I used a Roblox DRONE to SPY and ATTACK NOOBS...
Thanks Jayingee for the idea sltoos.info/slow/ESiRVMacmdsijiOtKvOeKQ.html
Today I yoink Jayingee's mind for a good video idea where I take a drone in Roblox and use it to annoy random noobs wandering around

  • md yuni
    md yuni

    10:38 before 10:49 after

  • Jerimiah Clanor
    Jerimiah Clanor

    HECK 1:30

  • Furry Protector
    Furry Protector

    *"YOU ARE READY TO ENGLISH?"* *He speaks the true language of the gods.*

  • Shirley O'Sullivan
    Shirley O'Sullivan


  • MrOhoats

    1:58 That is the TF2 pan sound

  • Aly Plays
    Aly Plays

    8:51 this is even not u house

  • Cainon Betancour
    Cainon Betancour

    1:58 bye bye

  • alina apopii
    alina apopii

    I love cars plz no same and I have wast in roblox

  • Misael Aldana
    Misael Aldana

    I couldn't stop watching that

  • Misael Aldana
    Misael Aldana

    I loved the part when the break up

  • ChubbyCat

    2:05 paige you are still pretty! People are just too fortunate than others

  • Chillest Dude Ever
    Chillest Dude Ever


  • miguel umali
    miguel umali


  • Godwin Dogbey 2029
    Godwin Dogbey 2029

    0:04 I swear this man is the Mario voice actor

  • Gina HOO
    Gina HOO

    XD broke up zone XD u sat broke up spying on a zone -_-

  • User101


  • Eating show
    Eating show

    Flamingo how do you control ?

  • Katerina sourbi
    Katerina sourbi

    I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING WHEN U SAID "when I cut people in galf where do they go?" LIKE IT'S THE MOST FUNNIEST PART OF THE VIDEO

  • OzenVR

    6:00 is my fav part, I laugh so hard at how he says "The way u think I do"

  • BAssLiNe

    That player walking sideways probably knows that's *Famigo* so they annoyed him before leaving the game before experiencing the terror that is about to rise.

  • Mxsons_Pyxls


  • genet assefa
    genet assefa


  • Cool Gaming Dude Iban
    Cool Gaming Dude Iban

    yea slice that boi

  • ritute lagunaite
    ritute lagunaite

    1:03 Is alert secretly a girl

  • vitali s
    vitali s

    5:51 scp music kicks in

  • Itz your girl CC
    Itz your girl CC

    The video: FBI OPEN UP “this even not your house” Me: laughs so hard my mom mom can hear me from downstairs.

  • Mortfort games
    Mortfort games


  • Sabrina Mohamed
    Sabrina Mohamed

    Time my teacher cried because everyone was bad

  • Linda O'Connell
    Linda O'Connell


  • y e
    y e

    i drew a picture of “this is even not you house” and her roblox avatar like 4 months ago cos i just couldn’t stop laughing about it and i just found it so funny

  • Samuel63462

    *"Survival the drone the killer"*

  • Swetha S
    Swetha S

    When she said this ois not you house i laughed dor a day

  • ant_the_killler HMOC
    ant_the_killler HMOC

    Flamingo: who wants to eat some dead dog flamingo fans: ...RUN!

  • killua zoldclk
    killua zoldclk

    People who laugh at the pan noise

  • Abiel Melchor
    Abiel Melchor

    8:51 I cant stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sharkbox girls
    sharkbox girls

    WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O

  • Ray Spradlin
    Ray Spradlin

    Or he sotl ur idea

  • Rawr Rats
    Rawr Rats

    Albert:playing with the mouse My rat:👁👄👁🤌

  • black ninja
    black ninja

    Ok and is there a little more about what I can do as I have attached the document I sent in my email to get the information you sent through it to be made a couple few days ago so that you 3000 450 the file to be a friend and file a new version for the rest of my work 80 so that you can it be to complete this form once I get it back soon yea I it will would have a great day and I hope you it will be and that you will see me tomorrow and tomorrow as my head will be good to be able back in with you my love you love me and I miss you too miss you miss you so so much joy and miss I2 you miss you so so much and I miss you dude so sorry for not being back at night I have been working on the same and I am a girl with 40 robux and I a lot of little people in I know

  • black ninja
    black ninja


  • Samuel Salinas
    Samuel Salinas

    1:56 *slicer* *its* *neck*

  • Uchiha clan
    Uchiha clan

    This is even not you house

  • Christina Coronado
    Christina Coronado


  • Daughter

    1:20 Albert: I’ll just give u a lil poke Also Albert: *goes straight into her and disintegrates her*

  • Eleonora Hourani
    Eleonora Hourani

    Robber breaks in “This is even not your house” *robber kills her*

  • Jeffery Williams
    Jeffery Williams

    Me: On slide My brother: 1:58

  • Ba̸d Bi̸tty
    Ba̸d Bi̸tty


  • Ba̸d Bi̸tty
    Ba̸d Bi̸tty

    Me when I look in the mirror: 839

  • Kialeen Beardy
    Kialeen Beardy

    I like is

  • Madelyn Baise
    Madelyn Baise

    "i like no glasses" me: * sniff sniff *

  • Meghan Yingling
    Meghan Yingling

    Hi drone *drone chops of girls head* OOF

  • Alastor The Radio Demon
    Alastor The Radio Demon


  • Sword Leader
    Sword Leader

    My classmate made teacher cry by playing with cards She took her card and her father got mad

  • Yushi Cutamora
    Yushi Cutamora

    4:22 lol me and my classmate did that back in 2017

  • Jocelynn Sanchez
    Jocelynn Sanchez

    When ever the FBI showed up and she said this even not you house I laughed SO hard!😂

  • Christopher Hoover
    Christopher Hoover

    If you cut someone in half they go to heaven or somewhere way more deeper.

  • Rick Stelmach
    Rick Stelmach


  • ThegamerDunso!


  • Gacha Sophia
    Gacha Sophia


  • Bg04 Lpbro
    Bg04 Lpbro

    Flamingo I am your BIGGGGGG, fan yea I LOVE YOU SM

  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris

    I don't know why, but the sound effects make it so much better!🤣

  • Candelaria Sosa
    Candelaria Sosa

    2:28 and 2:48 ahahahahaha I cried stop laughing

  • PrincessKaty704

    Albert Is our queen also I have a quiz for you flamingo the quiz is Quiz: There is 2 doors the first door has a dead rotting dog and in the second door has kaden farting which door is safe or would you choose :0

  • Adedunni Shittu
    Adedunni Shittu

    aNd the osCaR gOeS tO oN

  • Nhea Jimenez
    Nhea Jimenez

    I can't stop laughing with the breathing part

  • smithers639

    Don't.your just hurting people you don't care well your being a true jerk

  • black ninja
    black ninja


  • smithers639

    You just bullie kids trying to play Roblox your a bullie a super bullie

  • bigtingzmatter

    8:54 this is even not u house 👁 👄 👁

  • anne silva
    anne silva


  • Jacob Simpson
    Jacob Simpson


  • Reenzeil Latoza
    Reenzeil Latoza

    HAHHahhaahhaahha 8:54

  • Leyla Monge
    Leyla Monge


  • Lili Rossman
    Lili Rossman

    I violently coughed to HECK during this whole vid 🤪😜😂🤣😂🤣😂😎😜😜🤪

  • voidic


  • Alexander Berry
    Alexander Berry


  • Dorian Brann
    Dorian Brann

    Bless you bless you blessyou

  • Rose Sommerfeld
    Rose Sommerfeld

    bless you

  • Gamer_Boy2567

    Get in contact with a vr owner and see if he could give you admin commands to use a drone to annoy others

  • damied hare
    damied hare

    Spam spam spam spam Spam spam spam

  • Zander Thomas
    Zander Thomas

    blese you alber

  • Lilly

    Or amazing

  • Lilly

    Say lol of u or ugly

  • Lilly

    She's not sad I join her she's not sad dude 🙄

  • Lilly

    The people or daters else I make them mad lol😂😂😂

  • Lilly

    I don't know what's wrong with roblox? Is now dating with those people.?

  • Lilly

    Even scary u go put blood

  • Lilly

    This is very cofused me why people walk wayside?

  • Steven Pilinis
    Steven Pilinis

    *”YOU ARE READY TO ENGLISH?”* He speaks the true language of gods

    • Twisler Rabbit
      Twisler Rabbit


  • Shurtera Bibi
    Shurtera Bibi

    Girl: I like no glasses Me: who asked

  • Ali rashid
    Ali rashid

    I don’t know doesn’t work for me

  • Kaden Doetzer
    Kaden Doetzer

    who is here rn

  • Christy Onugha
    Christy Onugha

    I like how Flamingo talks tho imao!

  • Rehan Agha
    Rehan Agha

    Auto bots roll out*

  • Rehan Agha
    Rehan Agha


    • Rehan Agha
      Rehan Agha

      Auto bots roll out

  • ¡RezOtter Game¡
    ¡RezOtter Game¡

    Video idea: Get in the same game (the game where you are in at 5:50) you are in and put the treehouse in a box like thats the only part of the map, close off spawn too, teleport everyone to you and grab a sword or the drone you are using this video in and kill people like its survival the ___ the killer.

  • Marvin Vicente
    Marvin Vicente

    Flamingo is making the noobs angry but flamingo can use admin i have admin too and i will be Nothing XD

  • ThePanAnd_ GenderApatheicIdiot
    ThePanAnd_ GenderApatheicIdiot

    fla go + Su art = Rat Man.

  • Melvin and Tango's gaming zone UwU
    Melvin and Tango's gaming zone UwU

    5:41 me everytime my Internet is gone

  • WinterSnow Playz
    WinterSnow Playz

    I felt a threatening aura and feeling at the start-