I became Roblox mickey mouse
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Today I play many mickey mouse games on Roblox and decide that I'ma be the mouse man everyone loves...

  • Daelan Poppell
    Daelan Poppell

    You kinda sound like him

  • Diego Najera
    Diego Najera

    mickey mouse club house come inside theres guns inside

  • Robbie Junior
    Robbie Junior

    albert im a huge fan!!!!

  • Brrian Cvg
    Brrian Cvg

    I AM THE SON OF GOD -mickey mouse

  • 2-Sarah Cashman
    2-Sarah Cashman

    I cant stop laughing from this- Its so freaking funny

  • Gemma Keable
    Gemma Keable

    Mickeyvsiren is so skinny like me Im 9 an i can fit in box

  • Gemma Keable
    Gemma Keable

    Name him Siren mickey We will respect him for ever

  • Oofio Manfun
    Oofio Manfun

    Yes street sign

  • Fatedreal Wiliams
    Fatedreal Wiliams


  • Michael Easy
    Michael Easy

    Hes wearing booty shorts XDDDDDDDDDD

  • Awvr777 productions
    Awvr777 productions


  • Isaac Saracay
    Isaac Saracay

    3:37 albets biggest mistake

  • igotmcdemshoulders yay
    igotmcdemshoulders yay

    3:39 when i got catfished

  • Reese Hensin
    Reese Hensin

    When Albert said "i will devour you body limb by limb" I was like what the fuck


    Lol /Erick moment

  • Anahatta Deissa Saientdevi
    Anahatta Deissa Saientdevi

    Actully albert you sound like goofy ;-;

  • Stephan Vojinovic
    Stephan Vojinovic

    Albert:Ooh erick i didnt know you looked that good. *looks behind the HOT BABE* Albert:Oh...

  • Liam Lee
    Liam Lee

    That Erick guy that was saying Erik I think it's that one scp Eric's toy that Just says Erick

  • BlakeGamerTV

    Oh hi siren head wait ur Mickey Mouse siren mouse

  • Piggy Fan 10
    Piggy Fan 10

    I almost like when people in the ears go like silent and then it beeps so I had to pause the video

  • Theotube Gaming
    Theotube Gaming

    hey everybody its me micky mouse 1:09

  • Levi Venencia
    Levi Venencia

    Good voos for Mickey moose

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez

    I played that game before and it was boring lol

  • Yoyleberry U_U
    Yoyleberry U_U

    He said I will eat your entire family now pay up flamingo.

  • Yasser Mansour
    Yasser Mansour

    Mickey 🚨

  • Norma Gonzalez
    Norma Gonzalez

    3:30 E̶̛͙̠̬̭̫̼̰̗̬̍̏͝ẹ̵̢̻̫͇̤̣́ͅŗ̴̮̞͓̫͍̠̓͜ị̴̧̱͈͚̄͐͌̈́̎͊̾̑̓̄̔ć̷̢̨̳̹̹͋̂́̚k̷̢̧͚͈̻̦̭̬̳͙̽

  • Fatima Hammoud
    Fatima Hammoud

    It’s the Mickey Mouse club house come inside there’s blood 𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎

  • Italian_salad

    dio donated

  • StillMiiko

    Was is the spooky music called that was added to the very beginning of the video

  • Smg 100
    Smg 100

    0:54 no. Jesus is the son of god

  • Flynn K2941
    Flynn K2941


  • TheTominatorJr

    Disney after seeing this 🦩🔫🐭

  • Matt Riutta
    Matt Riutta

    When I go to Disney I remember this Mickey oof

  • Jennifer Hunt
    Jennifer Hunt

    New faces:T◇T, -,- , -♡- , •○•

  • Jennifer Hunt
    Jennifer Hunt

    Mickey wood louse -♡-

  • Emerald 5pace
    Emerald 5pace

    It’s the Mickey Mouse club house love that show like if agreed

  • Elizabeth Lake
    Elizabeth Lake

    Looks like Micky mouse is a god now

  • AJ GameZ
    AJ GameZ

    I’ve played that game before...

  • Asher Dowdell
    Asher Dowdell

    R.I.P. MICKEY MOUSE! See what happens at the end! This contains flashing lights

  • Julie Rosenberg
    Julie Rosenberg

    Uhhh... guys i think that place is haunted

  • Aaliyah Jones
    Aaliyah Jones

    Hi Mickey Mouse games actually what you said

  • Lolelujah / / Feels The Rabbit
    Lolelujah / / Feels The Rabbit

    8:41 8:44

  • Isaiahiscool701 :l
    Isaiahiscool701 :l


  • Evil Ermine
    Evil Ermine

    This video should be in the Mickey Mouse series

  • Ayden Escobar
    Ayden Escobar


  • Midnight Jinx Aloon
    Midnight Jinx Aloon

    Roblox Mickey Mouse: Scarring Children Since 2020

  • remiguald

    He eat private xd inproate

  • Kayla Parker
    Kayla Parker

    Ur father!?!?

  • Lauren Henning
    Lauren Henning

    Hi I laughed at the club house part

    • Lauren Henning
      Lauren Henning

      Who replied

  • Alice x Gacha
    Alice x Gacha

    I wanna watch Mickey Mouse now. Even though I’m like 8 X3

  • ava

    Mickey Mouse just wants a Friend *Uhhuhuh*

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis

    its the micky mouse sloter house come inside theres blood inside

  • Devin Carmichael
    Devin Carmichael

    That was a good Mickey Mouse voice

  • Josh Redquest
    Josh Redquest



    Catfish be like : .... 3:38

  • Birgit Hagn
    Birgit Hagn

    Flamingo Play this Game?!?!?!?!?!?!????!?!?!?!?!?

  • Genos_cyborgking1 Breasher
    Genos_cyborgking1 Breasher


  • Mark Palacio
    Mark Palacio

    Pls no

  • SonicIsYeetedIWasAnImposterBoi MemberCreator
    SonicIsYeetedIWasAnImposterBoi MemberCreator

    Suicide Mouse.AVI And Siren Mickey

  • Ryan Oconnor
    Ryan Oconnor

    0:51 goof ball: huh?

  • Christmas Milo tha mad dog
    Christmas Milo tha mad dog

    I cant do Mickey but I can do goofy

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith

    MiCkY mOsE

  • Missy B
    Missy B

    Can we have a moment to say Albert is the best SLtoosr ever can’t you say

  • Simply Miyah
    Simply Miyah

    They chopped his arm off

  • Simply Miyah
    Simply Miyah

    That’s Donald hand sticking out

  • George Family
    George Family

    Idea:make a wedding for online daters and make it very desurbing

  • Eneas Texta-Garnica
    Eneas Texta-Garnica


  • Brenden Perez
    Brenden Perez

    Fun Fact: Walt Disney was a mason

  • Yazeed Attar
    Yazeed Attar

    i can make a really good mickey mouse impression

  • It'sPopGameZ

    im from the fucher

  • Glenn Devera Aguinaldo
    Glenn Devera Aguinaldo

    6:00 made me laugh

  • Lil cheese
    Lil cheese

    Yay I love your videos

  • eva solarles
    eva solarles

    Mickey mouse gaming is a great SLtoosr too btw flamingo you still haven't paid him

  • aavha poudyal
    aavha poudyal

    That’s the dogs voice XD

  • Ashley Mullin
    Ashley Mullin

    Alberts goofy impression just sounds like cleetus

  • Ari Fluff
    Ari Fluff

    *You have ruined my childhood*

  • 0qmus

    ill do the mickey voice in discord

  • Jay


  • Dogface730

    5:23 that is mickey though

  • LeonardzGHJL TREE DFGGUYZo Ramirez
    LeonardzGHJL TREE DFGGUYZo Ramirez

    I play your bloxburg free game go play at 5:00

  • Abdelfetttah Naanaa
    Abdelfetttah Naanaa

    Legend says Albert is still sad because Erik did not repeat his name back 😔 :(

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado


  • RocketFlame

    Film theory: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is Made of THE MICKEY MOUSE GOD (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  • tsu

    Wait that's the Micky mouse clubhouse don't go inside they'll eat you're flesh no seriously don't Go inside it's not to fun iside

  • Yuli Setyaningsih
    Yuli Setyaningsih


  • Molly Plays
    Molly Plays

    Why I love this VIDEO SO MUCHHH: my Nana’s ( grandmas) brother died and his name was erick ;(


    e r i c k

  • Natalia’s Wacky Channel
    Natalia’s Wacky Channel

    If you didn’t know Mickey Mouse actually saw your video and said it go check it out it’s actually really funny to me

  • Syrone Johnson
    Syrone Johnson

    6:29 what people be like when they drink too much milk XD

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    Albert: Erick Erick: E E R I C K

  • Emma Lesbirel
    Emma Lesbirel

    Mickey mouses slaughter house

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    “I am the son of god” that was beautiful

  • mitch.r.c gaming1
    mitch.r.c gaming1

    4:04 - 4:10 I don’t think that flamingo knows that the Tardis (from Doctor who) is small on the outside but bigger on the inside

  • Dr. Ian Malcolm Jurassic Theorist
    Dr. Ian Malcolm Jurassic Theorist

    "Put mr out of my "Mickery' "

  • Iamcheese


  • Oceanwolfyz_gacha yt
    Oceanwolfyz_gacha yt

    I died of laughter watching this

  • Eva Cao
    Eva Cao

    You sound like gofy

  • M Torres
    M Torres


  • brandi Koch
    brandi Koch

    Hes tryining to say XD

  • Nonotme Noway
    Nonotme Noway

    3 yr kids who are watching:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 MOMMMYYYY Flamingo fans:oh disturbing ok LETS SEEEEEEEEEE