There's a creature in this house
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Today I play Rust bucket or somethin a cool new scary Roblox game yaaa

  • Chrxyi Bot
    Chrxyi Bot


  • Epicness787

    1:34 I was on the toilet and almost squeezed my poop out from that

  • Andrei Rusca
    Andrei Rusca

    That Texture Is Named "RTX"

  • a random lego
    a random lego

    This reminds me of amnesia

  • Dream949


  • Super Panda
    Super Panda

    Albert: Steps on trip wire "Oh i'm dead NO i'm actually dead!" Me: Wow you had it coming bro the trip wire traps take 50 of your health and bear traps take 40.

  • gummybear2107


  • WoopsiezX

    When you won like 4 times and seeing him fail: NO DONT GO THERE NO LOOK DOWN NO MOVE

  • hot dinosaur
    hot dinosaur

    Albert is better beat this game one day. :)

  • Iris Gabriela
    Iris Gabriela

    Amnesia :0

  • This username is taken
    This username is taken

    *Why does this give me Amnesia vibes*

  • Cryler XD
    Cryler XD

    I Hate My Life Too

  • CamoFlash7

    5:32 Yeah... about that...

  • M1LK

    What game is this

  • Patrick real
    Patrick real

    1:02 dinner!

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason

    “I haven’t seen that little monster dude in a while” Monster: *_SHAWTY’S LIKE A MELODY IN MY HEA-_*

  • Izzabell Morris
    Izzabell Morris

    epic spoop list *screaming Albert **0:18** to **0:21* *another EPIC scream **0:29** to **0:30* *a n o t h e r scream **0:48** to **0:49* *FINALLY a jump-scare **1:34** to **1:36* *epic scream AGAIN **2:00** to **2:01* *GASP :OOO **2:04** to **2:05* *sad rat noises **2:38** to **2:40* *horrible decision **3:10** to **3:12* *the 2nd jump :OO **3:34** to **3:36* *AGAIN? **3:41** to **3:43* *lil spoop **4:16** to **4:17* *epic jump-scare **4:20** to **4:22* *:O another epic scare! **5:06** to **5:08* *get jinxed noob **5:36** to **5:38* *spoop **5:53** to **5:55* *ded **6:16** to **6:17* *hit **7:56** to **7:58* *doors are RUDE **8:11** to **8:12* That’s the end noob

  • Shalvaplays Roblox
    Shalvaplays Roblox

    *Sound: *maximum** *Me: sees the thumbnail of the video* *also me: time to get ready for some screaming better put my sound down before I loose ears*

  • Zalqua

    actually a thailand owner game

  • Scarfy The Kitten
    Scarfy The Kitten

    Why do i hear squishy

  • 〖 Nøt Shade〗
    〖 Nøt Shade〗

    “I haven’t seen the little monster dude in a while...” One second later.. Monster: *H3Y MY N4ME IS 8RYS0000N!!!!*

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    This video should be called flamingo play’s skyrim lol

  • TonicMerchs059

    Did anyone else hear the other SLtoosrs say a not so nice word as Albert would say

  • Gingerbread TV
    Gingerbread TV

    I had a dream where there was a long hallway and there were clocks on the walls and when I got to the end of the hallway I fell trough a door and before I hit the ground I woke up

  • Cute Catz
    Cute Catz

    10:46 That add make albert so oily

  • Cute Catz
    Cute Catz

    Is this a tutorial of "how to farm and harvest organs"?

  • gaming ready
    gaming ready

    Flamingo not easy

  • Nathan Andrew Davis
    Nathan Andrew Davis

    The Roblox game reminds me of both *_Amnesia: The Dark Decent_* and even *_Machine for Pigs_* for some reason.

  • Chicken Nugget Boy YT
    Chicken Nugget Boy YT

    Yes, Flamingo. That is how the heart beats. When the heart looks like it is being squeezed, it is pushing blood through veins/arteries and sends it to the rest of a persons body.

  • Alexandrina Valenzuela
    Alexandrina Valenzuela

    Flamingo: my foot is over it Bear trap: are you sure about that >:) (Clank)

  • Thanasis Fykaris
    Thanasis Fykaris

    8:54 albert succesfuly became a rubber ducky plush

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice


  • Clipex

    Albert: *breaks r0cks* AGHHH also Albert: *eh whatevr*

  • Corinne Liong
    Corinne Liong

    i subscribed to flamingo when he had 1M subscribers, and now he has 8.51M subscribers. Congrats albert.

    • Zayiela !
      Zayiela !


  • jwkmloygrgrt vyhjui
    jwkmloygrgrt vyhjui

    😂😂😂 4:21

  • Xiao Ting
    Xiao Ting

    10:46 I played that game The Apartment before, your trying to find your friend but he dedd by a monster very black and has red eyes, can you play the game? Not begging, I played it with somebody Who showed me she/he was also new, we played together and at the end the monster is there but if you go into him you get a badge, after that I think you win, it’s all that scary drama me in my old house, drama is exciting for me, Can you play that game? I don’t think it’s that hard.

  • halo


  • Sony Drawz
    Sony Drawz

    Amnesia in roblox?

  • -/ teddy bean \-
    -/ teddy bean \-

    how does he know what a spider eating it’s eggs sound like-?

  • Alpha bunny moon light [부드럽습니다
    Alpha bunny moon light [부드럽습니다

    This is like bendy and the link medicine bruh

  • Kurapikas Wife
    Kurapikas Wife

    i'm not buying your merch

  • hayden


  • Guest

    not me hiding in the comments cause im scared of a roblox game-

  • Kaden Grigas
    Kaden Grigas

    at 8:38 albert cusses

    • Zayiela !
      Zayiela !

      idk if u think he said "oh shit" or not but he said potion lol

    • Side-eyed Chloe
      Side-eyed Chloe

      uh what word?

  • Lil Candxys
    Lil Candxys

    I love how he was laughing at the dead rat

  • Lil Candxys
    Lil Candxys

    Albert: hellooooo did I do something to upset uuuu Me: well I was wearing head phones and u screamed at me soo kinda

  • ArsenalCactus

    Does this remind anyone of the horror game "A machine for pigs" or whatever its called?

  • Bruhanna Josinvil
    Bruhanna Josinvil


  • floobix

    albert, please, return to animal crossing, it's been 10 months :(

  • Jackson Duthie
    Jackson Duthie

    I cannot play it

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    2:25 : *mario noise*

  • spry cookiez
    spry cookiez

    omg albert swered omg B)

  • Zac Arnold
    Zac Arnold

    Is this game based off of the hills have eyes movie?

  • • Basically Trash •
    • Basically Trash •

    I heard a “Shush!” From the other room Problem is *im home alone*

  • dekta 104
    dekta 104

    Lesson learned kids, becarefull when stabbing someone

  • Eden Carpenter
    Eden Carpenter

    Is someone squishing in there BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

  • D e e r
    D e e r

    someone was squanching in that other room

  • Cam Kunash
    Cam Kunash

    Rip creek

  • kkleck

    I think Albert should make a video of playing one of games at the end of the video

  • Dominic Thottiyil
    Dominic Thottiyil

    Hey flamingo I have an idea for a admin command video why won’t you do a break in, in life in paradise and you break in with your other friends kaden and temprest and you and them will have guns and it’s like the purge video but only you and temprest and kaden only have guns and put on a mask also put on like a black suit and black pants so when there is a happy family in their house trying to close up there house for the break in BOOM you guys break in and shoot them it will be funny so if you see this please do it in a video I did think a lot about this and I think it will be funny to watch so just telling you 😊

  • Roblox Eclipt
    Roblox Eclipt

    Albert talking about his selfies during Golden Hour 😂

  • ZeRandom_Wolf

    Pls Albert to don’t use harmful traps however mice and rats like carrots not cheese so much, my sister has a mouse and I know this only because of her. Hope this could help.

    • P4NTAA

      Mice and rat’s carry diseases lol

  • Nabmcic

    I’ve played the apartment and school history with my uncle. Good times.

  • Trash Content
    Trash Content

    Flamingo you should talk about the Blue Whale Challenge and how to avoid it You are really popular and more people will know about it. Copy and Paste this message to your freinds.

  • Chris Kulka
    Chris Kulka

    That's a pretty decent roblox remake of Amnesia

  • Analyn C. Erandio
    Analyn C. Erandio

    8:38 flamingo said the sh*t word

    • Jacob Stinson
      Jacob Stinson

      Ik lol

  • Bob de Bilder
    Bob de Bilder

    u shouldve used rice insead of cheese to catch rats

  • •its yo gurl luna•
    •its yo gurl luna•

    That is how hearts beat they look like there being squished

  • Hajime Hinata
    Hajime Hinata

    -I always do this-

  • Alex ._.
    Alex ._.

    Please play paranormica

  • Turtle Queen
    Turtle Queen

    The creature is me guess who's me???? Hint:(I eat any meat and I live in land and water) idiot it's not a turtle

  • robin chwan
    robin chwan


  • Karleigh Giuliano
    Karleigh Giuliano


  • Fang Ago
    Fang Ago

    Is that even roblox wow

  • Nathan Olea Vitervo
    Nathan Olea Vitervo

    i just luv it when he rages

  • Tristian Akiro
    Tristian Akiro

    0:32 "Why do I hear squishy?" By far one of my favorite things he's ever said


    What is the roblox game name this game u playing albeRt

  • Regi Rock
    Regi Rock

    ÜN ÜN ÜN

  • Hisoka Jah
    Hisoka Jah

    HeY GuYs LeTS plAy RuSt BucKEt ThE nEW ScARY RoBlOx GamE YaaAA

  • fatal error sans
    fatal error sans

    He play thai horror game :)

  • Lila Eddins
    Lila Eddins

    "it sound like a spider eating is eggs or something"

  • xxblueberryxx

    i saw you in a game can you say hi

  • Beano ‘S
    Beano ‘S


  • Luca Amir Khayri
    Luca Amir Khayri

    Play little nightmares, it can be a livestream or something

  • Your_Local_Fon Fon_Shipper
    Your_Local_Fon Fon_Shipper

    "A squishy man, u know what I mean" - Albert 2021

  • trixfer105

    Guys albert said this on 8:37

  • •Plix•

    2:47 w0aH Albert got big muscles

  • coolman

    It's l:05 l still awake it is probably a different time by now

  • Wyatt R
    Wyatt R

    It sounds like he says oh shit at 8:38

  • xXEndSlayerXx

    for the rat traps, put a little bit of peanutbutter with a peace of dogfood on top, works like a charm.

  • Yn YT
    Yn YT


  • Yn YT
    Yn YT



    It's a shame steve jobs died of ligma what is my name

  • FunnyFlower


  • CatDetective ASMR Reign SaintClair
    CatDetective ASMR Reign SaintClair

    What game is that

  • Clxùdii

    5:32 This is the best part

  • Agent Slimey
    Agent Slimey

    Me: *realizing most Roblox youtubers are teenagers/adults playing a pixel game.

  • sugaryXsweet ._.
    sugaryXsweet ._.

    Literally Albert playing this: “Oooh what does this button do?”

  • Paeton Atkinson
    Paeton Atkinson

    “Hey! is someone squishing in there?” -Albert 2021

  • Dylan Tatum
    Dylan Tatum

    Why did flamingo die like it’s so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣