There's a Roblox imposter...
So today I play a game that's like Among Us... EXCEPT DIFFERENT!! Flicker!!
play flicker:

  • donut

    did\ you guys know that trey from flicker used to have a hat and no hair now he looks like this,

  • Green rats Random videos
    Green rats Random videos

    Them dying from mysterious circumstances means they left the game

  • Unknowned Leaf
    Unknowned Leaf

    “mysterious circumstances” is them leaving or any form of leaving without getting killed

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    2:57 i used The world to make him leave

  • Memer Snas
    Memer Snas


  • mr. ash
    mr. ash

    My name is mason

  • Khairan Persie
    Khairan Persie

    A M O G U S D I S A S T E R

  • Dhaleisaac 0927
    Dhaleisaac 0927

    0:42 Why

  • Shãdøw

    i just realized this was posted on my birthday- i am s happy...

  • Mary Lee Navarro
    Mary Lee Navarro

    Bruh my name is Mary and now I’m voted ;-;

  • Cxxlina

    I love the intro

  • TackyTaco

    Amog us

  • JayMiah Hall
    JayMiah Hall

    What is that called?

  • Bart Koerth
    Bart Koerth


  • iixamaaraa


  • Wu Luna
    Wu Luna


  • Santiago Gonzalez
    Santiago Gonzalez

    Flicker:Hoho your approaching me albert Albert: i cant show the update without getting close Flicker:HoHo get as close as you want

    • valentina kiidz
      valentina kiidz

      Basically yes🤯


    3:00 DIOOOO

  • hxneyclouds

    That means in the thumbnail Albert didn’t vote

  • Violet reagan
    Violet reagan

    Mysterious circumstances means that they had left the game before the lights had flickered.

  • Violet reagan
    Violet reagan

    Lets all appreciate the fact that Albert is Apollo nice

  • cola bee
    cola bee

    Wait there's a Flicker movie?

  • bruh -
    bruh -

    SUS 🚨 SUS 🚨 SUS 🚨 SUS 🚨 SUS 🚨

  • Tris Bonaiuto
    Tris Bonaiuto

    ALBERT: No tHat RolE suCks Me: already laughing Albert: mh hOw😫 Someone in game: YOU KILLED GAME😣😔😔😫

  • Uni Master
    Uni Master

    2:57 Jonathan: Diooooooooooo!! Albert: and I took that personally

  • Ghøst Killz
    Ghøst Killz

    He is too smart E big E you need a high IQ to say the E it's only flamingo

  • ReeserBuddy


  • Heather Waddy
    Heather Waddy

    He was right that I was an idiot I didn't even think marry was the bad guy baka YESSSS IM A PABO

  • melxdiq dooms
    melxdiq dooms


  • ZW - 04HA 837503 Sherwood Mills PS
    ZW - 04HA 837503 Sherwood Mills PS

    JoJo Died from Dio bmateo

  • Noah Londono
    Noah Londono

    Flicker is just among us with more roles

    • Llama and Sophia productions
      Llama and Sophia productions

      Except ones better

  • Will C
    Will C

    hey esdo esage orwk mi agling

  • Jacob the Creator
    Jacob the Creator


  • Caychof28

    Mysterious circumstances death means they left

  • momoney030992

    0:01 bee swarm.

  • Dagmara Śliwińska
    Dagmara Śliwińska

    The thumbnail is just my life in 1 picture and i hate it for giving me memories of my school.

  • lizzle Schmidt
    lizzle Schmidt

    I'm literally learning things from you and on how to win

  • Mia does Gacha
    Mia does Gacha

    The murder is dishwasher

  • Arvid Q
    Arvid Q

    Flamingo Europe you i NOOB

  • Ariel Solomon
    Ariel Solomon

    Imposter in Roblox is the Roblox version of among us

  • xTrzmielx

    2:59 D I O

  • Planners 15
    Planners 15

    7:11 " Im the guy who does the bad stuff to people"- best line ever

  • usamaclaren

    Es claps* yes queen they go to heaven

  • Patsy Wallace
    Patsy Wallace

    Albert is at 9 million!!!!!!!!!

  • Circus Baby
    Circus Baby

    Death from mysterious circumstances is actually leaving the game das why lots of people supposedly "die" from it

  • Zykeare Carter
    Zykeare Carter

    Should make a role where u can steal peoples journals and the person you stole the note from has to guess who stole it n if they choose wrong they can’t get the journal back before they read it

  • Sanjana Rahman
    Sanjana Rahman

    XD the murderer killed his whole team

  • Shinta Mirzalina
    Shinta Mirzalina

    Yea play the new update its so cool

  • ander 8902
    ander 8902

    Play the new update plz D:

  • bruh right here boy
    bruh right here boy

    we got stick bugged

  • Ally Suggett
    Ally Suggett

    Tics mran tourrttrs and my sister has them 😭

  • Lean king
    Lean king

    Flamenco is jojo fan confirmed

  • a piece of cheese
    a piece of cheese

    Flamingo got me in to Flicker

  • Cooper Chandler
    Cooper Chandler

    Albert : calls him fans having a small head Albert 4 seconds later : buy my merch

  • No Means No
    No Means No


  • Alor Arop
    Alor Arop

    if u wanna play among us in roblox search amongst us

  • Lowe Sundin
    Lowe Sundin

    If you don’t already now mysterious circumstances mean that they left the game

  • 0mega

    Was that a jojo reference!?!?!?!?!

  • Alexia Bryant
    Alexia Bryant

    Flicker is based off my class when at the end off the when they get to leave early

  • Bladelux

    So basically murderer can kill

  • Jennifer Shaw
    Jennifer Shaw

    You all are idiots watching this im big brain also get my merch. Flamingo 2021-

  • Dora Zhen
    Dora Zhen

    Did you know that we have peanut brains?

  • UltraEgg Butter
    UltraEgg Butter

    Detective detective

  • lightning strike
    lightning strike

    I love how he just premonited him self after he isenlted us and says he is smarter than us but what he did is dam

  • x_ oayx
    x_ oayx


  • Coolmcshothead17 ツ
    Coolmcshothead17 ツ

    Dying from Mysterious Circumstances means they left the game.

  • Uncorrupted Nebula
    Uncorrupted Nebula

    Tics can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include transient tic disorders in childhood or family history of tic. A tic is a movement or sound someone makes caused by stress. Mostly it is a disease but sometimes not as said in the recent message. like biting nails, clicking tongue, eye twitching, or anything else. this is a tic.

  • gamer boy ben
    gamer boy ben

    One time I told every one I’m it and I won

  • Blondy Kephart
    Blondy Kephart

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I. like you flaming

  • Nasro Cabdi
    Nasro Cabdi

    Mysteriyous circumastances mean left

  • abdul aziz
    abdul aziz


  • Zeeshan Alam
    Zeeshan Alam

    Why did the picture of vid flamingo got 4 votes with 5 ppl

  • Zoe Tarro
    Zoe Tarro

    play amongst us on roblox

  • it's game time!
    it's game time!

    2:59 jotaro

  • Obsessed XD
    Obsessed XD


  • ismail suhana
    ismail suhana

    game name

  • Miranda Forth
    Miranda Forth


  • pink gaming premium
    pink gaming premium

    Get stick bugged lol

  • Noah Londono
    Noah Londono

    Mysterious circumstances is when they leave

  • FlamingoBunny Lopez
    FlamingoBunny Lopez

    Matao fell down Oh OW

  • Alung.story

    Mysterious circumstances means the person left

  • Nikolina Vujosevic
    Nikolina Vujosevic

    Get stick bugged lol

  • ?hello ?
    ?hello ?

    Me eating hot cheetos:well I'm gonna poop later:/ Me after eating takis: AHHHHH MY TOLIET IS FLODDED WITH DIREHIA !?!?!

  • Sue Douglas
    Sue Douglas

    And. One final plane and we won

  • Sue Douglas
    Sue Douglas

    Lol Are you guess the murderer haha lol lol

  • Blxck_Berry0

    does he mean tics like bugs or tics like a body thing.

  • Hudson S
    Hudson S

    mm cereal 6:06

  • Christopher Vincent
    Christopher Vincent


  • penguin

    I didnt enjoy the vid sorry

  • Max Xie
    Max Xie

    Music: Suspense/haunted house

  • Millie afton
    Millie afton

    So u know inquitisormaster;-;

  • Mason Mantack
    Mason Mantack

    Albert:omg I’m so smarter then you all you watching are idiots Also Albert: buy my merch

  • Miles Moise
    Miles Moise

    Albert: *Calls us idiots* Also Albert: *Asks to buy his merch* Me: Sure

  • alaina g
    alaina g

    wow my name is alaina (pronounced the same way as elaina) and when he said “elaina, you die.” it felt directed towards me lol

  • Emmanuel Sackey
    Emmanuel Sackey

    mysterious surcumstances means they left

  • ʜɪʏᴏᴋᴏ sᴀɪᴏɴᴊɪ!
    ʜɪʏᴏᴋᴏ sᴀɪᴏɴᴊɪ!

    When ur dads name is Omar 👁👄👁

  • ZøZø Productions
    ZøZø Productions

    Mysterious circumstances means they left the game.

  • Hima Abdo
    Hima Abdo


  • Julia Hana Knapp Knapp
    Julia Hana Knapp Knapp


  • hyper bird
    hyper bird

    Play bee swarm simulator