczoski


    • Aleksander Paczoski
      Aleksander Paczoski

      Ye I speak polish

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood

    Albert: I played this so many times Also Albert: How do you talk? Me:...

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    What he said: "I don't want to be crewmate!", what I heard: " I want to be crewmate!"

  • Myles Goolsby
    Myles Goolsby

    Albert: how do you chat? 3 seconds later: i have a lot of playtime

  • Leo Stauber-Levy
    Leo Stauber-Levy

    I love how when people get voted out they get "cancelled". *lol.*

  • ツツA̶r̶t̶y̶_T̶i̶l̶l̶i̶e̶

    Albert when I he kills someone:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • tamara samer
    tamara samer

    si my Game Among oh my god😃

  • Anita Vaszilkó
    Anita Vaszilkó


  • Anita Vaszilkó
    Anita Vaszilkó

    you should have used the flamingo on your head

  • Cookie Unicorn
    Cookie Unicorn

    I heard if you say a random word you get alot of likes or replies by the way my random word is... E

  • Katherine Rand
    Katherine Rand

    What if xx saw this

  • Midnight Ocean
    Midnight Ocean

    Albert: i have a lot of experience with this game Play time: 3 minutes Me: Ok buster.

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy

    Matar a las hablantes de inglés That’s how you say kill teh English speakers In Spanish

  • Tam Watson
    Tam Watson

    Flamingo I don’t know where tasks are Me look at the map

  • Jaxinamatio

    9:38 mEeTiNg

  • Death_BringPlayz YT
    Death_BringPlayz YT

    There kakyoin on the jjba but the nane

  • Mr Nobody3021
    Mr Nobody3021

    Just a little time stamp for me 2:53

  • FNAF Story’s
    FNAF Story’s

    yes ples

  • Luna Hernandez
    Luna Hernandez

    AlBeRt: I aM NoT A BaD GuY

  • RatherOdd Person
    RatherOdd Person

    I played it so much I know how to play

  • Sergio Jimenez
    Sergio Jimenez

    I now Spanish

  • Alivia Rae
    Alivia Rae

    did anyone else relize , in alberts first game the code has like 4 letters-

  • Max Saxton
    Max Saxton

    descendants3 kickvic guccimane morgz myboy feelspecial heyimbee

  • AlphaGhost HD
    AlphaGhost HD

    among us: dead body reported albert: "ok, dead boy reported"

  • James Poulos
    James Poulos

    Me wearing headphones at 100% Albert ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😩 Me 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Sara J
    Sara J

    Tips for crewmate:you can see animation of people doing task for example the destroy meteors you can see the the gun shooting so that means there inoccent and sheilds if you see the light shine outside the space ship.

  • Katy Reberte
    Katy Reberte

    Albert is not FAT he is THICK

  • Talia Donmez
    Talia Donmez

    Am i the only one that realised the username Applepi and immediately thought of Kenma? I probably am

  • Ronron Novero
    Ronron Novero

    i like how flamingo had the meme thing i laughed so hard XD

  • jana kalaninova
    jana kalaninova

    THAT screem was funny ;)

  • Roblox gurls
    Roblox gurls

    Albert you should live stream and play among us so we can play wit you and i love you channel baiiiii❤️

  • Cookiecrumble_YT

    Just make a new tab and go to Google Translate and Translate the language u want and copy and paste it

  • Aliana Hall
    Aliana Hall

    I dOnT wAnNa bE a cReWmAtE!

  • siren head
    siren head

    This is a 2018 game

  • Addison Hammond
    Addison Hammond

    Hi flamingo

  • Honey• Bees•
    Honey• Bees•


  • Mia Santos-Aranda
    Mia Santos-Aranda

    It’s all tru I was xx 🙈

  • Daehing Yidtsho
    Daehing Yidtsho


  • bubbletex xx
    bubbletex xx

    i mean short

  • bubbletex xx
    bubbletex xx

    the vid was kinda fast

  • queen gracelin
    queen gracelin


  • A Donkey
    A Donkey

    card swipe is easy

  • Jason Laundry
    Jason Laundry

    Is no one gonna talk about 6:23

  • Snow_ Cupcake•x
    Snow_ Cupcake•x

    Eyes blue like the Atlantic. Goin down like the titanic~

  • Lal Tluangi
    Lal Tluangi

    Hint of venting don’t vent out straight away

  • Kayla Francis
    Kayla Francis

    2:53 When Yakko meets me

  • Mohamed Benhida
    Mohamed Benhida

    I make it I cannot get sorry

  • Pizzaloverchloe 17
    Pizzaloverchloe 17

    IF you want to know how to say poor noob in Spanish ITS pobre novato and if you want to say hello children ITs hola ninos and if yoU want to say rusty rat it’s Oxidado rata 😌✨

  • Official Penguin Plays
    Official Penguin Plays


  • Chi chi and nibbles My Guinea pigs
    Chi chi and nibbles My Guinea pigs

    Cyan and lime is the most chance u be a imposter

  • cid loko
    cid loko

    0:53 Love this moment

  • KiNg ePic gAmER
    KiNg ePic gAmER

    no problem albert that was music to my ears

  • Nathaniel SAVELIO
    Nathaniel SAVELIO


  • Eeyore Fires
    Eeyore Fires

    Albert: “tasks are easy enough for me!” Me: do card swipe.

    • Devan Chandra
      Devan Chandra

      @Eeyore Fires or u can do a little bit then instantly swipe it

    • Devan Chandra
      Devan Chandra

      @Eeyore Fires its hard for pc/laptop players but for mobile players its easy

    • Eeyore Fires
      Eeyore Fires

      @Malaika Mikaelsson the card swipe is hard for me tho-

    • Malaika Mikaelsson
      Malaika Mikaelsson

      Eeyore Fires its not even hard, i always get it on the first try. I dont get the big deal.

  • Liluzi Oficialfa
    Liluzi Oficialfa

    Mata a los que hablan English flamingo that how you say it

  • adawg the robloxian
    adawg the robloxian

    Flamingos MOTO:warning headphones no matters hat

  • Keith Brigette dela Cerna
    Keith Brigette dela Cerna

    6 player hoon it to be imposter

    • Keith Brigette dela Cerna
      Keith Brigette dela Cerna

      I mean join

  • Wlf

    He forgot vent

  • Dragoon Da MudWong
    Dragoon Da MudWong

    Albert: "But just you wait, just you wait" Me: *But when he was ten his father spilt, full of it*

  • Potato Games
    Potato Games

    Go get it! :D *if you want* very polite, thank you even though I already have merch

  • Chelcie

    Don’t kill let them vote them selves out

  • lol ok
    lol ok

    Albert dont you have a girlfriend?

  • a l ! h x a
    a l ! h x a

    9:47 I died of laughter here xDD

  • Bacon noodle Happy
    Bacon noodle Happy

    U got mrflimflam merch