Game that is probably too messed up for Roblox...
I FORGOT THE HALLOWEEN INTRO! Today I play a really spooky game, like super super spooky.
play it here:

  • LOOP

    im not scared of watching people play it :p


    Albert: Hello? Demon: Hi! Albert: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH 5:50

  • Ry Gaming
    Ry Gaming

    That language is nepali lol i can understand. First game that i've seen on roblox thats nepali XD

  • Fugfill Sky
    Fugfill Sky

    I'm 13, is that possible ?😐😐 To late I already watched the video 😑

  • Cat Williamson
    Cat Williamson

    The only reason I'm pretty sure you get warm when you get scared is because of the adrenaline rushing through your body and then calming back down once you've went through the "scary part" it's like a series of events

  • Beverly Binkley
    Beverly Binkley

    the text translates to: Dementia, a psychological scary experience. You get lost inside a house, not only in a house but also the home of a deranged psychopath. You try and get out of this room, end in another. You see, endless halls, each leading to each other. Gradually and slowly, they are trying to find answers to many questions that have never been answered. Enjoy this experience while you can before you get it.

  • autistic turtle
    autistic turtle

    Family friendly content

  • Alpha-1 1
    Alpha-1 1

    Literally a picture of chills on the wall

  • Rafaela Haro
    Rafaela Haro

    Play with Temprest plis plis plis

  • Karim Alshamli
    Karim Alshamli

    What's the name

  • • Te̸dd̸y •
    • Te̸dd̸y •

    Albert: “If your under 30 I suggest you click off this video” People under 30: “👁👄👁”

  • xuanbao Xb2103
    xuanbao Xb2103

    Nice video

  • Epic Vibez
    Epic Vibez

    Those jumpscares made me hit my bed frame so hard i dislocated my elbow

  • It's me who simping for 2D boii
    It's me who simping for 2D boii

    Omfg albert scream is soo........... it's soooooooooo..................... Epic tehehehe (when albert screaming i'll scream too Lmao)

  • Kiwi Giraffe
    Kiwi Giraffe

    Albert: I hate the Mona Lisa and I hate the person who made it Leonardo De Vinchi

  • general grievous
    general grievous

    I feel sorry for new viewers that are using headphones while watching Albert

  • SteveCould BeMe
    SteveCould BeMe

    All the dislikes are from people under the age of 13

  • Kelsey Sy
    Kelsey Sy


  • Debashis Ghosh
    Debashis Ghosh

    im happy that this game was made by a guy from my country :)

  • Nightmares Come True
    Nightmares Come True

    albert: I hate the mona lisa and the guy who painted it. DA VINKY?

  • Violeta&Iulia Petriu
    Violeta&Iulia Petriu

    Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia. here is the translation for the name of the game, here is it in Romanian too: Demența este un termen general pentru pierderea memoriei, a limbajului, a rezolvării problemelor și a altor abilități de gândire care sunt suficient de severe pentru a interfera cu viața de zi cu zi. Alzheimer este cea mai frecventă cauză a demenței.

  • 「 shitai 」
    「 shitai 」

    that is very well made

  • Clifford King
    Clifford King


  • // Segšy. t0es //
    // Segšy. t0es //

    2:48 😭😭❤❤ the uh ohs YGTFFY

  • peppwoni

    it got placed under review...

  • Enderdog44 Ajpw
    Enderdog44 Ajpw

    Can you play paranormica It’s a good game and it’s scary It’s in roblox It’s a good ghost game

  • Miloud Yamani
    Miloud Yamani

    I literally lost my account

  • Rinnriana

    if youre under the age of 13, dont play this me, an almost 11 year old who is hella scared of things like this: ruh roh

  • Dan Cary
    Dan Cary

    Albert: I have that feeling where i am rly warm but rly cold at the same time. Me: You might have a fever?

  • izzy martienz
    izzy martienz



    I love how he doesn’t have a intro I just LOVE IT

  • Marius Širvinskas
    Marius Širvinskas

    when a jumpscare came i was eating something that was stuck on my toungue and then i bited it to blood-

  • Rakesh Bhardwaj
    Rakesh Bhardwaj

    0:17 That is native language T^T. Its usually spoken in India.

  • RIP stripey
    RIP stripey

    3:05 12 year old boys when they get caught on discord:

  • [GD] TempTrast
    [GD] TempTrast

    t o i l e t _EEEE_ *tOiLeT*

  • Edrian Thomas Tom
    Edrian Thomas Tom

    9:27 made me poop my pants

  • Edrian Thomas Tom
    Edrian Thomas Tom

    killer in that game be like: ah sh4q98275q3t i dont wanna fight

  • Edrian Thomas Tom
    Edrian Thomas Tom

    1:41 : TOS already broken dementia

  • Edrian Thomas Tom
    Edrian Thomas Tom

    *The coalition and I take responsibility for damage caused by this game* i had to go to the fucking therapist after playing

  • -Shiny-

    My body went zero to hundred real quick.

  • -Shiny-

    Haha I BELIEVE IN GOD BACK AWAY! I'll bring the bible and the holy water AND A FRYING PAN.

  • Doseboy

    Is it marathi?

  • i like TRAINS
    i like TRAINS

    it said 13 yrs but i liked and subscribed any way

  • Raymond Martin
    Raymond Martin

    It's so funny when you get scared. I don't know why the heck I laugh at you screaming.

  • Liz Lillie Lila Paul
    Liz Lillie Lila Paul

    👁. 👁 👄

  • crested gecko care
    crested gecko care

    i was eating blackberry jam while watching this

  • fun time with subekshya
    fun time with subekshya

    The other language is hindi if you were wondering :)

  • Fluffaroo

    flamingo: I hate that painting and the man who created it me, an intellectual: *da vinky?*

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    2:43 How could you hate the Mona Lisa? Her hands are beautiful

  • HolyWolf

    Lmaoooo it’s under review

  • Nina Love
    Nina Love

    I’m a kid and this is not even scary to me...Just saying

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Play phasmapobia

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith

    my two year old niece called me an ompaloompa

  • Guppy Pollock
    Guppy Pollock

    i have pet snake

  • Guppy Pollock
    Guppy Pollock

    scary game scary game

  • m0kuseii

    Right when you said “I hate the Mona Lisa and the person who made it” I IMMEDIATELY said “DaVinki????”

  • Hannah Chervinko
    Hannah Chervinko

    Albert: Scary number!!,!,!,!,1!1!11!1!1!1!1!1!, Albert in-game: *puts 666 in keypad* Me: *laughs*

  • - Izria -
    - Izria -

    And for youtube. This video probably got demonatized

  • SCP:SL Scientist
    SCP:SL Scientist

    its actually terrifying to see albert, a grown man, cowering from a roblox game, because thats when you know stuff is about to get really spooky.

  • Leenard__x x__gachalover
    Leenard__x x__gachalover

    yeah Albert is too cute to be alone


    *I love scary games but I hate them more than anything* *_h€Lm€T_*

  • Deflects wamon
    Deflects wamon

    I love the fact that chills or dillane is chillin is there

  • Lakshin R.B.
    Lakshin R.B.

    0:07 It was written in Hindi. Its India's National Language.

  • Abraham Hutapea
    Abraham Hutapea

    since 2020 is gona end its not gonna be scary again haha

  • Baam's Thorn
    Baam's Thorn

    The language is hindi or something

  • rocking girl
    rocking girl

    image if that game was a Halloween horror house at a place would you go?

  • Isabella Franco
    Isabella Franco

    I think you should play the back rooms it has stages and it’s a scary game the first stage is not scary at all so it’s basically going in a maze

  • Uniters Beautifuls
    Uniters Beautifuls

    "OMG I HATE THE MONALISA... and i hate the man who painted it" Me: Leonardo Dicaprio? NO WAIT

    • Uniters Beautifuls
      Uniters Beautifuls

      @TJ Plays I said that who painted The Monalisa was Leonardo DiCaprio but Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor who painted monalisa was Leonardo Da Vinci

    • TJ Plays
      TJ Plays

      ? Please explain I don’t get it

  • Complicated Conflict
    Complicated Conflict

    1:25 *(epically doesnt know how to describe funny)*

  • Azari Martinez
    Azari Martinez

    I am 9

  • Chaos Agent
    Chaos Agent

    Albert: click off this video if your under the age of 30 me: your 23

  • Lily Pham
    Lily Pham


  • BLOX soft
    BLOX soft

    The other language is 'hindi' which is a language from 'INDIA'

  • Sanvi Mishra
    Sanvi Mishra


  • ItzCreepyo12by

    OnLy ThE bRaVeSt CaN wAtCh ThIs In FuLl ScReEn AnD wItH sOuNd AlL tHe WaY uP Yeah, like I’m gonna do that

  • SilverGunBoi

    5:34 “number fifteenth”

  • Tokyo Blossom
    Tokyo Blossom

    Oml that Painting in 5:34 XD number 15 Burgerking foot lettuce

  • Creator 101
    Creator 101

    “I love playing scary games, but not when they’re scary” Hm yes, and this floor here is made of floor

  • Melody Carroll
    Melody Carroll

    Me just laphing at the start when he says scary game be like

  • Tini Nikodijevic
    Tini Nikodijevic

    It is night time,the lights are off and I'm watching this,the intro gave me a heart attack,thank you albert.

  • Dreaming Hugs
    Dreaming Hugs

    ‘I’m putting the blanket back on, I’d rather be too warm’ Well said

  • Norm Al_
    Norm Al_

    Flamingo: “if you are under 13 please please please click off this video” My 8 year old brother: “haha breaking laws go brrr”

  • V3n0mous Gaming
    V3n0mous Gaming

    Albert.... That language was Hindi. Its the main language of India..... I speak Hindi..... Adios. E

  • Łàżÿ íčē wåtër
    Łàżÿ íčē wåtër

    “If you are under age of 30-“ Me: i’ve seen enough I’m watching it (i am ten)

  • Anuj Ahirwar
    Anuj Ahirwar

    the other language written in the description and the title is Hindi, it is all just a translation no secrets sthere

  • Dimas Bedu
    Dimas Bedu

    Albert i want i admin now :'(

  • Dimas Bedu
    Dimas Bedu

    But i like albert 😁😁

  • Dimas Bedu
    Dimas Bedu


  • juju Medez
    juju Medez

    You look cute with a blanket on you you kinda look like a bunny I like you

  • Angelica martinez
    Angelica martinez

    "I'm a little Bit to cute to be playing this all by my lonesome" -Albert 2020-

  • Jaiden Blight
    Jaiden Blight

    Albert: I hate the Mona Lisa and I hate the person who made the Mona Lisa. Me: dA vInCci!?!?!?!!1?!1?1!1?11?

  • Scar Gameing
    Scar Gameing

    I’ll never make it 34 I’m only 11 in lazy and fat :( 😞

  • Max Fen
    Max Fen

    My whole body gets refreshed after a jumps are🤣

  • Aiden Fisher
    Aiden Fisher

    We need a Mr. Blue Sky scream compilation starring mister room foam

  • John Wythe
    John Wythe

    5:34 that’s chills logo

  • Coffin

    Surprised that this game isn't banned yet on roblox lmao

  • Thats Kenxie
    Thats Kenxie

    "Thats where I got stuck in a Lil' loop poop"

  • Thats Kenxie
    Thats Kenxie

    I-im totally a big boy..

  • Randy Worden
    Randy Worden


  • Randy Worden
    Randy Worden