Roblox murderer was right on top of me and didn't know...
30% off tees right now then NEW stuff black friday lets gooo
Today I did the murder mystery 2 hiding stuff and legit multiple people stepped on me and didn't know I was there lol

  • Flamingo

    sorry about black screen at end it'll be removed within next couple hours lol oopsy

    • ꧁editswjad e꧂
      ꧁editswjad e꧂

      It’s been a month Albert

    • 中文课


    • Rim Taouil
      Rim Taouil

      It ok :)

    • Jared Warfield
      Jared Warfield

      Give oil give oil give oil give oil

    • Ishaan Dhanjal
      Ishaan Dhanjal


  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer

    Ninja little boi. You don’t say

  • jeremy brown
    jeremy brown

    Murderer:Where is he? Albert:Dumb.


    Can u pls do an assassin mode mm2 PLSSSSS

  • Sunniva Hatteland
    Sunniva Hatteland

    Can anyone Make a flamingo cereal in real life?

  • Jaja's Banana Squad
    Jaja's Banana Squad

    Hey flamingo i used the stairs hiding spots in mm2 but i have no headless but SUPRISE I DIDN'T DIE


    6:32 loll thank meh later

  • GalaxySquad

    Someone tell Albert it was a frickn animation

  • Zoe Mucher
    Zoe Mucher

    I SWEAR! When he said the second murderer, though he said second pervert. LMAO

  • Ninja Player
    Ninja Player

    Chain geT nOoB

  • Staring Hamster
    Staring Hamster

    1:00 Albert she wasn’t waving it’s just her idle animation lol! Seriously I think it’s the werewolf one. Lol!!!!

  • Autumn Xiong
    Autumn Xiong

    Albert: Show me how good my stupid little hiding spot is... The sounds in the video: Flexing music? Also albert: Literally showing his arm in the camera

  • Ariiixa


  • aikvo

    1:30 Dream: *hOlAaAa nInnNooOoOõ*

  • Jaxon Watson-Fehr
    Jaxon Watson-Fehr

    Albert=Donald duck confirmed?????

  • Hyper Green Sebastian
    Hyper Green Sebastian

    I saw someone with the same outfit as you and called them "smol boy"

  • Sacha Wilkinson
    Sacha Wilkinson

    i was laughing so hard when he said "little elf little shelf"

  • PK XD Snowboy12
    PK XD Snowboy12

    1:30 Nani

  • Mary Lou Ramos
    Mary Lou Ramos

    Why you always sheriff

    • Drew Nally
      Drew Nally

      He has admin commands thingy

  • Krystal Hernandez
    Krystal Hernandez

    7:10 Sudden Changes Sans be like xd

  • UniqueKxm


  • Tortilla’s Roblox
    Tortilla’s Roblox

    “Omg she’s waving” Albert it’s an animation.

  • die

    Nice mice nice mice nice mice lol

  • Laura Grindey
    Laura Grindey

    your sheriff but why arent you shooting the murderer?

    • Drew Nally
      Drew Nally

      Funnier to hide

  • Mauro rivera
    Mauro rivera

    I saw dream

  • Candyclous5 a ROBLOX creator
    Candyclous5 a ROBLOX creator

    *If we could hack Albert's acc-*

  • Alien Lord
    Alien Lord

    1:38 X- B O X

  • Sloth da best
    Sloth da best

    being the dumb roblox player-WHERE IS HE *walks on head*' me be like: ;-;................

  • BaconRBLX

    Flamingo ugly even his voice so frickin loud

    • BaconRBLX

      @Drew Nally im just a hater

    • Drew Nally
      Drew Nally

      Then don’t watch

  • Objestical _yt
    Objestical _yt

    Flamingo can strangle you with his arms omg


    i keep watching this lol



  • K_anatural910 K
    K_anatural910 K

    I like how Albert is singing in the beginning

  • Jade Aurellano
    Jade Aurellano

    Play Kat in roblox

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

      Y e s

  • Pvt. Daniels
    Pvt. Daniels

    I gave you a freind requst and my username is mysteprincess

  • Yujie Ofngol
    Yujie Ofngol

    flamingo/albert: hiding also flamingo/albert: SHERIF

  • GX BL
    GX BL

    The intro for flamingos merch is called Shokawa by siny :)

  • Easter Mysterious poo kid
    Easter Mysterious poo kid

    Flamingo when you talk a Noob talking you sound like a

    • Easter Mysterious poo kid
      Easter Mysterious poo kid

      You sound like a robot

  • Dweders Gaming
    Dweders Gaming

    1:30 I guess you could say it was the greatest plan Albert XD

  • Spongy KATANA
    Spongy KATANA

    All most 10m

  • Aiken_bacon

    7:15 White Vented lol

  • strawberry cow :3
    strawberry cow :3

    Albert when he see's someone trying to rat out his spot:GET AWAY STUPID RAT YOUR RUINING MY FUNNY MOMENTS

  • JaxonArts

    Flamingo intro lyrics: BA BA BADA BA, BA BA BA BA BA BA BA BADADAAA

  • Bayron Lantigua
    Bayron Lantigua

    oh ok

  • Ren niee
    Ren niee

    Is she waving or she’s scratching her head...?

  • Hiro Muller
    Hiro Muller

    The women who came out the ground she’s using auto clicker

  • maxy b
    maxy b

    My volume was at 70...... I'm using earbuds ;-;

  • Combineharvesterboy

    3:44 me: wait so you're dreaming about this the entire time?

  • Pixelated -
    Pixelated -

    Hello I’m an idiot kid with 78/90 grade in my subjects

  • Harp Kahlon
    Harp Kahlon


  • Lennox Lennox pratt
    Lennox Lennox pratt

    I saw dream

  • Toxic butters
    Toxic butters

    Ok but did anyone see the person dressed like Dream 👁👄👁👊🏻

  • Noob town bj twin gaming Gaming
    Noob town bj twin gaming Gaming

    shes not waving its just the animation :|

  • Dani Pina :3
    Dani Pina :3

    Alburt, do you support the LGBTQ+? Cuz I do.

  • crystal midnight
    crystal midnight

    i like the xbox players and bc they cant chat

  • summer

    When I see intro A static :>

  • KarinnaPlays

    I find it funny that Albert thought she was waving to him even though it was just part of the animation pack

  • rovlog yt
    rovlog yt

    0:00 will send u to 0:00 - 0:00

  • River's Reading Corner
    River's Reading Corner

    This makes me wanna play murder mystery

  • george sani
    george sani


  • CJZ

    3:56 *dislikes* 2 seconds later *joins game*

  • Ha :D
    Ha :D

    1:30 is when dream speed runs

  • Alexis Cazarez
    Alexis Cazarez

    I'm lucky on the green screen map

  • Payton S Guntli
    Payton S Guntli

    when the noob walks in with cromas

  • Martin Stan
    Martin Stan

    She wasn't waving, Albert. That's her animation, she's scratching her head lol.

  • daniel So
    daniel So

    You can see dream at 1:30

  • -Broken-Cødes-

    Anyone notice the at 1:30 it was a Roblox ✨Dream✨? Lol I Had To Go Back A Couple Times To Be Sure 😂. Ok it ain't him but still Lol.

  • Wolfie

    Can oof

  • EA Gamer
    EA Gamer

    0:59 “SHES WAVING SHES WAVING” thats her idle animation edit: poopuueushwgagavgF HAHAHAHA FUNNY POOPOO

  • RzrBonkxp

    filmingo talkin gay in 6 mins in

  • Bill Matthews
    Bill Matthews

    Hey there's the youtuber dream

  • Treecat 34
    Treecat 34

    Lol flamingo your the best my user is Treecats34

  • tatyana unguryan
    tatyana unguryan

    LOL 6:18 is so funny

  • Nestor Navarro
    Nestor Navarro

    What game this is

  • Larissa Kendall
    Larissa Kendall

    I wish that alberts scream was my lock down alarm I won't not even hide I would just laugh to death

  • pizza 4ever
    pizza 4ever

    Why is everyone saying the intro was good

  • Stacy Diaz
    Stacy Diaz

    I just ate flamingo

  • Sheri Smith
    Sheri Smith

    He is lucky that he did not die

  • Tegan L
    Tegan L


  • Bangtan Sonyeodan
    Bangtan Sonyeodan

    I SWEAR MY FAVORITE ICONIC LINE FROM ALBERT IS “get noob” like just pls-

  • Natalia Preciado
    Natalia Preciado

    Did flamingo lose followers?

  • ツmillie

    The intro: ✨🌸🍓🍰 The video: 🥸💀🔪🔫

  • I can draw Yo
    I can draw Yo

    SHUT UP ALBERT YOU SAID ALL XBOX PLAYERS ARE SUNSCREEN EATERS at ah ah ALBERT I'm not a sunscreen eater and I play on Xbox

  • Ivan Alimov
    Ivan Alimov


  • Roblox Footage
    Roblox Footage

    the waving was part of the toilet animation idle

  • M. Haz1
    M. Haz1

    I like how someone looks like Dream 1:29 Just past

  • Mochii_Froggii

    (°-°) Excuse me the title...

  • Royal Pickle The 11
    Royal Pickle The 11

    The Amazon Review on the Couch: *My couch keeps making gun noises and trying to shoot me! It's driving me crazy!*

  • Oofio

    5:02 flamingo sounds like donald duck lol

  • SkyPlayzRBLX

    I can’t believe how many times he said- GENUINELY

  • Rico Longstreet
    Rico Longstreet


  • Rico Longstreet
    Rico Longstreet


  • Mega cat gaming
    Mega cat gaming

    This is where Andreajs354 was missing

  • Rico Longstreet
    Rico Longstreet


  • Bleep Man
    Bleep Man

    Black Friday: Comes Flamingo Fans: Do you know ehat time it is

  • Rat

    Why flam flam be so buff

  • Digital Trio
    Digital Trio

    I love it when he said GET NOOB Albert is the best

  • Galaxy Man
    Galaxy Man

    0:00 that crusty hand lol

  • Noah King
    Noah King

    Albert: wait, idk who’s who Zombies fan: hold up

  • Lucas Xiao Fei
    Lucas Xiao Fei

    you can vibe in alberts intro

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