Roblox tycoons lol
soob bride kaden
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Today I play random Roblox tycoons with kaden fumblebottom from the kaden fumblebottom youtube channel


    Oh ya Anna broke up with albert

  • Flushy

    i remember when i played so many tycoons even princess tycoon

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    3:49 I like when kaden said selflog

  • Deonica Diltz
    Deonica Diltz

    You forgot pet tycoon

  • Kayla Dennison
    Kayla Dennison

    Does anyone else see a cute gay couple

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  • DivineAnimations

    Tycoon pls pls pls

  • Marselinus Putra
    Marselinus Putra

    There is Scp Tycoon Lol

  • Bacon Cat14
    Bacon Cat14

    Albert is the meaning of life

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    luther Shawky

    a pro you big pro

  • luther Shawky
    luther Shawky

    omg all

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    Landon Vasquez

    pls mom pls robex

  • janyssa coleen M. Mallare
    janyssa coleen M. Mallare

    And i play that game

  • janyssa coleen M. Mallare
    janyssa coleen M. Mallare

    How do u drop some stuff in roblox

  • monicavikas 79
    monicavikas 79


    • monicavikas 79
      monicavikas 79


  • Axolotl

    16+ Frozen 3: Violonce...

  • V&C


  • Zoinker

    Lizzy is my friend

  • Crazy Canyon
    Crazy Canyon

    Who were has herd of Albert saying this (my grandparents just died . . . . . . . TyCoON)

  • Sakura_aesthetic

    Probably all those ppl playing are like, 5 year olds playing

  • Ali

    when alberd said he got harrassed by a homeless man *i felt that*

  • Iriahas Trujillo
    Iriahas Trujillo

    this video is exactly 680 seconds

  • •RiNo LiNo•
    •RiNo LiNo•


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    kevin games


  • Brandi Hatter
    Brandi Hatter

    gater head LMAOOO

  • xBlue Berry Babbyx
    xBlue Berry Babbyx

    Alberts video tittles can be so lazy, but I love that 😂

  • Stupidlydramtic

    do a winning smile raid albert

  • Violet Bruckman
    Violet Bruckman

    No or

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    Zyber Baldedaj


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    Cartesha Davis

    Not sure what if you’re coming back oh no horror

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    Greg Obreiter


  • inotmythforrealz

    45:45 lol

  • Richmond Sherwin Hisola
    Richmond Sherwin Hisola

    Play bank tycoon pls

  • Liam Lee
    Liam Lee

    Snow flake eater 1:45

  • Reverse Earth worm sally
    Reverse Earth worm sally

    0:14 XD it sound like Albert said a bad word XD

  • Unspeakable 5876
    Unspeakable 5876

    Take that back about the junk bot lol junk bot week past and still lives today

  • German Police
    German Police


  • Zachary Nguyen
    Zachary Nguyen


  • Zachary Nguyen
    Zachary Nguyen

    Give me robux

  • golden pumpkin rodan 2.0
    golden pumpkin rodan 2.0


  • roblax ss
    roblax ss


  • Smasher Monk
    Smasher Monk

    kill me

  • Kulane Matthews
    Kulane Matthews

    I found a tycoon where you can buy stuff for your team mate

  • Piss Burrito
    Piss Burrito

    6:09 Junkbot: Origins

  • Husti & Yab’s Family Pass
    Husti & Yab’s Family Pass

    Thumbnail: bloody babies

  • AliyahDreams

    When I was a kid on roblox I would go to a tycoon and buy the swap people thing and stand in my laser door and swap with somebody it was so amusing to me.

  • Justin Schwarz
    Justin Schwarz


  • Justin Schwarz
    Justin Schwarz

    space mining thcoon

  • gamerFRKdude

    I wAnT sOmE bObUx

    • gamerFRKdude

      PlS mE Is Am PoOr

  • nurpo


  • Ivan Plays
    Ivan Plays

    We the go the do the he we do go to play roblox adopt me yesterday I got to the gym I got to the dance dance I was with my friend I and who I saw it and she said I don’t really want it I think so I’m going out

  • Apple Plays
    Apple Plays


  • Cat One
    Cat One

    Help I always have to play tycoons with my cousin but I hate them

  • Uganda knuckles
    Uganda knuckles

    She's not elsa she's jimmy

  • Jennifer Cabaccang
    Jennifer Cabaccang


  • Rocky AndBubbles
    Rocky AndBubbles

    Mi dude

  • Rocky AndBubbles
    Rocky AndBubbles


  • Ham Playz
    Ham Playz

    dude if raining tacos was a copyrighted song they would take down 30 of my videos ParryGripp: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!!!

  • Mystery Wolf
    Mystery Wolf

    8:28 My little cousin made me join a tycoon game and complained about him spending robux on it and not getting the drop.....

  • dace stoun
    dace stoun

    adopt me faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • dace stoun
    dace stoun

    adopt me faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • SparklyHinata

    The second I saw this video and it started I thought of the meme that went like this: Kid: mommy can I be Elsa when we go see frozen Mom: no of course not Kid: why Mom: CAUSE IM ELSA U CAN BE FRICKING ANNA!

  • • 56kLocks •
    • 56kLocks •

    fortnite tycoo- i mean frozen tycoon : D

  • XxmintyxX OwO
    XxmintyxX OwO

    My father has an ex named Anna you an him have something in common xD

  • TurboPlaysRoblox

    ok here's rest of the tycoons you haven't played : SLtoos tycoon anime tycoon two player anime tycoon ride 999999999 miles down a slide tycoon ################# tycoon ######### tycoon #################### tycoon ########## tycoon tycoon

  • Joseph Pineda
    Joseph Pineda

    Wait if he likes elsa... is he A GIRLY BOY?!?!??!!

  • Jay Mathew
    Jay Mathew

    Elsa lol

  • Spattymcfatty

    This took me 2 fricking hours to write so you better like it: What was it that brought them together, to be united in this perfect love? They had known each other since they were children. They had spent time together so often that, despite all differences, others often mistook them as siblings. However, it was not until recently that they had recognized their feelings for each other. From then on, mrflimflam was sometimes needy and close, but then suddenly cold and fearful. Temprest tried his best to hide his pain, but it was plain in his globes. That was how it was to this very day. Yes. He often reflected upon that day with fondness. It was a day that had changed his life, after all. mrflimflam, an agonized young man in his best years, stood alone on the beach, gazing over the sapphire water with his dark cerulean spheres. Gazing emptily into the wind, he embraced the cool ocean breeze against his scalp. He tried to deny the stirrings in his heart, resting his cheek against one hand as he hummed "My Immortal" to himself. The sun glinted off of his healthily color-touched fair shoulders and a pair of navy jeans that showed off the shape of his body. He had a pained visage with a glowing bloom-colored-flushed silvery head. For a moment, he absorbed herself in these thoughts, of him, and Temprest. "mrflimflam," Temprest said simply with an admiring look-over and a smile on his face. His pitch-dark pools gazed at her, belying his unblemished heart. He was dressed in his own unique fashion, a style unlike that of anyone else mrflimflam knew. He was sunny and sturdily built. This is a bug with the color synonym interpreter. Please report this to Ammie. A sunny growth of hair adorned his chin. As mrflimflam drew nearer, he caught a note of Temprest's familiar scent, mixed in with the lingering odor of the stables. His depths softened. It always reminded him of the time they shared. "Temprest. I feared you might not come," mrflimflam whispered. "Of course I came," he said nonchalantly. Mrflimflam shook his head. "Everyone else abandoned me." "I won't leave you," Temprest said firmly. Temprest held his hand out to him, and hesitantly mrflimflam took it. With that, they began to walk along the beach. mrflimflam's mind was flooded by painful thoughts. He clung tightly to Temprest's soft hand as if it could save mrflimflam. He was not really alive! Temprest, strong as he was, wouldn't possibly be willing to bear his burdens. "What is it, mrflimflam?" Temprest suddenly asked. "N-nothing," mrflimflam whispered. "Why do you ask...?" "You've got my hand in a death grip." Mrflimflam let his head droop and let go. He was always causing Temprest trouble.... "I don't mean it like that. I mean if something's bothering you, you should tell me." "No... Temprest, I couldn't..." Temprest looked at mrflimflam long and hard. Temprest was struggling to understand what it was that plagued mrflimflam, but to mrflimflam, it seemed like he was glaring at him. "I-I'm sorry, I'm always so..." "Always so... what?" "..." Temprest scratched his head and looked out over the sea. "You'll tell me when you're ready, won't you?" mrflimflam gave the faintest of nods. But of course he could not imagine ever feeling ready to tell him his secrets. In truth, mrflimflam hardly even deserved him. mrflimflam was ... Nothing but an outcast. A freak. mrflimflam was unworthy of his time. The very thought of that brought tears to his eyes, and he looked away from Temprest to hide them. But he couldn't hide the sobs that shook him. "mrflimflam." mrflimflam rubbed the tears from his eyes. "mrflimflam, look, you need to tell me. You're a mess!" "I... I can't tell you. You'll be terrified...." "I fear nothing," Temprest said firmly. "It's... I'm..." mrflimflam's shoulders shook, and he buried his face in his hands. "Forget it! Let's just..." Temprest put an assuring arm around mrflimflam's shoulders and brought him toward himself. "Hey... hey. It's all right... I'm here. I'm here." After a few moments, they found themselves walking down the beach again. mrflimflam couldn't stop thinking about his strange existence. It plagued him endlessly -- while he was far from Temprest and while he was near. It threatened to consume him. When mrflimflam had let the faintest hints slip in the moments before, it had already taken taken so much of his will. With concern, Temprest turned his gentle crystals toward mrflimflam. "mrflimflam? What's wrong?" "Temprest... it's..." And at that moment everything came together, all of the magic and the hurt that had been building that day, and he locked his globes with his and whispered, "You can tell me." It was like a floodgate burst, or some barrier of fear had been struck down. mrflimflam shook his head and everything came out at once. "I don't... I don't even know how to tell you this.... I'm not... I'm not alive in the way you are. Temprest... I fear you might not understand. My existence itself is so different from others who walk this world! When I imagine that you could think differently of me... it hurts, Temprest." Temprest listened silently and solemnly. At last, when all the words had left mrflimflam and he was at a loss for words, Temprest reached out to him and took a deep breath to whisper back, "mrflimflam... that's awful. It wish that weren't how it is. I wish I could say more. mrflimflam...." mrflimflam's eyes began to burn, and he abruptly pulled Temprest into a fierce embrace. Temprest's windows to his soul widened at first, but then he too felt overwhelmed by emotion and succumbed to the warmth of mrflimflam's touch. "You," mrflimflam whispered, his breath hot on Temprest's ear. "As long as you're here, I... I can make it." They held each other as tears trickled down cheeks and dripped onto the shifting sands to be carried away into the sea. With time and soothing embraces, their pain dissipated into a mist swept out by the ocean breeze and into the setting sun. They basked in each other's quiet companionship for a few moments. "Look... it's the sunset." mrflimflam lifted his head at Temprest's words to behold the dying sun's fiery radiance. "Mm." After a moment of silence, Temprest said quietly and seriously, "It's destiny, isn't it. Us, together." Mrflimflam clasped Temprest's soft hand and murmured in response, "I'm... so lucky." Temprest brought their clasped hands to his lips. "As long as the world goes on, as long as time flows... we will be together." mrflimflam sighed with contentment and brought Temprest closer. He gazed at the beautiful honey-colored rays of the falling sun, thinking about everything that had transpired on this day and all that would pass between them. "I love you, Temprest." "I love you too, mrflimflam." Their lips met, and for a moment before they closed them, turquoise orbs met charcoal ones, aflame in the dying light. The sand was their witness and the rumbling ocean their approving audience, and Temprest, his eternally faithful lover. mrflimflam thought to himself that nothing had ever been so perfect for him as this.

  • Anna Sparks
    Anna Sparks

    my name is anna ;-;

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    Miguel Gamer

    Do spawn kill

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    Nerta Thorsten

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional turn clinicopathologically knock because kimberly inexplicably argue athwart a witty keyboard. grandiose, neat spruce

  • The Epic Face Man
    The Epic Face Man


  • Marivel Duran
    Marivel Duran

    the titles really make the videos

  • Sans YT BG
    Sans YT BG

    play god tycoon

  • floop floop 666
    floop floop 666

    you are the only reason i can fight with a sword

  • simplynoname

    And this is how junkbot week started

  • enno hendrix ortanez
    enno hendrix ortanez

    when flamingo said hthhrhrhrrhrhrhr he sounded like a caveman

  • pypo_p2


  • tailsfan06 the zombie slayer
    tailsfan06 the zombie slayer


  • snowy33

    Your gonna end on the 31 of December 2020

  • Aqwa Hawk
    Aqwa Hawk

    I fell asleep while watching this then I heard the minigun gunshots

  • JeiynasBrother Roblox
    JeiynasBrother Roblox


  • JeiynasBrother Roblox
    JeiynasBrother Roblox


  • Mxddie

    Mr bim bam, pls pls gimmie big robux. My pet couch died the other day and his dying wish was for me to have lots of big big robux

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    dwyane dino


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    Austin Chang


  • Austin Chang
    Austin Chang


  • Austin Chang
    Austin Chang

    Zelsowoslalakz I’m get lot comment

  • TropiZD0

    9:40 every time you buy something in this tycoon it make the Apple Pay successful payment sound.

  • Precious Meghan Omaging
    Precious Meghan Omaging

    Albert:I'm princess Mom: your favorite SLtoosr is now gay Me:mom albert not gay i don't know anymore mom maybe Albert is gay

  • jude delvalle
    jude delvalle

    i like how nobody spams albert so this must be they're very first time playing Roblox cause albert is a god amongst men

  • SecreterPlays Gang
    SecreterPlays Gang

    They wear these heads cuz they predicted the junkbot raid :/

  • Schierke

    Lizzy is so cute :-(

  • Vojsava Hysa
    Vojsava Hysa

    I like how there is death in roblox i don't think i will play roblox if there was no death

  • A jar of poop
    A jar of poop

    if your bored and are using twitch a tycoon won't be fun just a little thing to do

  • Anna Baisch
    Anna Baisch

    Me with the name Anna: :,(

  • Beanos Gaming
    Beanos Gaming

    "shes bleeding all over my hands" -Albert hey kakashi you have a competitor

  • Lil Oofy
    Lil Oofy

    a l b e r t s m a r t c o o l

  • FlyingOctopus

    Naruto tycoon

  • Bruh XD
    Bruh XD

    Albert : Yours poor as fu I can't buy stuff for you

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